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Hey everyone!!! After putting both books from the Into You series on sale, I decided why not put majority of my series on sale!

Starting tomorrow thru the entire month of January, each book from several of my series will be reduced to either FREE or $0.99 on Amazon! This is a great way for new readers to check out some of my books or for current readers to pick up a book for their collection.

Kicking off the series sale is One Shot With A Baller: The Complete Series! You can 1-Click the entire series for only $0.99. That’s right, only $0.99! This is a three-part series that is originally priced at $3.99, so this is a steal! The sale starts on Saturday, January 5th, and ends the following Saturday, January 12th.

Here is the synopsis for the series and well as the link to 1-Click:

One Shot With A Baller: The Complete Series



Part 1

Jayden Robertson and Zack Hall are two of the hottest players in the NBA, and with them being the captains of the new team in Baker, they are unstoppable. Although their game on the court is on point, their personal lives are far from it.

Jayden and his girl, Britney Lewis have always been loyal to each other. However, with the pressure of the league, as well as Britney’s desires of starting a family, Jayden is not sure what to do. When an incident involving Britney comes to light, Jay soon realizes he has to do what is necessary to protect his girl; even if it means destroying everything that he has worked so hard for.

Zack is not only committed to his girl, Dominique Sawyer, but every other woman that gives him some play. He lets the fame and the notoriety go to his head, leading him to make questionable choices that could get him banned from the league. When he meets an old friend in an unlikely place, he begins to see what is most important to him. But, will it be much too late?

Jayden and Zack have always been focused on their games, but can they clean up the mess that is occurring in their lives? Find out in part 1 of One Shot With A Baller.


Part 2

Zack Hall’s life comes crashing down when he gets tangled up in a bad situation. When things starts to get serious between himself and his new girl, Mariah Benson, he tries to change his ways to protect himself and her. Unfortunately, new secrets from Mariah’s past will come to light, forcing him to go back to his old ways. Will he be able to regain his life back or will he fall even deeper into a situation that he can’t get out of?

After attempting to murder his girlfriend’s boss, Jayden Robertson is trying to lay low from all of the drama. However, it comes back to him full force when he discover several skeletons, including one that Britney has been hiding for some time. Will he be able to forgive Britney in order to help him out of his situation with Tyree?

Jayden and Zack may be two of the hottest players in the NBA, but their lives are a complete mess. Will the two be able to get it together before another scandal sparks? Find out in One Shot With A Baller 2.


Part 3

Jayden Robertson is faced with the biggest challenge of his life as he is charged with the brutal beating of Tyree Evans. With everyone turning against him, even his own mother, he doesn’t know who to trust, except for his girl, Britney Lewis. Will she be able to uncover the truth about what happened before it’s too late?

Ever since Zack Hall met Mariah Benson, his life has been spiraling out of control, leading him to make unquestionable choices. When someone from Mariah’s past comes back, he soon discovers the real Mariah, making him wonder if he should continue to trust her.

Dominique Sawyer’s life has been full of drama, including finding out about her lover’s death and her child’s miscarriage. When a wrong decision turns her into working with the enemy, she soon realizes that she must change her life around. However, when she discovers a new plan in the making, will she be able to warn the people she tried to destroy? Or, will the plan lead to even more drama?

Find out this and more in the finale of One Shot With A Baller.


Check back next week to find out which series will be on sale once One Shot With A Baller ends. You never know which series will be next for sale. 🙂




Available Now!!!


One Shot With A Baller was released over two years ago, but I decided to re-release the entire series independently with a new cover! All three parts of the Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off will be included in the new version so you can read each part at your own convenience.

The series will also be available under Kindle Unlimited. The paperback version will be available soon.

If you are not familiar with the series, or if you need to refresh your memory, here is the synopsis:

Jayden Robertson and Zack Hall are two of the hottest players in the NBA, and with them being the captains of the new team in Baker, they are unstoppable. Although their game on the court is on point, their personal lives are far from it.

Jayden and his girl, Britney Lewis have always been loyal to each other. However, with the pressure of the league, as well as Britney’s desires of starting a family, Jayden is not sure what to do. When an incident involving Britney comes to light, Jay soon realizes he has to do what is necessary to protect his girl; even if it means destroying everything that he has worked so hard for.

Zack is not only committed to his girl, Dominique Swayer, but every other woman that gives him some play. He lets the fame and the notoriety go to his head, leading him to make questionable choices that could get him banned from the league. When he meets an old friend in an unlikely place, he begins to see what is most important to him. But, will it be much too late?

Jayden and Zack have always been focused on their games, but can they clean up the mess that is occurring in their lives? Find out in part 1 of One Shot With A Baller.




30 Days 30 Authors- Sabrina ELB Scales

Hi everyone!! This year’s 30 Days 30 Authors has truly been wonderful so far! I’m happy that a lot of authors are being recognized for their talents in this widely diverse industry.

Another author that is surely making waves in the industry is Sabrina ELB Scales. Read about how she started in the industry as well as read a sample of Apt 17- Camille, from The Bricks series.

Now, here’s Sabrina! 🙂



farmto table(6)

Sabrina E L B Scales is a vibrant up and coming author of real, humorous, heart felt love stories. Born into what most would consider a less than desirable environment, this small town  girl from southeast Texas was gifted with a unique outlook on love and life in general. It wasn’t always peaches and cream growing up between the BRICKS that she called home. Being the 7th of seven children, the closest in age almost ten years her senior, Sabrina was often left with lots of time to herself, improvising scripts for her Barbie Dolls to play out in the tiny theater that was her bedroom. With time, and the self prescribed treatment of a debilitating disease known as procrastination, the vivid imagination she used to escape boredom and the struggle, has finally transformed into actual characters in the pages of her books, who will blossom and grow right before your reading eyes!

You can find all my stories, blogs, and excerpts at sabrinaelbscales.com.

Follow me on FB https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSabrinaELBScales/

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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do? 

I love to bake. More specifically,  I love to bake teacakes! So much so that I’ve started a little side hustle by the name of “Purple Bag Teacakes”. Oddly enough, this was a surprise passion-if that makes sense-that took on a life its own!


2. What inspired you to become an author?

What inspired me to write was my upbringing.  Though I didn’t come from the richest of neighborhoods,  I was surrounded by people who were rich in ways that mattered. One of the most admirable women I know raised eight children by herself, working a minimum wage job while attending college, and many of my characters’ traits are pulled directly from people like her. People I know and love. It’s my way of thanking my Village for nurturing and contributing to this gift that God gave me.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

Honestly, I was terrified that no one outside of my friends and family would even read past the first page! Thank God I was wrong!

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am boldly claiming, and diligently working towards  authorial greatness because writing is what I was created to do. I’ll admit, it’s alot harder than I thought it would be taking on this literary world. It wouldn’t have made sense if someone told me this beforehand, but there’s alot more to being an author than telling stories. Luckily, I’ve met some amazing people along the way-readers and writers alike-who are so encouraging and resourceful.  I’m so greatful for each and everyone of them, and it would be a shame to waste all the positive energy they’ve sent and continue to send my way. So I won’t.  Quite honestly,  I can’t.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Always! My current WIP is book two of “The Bricks Series”. The series is reminiscent of “The Women of Brewster’s Place” and is loosely based on the apartment complex I grew up in, known by locals as The Bricks-hence the series title.  Book Two is Tasia’s story, one that’s proving to be more of a challenge than book one because the subject matter is sooooo freaking emotionally taxing. You can get an idea why at the end of Camille’s story in book one (Free on Amazon September 16-17 only!!!). Hopefully, Tasia’s story will be ready by the end of September. Stay tuned!


