12 Days Of Christmas: The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar

Hi everyone! I really hope everyone is enjoying the 12 Days Of Christmas. I know I am, especially since I’m reliving some of my favorite book memories. Since this is Thursday, I decided to do something special and do a little throwback to the Something Just Ain’t Right series, which some of you may rememberContinue reading “12 Days Of Christmas: The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar”


The Series Sale Continues

  Hi everyone!! The Series Sale continues today with the Something Just Ain’t Right series. This series was one of my most talked-about series, so if you have not had a chance to purchase it, then now is definitely the time since each book is reduced to either FREE or $0.99. Starting today to Thursday,Continue reading “The Series Sale Continues”

Blog Tour- Just Right (Something Just Ain’t Right Novella)

Hi everyone! I have been MIA due to finishing up How Deep Is Your Love. But I’m back and I’m bringing a new blog tour for my latest release, Just Right. If you haven’t read the latest installment from the Something Just Ain’t Right series, then here is all you need to know to 1-ClickContinue reading “Blog Tour- Just Right (Something Just Ain’t Right Novella)”

Available Now!!!

Just Right, the novella from the Something Just Ain’t Right series, is available now!! Also free with Kindle Unlimited! Just when Hayley and Morgan’s lives are becoming normal, the two are faced with a new dilemma that will change their lives forever. The novella is also the set-up to Lamar and Tamara’s spin-off, If ItContinue reading “Available Now!!!”

Thunderclap Campaign!!!

  Hi everyone!! As I prepare for my upcoming release, Just Right, I have a lot of things to do for it, including promotion. I just recently created a Thunderclap campaign for the release, and I really need help in spreading the word for this campaign to launch. Currently, I only have 36 supporters andContinue reading “Thunderclap Campaign!!!”

Sample Sunday- Just Right

Happy Sunday everyone!! Just Right, the Something Just Ain’t Right novella, is coming very soon, and  I haven’t even posted an excerpt yet.   Here’s the first chapter from the story from Morgan’s POV. This chapter is unedited. This is three years after the series, so a lot of changes have occurred between Hales andContinue reading “Sample Sunday- Just Right”

Coming Soon!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! As some of you may know, I decided to re-release some of the series that were under my former publisher. I wanted to be able to have all of my titles either under my publishing company or as an independent release. Currently, I’m working onContinue reading “Coming Soon!!!”

Available For Pre-order !!!

Hi everyone!! Just Right, the novella from the Something Just Ain’t Right series, is now available for pre-order! Catch up with Hayley and Morgan as they try to adjust to their normal lives, but things will quickly change when an old nemesis comes back into their lives. What happens when the chaos ends and theirContinue reading “Available For Pre-order !!!”

Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone!! If anyone was keeping up during The Love Interview series, I did an interview with Hayley and Morgan from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two did mention about a novella that they will be featured in later this year. Well, I have been working on a few project lately, and theirContinue reading “Coming Soon!!”

The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar

Good morning, everyone! For today’s interview, I have Tamara & Lamar from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two will have their own spin-off story coming later this year. SB: Thank you both for taking the time out for this interview. Tamara: It’s our pleasure, Sheena SB: First, let’s talk about Something Just Ain’t Right. ThatContinue reading “The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar”