Love- Chapter 2

  Hi everyone!! Here is the second chapter of Love. Enjoy! 🙂   Patrick Baker was lying in his bed staring at the ceiling. I never thought breaking up with someone would be this hard. He rolled over on his side and looked at the picture of him and Sophia. He began to touch Sophia’s smilingContinue reading “Love- Chapter 2”

Short Story: Love

  Hi everyone!! I decided to restart my short story, Love, which I will be posting all of the chapters starting today. On every Monday, a new chapter will be uploaded. For those of you who have not started reading the first three chapter, I will start back from the beginning, so you can allContinue reading “Short Story: Love”

Coming This Sunday!!

  Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the 31 Days, 31 Authors event and getting to know some great authors so far! I had to slide in really quick to announce that A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas will be released this Sunday! After several attempts to try and move the release dateContinue reading “Coming This Sunday!!”