6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

It’s so hard yet so simple. Write. The. Words! That’s half the battle. Probably the easiest half.


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Behind these bricks, life comes at you fast. And whether you were there by choice or circumstance, there were lessons to be learned as well as taught. Nobody knew The Bricks better than the women who lived between them. These are their stories of lessons, blessings, love, and loss, brought to you brick by brick.

Ladies, and fellas too, you ever invested time in somebody that you knew was no good for you, holding on and waiting for them to change because you thought that you were special? Well I have, and I’m here to tell you that there’s a one percent chance of that change ever taking place, a two percent chance of them becoming a better person than they were before you found them, and a staggering ninety-seven percent chance of someone more deserving coming along if you’ll open your eyes, stop being stupid, and sit down with a common-sense calculator to tally up your worth. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to waste a little time, because contrary to popular belief, there can be a happy ending on the other side of stupidity. And to prove it, I’m gonna take you for a walk through my own experience. I’m Camille, by the way, a resident here at The Rose Palms, aka The Bricks, apartment B17. Glad you stopped by.


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Excerpt from Apt 17- Camille (The Bricks Series Book One):

“My Pots Ain’t  Good Enough?”

Nothing looked sexier on a Friday afternoon, than him in my kitchen wearing a pair of white sweatpants and a crisp white t-shirt that I’d washed with this week’s load. I’d gladly pay my weight in gold to have this picture displayed before me more than once a week. But if a piece of Khembrell Watts was all that was available, it would have to suffice.
“What you starin at?” He slid those sexy honey drop eyes across the kitchen at me as I sat perched up on one of the leather barstools that came with the expensive ass dinette set he’d bought me to replace the one I’d been holding onto since before we met. It was the first piece of furniture I’d ever bought for myself, and I was proud of it—even if it did come from Goodwill. I can vividly remember Khem cursing that raggedy wooden thing out the first night he came over and decided it would be a nice place to eat my pussy. It was a miracle neither of us broke any bones when the poor table collapsed to the floor, only halting the sexual escapades that still took place that night.
“You know what I’m starin at.” I bit down on my lip, eyes fixed on the bulge at the front of his sweats, heat pooling in my pelvis as he reached in his leather bag to pull out his grandmother’s cast iron skillet. “And why do you keep bringin that skillet over here?” I asked, that warm pooling now slightly cooled at the sight of that thing. “I just bought a new set of pots. I was hopin you could break em in.”
He looked at me and shook his head. “You know I can’t fry chicken in just any old pan.” He said, carefully placing the skillet on top of my stove. “I’m sure your pots are nice, baby, but they ain’t Sasha Fry.”
Yes, Sasha Fry. As if it wasn’t strange enough for a grown man to have a pet skillet, he actually had a name for the damn thing. Though he said the name was given by his grandmother, it still didn’t make it any less strange.
“Stop poutin and bring your fine ass over here.” He commanded, reigniting that heat in my pelvis as he filled the skillet halfway with vegetable oil. “There’s two things I need when I’m in this kitchen, and that’s this skillet and a hand fulla you.”
I tiptoed over to him, unable to deny any request coming from those succulent, butter pecan lips. It was a damn shame to be this weak behind a man.
And I knew it.
I just couldn’t help myself.
“You been eatin butterscotch?” He asked after slowly sliding his lips down the length of my tongue. His arm draped around my waist, palm gripping the roundness of my ass, pulling me so close to him I could feel the muscles in his abdomen clenching.
“No.” I purred against his juicy lips. “You know I just taste sweet naturally.” I ran my tongue across my teeth as he brought his mouth back to mine.
