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31 Days, 31 Authors – Phoenix Rayne

The 31 Days, 31 Authors event continues with Phoenix Rayne. This breakout author has a lot of great books under her writing belt, including the Cupid Desire series, From Love to Loathe series (great series, by the way), and Your Secret Safe With Me. Let’s get to know Phoenix as she gives her inspiration to writing these wonderful stories.

Now, here’s Phoenix!! 🙂




Phoenix Rayne is the alter ego of a small town girl in Arkansas. She’s an avid reader and enjoys hanging out with her closest girlfriends and dressing up for dinner parties. She released her first book in November of 2013 and has been ecstatic with the incredible backup of her work.



1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Shopping, lots and lot’s of shopping. I am the Dollar Tree queen.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I got tired of reading about girls who didn’t look or think like me.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

They liked it enough to publish as is? OMG!!!! I published a book about a fluffy girl like me and people want to read it!!!!!!!

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully directing my first series on Netflix.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Just write it, I promise somebody will read it.



From Love to Loathe Series



Your Secret’s Safe with Me Trilogy
Cupid Desire
Part 1 & Part 2 coming Valentine’s Day 2017
Excerpt from Cupid Desire:

Alareik stepped under the showerhead and stood there until the falling water was nothing more than an echo in the back of his mind. For the fifth time, he simply drifted off in the middle of the day. Damn. I’m so restless and easily distracted these days. He recalled his mother squeezing his hand the prior evening, at dinner. She’d asked him twice about his day; he hadn’t even realized she was speaking to him.

He looked out his window and noticed the low-hanging clouds, then quickly finished his shower, realizing he was going to be late for his first assignment if he didn’t hurry. He grabbed the fluffy, big towel from the rack. His skin was a perfect shade of caramel against the bright white terrycloth. He ran it through his shiny black hair twice, then held it at both ends while he flexed his strong, well-chiseled muscles and dried his back, a physique that looked like he worked out twenty hours a day. The truth was, though, that Alareik hadn’t exercised a day in his life, and he didn’t see a need for it. He was six-three, with zero body fat and a smile so bright that a blind man could see it. He repeated the same technique on his chest, then he gave his lower body some attention.

When he was finished drying, he tossed the damp towel in the bathroom hamper, then looked in the mirror. He had hazel eyes and well-maintained eyebrows. He pulled a comb through his hair, then dressed in his work uniform, including black jeans and his black boots.

Alareik opened his front door, but when he saw the clouds creeping at his feet, he slammed the door behind him. “I know, I know,” he told the little white clouds nipping at his legs as he rolled his shoulders back. Two massive, ivory wings burst from his back and hung down by his ankles. He spread them wide and shot up into the sky.

Things were already underway when Alareik landed in the square. Remy rushed over, holding his assignments, as well as his bow and arrows. Remy was Alareik’s right-hand man, and his physique was identical to Alareik’s. His skin looked as if it had been kissed by the sun, and he had the same shoulder-length, shiny black hair. They were also the same height. Remy could tell by the look on Alareik’s face that something was troubling and distracting him. They’d been best mates for Remy’s entire life, so Remy knew his friend would talk about it when he was good and ready.

Alareik pulled his bow and his quiver of arrows around his bare back. Looking down at his assignment sheet, he noticed he’d been assigned to six cases. “Come see me when you return from your assignments,” the bottom of the paper said. The normal was five daily, but Alareik could finish ten when he had to. Most of the cupids had trouble doing three, and completing four assignments in one day was a stretch for even the best of them. Alareik was no normal cupid, though; he always put everything he had into each assignment. Most of the cupids considered him a machine.

“Diner at noon?” Remy asked Alareik.

They nodded, stretched their wings wide, and took flight.

Alareik bolted down to Earth, knowing he was already running late. Time could be his best friend or his worst enemy; for the time being, it was not on his side. A couple who was destined to be together might have that one and only chance. Being a cupid was hard enough without having to deal with humans, but mere seconds could determine the fate of their union, so cupids had to stick to a very tight schedule. The fact that they couldn’t be seen by the human eye helped because no human would have been able to handle the sight of a bare-chested, winged man walking and flying around. Most human beings couldn’t fathom such mythical creatures being real, so they stayed out of sight.

