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New Paperbacks Available!!

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Two current books, Resisting Temptation, and Say That You Love Me, are now available to purchase on paperback!

If you are itching to have a copy of these books to add to your paperback collection, then feel free to click on the covers below:





More books, including Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil, and the entire series of Something Just Ain’t Right, No Other Love, and One Shot With A Baller, will be available soon, as well as Unplanned Love by Alithea -Jae Smith, so keep a look out on those novels. 🙂




Black Friday Sale!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying your day with your loved ones and just being thankful for all that you have in your life. I know I am. 🙂

But starting on Black Friday, I will be discounting parts 2 & 3 of both Something Just Ain’t Right and No Other Love, along with my latest release, How Deep Is Your Love, to only $0.99! That’s right, each book will only be $0.99 for the entire Thanksgiving weekend! So if you haven’t purchased any of these books, then this is the time to do it, because each book will be going back to their regular prices on Monday.

Something Just Ain’t Right 2:

Something Just Ain’t Right 3:

No Other Love 2:

No Other Love 3:

How Deep Is Your Love:

Color of Love Blog Hop 2017

Color of Love Blog Hop 2017 – @EmpiBaryeh @KiruTaye @NanaPrah  #CoLHop2017 #coloroflovehop

Hi everyone! And welcome for those of you who are here for the first time! I’m honored to be a part of this year’s Color Of Love blog hop, which showcases the diversity of color in the book industry. Not only will you be able to learn more about new books, but you can also win a few prizes.

Now, let’s get to the blog hop! Enjoy! 🙂


Welcome to the 2017 edition of the COLOR OF LOVE Blog Hop co-hosted by  Empi Baryeh (me), Kiru TayeNana Prah, and Love Bites and Silk. This year’s hop is on from today, November 23 to December 3, 2017

We’re celebrating People of Color in romance and offering you a chance to discover new books and new authors, as well as giving you a chance to win prizes. We have 30 blogs participating this year, each featuring an interracial or multicultural romance book!

This year, we’re doing things a little differently. We separated the cash and book prizes so more people can win.


Here’s what’s up for grabs:



We’re introducing daily book prizes. Be sure to comment on blog posts and join the conversation on our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE  for a chance to win one of our 24 book prizes.




Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win:

1st prize: $50 GC

2nd prize: $25 GC

3rd prize: 15 GC

4th prize: $10 GC



My book, Something Just Ain’t Right, is one of the featured books up for grabs in the giveaway. Here is the info for the book:

Something Just Ain't Right

Morgan Carter always lived life on the edge. He never cared about anything or anyone until he set his sights on Hayley Stevens. Hayley is someone that he has known since they were kids, but it wasn’t until their adult years that he started to notice how beautiful of a woman she really had become. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see her as anything more than his best friend’s sister.

Hayley, on the other hand, had instantly felt a connection with Morgan the moment they met. She knows that she’s playing with fire, especially since her brother doesn’t want him anywhere near her. But, she’s determined to make Morgan hers, even if it destroys the relationship she has with her brother and the life-long friendship between the two.

Once they give in to their desires of being together, they are faced with several issues. Secrets are unveiled as deceit and mayhem follow. Will there be anyone that Morgan and Hayley can run to or will they learn there is nobody around that they can really trust?





1. Author Kiru Taye (INT) 11. Georgia Lyn Hunter 21. Tasha L. Harrison
2. Author Nana Prah (INT) 12. Sharon C. Cooper 22. Kay Blake
3. Author Empi Baryeh (INT) 13. Reana Malori 23. J.L. Campbell
4. LBAS Book Blogs (INT) 14. Elle Wright 24. Sheena Binkley
5. RWOWA (INT) 15. Candace Shaw 25. Bex n Books (INT)
6. Sexy Romance Novels (INT) 16. Author/Blogger Shonda Brock 26. Natalina Reis
7. Felicia Denise, Author 17. L. Loren (INT) 27. Dahlia Donovan (Int)
8. Sharita Lira, Author 18. Koko Brown 28. Debra Elise
9. Freddy MacKay 19. Siren Allen 29. Kim Golden
10. Platypire Reviews 20. Amaka Azie 30. Kai Tyler (INT)


Swirling Around Love Day 8- Sheena Binkley


Hi everyone! The featured author for today’s Swirling Around Love post is me!! I would like to thank Vaneka Miles and VIP Literary Services for having me a part of this great event. I truly appreciate it!