Khem pulled me in against him, chest to chest, as he moved us a few steps away from the stove where the flame under Sasha Fry was heating the oil just as quickly as Khem’s throbbing erection was heating me. I was soaking wet beneath my cotton shorts with no panties in the way as he pulled at them, tugging them against my clit and up between my ass cheeks. I draped my arms up over his shoulders, sucking down the stretch of his long caramel neck, grinding against his growing erection as the cooking oil bubbled behind us.
“Baby, the oil.” I whispered in his ear. He lifted me off the floor and wrapped my legs around his waist. Khem was so used to handling my tiny frame, I was like a feather in his embrace.
He pecked my lips then pulled away to watch me squirm, activating those deep dimples as he made his way to the bag of seasoned and floured chicken he’d already prepped.
“So, you gone fuck me while you fry this chicken?” I smiled, holding on tight to his shoulders as he meticulously dropped one drumstick at a time into the hot oil while still holding me up around his waist.
“You damn right I’ma fuck you while I’m fryin this chicken.” He dropped the last piece in and rushed us over to the sink to rinse the flour off his hand.
My body tingled as he brought that wet hand under my t-shirt, massaging my titties as he rested my bottom on the countertop. “You losin faith in my ability to multitask?” He mumbled against my neck, the rumbling in his voice sending chills down my spine.
“Never, baby.” I raised my hips against him, enjoying the coolness of the counter’s surface against the back of my thighs. “I missed you so fuckin much.”
“I missed you too, Mama.” He moaned, tugging at the waistband of my shorts, his flesh poking out against his sweats like a pole beneath a sheet. “I’m bout to tear this pussy up.”
“Daddy! Mama! What the?”
My nipples never went soft so fast in my damn life! Every aroused part of my body went straight to church.
“Khassidy, what you doin here?” Khem squeaked, quickly fixing his sweats while I fixed my shorts. “I thought you said she was out.” He helped me down from the counter, rubbing his hand down his face as our twelve-year-old daughter looked at us in disgust.
“I thought she was.” I bucked my eyes at Khassidy. “Khas, what happened? Wasn’t Veda supposed to be pickin you up to go to the movies with Shay?”
“She canceled.” She answered, her face still covered in ewww. “So, this is what y’all do when I’m gone?” She folded her arms, smiling and looking just like her daddy, dimples and all. “Daddy, I can still see you over there.” She teased as Khem forked chicken onto the paper towels he’d laid in a long pan at the center of the stovetop.
“Good.” He glanced up at his baby girl. “Now come set the table.”
Khassidy walked into the kitchen, keeping her arms folded tight, over exaggerating how grossed out she was by catching her parents in the act.
“I’m gonna go hop in the shower.” I announced, bumping Khassidy’s hip on my way out of the kitchen.
“Please do.” She snickered. “And you too, Daddy. But not at the same time.” She joked.
“Aye, watch it.” Khem turned to face her after dropping the last half of his famous fried chicken into the bubbling oil. “You might be growin, but you ain’t grown.” He pulled her in and kissed her forehead. “Sorry you saw that, though, baby girl.” I heard him whisper an apology. Khem was by no means a perfect man, but he never wanted to embarrass or disappoint Khassidy.


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Win Sabrina’s book, Apt 17- Camille, along with books from each participating author in the 30 Days giveaway!

To enter, please click on the link below:



Coming Soon!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! As some of you may know, I decided to re-release some of the series that were under my former publisher. I wanted to be able to have all of my titles either under my publishing company or as an independent release.

Currently, I’m working on the Something Just Ain’t Right series. At first, I was thinking about changing the title back to the original title, Resisting Temptation, but I wanted to keep the current title since it kind of goes with the theme of the series.

Here are the new covers to the series, which I hope to have on Amazon once my former publisher decides to take down their version.


And if you have forgot about the entire series, here’s a refresher:

Part 1:

Morgan Carter always lived life on the edge. He never cared about anything or anyone until he set his sights on Hayley Stevens. Hayley is someone that he has known since they were kids, but it wasn’t until their adult years that he started to notice how beautiful of a woman she really had become. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see her as anything more than his best friend’s sister.