Alareik’s first assignment for the day was in a high school. When he looked down at his assignment sheet, the written words were blinking yellow; he had to hurry before he missed the perfect moment. He hurried to the busy second-floor hall, skirting through the buildings and pushing right through the walls like they were made of butter.

Reagan Poindexter, a sophomore, a B+ student, and the captain of the debate team, had been in love with Warrick Stallings since middle school. Warrick, a junior honor roll student, was on the school’s championship wrestling team.

Alareik glanced at his assignment sheet again and saw that it was blinking red. He only had seconds before it turned back to black. He spotted Reagan as she was getting her science book and notebook out of her locker, and he saw Warrick walking in her direction, accompanied by a few teammates from his wrestling team, all of them laughing and cheering and reminiscing about the previous night’s match. At the pace Warrick was going, Reagan would be sitting in her seat in class before he reached her. If Alareik was going to make it work, he had to slow Reagan down somehow.

Reagan closed her locker and started walking down the hall, away from Warrick.

While Alareik didn’t know why the two very different kids were destined to be together, he did know this relationship was extremely important to the seer stone; the teenagers wouldn’t have been his number-one assignment if they weren’t important. The cupids had to strictly obey what the seer stone showed them, and there was a whole team of cupids tasked with studying and reading the stone daily. The stone delegated the assignments, what future or lost loves needed to be brought together or reunited.


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Swirling Around Love Day 6-Phoenix Rayne

Hello Everyone. Today started off kind of rocky for me. I hope your Monday began way better than mines. As a result of my ‘rocky morning,’ I’m totally so far behind schedule. Hence, today’s late post. Any who, it’s Day 6 and I’d like to introduce you all to author Phoenix Rayne. Some of you may know her but for the ones that don’t, I’m sure you will love her! Here she is …

Phoenix Rayne

Author Phoenix Rayne grew up on a farm in Arkansas. She has lived all over the country but now resides back in Arkansas with her miniature poodle Bougie. Phoenix obsession with books started at a very young age. She got tired of reading about characters who looked nothing like her and her friends. She decided to write short stories and only shared them with her friends. Several years later she published her From Love to Loathe Series.

Phoenix loves to read Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, and a little bit of Erotica. So it’s only natural she would write the same. She loves having a different variety of characters in all of her books. No matter what shade you are, you will be able to relate and understand all of her characters.

In her free time, she reads, writes and enjoys having cocktails and going to the movies with her friends.









                             Author Interview

1. What made you start writing?

I wanted to read about little chunky girls who had a brown round face like me.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?


3. Why are your main characters (females) always plus size?

Because I’m plus size and we need more books about the BBW’s out there.

4. How do you choose the cities the novels are based in?

I’ve lived in every city I’ve written about. I like to give my POV of that city.

5. Tell me about your leading men in your novels?

I love a hot Alpha and even a hot Beta, oh hell I love a hot Omega too.

6. Which one of your leading men would be your perfect guy?

Dorian Alveston from Your Secret’s Safe with Me Trilogy.

7. Which novel is your personal favorite?

I can’t even begin to choose, I love them all.

8. Favorite leading Lady in your novels?

Cricket Hooper. She’s in my From Love to Loathe Series.

9. What’s next?

I’m heading over to a rougher side.

10. What do you want your readers to take away from your work?

It doesn’t matter your shade or size. Love is love.


Book Catalog

From Love to Loathe Series 

Heels of Love


When Cricket Hooper moves to Seattle she only has a couple of goals find a job and an apartment near her friend Chelle, and basically to live a quiet, normal life. However, it isn’t long before life becomes far from normal. When a mysterious man helps get her car out of the mud after she makes a wrong turn, she finds herself in his thrall. He wines and dines her, quite literally, and before Cricket can stop it, things are steamy and serious very serious.

Cricket is thrown aback when Jyme turns out to be more than a simple fisherman, but then she isn’t telling all of her story either.

Available for purchase here.


