Sample Sunday- How Deep Is Your Love

Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For today, I will be giving a sample of my upcoming book, How Deep Is Your Love. This is the third chapter from the third book in The Love Chronicles series, as Andie experience a typical day at her internship. She also goes intoContinue reading “Sample Sunday- How Deep Is Your Love”

A Day At Suds

Hi everyone!! Since Into You will be released this Saturday, I wanted to share one more excerpt from the story. This edited excerpt is from Vanessa’s fourth day at Suds when a lot is going on between the customers and the employees. The excerpt is from Vanessa’s POV. When I arrived at work, it was already busy;Continue reading “A Day At Suds”

Sample Sunday- The First Date

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here’s another preview from Into You, which is an extended excerpt of Vanessa and Mark’s date. 😀 The excerpt is unedited and from Vanessa’s POV. I walked back to Mark’s truck, who had his head leaned back on the seat listening to music. I tapped on the window as he looked over.Continue reading “Sample Sunday- The First Date”

Excerpt- Something Just Ain’t Right 2

Hi everyone!! Here is an excerpt from SJAR2, which is the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy!   Prologue: Morgan   I raced to the guest house to make sure Hayley was there. After what happened, I had to know if she was safe. I was trying not to panic, but a part of meContinue reading “Excerpt- Something Just Ain’t Right 2”