Hayley, on the other hand, had instantly felt a connection with Morgan the moment they met. She knows that she’s playing with fire, especially since her brother doesn’t want him anywhere near her. But, she’s determined to make Morgan hers, even if it destroys the relationship she has with her brother and the life-long friendship between the two.

Once they give in to their desires of being together, they are faced with several issues. Secrets are unveiled as deceit and mayhem follow. Will there be anyone that Morgan and Hayley can run to or will they learn there is nobody around that they can really trust?

Part 2

Hayley Stevens didn’t know what to expect when she started a relationship with Morgan Carter. Everything that she knew about her life has changed and now she’s on the run with the man that she loves. She and Morgan starts a new beginning in another city. However, the move proves to bring on more drama than she can possibly handle. Will she be able to continue supporting Morgan or will it become too much for her?

After everything that has happened with his friend, Lamar, and with his family, Morgan is trying to make a new life for himself and Hayley. He thinks he can stay out of trouble, but he is faced with more obstacles that even he’s not sure he can hide from. Will he be able to maintain his composure or will everything that he worked hard to keep a secret come crashing down around him?

Hayley and Morgan find it hard to hide from their misdeeds while realizing that they still can’t trust those closest to them. With secrets unfolding and the truth coming to light things could end deadly for one them.

Part 3

In the past two months, Morgan Carter and Hayley Stevens has been through a lot, from threats to kidnappings to shootings. The two have dealt with so much. They realize as long as they are together nothing will tear them apart. However, after Hayley’s shooting, Morgan realizes that in order to protect the ones closest to him that he may have to do something drastic which could tear the two apart.

When a series of lies are exposed about the one person he trusted, Morgan has to do what he can to protect not only himself, but also Hayley. Will the two be able to stay together and make things work, or will things crumble around them which could lead to someone not making it out alive?

Find out what happens in Something Just Ain’t Right 3, the final conclusion to this series.

If you are not familiar with the dream cast that I’d created, you can click on the link below to take a look to who I would chose for each character from the series:




Remember, a novella of the series, Just Right, will be released on August 9th. Pre-order is available now.

Just Right


No Other Love is another series that is currently under my former publisher. This one will also be re-released soon. Here is the new cover for part 1:


Kevin Thompson always lived life straight by the book. He got a great job, married his college sweetheart, Jennifer and together they’re raising a wonderful son.

Even though Kevin is living the picture perfect life, he’s starting to feel that something is missing. His marriage is slowly falling apart leaving him in a compromising position. To make matters even more complicated, he unexpectedly runs into an old college friend, Carla Windsor. Carla just happens to also be friends with Jennifer.

When secrets are exposed between the three, will it destroy everything Kevin has worked hard for? Or, will he see this as his way out of the life that he once cherished?

I will post more information regarding both re-releases once I’m able to upload the new versions back onto Amazon.

Until then….Happy Reading! 🙂

The Love Interviews- Hayley & Morgan


Hi everyone! The Love Interview series continues today with the breakout couple of the Something Just Ain’t Right series, Hayley & Morgan! Let’s find out what these two been up to since their series ended two years ago.


SB: Hi Hayley and Morgan! This is truly an honor to be sitting down with you two.

Hayley: We’re glad to be here, Sheena.

SB: When your story first came about, it was sort of a transition period for me as I branched out into the urban genre. I didn’t expect for this book to be such a huge success. Readers were shocked to read some of the things that occurred between you two.

Morgan: Seriously?

SB: Uh, yes! I mean, you two have endured so much. At first, it was just a typical love story, but with you two running from killers and deranged family members, your story was made for a good Lifetime movie.

Hayley: LOL! I wouldn’t go that far.

SB: I said it was. But tell me, if you had to change anything from those moments you two had experienced, what would they be?

Hayley: Probably me getting shot. That’s something I would definitely change.

Morgan: That’s something that I would change, too. I never want to experience that again.

