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Sample Sunday- The Love Chronicles



Hi everyone!! There’s still a couple of minutes left in Sunday as I give to you all a sample of the In Love With My Best Friend spin-off, The Love Chronicles. I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for this book as Andie (Camille and Trevor’s daughter) and Dexter (Tia and Charles’ son) have their own story as they tackle being high school seniors, preparing for their futures, and falling in love.

I can say with this story is that I’m enjoying writing this story and seeing the growth in both Andie and Dexter as their slowly embrace the feelings they have for each other as well as thinking ahead about their lives after high school.

Here is the prologue for the book as it is told through the eyes of a six-year-old Andie. Of course the excerpt is unedited.

I really hope you enjoy the sample! 🙂



May, 2020

 “Can you believe how big they have gotten? Just yesterday, they were so tiny.” My Aunt Tia said while hugging Dexter. He gave a grumpy expression which made our parents laugh.

“They’re not going to be babies forever. Before you know it, they’ll be in high school begging us for a car and money. That I’m not looking forward to.” My uncle Charles admitted.

“I for one will be excited to see our kids grow up to be exceptional young adults. Can you imagine if they will follow in our footsteps?” My mom asked while looking into my eyes.

You all are probably wondering how I can be having thoughts at this exact moment. It’s quite simple: I’m just smart for my age. That’s what my parents say anyway. But I guess it’s true since I am in the top of my 1st grade class, know all of my alphabet and numbers past 300, know vocabulary that even some adults doesn’t know, and know a few words and phases in Spanish, French, and I’m learning Chinese. Pretty impressive for a six-year-old, but I know later in life all of this will come in handy for me.

While I’m too smart for my own good, Dexter, on the other hand, is your typical child. All he cares about is playing with his Transformers, getting into his parents’ stash of “toys,” and tearing up everything in sight. Even though he’s up there with me in the learning process, his attitude truly stinks for a kid. His parents has to constantly come up to the school for his behavior. His dad even gave him time-out in front of the class. Of course that made him more upset, but Uncle Charles doesn’t care. He figured that’s what he calls, “tough love.”

While Dexter is a handful, his sister, Regina, is a year younger than the two of us and is also quite the character. Between those two, I don’t know how Aunt Tia and Uncle Charles can handle them.

I glanced at her as she was giving a mischievous grin at her parents as her hands were covered with paint. She was about to place them onto the white couch when her mom gave her a look reading “not going to happen.”

“I know one thing for sure, both of our kids will surely be gorgeous. They’re gorgeous now, but we’ll have to keep a close eye on them when they’re older.” My mom said.

“That’s why I have my shot gun ready for any boy who breaks my daughter’s heart.” My dad confessed while giving a wide grin.

“Stop it, Trevor! It won’t go that far. Will it?”

He shrugged as he began looking at something on his iPad.

My parents have been the best of friends since they were kids themselves. My parents met while they were staying next door to each other while Aunt Tia and Uncle Charles were their best friends. Even at my young age I have heard the stories of how they all met so many times I have literally turned blue in the face. Every time Dexter hears the story, he starts to cry. That’s why I called Tia and Charles aunt and uncle since the two are like sister and brother to my parents. That part I understood.

My mom stared into my eyes again and smiled. “You’re going to be something special, my sweet Alexandra. You already are, but you’re going to be a force to be reckon with.”

“Just like our children. I can definitely see Regina as an artist. I mean, look at her now.” Aunt Tia said while staring at her. She was busy making a mess with her paints on a piece of drawing paper.

“As for our boy, Dexter. I can see him as an athlete. Maybe a football player.” Aunt Tia continued.

“Why does he have to be an athlete? He can follow in his old man’s footsteps and be an accountant.”

“Yes, a wealthy accountant since you’re the accountant to the stars now.” My dad teased.

“Hey, those wealthy clients is what footing this house.”

“And my event planning business doesn’t? If you recall, my clients are the same ones that you offer services to.” Aunt Tia whined.

Uncle Charles gave her a smirk while she gave one back.

“And I thought Andie, Regina, and Dexter were the only three kids in the room. You two are close to 40 and still act immature.” My mom said.

“He started it.” Aunt Tia mumbled.

“Yeah, just immature.” Dexter said and giggled.

Everyone started to laugh as Aunt Tia shook her head. “This boy is going to give us a heart attack one day with his mouth.”

“He’s just being expressive. It’s nothing wrong with that.” My mom said.

“Please. Just the other day at school he asked his teacher what was a mistress. What six year old says that?”

“Your child.” My dad said and laughed.

“Of course the director blames Charles and I for the incident since he figured we were the ones who taught him that word.”