The Enclave of Jyme

As a child, Jyme Samson believed his family trait was a curse and he tried his best to cope with it. His high school sweetheart Elle was there for him every step of the way until betrayal sat foot on his doorstep and tore them apart, making him doubt everything he ever believed.

All he wanted was to leave the past behind. When he met Cricket Hooper, his desire to be everything she needed forced him to enclave into the real Jyme the man he’s always wanted to be.

Every story has two sides. In Heels of Love and Wounded Love, Cricket had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Jyme’s eyes. This is his story from the first moment he laid eyes on her and knew she was the real meaning of his existence.

Purchase Link here.

Wounded Love


It appears that Cricket and Jyme have it all together now. They have a house, serenity, safety a normal life. But something always seems to take Cricket back to her past sometimes, her future requires it.

Purchase Link here.


Winter in Love


Winter Babe Samson, is a beautiful, ambitious, spoiled brat. She’s the daughter of Jyme Samson and Cricket Hooper. It’s been twelve years since Winter has seen her mysterious mother and she’s alright with that. Not having her infamous mother in her life has left Winter with a nasty attitude, smart mouth and no respect for her lonely but broken father. The sheltered girl has everything: from designer clothes and jewelry to the best new ride. Her almost perfect life is turned upside down when her crush expresses that he wants to get serious sexually. This is a problem for Winter since she’s a virgin.

Her two best friends have given up their VCards already which has her thinking. She’s tired of being the virgin in the group and decides to give her most precious gift to her crush Dakarai. Winter doesn’t want Dakarai to know she has no experience with guys. An unexpected perfect opportunity finds himself to Winter. Axle Albertson, son of her father’s enemy, runs himself into her presence. Whom just so happen to be looking for someone to have sex with. Winter is determined to make this situation a business transaction only, but Axle wants to be friends with her, but twists and turns may push her closer to him. With him being who he is she’s certain her father won’t find out until he does.

Winter is punished and forbidden to see her crush Dakarai or her sexcapade partner Axle. Her father starts being overbearing and has set the rules, and they are clear—until they’re broken. The From Love to Loathe Series has given us a classic love story with an edgy twist.

This final installment of The Series reveals the gut-wrenching hurdles Winter Babe Samson has to overcome to be an experience sexual partner for her crush.

Purchase Link here.


The Marriage That Didn’t Stay in Vegas


The catchphrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is supposed to be the code, but what happens when it doesn’t remain in Vegas?

Phoebe Alexis Courtland had a plan. As a paralegal studying for the bar, she decided while in Vegas for a conference she would let off some steam with her friends. When Phoebe wakes the last day of her weekend trip to Vegas, she finds one of the biggest princess cut wedding rings on her ring finger while lying on top of a naked chiseled chest god. Phoebe remembers nothing of her drunken night of love and is determined to have the marriage annulled immediately. After Vegas, Phoebe is forced to go to her now husband Xavier’s Ranch to get him to sign the divorce papers. But, Xavier won’t sign them without a fight. Xavier has a few tricks up his sleeve for his new bride. Will Phoebe be able to get her divorce?

*Content Warning: Contains explicit scenes and language. Intended for 18+ Audience

Purchase Link here.


All Torn Apart


Can one woman tame the biggest philanderer to walk the streets of Memphis? Gunner Hawthorne is the sexiest, wealthiest, and the most colossal prick you’ll ever meet. He’s at the top of his career game and has everything to show for it. Gunner is preparing his team for one of the biggest takeovers in cosmetic history. Gunner, as usual, is full of himself as he insults the female owner of his company’s biggest competitor, Vrede Cosmetics. He is now forced to make what he wronged back right. But, can Gunner woo Vrede without falling for her in the process?

Purchase Link here.


Cupid’s Desire


Alareik is a Cupid, and get that image of a diapered baby with a bow and arrow right out of your head. Cupids are all six foot Gods of love, invisible to the mortal’s eyes, who are sent down to Earth with their daily assignments…to help mortals fall in love.