Hayley: The two of us have been through a lot, but it showed a different side to us that I’m glad we were both able to share with each other. That is something that I wouldn’t change.

SB: I really hope you don’t get offended, Hales, but I can see why you fought so hard to be with Morgan. He’s hot!

Hayley: I know.

SB: You’re blushing. That’s so cute!

Hayley: I’m pretty lucky.

Morgan: No, I’m the lucky one. I always had a thing for Hales since we were kids, so I’m extremely blessed that I finally have her.

Hayley: I feel the same way, Morgan.

SB: Speaking of your childhood, let’s talk about Lamar. How is he, by the way?

Morgan: He’s good. Aren’t you interviewing him and Tamara tomorrow?

SB: I am, but I just wanted to see how he’s doing.

Morgan: He’s good.

SB: So things are still good between you two?

Morgan: Yeah; why wouldn’t they be? We resolved all the issues we had with each other and we’re pretty tight now.

Hayley: Especially since we’re all family now.

Morgan: We were always family, but it’s just official since we’re married.

SB: I must say, married life is definitely working for you two.

Hayley: It is. We’re very happy and more in love than ever.

SB: That’s good to hear. And how’s your son, MJ?

Morgan: Morgan Jr. is doing fine. He just turned one last month.

SB: Any more children in the future?

Hayley: We wouldn’t rule it out, but our lives are so hectic right now with me being a talent coordinator and Morgan’s a cop…

SB: Whoa. Morgan, you’re a cop?

Morgan: Hard to believe, huh?

SB: You can say that.

Morgan: After what happened, I felt I should do something that would make a difference, so after Hayley had MJ, I decided to join the force. Of course she didn’t really like the idea.

Hayley: I figured we were in a good place; I didn’t want anything else to happen to you.

Morgan: It won’t, Hales. Besides, I’m more into the white collar crimes. Nothing will happen to me with those.

Hayley: You never know.

SB: Are you investigating a case now?

Morgan: I am, but I can’t discuss it.

SB: That’s understandable. What about your family? Are they still in prison?

Morgan: Yes, they are. They’ll be locked away for a long time, so that we don’t have to worry about.

SB: And Kyle?

Morgan: He’s doing well. He recently got engaged to Demetria, so they’re planning their wedding now.

SB: Wow, I didn’t think those two were still together. But give him my congrats.

Morgan: Of course.

SB: Is there something that you wanted to share with your readers about an upcoming event for you two.

Hayley: Yes! Morgan and I do have something great to share. You approached us to do a short story which we agreed to do. It would be fun for you all to catch up on where our lives are now.

SB: It definitely will be. Again, Morgan and Hayley, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with me.

Morgan: Anytime, Sheena

Hayley: Of course!

SB: Hayley and Morgan’s short story will be available sometime this summer. It will only be on my blog, so if you are a SJAR fan, you will definitely want to read this! If you haven’t read the series, it is available only on Amazon.

Check back tomorrow as I interview Lamar & Tamara as they discuss the upcoming spin-off to the SJAR series, If It Isn’t Love.



31 Days, 31 Authors-A.C. Taylor

Hi everyone! We’re close to the end of the 31 Days, 31 Authors event. I really hope that you all have added a few of these authors’ books to your “To Be Read” list, because there a lot of amazing, talented authors that you should definitely give a try; including today’s featured author, A.C. Taylor. A.C. is definitely an author to watch, especially with books such as “A Love I Can’t Control”, “Love Me When It Counts”, and her latest, ‘Let’s Make Love Tonight”. Her books are definitely page turners as you get caught up in each of her characters’ world.

Now, here’s A.C.! 🙂




A.C. Taylor is a romance author from Little Rock, AR. At a young age her imagination took her on a journey that would forever spark her love for writing. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to pursue her dreams as a published author and since that moment, she hasn’t looked back. She’s currently the author of more than six titles and continuously working on more. With the goal to entertain her readers, she creates realistic characters that are full of life, humor and plenty of drama.



