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Believe In Love is the latest spin-off from the Love, Life, & Happiness series, and it is also available for pre-order! Make sure you’re one of the first readers on March 8th to download Cheryl and Marcus’ new story as they both are adjusting to changes in their personal and professional lives.

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To get you ready for the new story, here is an unedited excerpt from Marcus’ POV. 🙂

Kevin and I talked for a few minutes until he had to head to the club. Since I was paying his salary, he figured he didn’t want to piss me off by staying at my house any longer, but I didn’t care. I needed the distraction, especially with what happened this morning.

I was watching the kids as I dialed Nisha to ask about the shipment at the Phoenix in Atlanta. Nisha has been the best employee ever since she started working there. At first, I was skeptical about hiring her; she was fresh out of college, and really didn’t care about the business aspect with working at The Phoenix; she only wanted to have fun. But since I got to understand her reasons and her life story while attending college, I figured I’ll give her a chance. I’m glad I did, because she has become a valuable asset to the club. I even gave her the task of handling some of the things needed at the lounge while I wasn’t in town. She has stepped up her business game, which I appreciate.

I put the phone on mute as I went to the living room to stop Troian from hitting Preston. It looks as if she took one of her blocks, which I’m sure she didn’t like.

“Stop it, you two! I saw what you did, Preston, so apologize. Troian, I’m going to put you in your chair so you can’t be hitting Preston.” I said.

While Preston just turned five and Troian almost one, it’s becoming a challenge to get those two to behave. With Troian, she doesn’t know any better, but I think Preston is slowly starting to act out to get attention. That’s why I’m trying hard to further myself from the business so I can be there more for my kids.

“Marcus! Hello, Marcus!”

I forgot I put Nisha on mute as I fumbled to unmute her so I could speak.

“Hey, Nisha. Sorry, I had you on mute. I was stopping my kids from hurting each other.”

I could hear Nisha’s lips going to a smile as she gave a huge sigh. “I can relate. My sister has three kids, all a year apart. She constantly has to break up a fight every five seconds.”

“I can understand sibling rivalry but with my kids, I think it goes a little deeper.” I said while watching Preston. He had a mean pout on his face as I went up to him.

“You still haven’t apologized.”


I looked taken aback by his remark as he folded his arms across his small chest. I don’t know what to say because I was still shocked that he was being smart with me.

“Little boy, I don’t have time for your smart mouth. Apologize to your sister, now.”

“She’s one; she doesn’t know what the word means.”

“But you’re her big brother; you need to set an example for her.”

Preston rolled his eyes and I took a deep breath. I don’t know where this little boy got this attitude from, but it’s not cute.

“You’re in time-out.” I said as I grabbed his chair near the couch. I put it in the corner and told him to go to it. He refused, so I told him again to go, but he refused again. I gently grabbed his arm and told him to sit there for five minutes. I didn’t want to raise my voice at him to go, but maybe that’ll get him to go next time.

I glanced over at Troian, who was clapping her hands and laughing. She knew completely well what was going on. I shook my head, forgetting again that I was on the phone.

“Sorry about that. Preston has been acting out lately.”

“I understand. Remember, I got a sister with kids.”

“He recently been doing this. I know it’s because of his mom and me being busy with work.”

“You might want to cut back on work, then. I know your wife’s becoming a doctor, so it’s harder for her to scale back.”

“I know,”

“That’s why I’m here if you need anything. Just say the word and I’ll do it.”

“You’re doing enough, Nisha.”

“I don’t mind. Besides, I enjoy the distraction. It’s just me, so I don’t mind the extra work.”

I sighed as I looked at my kids again. The doorbell rang, which startled me because I wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Maybe you should get that. Just call me back when you can.”

“Okay, but before I hang up, did the shipment come in for the club?”

“It just arrived, so I have to hang up anyway.”

“Okay. Thanks, Nisha.”

“No problem.”

I disconnected the call and opened the door to see my mom outside. She was smiling, but it disappeared once she noticed my expression.

“What’s wrong, baby?” she asked as she walked in.

“Everything is fine, Mom.”

“You know you can’t hide anything from me. You’re my first born, so I know every expression.”

I sighed as I closed the door. “What brings you by?”

She glanced at me with a concerned look. “I have to have a reason to come by to see my son and grandkids?”