Alareik is the most popular Cupid out there, and not only is he the hottest Cupid but he’s the most compassionate. Alareik stumbles across a mortal who has a third eye. Sapphire, a waitress no one would take a second glance at, can see the invisible Cupids. Alareik has never met a mortal who could do this. He’s put on a special assignment to figure her out.

Alareik willingly accepts this task and finds himself falling for the plain and peculiar girl. Sapphire’s love for life changes this Cupid’s heart forever.

Purchase Link here.


Your Secret’s Safe With Me Trilogy

Your Secret’s Safe With Me


Cambria Price definitely has secrets she doesn’t want exposed. Growing up in orphanages and foster care, she struggles to have the things she wants and needs to be an ordinary girl. Growing up to be one of the best boosters in Little Rock, Cambria uses what she was taught to get whatever she needs whenever she needs it. She has a crew that she trusts and all of her lifts run smoothly like clockwork. Until one night, everything falls apart. Two in her crew takes the fall for Cambria and the others. She decides to leave the boosting world behind her to have a new start.

Cambria, now, a hard working barmaid thinks her past is in the past until it catches up to her. She’s blackmailed into doing some of her old tricks. She has no choice but to do what she’s told or else. In the process, she has to get one of the best attorneys in the city to fall for her. While losing control of her own life, Cambria finds herself falling for her mark and he for her. In this erotically stimulating romance, Dorian becomes addicted to her. Just the thought of her brings Dorian to his knees. Cambria’s body yearns for Dorian as well as she has never had every desire and want filled and satisfied by such a man. Dorian wakes up the sexual beast inside of her. Dorian has ruined her. She’s never wanted a man the way she longs for him.

Is this fate or just another job for Cambria? Will her secrets destroy what’s to become of them?

Purchase Link here.


Your Secret’s Safe With Me 2


Withholding secrets can hurt, so can revealing them, but when it comes to Cambria Price’s secrets, they’re not safe. Dorian has broken off their engagement and the both of them are trying to move on, but desire eats at them and they try hard to resist. Cambria has a decision to make and it’s the most important decision of her life. This book is intended for mature audiences. THE SENSUAL SERIES OF CAMBRIA AND DORIAN CONTINUES in the hotly anticipated follow-up to YOUR SECRET’S SAFE WITH ME.

Purchase Link here.


Your Secret’s Safe With Me 3


It appears that Dorian and Cambria have gone their separate ways. Dorian’s engaged to Olympia and Cambria has been living the Fab life with Judge Ross. They both wear smiles and greet each other whenever they met at functions but are they truly happy being apart?

Purchase Link here.


Book Excerpt ~ Your Secret’s Safe With Me (Part 3)

The bedroom door opened wide, Rod and Giselle came out with luggage. They walked past me, and I kept my attention on the bedroom’s thresh hold. She appeared in the doorway. Her cheeks and nose both were red. Once those eyes met mine, I knew she’d been crying. She held her cosmetic box and rolled out her Mac Zuca bag. I’d bought her that last year. I kept going to the bathroom and couldn’t even brush my damn teeth for her all of her cosmetics covering the sink. The lady at the store said everyone who was anyone had the Zuca bag. She had four Mac makeup boxes that she consolidated into the Zuca bag. She loved that bag; she talked about it for weeks to her friends. Giselle ended up getting one because Cam repeatedly told her how much she loved it. I had done well with that purchase.

Cambria stopped next to island and dug into her purse. She pulled out her Arkansas Razorback keychain and her iPhone sitting them both on the marble top. Rod held the door open for her. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me. She just walked right passed me not saying a word. Dad and I were the only one’s watching her. Everyone else was to involved with Phillip and Roxy’s break down. I couldn’t feel anything for them yet. I was too far gone to give a damn. Dad watched me and then he frowned. He looked at the door, then at me, then back the door, and back at me. I knew he wanted me to go after her, but I couldn’t do that. He shook his head and then walked to over to Mom and Olympia. He wrapped an arm around both of their waists. He was giving me a window to take. A window to go and talk to Cam without an audience. I looked at the door, and Rod was closing it. I caught it before the latch could connect. I opened it back up and slid out.



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