“I learned it from Scandal.” Dexter said and smiled.

“Simple, just don’t watch adult programming. Why was he up at that time anyway?” My mom asked.

“I was watching it on DVR. The school basically think Charles and I are unfit since Dexter’s always getting into trouble. He can’t control what he says in class. We punish him for it, but he still does it.”

“Grandma says I am opinionated. What that means?” Dexter asked.

“You’ll know eventually.” Aunt Tia said.

“I wondered, what if Andie and Dexter dated. Wouldn’t it be awkward considering they grew up together and live next door to each other?” my dad asked.

“The two are like brother and sister. They would never date.” Uncle Charles said.

“You never know. It happened with you two.” Aunt Tia said while pointing at my parents.

“True. I guess only time will tell.”

Dexter looked at me and we both shook our heads.

“Just know that these will definitely be a handful, especially Dexter.” My dad said while glancing at him. He was on the floor trying to pull apart Uncle Charles’ phone as he went over to get it from him.

“He took it from my pocket!” he exclaimed.

“Why is Mommy fighting with herself on the bed?”

My parents looked confused as Dexter gave an innocent look. Uncle Charles looked at his phone and turned bright red.

“Oh shit!” he yelled.

“Oooh, Daddy said a bad word!” Dexter said while pointing.

“What was…Oh my God!” Aunt Tia said while putting a hand to her mouth. “I thought you deleted that picture!”

“I forgot.”

My parents were laughing as Aunt Tia and Uncle Charles were arguing. I looked at Dexter, who looked at me and smiled. Even at my young age, I knew my family was a bit dysfunctional, but I think I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope that Dexter and me can be friends forever. Or at least hangout like we do now. I just hope things doesn’t change.


Little did I know, nothing in life last forever…


Sample Sunday: The Evolution Of Love 


Hi everyone!! I have been busy writing three books. One of those books is The Evolution of Love, which is another spinoff from the Love, Life, & Happiness series. This is also Elise’s story. This will be an indie release and a standalone, and possibly released after the One Shot With A Baller series is completed. 

With this story, sooooo much going on with  Elise and the two men in her life, the mother from hell, and Elise’s race to getting married before hitting the big 3-0 (hence, the cover). Not only am I sharing the cover for the story, but also the blurb and an excerpt.

Here is the blurb: 
Elise Thompson always has been the independent one of the Thompsons siblings. She never worried about anything or anyone, except when it comes down to her ex, Dante Wilson. Although she loves him, she can’t be with him, especially with all the issues the two has together. 
When she meets Jared Crawford, she starts to see life in a different way. While he wants a relationship with her, Elise is holding back, mainly because of her feelings for Dante. But when issues start to arise between her and Jared and with the reappearance of her mother, she soon realizes what’s important and to live life for herself.

And here’s an excerpt from the story. This excerpt is unedited and from Elise’s POV. Enjoy! 🙂 
After two hours of getting slouched off of red wine,I got a text from both Lindsay and Harold asking me to come back to the office. I didn’t want to, especially since I was drunk, but after Harold demanded that show up, I didn’t have a choice. 

I asked Cheryl to drop me back off while Riana offered to drive my car to my house. I stumbled near the steps to the building, causing me to stop in my tracks and get myself together. I straighten my jacket and opened the door, praying that I don’t sound drunk as I rounded the hallway to the conference room. I opened the door taking aback to what I was seeing. The owner of Harris Publications, Harold was sitting with Lindsay and the man I was trying to avoid seeing. I knew it was impossible, but I was praying that this was all a bad dream that I’ll wake up from like the one the other night. 