Now, here’s the reason why I became an author in the IR genre as well as some of my books. 🙂

Good Morning! It’s hump day, which means we’re half way through the week. It’s Day 8 of the Swirling Around Love Event and we have the fabulous Sheena Binkley with us today. Let’s show her some love!



Sheena Binkley

Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. In April 2016, Sheena launched SBinkley Publishing, which focuses on stories in the romance genre. Besides writing, she loves reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Houston (where the weather is always unpredictable) with her husband and son.


Website | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | SBinkley Publishing Facebook Group | Twitter | Newsletter

Author Email:

Publishing email:

Author Interview

  1. What inspired you to become a Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance writer?

Since I’m a multi-genre author, the stories that I write are mainly the stories that have strike my interest. When I first started out in the industry, IR or Multicultural stories were all that I was writing because not only do I love the genre, but I have a bit of experience with it.

  1. Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things?

Before becoming a writer, I was a reader first, but I don’t really have the time for it any longer, so I hope to get back into reading because there are a lot of great stories out that I haven’t had a chance to read.

Besides that, I love to shop, watch TV (when I have the time), and spend time with my family.

  1. Name at least two (2) authors that you admire who write Multicultural, IR or BWWM Romance?

Lolah Lace and Xyla Turner

  1. What types or genre of books do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

IR, of course, romance, women’s fiction, and Christian fiction. Currently, I’m not reading anything.

  1. Where do you expect to be in your career as an author five (5) years from now?

I would love to be on the NYT Best-Seller list. Since I started one of my goals as a publisher this year, I would like to start my other goal in the next few years by owning my own bookstore that caters to indie AA romance authors.

  1. What advice can you give to new authors who’s interested in writing in this genre?

Never give up on your dreams. There will be a lot of naysayers and negativity surrounding you, even from the ones you would never think to be towards you, but you have to keep pushing to reach your ultimate goal. Also, always do your research. This was something that I didn’t do starting out; even though I have faced a lot of issues, I wouldn’t have traded those moments because it made me become a wiser author and a stronger person.

Special message from Sheena to you …

To everyone who have read my books, I would love to take the time and say thank you. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me and for allowing me to share my stories to you. Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was nine years old and I never imagined that I would turn it into a career. I love creating new storylines and different characters, so for me, I’m still living my dream. So again, thank you all so much and I hope you all continue to read my stories for years to come.


Book Catalog


In Love With My Best Friend Series


In Love With My Best Friend (Book 1)

 2013-06-04 09.04.19 (1)

Camille Anderson always lived life on the straight and narrow- she never took a chance in life, especially with her best friend, Trevor Williams. The two were next door neighbors and experienced almost everything together. Although the two told each other everything, there was one thing Camille never admitted to Trevor and that was her feelings for him. After being out of town for a job position, Trevor returns to Houston with a new fiancé. He always looked at Camille as just his best friend, but at his engagement party, he starts to look at her in a different light, making him wonder if he is marrying the right woman. With a string of events involving the pair, as well as loyal friends dishing out romance advice, the two realize that being more than friends may not be such a bad idea. In fact, it could be what they needed all along.


Available for purchase here.


The Wedding Part 1 (Book 3)

SB-TW-P1-Amazon (1)

Camille Anderson has been dreaming about her wedding with Trevor Williams since she first laid eyes on him in her driveway 18 years ago. Now that her dream is coming true, she doesn’t want anything to interfere with her special day. But when issues surrounding her parents, an office scandal and Trevor’s nosy cousin come into play, Camille wonders if her dream day will go up in smoke.

Trevor Williams doesn’t want anything to go wrong with his wedding with Camille. He wants to do everything perfectly; but when he is faced with an important decision, he soon realizes that not everything in life will be the way he wants it.

With the issues that are surrounding them, they soon have to re-evaluate the love they have for each other and most importantly, the friendship they deeply cherish.


Available for purchase here.