  1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

When I’m not writing, I love to read, watch movies and spend time with my family.

  1. What inspired you to become an author?

Reading sparked my love for writing. When I was a little girl I would spend hours reading my favorite books, then I would put pen to paper and create stories of my own.

  1. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I was excited, but a nervous wreck at the same time.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself controlling every aspect of my writing career. I also want to have a large collection of young and new adult novels under my belt. I’ve always wanted to write in that genre.

  1. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Always remember that what works for someone else may not work for you. Create your own rules. Figure out what makes you comfortable and go with it. Right now is the best time to pursue that dream of becoming an author. The sky is the limit. If it’s what you want, then throw all of the negative thoughts to the side and go for it.






Here’s an excerpt from my latest release, “Let’s Make Love Tonight.”


“I wish we didn’t have to go back to the party,” Tat whispered to Shaunie.

“I know. Maybe we can sneak out of here without anyone noticing.”

“You already know that ain’t going to work. Dallas is probably searching for us as we speak.”

Shaunie sighed. “You’re probably right.”

Slowly, she eased off of him.

Grabbing her clothes from the floor, she scurried off into the bathroom.

With his hands behind his head, Tat smiled about what had just happened. A few seconds passed, then he hopped out of bed and slid back into his clothes.

When Shaunie returned, she looked good as new and even sexier than she did before.

“I wish I had a change of clothes, so I could shower,” she said.

Pulling her into him, “What’s wrong? You trying to wash me off of you already?”

“Never.” She gave him a peck on the lips. “But I do feel a little weird going back out there after what we just did.”

“We just made love. That’s all that matters.” Slapping her on the ass, “Now, try not to walk with a limp. I know your shit got to be throbbing,” he whispered.

“Whatever.” Shaunie giggled, then strolled out of the bedroom.

Not wanting to seem too obvious they blew each other a kiss then went their separate ways.

Spotting Dallas at the bar, Tat tried to go in the opposite direction. He knew that he was going to have to deal with him sooner or later, but tonight wasn’t the night.

“Aye man!” Dallas called out to him.

Tossing his head back, Tat squeezed his eyes shut.


Slowly, he turned around. “What’s up?” he said as he walked towards him.

“Nothing man. Where in the hell have you been?” Dallas asked.

“I’ve been mingling,” Tat lied.

“Oh yeah? Well, I hope it’s been with some of these fine ass women up in here.”

Not really interested, Tat said, “They straight.”

“Straight? Fool, do you need glasses?”

Tat wasn’t paying Dallas much attention.

Shaunie was talking to her friends, but staring at him at the same time. They couldn’t break eye contact.

Snapping his fingers, “Aye! Are you hearing a damn thing that I’m saying?” Dallas questioned. “What the hell are you looking at?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Tat responded.

“I’m talking about you. What’s up?” Following his gaze, Dallas stood to his feet. “Wait a minute. I know we’re not back on this shit again?” he questioned referring to Shaunie. He stopped for a moment, and Tat could tell that he was putting two and two together. “Hold up. You were missing for over an hour and Shaunie was too. Where the hell were you?”

As much as he didn’t want to make a scene, Tat knew that he couldn’t keep what was going on a secret. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I was with Sha.”

Dallas’s eyes widened. “Doing what?”

“None of your business,” Shaunie said as she took her place next to Tat and grabbed his hand.

Glancing down between them, “What’s all that about?”

“What do you think it’s about?” Shaunie quickly came back. “Tat and I are together.”

“What the hell?” Dallas spat, then looked over at Tat. “I thought that we already had this discussion.”

Before he could respond, Shaunie said, “Oh…you mean that off limits crap that you’ve been trying to pull? We’re not trying to hear that. You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be with.”

“I didn’t tell you a damn thing. I told him,” Dallas said as he pointed his finger into Tat’s chest.