I tilted my head and she sighed. “I came to check on you. I know the past few weeks have been rough, so I want to lighten the load for you”

I stared at my mom, realizing something wasn’t right. Although she and my dad have helped out with watching the kids, they haven’t been lately, which was the reason the two been going to Kevin’s and Elise’s.

“I should be asking you how you’re doing. You usually call before you visit, so something’s up.”

My mom gave a nervous chuckle as I glanced at her. “Mom,”

“This used to be my house, so I can come when I want to.”

I gave her an unconvinced look. Yes, this used to be her home as my dad purchased it for her as an anniversary gift. They gave it to me to live in a few years back, but neither of my parents dropped by before calling.

My mom rolled her eyes and went into the living room. She took a quick look at the kids and shook her head. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, just Preston misbehaving again.”

“Again! I told you really need to discipline him. When you were his age, you knew you had got a good swift kick in your behind.”

“That’s considered child abuse now.” I pointed out.

“It was considered that then, too, but your dad and I still did it.”

“I’m not going to do that, Mom. Preston knows right from wrong; he’s just doing this because Cheryl and I aren’t at home a lot.”

My mom sighed and sat down on the couch. Troian started wailing and she went over to pick her up.

“That is why I think I should move in, just until you and Cheryl get yourselves together.”

I looked at my mom, wondering if that’s a good idea. I don’t know if myself or Cheryl would want my mom around 24/7. We love her, but we know how she could be if she tries to take over.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why? Would you rather for the two to keep being bounced from house to house every time you two have to do your business? Kevin and Elise have their own lives to live, so let me be a grandmother to my grandbabies.”

“Grandma!” Preston exclaimed as he turned around and smiled.

“Keep your eyes on that wall, Preston!”

My mom sighed as she told Preston to get out of his chair. I shook my head, already becoming annoyed. If I agreed for her to stay, it’ll be a lot worse.

“Mom, Cheryl and I got this. Besides, how would Dad feel about this if you did?”

My mom blew out a hard breath. “He’s not a factor right now. We’re kind of having problems at the moment.”

“Wait, what?” I questioned. From my 28 years on Earth, I have never experienced the two to have problems. They’ll have their occasional spats, but never any major issues.

“That’s why we never wanted the kids to come by the house, because we don’t want them to sense any tension.”

“What’s going on, Mom?” I asked as I came over to her. She shook her head while waving her hand away.

“It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. We’ll work things out; right now, we just need some time apart.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“He’s still at the house, but he’ll be visiting your brother soon. Don’t mention anything to Shawn about this; you know how he gets.”

I sighed. I’ll still warn him about our dad making an unexpected visit to Atlanta, and I’ll still tell him why. Shawn maybe the youngest, but he’s not a little kid anymore.

“Did you get the invite to Nathan’s wedding? Him and Rachel getting married at the country club, so you know how that’ll go.”

I sighed again. Honestly, I don’t know if I did receive one, but I haven’t checked the mail in days. Although Shawn and I had our issues with our cousin in the past, we did bury the hatchet a few years back after our grandmother passed away. We maybe cool now, but with my busy schedule, I probably won’t be going.

“I probably won’t go.”

“I thought you all squash everything that happened with Shawn and Riana?”

“We did, but I might have to be at one of the clubs.”

“I’m glad you brought that up, because I have a favor to ask.”

“How did we jump from you and Dad to Nathan?” I asked.

“Evidentially, I don’t want to talk about your dad.”


“Marcus, I tell you what’s going on when I’m ready. Anyway, your uncle wanted to see if you could throw Nathan a surprise bachelor’s party.”

“What?!” I asked. I already had enough going on as it is.

“Nathan doesn’t have too many friends, and majority of the force won’t be able to attend the wedding, so Nathan didn’t want a party, but since you and Shawn have a variety of clubs to choose from, I told your uncle it was fine.”

I gave my mom a crazed look as I ran a hand through my fade. “So, you volunteered our club? Why would you do that, Mom?! Not only should you had asked me first, but Jay is also the owner of every club now. He might have a problem with us throwing a party for Nathan.” I said.

My mom sighed. “Didn’t he bury the hatchet with Nathan, too? He shouldn’t be too upset anyway since Ri is happy with Shawn.”

“I get that, but…” I stopped midsentence when I noticed Preston wasn’t near my mom. I looked into the kitchen, seeing that he was trying to pull down the ceramic cookie jar from the counter. It slipped to the edge and fell on the ceramic tile, breaking the jar and part of the floor.