Something Just Ain’t Right Series


Something Just Ain’t Right (Book 1)


Morgan Carter always lived life on the edge. He never cared about anything or anyone until he set his sights on Hayley Stevens. Hayley is someone that he has known since they were kids, but it wasn’t until their adult years that he started to notice how beautiful of a woman she really had become. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see her as anything more than his best friend’s sister.

Hayley, on the other hand, had instantly felt a connection with Morgan the moment they met. She knows that she’s playing with fire, especially since her brother doesn’t want him anywhere near her. But, she’s determined to make Morgan hers, even if it destroys the relationship she has with her brother and the life-long friendship between the two.

Once they give in to their desires of being together, they are faced with several issues. Secrets are unveiled as deceit and mayhem follow. Will there be anyone that Morgan and Hayley can run to or will they learn there is nobody around that they can really trust?


Available for purchase here.


Something Just Ain’t Right (Book 2)


Hayley Stevens didn’t know what to expect when she started a relationship with Morgan Carter. Everything that she knew about her life has changed and now she’s on the run with the man that she loves. She and Morgan starts a new beginning in another city. However, the move proves to bring on more drama than she can possibly handle. Will she be able to continue supporting Morgan or will it become too much for her?

After everything that has happened with his friend, Lamar, and with his family, Morgan is trying to make a new life for himself and Hayley. He thinks he can stay out of trouble, but he is faced with more obstacles that even he’s not sure he can hide from. Will he be able to maintain his composure or will everything that he worked hard to keep a secret come crashing down around him?

Hayley and Morgan find it hard to hide from their misdeeds while realizing that they still can’t trust those closest to them. With secrets unfolding and the truth coming to light things could end deadly for one of them.


Available for purchase here.


Something Just Ain’t Right (Book 3)


In the past two months, Morgan Carter and Hayley Stevens has been through a lot, from threats to kidnappings to shootings. The two have dealt with so much. They realizes as long as they are together nothing will tear them apart. However, after Hayley’s shooting, Morgan realizes that in order to protect the ones closest to him that he may have to do something drastic which could tear the two apart.

When a series of lies are exposed about the one person he trusted, Morgan has to do what he can to protect not only himself, but also Hayley. Will the two be able to stay together and make things work, or will things crumble around them which could lead to someone not making it out alive?

Find out what happens in Something Just Ain’t Right 3, the Final conclusion to this series.


Available for purchase here.


The Love Chronicles


Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale.

When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along.


Available for purchase here.


Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil


He’s a hitman that’s trying to change his ways.

She’s the good girl that loves to do bad things.

When they are together, anything is possible.

Zuri Caldwell meets Damon Baxter at a club five years prior. After having a one-night stand together, she doesn’t think that their paths will cross again, until she sets foot in his classroom. They try to stay away from the attraction that they share. However, they can’t deny the chemistry in the air, which leads them into having a discreet relationship. Things end when Zuri moves to California for an executive position.

Five years later, Zuri is back in Houston. Unfortunately, she is down on her luck since she was fired from her job. She encounters Damon again, which sparks up old memories. Even though Damon wants her back, Zuri doesn’t since she’s getting over engagement, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t sample a little of what he’s offering.

The two fall back into a sexual relationship that could prove dangerous since Damon has been living a double life. He tries to leave his old life as a hitman behind, but his past keeps catching up with him. This forces him into doing one last hit. He doesn’t want to do it, but there’s a reason he has to. There’s this one catch though. Zuri has to be involved as well, mainly because her ex-fiance is the target.

The two will have to find a way to get the job done without tipping off anyone, including their friends, Zuri’s parents, and most of all, her ex. But, can the two do it without having their feelings get in the way? Find out in Love & Drama, A Stand Alone Novel.


Available for purchase here.


Our Love


Charlie Perry is faced with a huge dilemma. After having an altercation with a classmate, she is given an ultimatum- transfer schools or face criminal charges. When Charlie is left with no choice but to transfer, she steps into Belmont High not knowing what to expect, especially when she crosses paths with Michael Collier.

Michael Collier is the most popular guy at Belmont. He can practically have any girl he wants, but when he sets his brown eyes on Charlie, he is instantly hooked, wanting to know more about the honey-colored beauty.

But when secrets from each other’s pasts begin to surface, will the two be able to find their way to each other, or keep them apart for good.


Available for purchase here.