The force in his fingertips caused Tat to take a step back. “Aye man. Chill on all of that,” he said.

“What the hell are you going to do if I don’t?” Dallas questioned as he walked up on him.

Tat could tell by the stench on his breath, that he was beyond tipsy and his temper was at an all time high. He wasn’t going to care about who was watching or the feelings that he would hurt. Dallas was just going to fulfill his promise, which probably involved an ass whooping—or at least an attempt to give one.

Trying to keep his cool, Tat said, “I need you to calm down and not act a fool in front of all of these people.”

Pushing him, Dallas shouted, “Damn these people! Let’s talk about why you decided to go against my wishes and fuck my sister? I already know that’s what y’all were doing, so don’t even try to act like I’m lying.”

All eyes were on them.

“Dallas! Stop it!” Shaunie scolded.

“Hell no!” He spat, then drew back to punch Tat in the face.

If he wasn’t drunk, it might have landed, but Tat was too quick. Sliding out of the way, he gripped Dallas by the neck and placed him in a chokehold. It wasn’t anything deadly—just something to keep him from making any sudden moves.

“Let me go!” Dallas shouted.

“Not until you say that you’re going to chill.”

“Fuck you!”

Gripping him a little tighter, Tat said, “That might be what you need to do. Go fall up in some good shit, so you can calm down.”

Reaching for Dallas, Shaunie pulled him from Tat’s grasp. “Alright. That’s enough.”

Dallas snatched away from her, then stood up straight while adjusting his clothes. “This whole situation is some bullshit!” Turning his attention to Tat. “The fact that you thought it was cool to go behind my back after I warned you not to, lets me know where your loyalties lie,” he said before turning and walking off of the boat.



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31 Days, 31 Authors- Puchii Johnson (Zan)

Hi everyone! Puchii Johnson is the next author up during the 31 Days, 31 Authors event! Whether her name is Puchii or Zan, she is definitely leaving a mark in the urban genre with her raw and eccentric stories. She’s definitely an author to read.

Now, here’s Puchii! 🙂




The hardest part about writing, is writing about yourself. Lol. I’m creative, imaginative, inspirational and most of all…I’M ME. Georgia girl from a small town with a wild imagination. I take pride in my craft and try to ensure to put out what I know is worth the read and wait. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave reviews! It’s one way I know if y’all like me! Lol.

I’m on FB – Zandra Johnson. Instagram – @sincerelyurz. FB Author Page – Author Zan.



1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love to spend time with my kids and family. Family is very important to me. I also like to sleep LOL, when it’s an option.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I was inspired to write on my own I would say. Since I was small, I enjoyed writing music and poems, so naturally it grew on me.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

Ecstatic is an understatement! I stayed up all night until it went live, which ended up being almost 4 in the morning. I thought it would drop exactly midnight, so I was thinking crazy LOL. I thought it was a setup KMSL.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Happy. I just want to be at a place in my life where I understand my purpose and myself. Rather I’m still writing or whatever the plan is.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Stay true to you and dare to be different. Rather you’re in the bubble or out, if you stay true to yourself you’ll always be satisfied and not worried. Success doesn’t come over night, remain consistent and put out quality work and it’ll pay off.














Blurb from I Got A Story To Tell: A Classic Romance

A’Meicia Walters grew up in the nineties in a home filled with love, laughter and morals. Her mother raised her and her brother the best she could as a single parent. She instilled in them the importance of family and sticking together.

Even though life seemed good, A’Meicia is faced with uncertainty, death, and disappointing events. She and her bestie, Nia Gray had always been tight as glue. Nothing could come between their bond? However with everything going wrong their friendship may be tested. Will they survive?

Come take a journey through the life of a young, vibrant teenager whose life seems to go through a lot of twists over the years as she grows into adulthood. When life gives you lemons, is it possible to make lemonade? Find out in This Intriguing Stand Alone Novel, I Got A Story To Tell.



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