“Damn it! Preston!” I yelled.

I was about to go after him when my mom gently grabbed my shoulder.

“Go take care of what you have to with your clubs. I got this covered.”

“But, Mom…”

“Just go. And I’ll give you the details of the party. Make sure you tell Shawn because I want the both of you planning it as well as be at his wedding.”


“And be a dear and get my suitcases out of the car. I need to tend to your kids.”

The only thing I could do was stare at my mom as she went to go scold Preston. She still had Troian in her arms as she told him to get the broom and dust pan.

I sat down on the couch, still not believing what just happened. Not only did my mom just move in, but she volunteered mines and Shawn’s help to plan Nathan’s bachelor’s party!

“This is some bullshit,” I whispered as I stared ahead at the window.

Hopefully when Cheryl finds out about my mom being here, she doesn’t have a problem with it.

Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone!! Since I have already wrapped up A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, it’s now time to focus on my projects for 2017. One will be a new Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, Real Love.

As many of you may know, Riana and Shawn is definitely one of my favorite couples, and to me, I felt as if they have a few more stories to tell. While writing A LL&H Christmas, I came up with this cool concept to do another story about them as they start a new chapter in their lives with Shawn being offered a position with a national news network in Atlanta (and no, this is not the network you’re thinking of; this one is completely fictional). While Shawn’s news career is going strong, so is Riana’s writing career.

With new beginnings in a new city, new problems will also arise for the couple, making them wonder is their love strong enough to get through the issues they are facing.

I’m still undecided if this will be a standalone or a series, but regardless, I already determined that the release for this book will be set in February.

And here is the cover for Real Love:



If you have not read their love story, both Love Unbroken and Love Always is available now.

To read about the couple’s decision, it will be one of the short stories in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, which will be available December 13th. Pre-order is available now on all major sites.


Coming December 13th!!

The Love, Life, & Happiness crew is back as they celebrate the holidays in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas!

If you have read The Evolution Of Love, the crew made a pact to spend Christmas together at the Robertson’s cabin (the same cabin where Jay and Brit spent most of their time in Unconditional Love).

Now that it’s December, everyone is heading to the cabin; but the luggage is not the only thing they’re bringing. Each couple have a set of extra baggage that will make Christmas a bit more interesting.

Riana & Shawn:

While Riana is ready to have another child, Shawn receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Will their opposing views cause problems in their relationship?

Cheryl & Marcus:

As they adjust to the arrival of their daughter, Cheryl has to face the issues she still has with her mother. When she receives terrifying news about her, will she put the past behind her and come to her aid? And when Marcus encounters someone from his past, will he be able to keep the past from interfering in his present life?

Britney & Jayden:

Everything is falling into place for the two: They are happy new parents to twins, and Jay is trying out for a new basketball team in the States. When an unexpected visitor pops up, will their happiness be short-lived?

Monica & Donnell:

These two have always had problems in their relationship, causing them to make less than stellar decisions. As they come to grips with a shocking tragedy, will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Mika & Devin/Kevin & Carla/Elise & Jared:

As Mika and Devin prepare for their wedding, expect a few surprises for the couple as well as Mika’s bridesmaids since someone from Kevin’s past shows up to crash the wedding.


Although this will be a full-length novel, it will be broken into four short stories, starting with Riana & Shawn. Their story, The Hardest Decision, will be the shortest. Why you might ask; it’s because they will be getting a spin-off story of their own. When you read A LL&H Christmas, then you’ll have an idea why they are getting their own story. But it will be released sometime next year (preferably around March or April after Say That You Love Me)

Here is the cover to A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas:


The story will be available December 13th. Pre-order for this title will be available sometime this week. I will post the link once it is available.

Available Now!! 

It’s finally here!! The Love Chronicles is available only on Amazon. 1-Click for $0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!! 

Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale. 
When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along. 

Paperbacks will also be available soon. 🙂 

Sample Sunday- The Love Chronicles 

Happy Sunday everyone! Here is another excerpt from The Love Chronicles, which will be available this Tuesday, July 5th! Yes, I decided to release the story a week early! I know a lot of you have waited patiently for this book, so I didn’t want to anticipate the wait any longer. If you have pre-ordered, you will recieve it on the new release day. 