Into You

Available October 8th


Vanessa Hartwell has always lived the good life. With her fancy job as a management consultant, she never had to worry about anything; that was until her boss, and former lover, decides to sell the company to a business that already have a staff in place.

Now that the life she knows is quickly changing, she has to find a job fast. With the help of her good friend, she decides to take a position at an unlikely place. She didn’t think things could get any worse; but that all change when she encounters Mark Fernandez. She soon starts to become friends with Mark, but she can’t get past the idea that not only is he her co-worker, but also the owner of her new employer’s son. After what happened between her and her former boss, she made a vow to herself to never mix business with pleasure. Will Mark be able to change her mind or will she let love pass her by?

Mark Fernandez has always been a ladies’ man and have encountered a couple of flings at his father’s business; but he never encountered someone like Vanessa. She’s a bit feisty, but he knows he can find a way to let her guard down. While he does, he has a couple of secrets of his own that he doesn’t want anyone to know. Will he be able to continue hiding them, or will Vanessa be the one to break down his wall?

As the two try to establish a relationship, there will be a lot of obstacles in their way, including jealous exes, negative family members, and even crazy co-workers. Will the love they have for each other be enough to keep their relationship going, or will it tear them apart?

Take a journey with Vanessa and Mark as they try to build a relationship with each other as well as discover their purpose in life in the story, Into You.


Available for Pre-Order here.


Enter for your chance to win an eBook copy of The Love Chronicles. There will be two winners. Good Luck!!! All you have to do is sign up to Sheena’s Mailing List.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the next featured author. Also, make sure you follow my blog as well as the host of this event.



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30 Days, 30 Authors- Sheena Binkley

2012-07-15 00.52.24


Hi everyone! How is everyone enjoying the event so far? For me, I couldn’t host the event without getting in on the fun too, lol. Although a lot of you know me since this is my blog, there are quite a few readers who still doesn’t know who I am, so with that being said, let me introduce myself and some of the books that I have written. 🙂

author bio

Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. Besides writing, she loves reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Houston (where the weather is always unpredictable) with her husband and son.




author interview

1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Besides writing, I love to hang out with my family and friends, listen to music (old school mainly), and just relax. That’s something I haven’t been doing lately, so when I have a chance to do it, I take advantage of it, lol.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

It all started when I was nine and I had to do a story for a class project. I loved writing it so much that I decided to continue to write short stories and eventually a series titled Homeroom, which is based on a group of friends as they go through the ins and outs of high school. I love to write, so it wasn’t hard to pursue something that I hope I can turn into a full-fledged career.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I cried, mainly because I was seeing my dream come true. Not only that, but the one person that supported me with my writing, which was my mom, was not here to share in the celebration. I know she was looking down on me in heaven, proud that I stepped out in faith and released my first book. That alone was the most important factor to me.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Besides still writing (praying that I am), I hope to be a New York Times best-seller. I’m an Amazon best-seller, but to me, you made it to the big times if you’re either on the New York Times or USA Today’s best-seller’s list. I also would love to own my own bookstore and sell only independently owned books. I think authors should support each other, especially independent authors; therefore, this would be a wonderful way in doing that.  Another dream of mine is to own my own publishing company. I want to be able to give authors a voice and to choose what type of stories they want to write. I know with a lot of hard work, it will happen soon. I can feel it. 

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

For me, I would say to never give up on your dreams. There will be doubters and haters who don’t want you to succeed, but do not listen to them. Being able to write and release a book is a blessing, so you should go out and pursue it. Don’t hide it because you will never know your potential if you do. Also, make sure you make the right decisions with publishing your books. If you want to be independent, then be independent; if you want to go to a publisher, make sure it’s one that fits you and your writing style. Don’t go somewhere because they’re popular or have a lot of readers supporting them. Go to one that you are comfortable with and know that you will shine with.


books and links

I have too many books to provide links for, lol, so here is a collage of all of my books. The link to my Amazon author page is also below:



From Something Just Ain’t Right

  1. Morgan


October, 2014


“Are you seriously going to do this right now?”


“Do what? I told you before we came in here what my intentions were. You agreed to them, so I thought everything was straight.”

