It’s My Anniversary :-)

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great day so far. Wow, I can’t believe it has been seven years since I published my very first book, In Love With My Best Friend. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about having a career as an author; I just wanted to fulfill my goal byContinue reading “It’s My Anniversary :-)”

2 New Series Coming Soon!!

  Hi everyone!  Just stopping in to give you an update on two new series that I’m working on. These two I’m so EXCITED for since they will be based from one of my most popular couples from the Love, Life, & Happiness series and from the In Love With My Best Friend series. The firstContinue reading “2 New Series Coming Soon!!”

FREE This Weekend!!!

Unconditional Love, the third book in the Love, Life, & Happiness series is FREE on Amazon this weekend! The promotion will end at midnight, November 30th, so grab your copy today!!! Britney: When I first met Jayden Robertson, he was just my best friend’s brother. I tried to keep my feelings hidden, but every timeContinue reading “FREE This Weekend!!!”

Is The LLH Series Too Sexual?

  Happy Sunday everyone!!! Since the Love, Life, & Happiness series debuted last year in December (which is hard to believe that it’s almost a year), I have received various reviews regarding the books in the series. There were some that loved the series and the characters, but there were others who felt the series wasContinue reading “Is The LLH Series Too Sexual?”

Character Interview: Britney Lewis

For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, you probably already read the interview with Britney for Unconditional Love, but I had to post it on here as well. Warning: This interview does contain spoilers, so be prepared! Hi Britney! First, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do thisContinue reading “Character Interview: Britney Lewis”

Preview: Unconditional Love

To get everyone ready for the release of Unconditional Love next week, here is a sneak peek from Jayden’s POV. Enjoy 🙂 After only getting two hours of sleep, I went back into my suite, showered, changed and headed to Mason’s, a restaurant on campus, to meet up with the fam before going to myContinue reading “Preview: Unconditional Love”

Now Available: Updated Edition of Love Unbroken!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! An updated version of Love Unbroken is now available on all major sites!! The story has been edited and contains an excerpt from Trust Me as well as a preview to Unconditional Love. For those of you who have purchased the previous versionContinue reading “Now Available: Updated Edition of Love Unbroken!!!”

Free This Week: Love, Life, & Happiness Series

Happy Sunday everyone!!! To get ready for the release of Unconditional Love on August 1st, both books from the Love, Life, & Happiness series will be for FREE this week!! Starting, tomorrow, Trust Me will be free for one day only on Amazon as well as Smashwords. The book will also be free on JulyContinue reading “Free This Week: Love, Life, & Happiness Series”

Coming August 1st- Unconditional Love

Hi everyone!! In a recent post, I mentioned that if I need to change a release date, I will notify you all on it. Well, unfortunately, preparing for The Wedding, Part II has took longer than I expected; therefore, I had to push back the date for Unconditional Love. The new date is August 1st.Continue reading “Coming August 1st- Unconditional Love”

Music Playlist- Unconditional Love

It’s playlist time!!! Unconditional Love will be released in July (the date may be pushed back due to The Wedding, Part II), so to get everyone ready, here is the playlist. The songs listed describe certain scenes in the story, so listen to the preview to get an idea of what to expect with theContinue reading “Music Playlist- Unconditional Love”