And here is the excerpt from both Dexter’s and Andie’s POVs when the two are getting ready to have a typical dinner with their parents. 🙂 



After pulling off my clothes and taking a long shower, I went downstairs and saw that everyone had arrived. I looked at Andie, who was dressed in her infamous over-sized plaid sweater and baggy sweats. As far as I could see, she never cared about her appearance.

“Hey, Aunt Camille, Uncle Trevor.”

“Hey, Dexter. It looks like you’re growing every single day. You’re going to be taller than your dad and me combined,” Uncle Trevor teased.

“I guess I have good genes.”

I glanced over at Andie again, who rolled her eyes. That’s her problem now: She’s always too serious.

“What are we having? “Aunt Camille asked from the couch. My mom pulled her up and led her to the kitchen.

“Come help me cook.”

“Are you serious? I’m tired.”

“If there are two hands in the kitchen, then dinner will be done faster.”

Aunt Camille moaned as my mom pulled her to the kitchen.

“Huh, Trevor, could you help me with something in the garage, please?” my dad asked.

Uncle Trevor raised an eyebrow. “When have you ever asked me for help?”

“Just come on.”

Uncle Trevor looked at us then got up and went with my dad.

Andie and I sat in silence as neither of us had anything to say to each other. At least I knew I didn’t have anything to say.

She turned her head really quickly and looked at me. “Your parents planned this because they know about your grades.”

I looked at her, wondering what she was talking about. “What?”

“They know that your grades are down, Dexter.”

I looked from her to the kitchen, wondering how they knew about that. That was something I’d tried to keep quiet for some time now.

“How did they know about that, Andie?”

“I was talking to my mom, and –”

“That wasn’t your place to say anything!” I interrupted her.

I could tell I startled her since she jumped. I closed my eyes, a little peeved that she would go there, but I only had myself to blame.

“Were you trying to get back at me for what happened years ago?”

“Why would you think that?” she asked.

“Oh, I know what this is. Trust me, I don’t want your valedictorian spot.”

“Dexter, I really thought your parents knew.”

I shook my head, looking towards the kitchen again. Now, I really had to be on guard during dinner, because I didn’t know when either one would pop off.

I looked away from Andie as she tried to tell me what happened. She could save whatever explanation she had. I wasn’t going to listen to her.

“Alright, dinner is ready you two,” my mom announced with a smile.

I slowly got up and started walking to the dining room.


I didn’t even turn around. I just hoped this ended quickly and painlessly.


I sat down at the dining room table, feeling a little guilty that I’d done this to Dexter. At first, I did want revenge; but now, seeing the look on his face, I wished I would have done things differently. We haven’t even started our project yet, and we’re already having problems. This definitely wasn’t the way to start with building a solid relationship.

I glanced at Dexter, who tried to look happy, but I knew he was worried. He didn’t want his parents to know that he was onto them, and he was struggling to keep a straight face.

“Besides learning you two will be married, how was the rest of your day?” my mom asked Dexter and me after she took a sip of Dr. Pepper.

“It was okay,” Dexter answered and took a small bite from one of his tacos. I knew he was nervous then because he was barely eating, and tacos were his favorite meal. I don’t know how I still remembered that, though.

“Was it really, Dexter?”

He looked up and glanced at his dad, who was glaring him.

“What’s going on?” my dad asked.

“We know about your grades, Dexter. And don’t try to deny it, because we’ve already spoken with Mr. Ceborn,” Aunt Tia told him with a glare.

“Look, I can explain –”

“Explain what, Dexter!” his dad interrupted. “That you don’t give a damn about your education? This is your senior year; why would you mess up now?”

“I think we’d better go,” my mom said, standing up. Aunt Tia shot her a death glare, and she sat back down.

“If it wasn’t for Andie, we still wouldn’t have known about your grades. Now tell us, what have you been doing with the emails of your report cards?” Aunt Tia asked.

“Mr. Ceborn told us that along with the paper version, electronic copies are also sent. So, were you deleting them from our inboxes?” Uncle Charles asked him.

“And if so, how did you get into our accounts?” Aunt Tia added.

“It wasn’t hard to do,” Dexter answered. “I know your passwords. And as far as the paper versions go, Andrew changed them so it would look like I was passing.”

“Wow! This is unbelievable!” Aunt Tia yelled. “You went through all this trouble to hide the fact that you were failing two classes! Two, Dexter!”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I knew if you all found out, you would be upset.”