The girl, Chelsea, Cecilia, whatever her name was, gave me an impatient glance before pulling down her skirt. I didn’t know what her deal was, but I told her point blank what I wanted right now, and striking up a conversation wasn’t one of them. I glanced at Carrie–that’s her name – taking in her medium-length honey blonde hair, smooth auburn-colored skin, and knockout body that I wanted pressed up against me, but I guess she had other ideas. When I told her I wanted to have some fun, I thought she automatically knew what I meant. I thought wrong.

“Listen, if you think I’m just going to give it up to you right now, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Hasn’t stopped most girls before,” I said with a sexy grin.

Carrie shook her head and sighed.

“I’m not one of these girls you’re occasionally with on campus. I have more respect for myself than that, Morgan.”

“Maybe so, but I think you wanted to see for yourself what girls say about me.”

“Get over yourself, Morgan,” she told me, going to the door and opening it.

I sighed and put on my shirt. Oh well, it didn’t matter. She wasn’t the first girl and definitely wouldn’t be the last. I knew I should stop being an ass towards women, but to be honest, I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to have fun and not be tied down to anyone. I mean, was it a crime to feel that way? To my knowledge, it wasn’t, so why should anyone else be upset about it? The only concern I had before graduating college was living my life, and if that included banging every female at Thompson University, then damn it, I would.

Maybe there was a reason why I felt this way. No, it didn’t have anything to do with a relationship that went wrong or a girl cheating on me; it’s just the fact that I hadn’t met anyone worth committing to. Most of the girls I’d dated were just like me, only wanting to have fun and not be tied down. But, of course, I was the one looking like the man-whore. My mom thought so, and even my best friend, Lamar thought so. I never really understood why Lamar would think that when he was the same way. Well, he was until he met his current girlfriend, Tamara Morris. The two met during our sophomore year at Thompson, and she automatically turned Lamar into a whipping boy. Nothing was wrong with that, but it wasn’t my style.

I walked over to the mirror near the dresser and looked at my reflection. There could be one girl who could make me change my ways, if I wanted to. Hayley Stevens. Hayley was the definition of perfection. Smooth, creamy skin the color of brown sugar, black natural curls that I wanted to twist my fingers through all day and night, and her lips. Full, thick lips that I wanted to suck and kiss on for eternity. Did I mention that girl had a banging body? Yes, she definitely did. I couldn’t help but notice how her hips were shaped in her favorite jeans or her long legs walking past me when she wore her signature baby doll dresses. She oozed sexiness without even trying. She just naturally was.

I shook my head, trying to shake my thoughts of her. I opened the door and saw her and her friend, Paula Howard, walking towards the stairs. She looked at me with a confident smile and pushed her curls away from her face.

“Hey, Morgan,”

“Hey, Hayley. I didn’t think you would be here.”

“What, I can’t be at a Kappa party?”

“Well, you know how Lamar is.”

“Well, what Lamar doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?” She asked, giving me a flirtatious smile.

I stared at her, thinking how sexy this girl was. I knew she was flirting with me, and being the man that I am, I could probably use it to my advantage, but I knew I couldn’t. Not with her.

Paula looked at us and sighed.

“Let’s go, Hales. Bye, Morgan,” she said, pulling Hayley along as they went downstairs.

I exhaled and put a hand to my chest. Damn, I wanted her, but I knew if I pursued her, it would only cause trouble.

I could have any girl at Thompson University, and I almost did, but there was one girl I couldn’t have, and that was Hayley. The reason? Hayley is my best friend’s sister.



30 Days 1

30 Days2

Win Something Just Ain’t Right along with other books from each author participating in this great event through the 30 Days, 30 Authors giveaway! Please click on the link below to enter:

Life Lessons: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

th (1)


Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about this subject for a while now, but didn’t because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but I feel as if now is the best time to discuss it, so here we go!

Growing up, you all probably have heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” a time or two. You probably still hear it now in your adult years or even telling that to your own kids. Even though people say it, unfortunately, a lot of people still does. This saying also rings true in the literature world where readers take a look at a cover that may be unappealing or “offensive” and automatically dislike the story. That has recently happened to me with my latest books.