“Nice of you to finally show up Elise. Where were you anyway?” Harold asked. 
“Taking care of a client. What’s going on?” I asked. I tried to walk to an empty seat, but almost bumped into the table. Harold gave me a crazed look while Lindsay put a hand to her forehead. Dante looked at me, giving me a slight chuckle. 
“Is everything okay, Elise?”
“Everything is fine, Harold. Couldn’t be better.” 
“I wanted to introduce your new author, but from my understanding, you both know each other.” Harold said looking at me and Dante. 
“I know E very well, Harold.” Dante said while giving a pearly white smile. 
I shook my head. Just that look made me realize that he hasn’t changed a bit. 
“I was hoping the two of you could get the ball rolling with getting Dante’s book released. I know this book is going to break the bank and with your expertise, Elise, it will be a hot release.” 
“I’m sure it will.” I said while staring at Dante. 
“I’ll leave you two alone so you can get started. If you need anything, Dante, just holler.” Harold said and gave him a handshake. “Welcome aboard.” 
“Thank you, Harold.” 
Harold went to the door while Lindsay gave me an encouraging smile before leaving as well. Once the door closed, Dante stared at me as he came over to me. I had to admit, he still looked good. Golden brown skin that glowed within the fluorescent lights, big brown eyes that were giving me an intense look while his sexy lips were giving me a smile that had my body quivering. I had to control myself as I tried to look away from him. 
“Look at you, drunk at work.” 
“I had to if I had to be around you.” 
“Wow, you act like I’m some monster or something. I’m just someone from your past who wanted to get reacquainted with you, that’s all.” 
“Well, maybe I don’t want to with you. In fact, my life is in perfect order and my past should stay in the past.” 
Dante nodded. “I can respect that, but since you’re my editor, we can disappoint a lot of people, can we? I mean, Harold practically on his knees begging for me to be a part of this publication. You know I could had went to someone else, but I decided to come here.” 
“Geez, I wonder why.” 
“You know why. This was the only way to talk to you since I know you hate me.” 
“What do you want, Dante? If you’re trying to get back with me, it’s 12 years too late. You moved on, remember? Oh, wait, let me rephrase that; you moved on by marrying the woman you cheated on me with.” 
“We got a divorce, Elise.”
I stared at him as he sat down in the seat beside me. He looked into my eyes and sighed. “I realized a lot in my life that I couldn’t live without. What I had with Michelle was something I couldn’t duplicate. She wasn’t you. That’s why we parted ways. E, I came back because I want to be with you. That’s if you’ll have me.” 
I stared at him wondering if he had lost his mind. How could he come back into my life after 12 years, declaring his feelings for me? This was insane! 
“I’m with someone now.” 
“What does that have to do with me?”
“Listen, I’m not going to play games with you. Me and you are going to have a professional relationship, so there will not be any talks of our past or admitting feelings for each other. I just want to get this over with so we both can move on.” 
“Cool; if that’s what you want, then that’s fine with me. I can do that. But let’s get one thing straight, you and me will never have just a professional relationship. No matter how many people will come in and out of our lives, we will always find a way back to each other. It never fails.” 
“Well, maybe this time, it just might.” I said. I got up, almost bumping into the table again. I looked over at Dante, who was smiling at my little mishap. I smoothed down my jacket and rolled my eyes before going to the door, hoping I don’t bump into that. I walked down the hall not sure how I felt about that little exchange. I’m perfectly happy with my relationship with Jared, so I shouldn’t have any type of thoughts about Dante. But why in the back of my mind that I was, which I hated.

Six Things You Need To Know About No Other Love

Hi everyone!! I’m pretty anxious to share with you all No Other Love, which is the spin-off to Love, Life, & Happiness. The book is done with the editor, but is waiting on the cover so the book can be released. Part 2 is also now with the editor, so will be released possibly once part 1 is available.

As mentioned in a previous post, the series will take place after Redemption, so it will be around 2017 to 2018.

To get you ready for part 1, here are a couple of spoilers so you all can figure out what is going on with Kevin, Jennifer, and Carla:

1. Kevin and Jennifer’s Marriage: In Love Always, everyone established that Kevin and Jen’s marriage was falling apart. The two cannot agree on anything and it’s affecting their relationship with their son, Thomas. Will the two be able to work out their problems before it’s too late?

2. Carla: Carla is introduced in Love Always as Riana’s classmate, but is later to be known as Kevin’s friend from college. When he sees her daughter, Cristina, at Riana and Shawn’s vow renewal, he gets the sense that Carla has not been honest with him. Are his suspicions right or should he let the past be in the past?

3. The Crew is Back: I love these group of characters! Everyone is back, except for two- Monica and Donnell. There is a reason for that, since Jayden and Zack will be getting their own series and the two will be heavily involved in their story. But they will be mentioned in part 1.

4. Jennifer: Although Jennifer was talked about in the LLH series, she never really interacted with anyone. There’s a reason for that. There’s so much going on with this character that at the end of this book, you will be wondering why Kevin even married her.

5. New Characters: Many new characters will be introduced, from Jen’s family, to her co-workers, Chad and Shanice, and Carla’s cousin, Mika. Carla’s ex, Calvin, is also introduced, which has a lot of interaction with Kevin and Jennifer.

6. Secrets and Lies: This series will still have the same feel as the LLH series, but with a bit of a twist. There will be a lot of OMG moments, from Jennifer and Marcus, to even Kevin and Carla. You will be on the edge of your seats to what is in store with these characters, especially with the ending.

There you have it. These spoilers should have you guessing to what might happen in part 1. Once the cover is created, then a release date will be announced. I will keep everyone posted once I know more info.

Until then, here is a little teaser to tie you over:

canstockphoto1184239 (1)