“And you don’t think we are now?! Boy, you’re on thin ice right now,” his dad stressed.

“Come on, you two; yes, this is bad, but you were young once. You’ve done this to your parents.” My dad said.

Uncle Charles looked at my dad with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I admit, I did some stuff back in the day, but lying about my grades was not one of them. If I had, your grandma would have whupped my ass. You better be glad I’m not going to do that to you.”

“Oh no, we’re going to hit you where it really hurts,” Aunt Tia quipped with a smirk.

Uncle Charles continued, “That party you were talking about, you’re not going. Instead, you’ll be doing your damn homework all weekend. And when you’re finished with your assignments, you’ll still be doing work we provide for you since you don’t like doing school work.”

Dexter looked at his parents like they’d lost their minds. “What?!”

“You heard us. You’re not going to that party,” Uncle Charles replied.

“But this is the biggest party of the year! Everyone in the senior class is going!”

“Well, you won’t be.”

“This is some bullshit,” Dexter mumbled.

“What did you say?!” his dad asked, getting up and going to Dexter.

“Now, now, that won’t be necessary. Dexter, you’re in enough trouble, so you better shut that smart mouth of yours,” Aunt Tia scolded then turned to my parents. “Anyway, that’s why we asked you to come here. We have a favor to ask, Trevor?”

“What is that?” my dad asked.

“We want Dexter to stay with you this weekend. We would be here, but Camille and I are going to Dallas to plan Spencer Hightower’s wedding, and Charles is going to a conference in Austin,” Aunt Tia explained.

 “I have work to do myself. I have a big campaign coming up that I have to work on,” he replied. While my mom is an event planner, my dad had his own advertising consulting firm that he opened a few years ago. He’s done a lot of great advertising for some of the most popular brands on the market. I’m proud of him and what he’s accomplished so far.

“That’s fine, because we want Andie to supervise him. You have to be around each other anyway, so this will be perfect.”

“And just because we’re going out of town, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. We couldn’t get out of our commitments in time to be here ourselves,” Uncle Charles told Dexter.

“But when we come back, you’ll be under lock and key in your room for the next two months. No phone, no TV, no computer or tablet. You’ll be under house arrest, you understand?”

“Loud and clear,” Dexter muttered.

“Since you want to act like a child, we’re going to treat you like one. And Andie, we want you to call us if anything goes wrong. We’ll also be calling you and your dad to see how everything is going,” Aunt Tia said to me.

I nodded, not sure if I wanted to do this. In fact, I hadn’t even agreed to it.

“Uh, Aunt Tia, Uncle Charles, I never said I wanted to do this. I have things I have to do, and babysitting Dexter isn’t one of them.”

“We know we’ve put you in a tough position, but we know you’re responsible. We trust you and know that Dexter won’t do anything he isn’t supposed to if he’s around you. Besides, Trevor will be around, so you two can take turns if needed,” Uncle Charles reasoned.

“And we’ll pay you for it. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t, right?” Aunt Tia added and laughed.

Dexter was still looking at his parents like they were crazy, while I sighed. I glanced at my dad, who shrugged.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” I agreed.

“Great. Thank you for doing this.”

I nodded again as my parents stood up. I quickly got up as well then went to the
door. I turned around and saw Dexter giving me the evil eye. I turned and opened the door. This was not how I planned to spend my weekend.

If you haven’t pre-ordered, you still have time to. Here is the link:


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I’m The Only One You Need, the first book under my publishing company, SBinkley Publishing, is available only on Amazon. 1-Click now for $0.99 or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

This is the spin-off to the No Other Love series as Carla’s cousin, Mika, tells her story of who is the right man for her: Her ex, Devin, or her current man, Anthony. 
Mika Windsor’s life was slowing becoming perfect. From her new job to her man, everything was falling into place for her; until her ex suddenly pops back into the picture. She tries to avoid him, but when constant reminders of their relationship continues to haunt her, she starts to question everything about her life and her future. 
Devin Myers had made a few mistakes in his past, but the one thing he has always had hope in was his relationship with Mika. She was the love of his life and despite all of the obstacles the two has faced, he knew they were destined to be together. While serving time in prison, he planned to reclaim everything that he has lost, including Mika. When an opportunity came to him, he figured that was the perfect moment to get his girl back; but will it be too late? 
Anthony Harper has been Mika’s new man for almost two years and he loves her unconditionally. But as skeletons began to slowly come out of his closet, Anthony doesn’t know what to do, which can ultimately affect his relationship with Mika. Will he be able to cover up his betrayal or will it all come crashing down? Find out what happens when three lives are forever changed in I’m The Only One You Need. 

Love, Life, & Happiness Spin-Off: Kevin’s Story


Hi everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day. 🙂

Since this week is my anniversary week, I decided to do something great and post a bit of news each day up until Thursday, when I have my HUGE anniversary celebration!! For today, I will be sharing an excerpt to my upcoming new series, which is the spin-off from Love, Life, & Happiness. This will be Kevin’s story and it will be a three-part series.

Kevin’s story will be VERY different from the LLH series because instead of focusing on a couple and their journey to love, Kevin’s story will focus on the issues he’s having with his wife, Jennifer, and his college best friend, Carla. For those of you who read Love Always, I gave a little preview of their story, so you have an idea of how things will go between the three in the series.

Without further ado, here is the prologue and the first chapter to book one of Kevin’s story. The excerpt is unedited, since my publisher has not started on the edits. So, I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think! 🙂


I walked into my house still upset over everything that has happened. How could I had been so damn stupid? I knew something was there, but I couldn’t face it. Or maybe I didn’t want to. After years of neglecting the truth, I done everything I could to live by the book. I was married, have a wonderful son, and have a high paying job that could set me off for life. Hell, I’m 29 and successful. I’m living the fucking dream. Well, I was, until Carla came back into my life.

Ever since I saw her at my sister’s house that night, I felt something was missing in my life. We had been through so much together, and now, I’m curious to find out if what we had was still there. I still couldn’t get that image of her out of my mind. The way she said my name in that sexy tone, how her hips swayed when she walked passed me. Damn, I know I shouldn’t be thinking about her, but it wasn’t hard to considering Jennifer and I haven’t done shit in weeks. That’s probably another reason why I’m pissed. Even if I wanted to go there with her, I couldn’t, especially after what she’d done. Now, I don’t think I could ever forgive her for keeping that from me. If she would had told me, I would had understood; but since she decided not to, I don’t want to be around her.

I went further into the living room and saw it was dimly lit. Soft jazz was playing on the Bose system and there were candles everywhere. I looked at the coffee table and saw two wine glasses sitting there. One of them had a lip gloss stain, which looked like Jennifer’s favorite shade. I looked around the room, wondering where she could be. I walked into the kitchen and saw that there were some type of meal that was prepared. It looks like gumbo, which was my favorite. With the atmosphere that was going on in the house, it had to mean one thing. Even though I should be pissed at her for everything she has done, a tiny part of me was kind of surprised she was doing all of this. But there has to be a reason: Either she was doing it because she wanted to or because she felt guilty about something.

I pulled out my phone and went to my calendar, just to make sure if it wasn’t an important event coming up.

“Fuck.” I whispered.

Now, I knew why Jennifer planned all of this. Our anniversary of the day we first met in college was approaching. Throughout the years, no matter how busy we were, we tried to celebrate it, since to Jennifer, it was sentimental. But between my job and the issues I was having with both her and Carla, I guess I forgot.

I shook my head, trying to figure out a way for me to save this night. Even though I probably shouldn’t do anything for her. Hell, after what she has put me through these past few weeks, I deserved being catered to; but being the man that I am, I would still show some type of appreciation for her. She is still my wife and the mother of my son; that, I can’t erase. Maybe, if a store is still open, I could get some roses for her.

I was about to head to the door when I heard moaning coming from the bedroom. At first, I was going to ignore it and go to the front door, but when I heard it again, I figured I needed to find out what was going on.

I went to the bedroom door, slowing opening it. What I saw completely surprised the hell out of me.

There I saw my wife in our bed with her damn co-worker. The two were too busy into each other to even realize I was even in the room.

I completely froze, not knowing what to do or say. I had two options: Turn around and walk out of the house, or I could kick this dude’s ass.

Before I could react, Jennifer finally turned around and saw me standing by the door. She jumped off of him with a scared look.


Now, I wondered how the hell she was going to explain this….


Four Weeks Earlier…

“Congratulations, you two!” My sister, Elise, exclaimed as she hugged my other sister, Cheryl. Her and her husband, Marcus, were celebrating their one-year anniversary at his and his brother’s club, The Phoenix II, which to all of us was a big deal. Honestly, I didn’t think the two would have a party for their anniversary, but with Marcus, he’ll have a party for just about anything.