During this time last year, I was riding high with the releases of The Wedding Part 1 & 2 and Unconditional Love, but recently, my latest books has not had as much of an impact. When I discussed this with several people, they all mentioned it was due to the fact that I signed with a publisher. Many have wondered why did I sign with one since I was doing so well independently (that point I will get to later). For me, I thought things would stay the same when I made the change; I thought my readers would support me and potentially be interested in reading other books in the genre that my publisher is known for.

Boy, was I wrong.

Case in point, I’ll bring up the Something Just Ain’t Right series. To some, this was probably the least favorite series, but for me, I was proud of it. I left my comfort zone from writing just “romance” novels and turned into something that shocked a lot of readers. I pushed the envelope with this series, which was not only challenging, but a little nerve-whacking, because I didn’t know what readers would had thought of it. Not only that, but this was my first series with a publisher, which many probably thought didn’t fit my image as a romance author. I have heard from plenty of people about it, but it was okay, because throughout my time in this industry, I have heard a lot of things that could had discouraged me from continuing.

But it didn’t.

I remembered talking to a reader via Facebook regarding the first book in the SJAR series. She said she wasn’t even going to read it because she thought the cover was “offensive,” but she took a chance and she enjoyed the story. That is a classic example of judging a book by its cover, because she would not had known how good the story was if she didn’t look beyond the cover and actually read the story.

Yes, I’m with an urban publisher. Yes, I may have lost some readers when I published SJAR, but it’s okay. I knew what I would face when I signed and I knew the backlash that would occur, but at the time, I made the decision that I felt was right for me. Did it help; maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but I learned a lot so far in this genre that will help me a long way in this industry.

As for supporters, I didn’t really receive any when I signed. I received a little beforehand, but that all changed when that series was published. Networking and making connections are extremely important in this industry because they will help you connect with their audience and visa versa. For me, that’s pretty much not the case. It could be because it was an urban series, or it could be because no one likes my stories; regardless, it kind of hurt that I wouldn’t receive the same recognition that others would receive. It shouldn’t bother me, but I am overly sensitive, which I shouldn’t be in this industry (but I’m learning not to be). But on the other hand, my own family and friends doesn’t really support me, so I shouldn’t expect anything more or less from it. I’m the type of person that will support you regardless; therefore, I will continue to do my part even if I don’t receive it in return.

There are a couple of people that will do what they can to support and those I’m really grateful for, particularly with my publishing family. They will go the extra mile for you and that I truly appreciate. We’re all supportive of each other and that’s one of the reasons why I’m glad to be a part of this publisher.

Now, two books from the No Other Love series have been released and I’m wondering will they have the same reception as SJAR. So far it has been positive, especially since this is the spin-off to the Love, Life, & Happiness series. Hopefully everyone enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them, because they were a lot of fun.

As for my journey, I’m still learning and growing as an author and as a person. There will be a lot of naysayers and nonsupportive people. There will even be some that were supposedly supportive, but turned their backs as soon as a problem arise. Regardless of everything, that’s not going to stop me from pushing forward. Even if I don’t get the recognition or praise like others do, I know in my heart that I am a great author and that is given by the wonderful readers that I do have. It makes me smile when readers message me or post on my timeline on Facebook about how much they enjoyed a story or when I read a review (yes, I do read reviews). You, along with my love for writing, is what motivating me to push forward. So thank you for those who have stuck with me through this journey. I really appreciate it and I will continue to publish great stories for you all for as long as I can. 🙂

Excerpt- Something Just Ain’t Right 2

Hi everyone!! Here is an excerpt from SJAR2, which is the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy!


Prologue: Morgan


I raced to the guest house to make sure Hayley was there. After what happened, I had to know if she was safe. I was trying not to panic, but a part of me feared the worse. How could I have not picked up on the signs? With all of the issues I had with everyone around me, I should have known something was up. I should have known someone near to me was a part of everything that was happening. They were involved with what happened to Craig and the problems I had faced since I’d been in Dallas. The one person I was unaware of that was causing all of these problems was the person I was close to and saw every single day. For that, not only was I pissed, but I was defeated because I let my guard down.

After cutting off three cars on the feeder, I was quickly approaching the house. I ran out of the car with the engine running and headed for the door. I forgot about my key, so I stepped back and after two attempts I was able to kick the door in. I would have to give some money to Uncle Rick to pay for the door later.