I still couldn’t believe my youngest sister was married and had a son. I still remembered her as the little girl who followed me around and played with Barbies. Now, she was a young woman who was in her second year of med school. After everything she had went through in her life, I can say I’m extremely proud of her.

“Thanks, Elise! Maybe it’ll be yours and Jared’s turn soon.”

“Please, we have to get married first.” She said and smiled as her boyfriend, Jared Morris held her. I rolled my eyes at the sight of those two. I still couldn’t believe my best friend went after my sister. Now, I’m all for being happy, but the idea of those two together kind of irritated me. Although Elise is three years older than me, I still try to be protected over her. I just hope Jared treats her right. I already mentioned if he doesn’t, friend or not, I will hunt him down and beat his ass.

“You know that will happen one day, right?” Jared said and he kissed Elise.

“We’ll see.” I mumbled. Jared glanced at me and I smiled.

“I’m sure we’ll have a lot more anniversaries to celebrate, right baby.” Marcus said and kissed Cheryl. She blushed as he kissed her again. Marcus Walker was the true definition of a player. He practically slept with every woman that set foot onto our Alma Mater, Shaw University; but when he met Cheryl, he completely changed from being a womanizer to a one-woman man. I’m proud of him and I can say not only is he my brother-in-law, but also a really good friend.

“Congrats, man.” Marcus’ brother, Shawn, said as he gave him a brotherly hug. His wife, Riana, also hug Marcus and Cheryl.

“This is great, all of us together. Since we’ve all been so busy, it’s hard to have everyone in the same room again.” Riana said.

“Where’s Elis? I wanted to see him.” Elise asked regarding their one-year-old son.

“With my parents. We needed a night out. With Shawn being at the news station and me busy writing, we don’t have time to do anything.” Riana said. While Shawn is a reporter for a local news station in the college town, Baker, Riana decided to forgo her degree in communications to become a writer for Harris Publications, in which Elise is her editor.

“That’s why tonight, while Elis is having fun playing with his grandparents, we’ll have our version of playtime, right baby.” Shawn replied and kissed Riana’s neck. A slight moan came from her lips.

“You’re trying to start something, are you?”

“I could.” He said as he kissed her neck again.

Riana smiled and grabbed his hand. “We’ll be back.” She said, taking Shawn towards the office.

“I better not catch you two having sex on the balcony again!” Marcus yelled.

Shawn turned around and shrugged when Riana pulled him to the hallway.

I shook my head at them. Those two have always been blunt about their sex life, which everyone pretty much got used to. My wife and I used to be like that, but those days were long gone.

“That’s nothing new with those two. Anyway, I was thinking since Daddy’s birthday is coming
up next month we can throw him a surprise party. He’s been really busy with his business,
so I think he needs to have some fun. What do you all think?” Cheryl asked.

“Cool, count me in.” Elise said.

“Me too, but I must warn you, my job is getting ready for their annual audits, so I might be
caught up in business.” I said.

“That’s nothing new.”

I looked over and saw my wife, Jennifer, standing beside me with a displeased look. I didn’t
even know she came over to us. From the time we’d arrived, she either was at the bar or sitting at
a table drinking what she got from the bar.

I had to admit, she did look sexy dressed in a blue and white striped halter dress. Her medium
brown hair was pulled in a tight ponytail as her perfectly shaped lips were in a pout. Her light
brown eyes were cold towards mine as she ran a hand down her pecan-colored shoulder.

“You know this happens every year, Jen.”


I looked at everyone and saw the confused looks on their faces. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The two of us has been like this for months. Either we’re ignore each other or get into an argument. We even got into it while our son, Thomas was present. That’s something I never said I would do, especially since my parents had done it when me and my sisters were younger. I tried to be the opposite on how I was raised, but no matter what I do, Jennifer would find a way to provoke me. Hell, I think she’s trying to do it now.

“Don’t start.”

“Start what? I’m only saying that you do. It’s nothing new and I should expect it.”

“Do we really have to do this here?”

“You started it by bringing up your job. Now, I’ll drop it.” She said. She went back to the bar to get what I’m assuming was her fourth drink.

“What was that?” Cheryl asked.

I glanced at my sister and sighed. “My life at the moment.” I said. I shook my head and walked off. After that, I think I needed a drink as well.