Whoever did this knew no one else would be here since Uncle Rick and Aunt Caroline went to Houston to pick up the motorcycle. This was the perfect opportunity for them to do something to Hayley. I was stupid enough to leave and told Steve and Carl not to follow her since she asked me to do this. For being so blinded by the truth, I should be the one punished, not Hayley.

I saw the blood stain on the carpet which made me panic. I had to find her.

“Hayley!” I yelled going around the guest house. I went into the bathroom, praying that she was in there, but she wasn’t.

I continued to walk around only to find she was gone. I stood in the middle of the house trying hard not to break down. My fears had come true, which was tearing me apart.

I went over to the counter, thinking about that night that Hayley and I shared. Anger began to rise in me as I threw everything on the floor. I was about to start destroying the china near the cabinets when I saw a recorder lying on the coffee table. I went over and picked it up. I pressed play and listened to the voice of the bastard that caused all of this shit.

“I told you I would come after you for what you did. Now, I have someone that you love. An eye for an eye, right?  Now, let’s see what you will do.”

I threw the recorder at the wall and watched it fall to the floor.

I walked out of the guest house, preparing myself for another battle. He wanted to see what I’m capable of, well, get ready, because he hasn’t seen anything yet.




Three weeks earlier…

It’s been almost a month since Morgan and I arrived at his uncle’s house. He and Caroline had been nothing but nice as they helped us to settle in. They even allowed us to use their guest house so we would have our own space. Of course, that didn’t go well with Morgan’s cousin, Will. For some reason, I didn’t trust him. I had these feelings about him since I first arrived. He was just weird and tried too hard to be a certain way around Morgan. Honestly, it was a little embarrassing.

Since we had been here, all we did was stay in the guest house and entertain each other. We only went outside to go to the main house which was fine at first, but now, it was becoming annoying. I’m not used to wasting my time doing nothing. I was always on the go, so this was a huge adjustment. Since someone was after Morgan, it was understandable that we couldn’t go anywhere, but I would like to see something other than these gray walls for a couple of hours.

I picked up my phone and scrolled through my photos. Once I got settled in, I immediately changed my number which meant I couldn’t really talk to anyone. Not only did I miss Thanksgiving, but also Christmas, and this made me really emotional. I never missed a holiday with my family, so this was taking a toll on me. As for Lamar, I’m not sure how things are going with him. After what happened between him and Morgan, their friendship was practically over. I really hate that happened, but it had to be done. Now, Morgan and I didn’t need to hide our relationship. We could finally be together. Sure, we couldn’t show it now, but at least we didn’t have to sneak around once we return home. Well, if we did return home.

As for what happened before we arrived in Dallas, I still cannot stop thinking about that. The fact that I killed someone still bothers me. I have nightmares about it all the time when I think about pulling the trigger. Now I understood what Morgan has been going through all of these years with killing his stepfather. No matter how much you try to block it from your memory, it’s something that would never go away.

I looked over my shoulder at Morgan as he was lying on the bed. I stared at the window looking at how beautiful the night looked. It was perfect for going out to celebrate the New Year. Too bad we couldn’t.

“This sucks.”

Morgan stared at me and smiled. “What? That you and I will be here alone. I hardly find that a bad thing.”

I glanced at him with a huge smile. “Trust me, it’s not that. It’s just that it’s New Year’s Eve. We should be going out and having fun.”

Morgan got up from the bed and walked over to me. His clear blue eyes were giving me a piercing stare while his lips were curled into a sexy smile which instantly made me wet. This man definitely knew how to make most of my issues disappear with a smile and those damn eyes. I loved his eyes.

“I was hoping we could ring in the New Year another way,” he said.

“I’m sure you do.”

He pulled me into his arms and gently kissed my neck. He gave me a sincere look as he noticed the doubtful look on my face.

“I know you want to go out, but you know we can’t.”

“That’s my problem with this entire thing. We have been in Dallas for almost a month now, and we’ve barely been outside. I can’t deal with this. I’m so used to being outdoors that I feel like I’m being shut in.”

“Baby, I know this is an adjustment. Believe me, I’m feeling the same way, but we can’t risk being seen.”

I sighed and sat down on the bed. “Does Rick and Caroline even know why we’ve been hiding out?”

Morgan sighed and sat down beside me. “Not really. Aunt Caroline did ask why we’re always here.”

“Don’t you think you need to tell them?”

“Tell them what? That I killed my stepfather, and I’m possibly hiding from his damn family. Let’s not forget that my girlfriend killed someone for me in self-defense.”


“Hales, this is something we have to do right now. Eventually, things will get better.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Things will change. Just trust me,” he said. He leaned over to me and slowly kissed my lips down to my shoulder. He moved up to my neck and sucked on my skin which made me moan.

“Keep doing that and I won’t care about going anywhere,” I whispered.

“That’s my plan,” he said.

He moved my face to his and kissed me. His hand was moving up my thigh as his tongue was grazing my earlobe. Before we could even go any further, the door opened, and Will walked in. We both looked up, wondering what the hell was going on.

“What the hell, Will!” Morgan yelled.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you two were about to…”

“We’re not now,” I whispered as I moved away from Morgan.

“You could have knocked,” Morgan continued.

“I know and I’m sorry. Anyway, a bunch of us are going to the Palace to ring in the New Year. You guys want to come?”

“I don’t think so,” Morgan said.

“Come on. Every time I have asked you to go out, you never do. You’re always here which I know can be a little boring.”

“Will, thanks, but no thanks. We’re cool.”

“Don’t you two think you should forget about whatever happened this year and bring in 2015 with a little fun? I know something must have happened back in Houston, and that’s why you’re here.”

Morgan looked at Will while I gave him an uneasy look. This conversation was moving in a different direction.

“Why would you think that?”

“I know you Morgan. You barely come to visit us and all of a sudden you’re here, and you haven’t left. If something is wrong, you can always tell me.”

I glanced at Morgan, who looked at me. He looked back at Will and gave him a confident smile.

“Nothing’s going on Will. We’re here because I hadn’t visited in a while. I know it has been a long time, that’s why I needed to visit.”

Will folded his arms across his chest and nodded. “Okay. I never got to ask, but how is your mom? I know things haven’t really been the same since Craig went missing.”

I tilted my head at Will wondering where he was getting at. We’ve been here for a while now, and he’s just now bringing this up. Something’s not right.

“My mom is fine. There was a period when things were sort of dark for her, but she’s doing better.”

“Why haven’t you contacted her since you been here?”

Something definitely wasn’t right.

“Uh, Will, I think we will take you up on that offer. Give us a few minutes while we get ready.”

“Hales…” Morgan interrupted.

“Trust me, we’ll have fun,” I said while giving him a cautious stare.

Will smiled and went to the door. “I’ll be back in an hour.”

I gave him a fake smile as he went outside. As soon as the door closed, Morgan gave me a heated glance.

“What are you doing? We can’t…”

“I know that, but I had to do something so he would leave.”


“Don’t you find it weird that he was asking all of those questions about your mom? It didn’t make sense.”

“He was just wondering.”

“He could have asked that when you first arrived, not when you’re alone with him. It was like he was fishing for details.”

“You’re being paranoid now.”

“Am I? Since everything we have been through, I think you need to put your guard up for everyone, including your family.”

Morgan shook his head while I sighed. “Baby, I’m not being suspicious, but I been having a strange vibe about him since we first arrived. There’s definitely something up with your cousin, and I really think you should watch what you say around him.”

“I understand that you have been through a lot with everything that has happened, but he’s my cousin. Yes, he can be a bit pushy sometimes, but I have never had to doubt him or his motives.”

“Okay, fine. I just wanted to give you my reasons. I didn’t want to keep that from you.”

“That’s fine, but I assure you that Will is good people. You can trust him.”

I gave him a doubtful look which I quickly replaced with a forced grin. “Well, if you trust him, then I will too.”

“Good. Now, I guess we should get ready to go out, even though, we shouldn’t. I think you said that so we actually could go.”

“Well, yes.”

He smiled and kissed my cheek. “In that case, you better make it worth my while.”

“You know I will.”

He smacked my ass and smiled before going to the bathroom.

I looked over at the window and saw Will looking through the window as well. He gave me a sinful grin before going into the main house.

A shiver went through me as I turned around. I would never put any trust in him. He was too creepy. I guess I would have to keep my suspicions to myself for now.