Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?

Hi everyone!!! So, I recently read Impossibly True by Shane Morgan (which is an excellent book, by the way), and I loved the relationship between Moya and Branden. Branden stopped at nothing to make the relationship he had with Moya perfect, which got me thinking about the male characters in my books. Each character hasContinue reading “Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?”

Book Collection on Kobo!!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. Kobo readers: for months, I have been trying to include my books onto their website. There were various issues regarding shipping and uploading; but now, I’m glad to announce that all of my books are now on Kobo!! Here are the links to each book: Our Love: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/our-love-2Continue reading “Book Collection on Kobo!!!!”

Who Is Your Favorite Book Couple?

One thing I love about reading a good book is being invested in the characters. Whether I love them or hate them, I sometimes forget that the book is strictly fiction and that the characters are part of a story. The stories I write are no different, which had me wondering which couple do IContinue reading “Who Is Your Favorite Book Couple?”

Author Interview- Freado

Good morning!!! I recently did an interview for the book website Freado, in which I briefly discussed the ending to Our Love and what to expect from A Chance At Love. Take a look below: 1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? I was born and raised in Houston, TX (which readersContinue reading “Author Interview- Freado”

Upcoming Events

Hi everyone!!! First, I want to say thank you to everyone who purchased Love Unbroken during the free promotion on Amazon! The book hit #1 in the African-American Romance category during the week promotion, so I truly appreciate it 🙂 Now, there are a couple of events coming up next week. Today is the officialContinue reading “Upcoming Events”

Our Love Is Available On Nook!!

Our Love is now available on Nook!! Download today for only $0.99!! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/our-love-sheena-binkley/1117550852?ean=2940148981350 Our Love will also be available on Kobo, iBooks, and Sony Reader Store soon. Check back on my blog to find out the official date for each retailer!!

Update: New Version of Our Love Is Available for Download

Good morning!! I mentioned a couple of days ago that readers who purchased the book Our Love before the update will be receiving the new version soon. This morning, I was searching for a book on my Kindle app, and I noticed that the book was automatically redownloading, meaning that the book has been updated.Continue reading “Update: New Version of Our Love Is Available for Download”

Music Playlist- Our Love

Hi everyone!!! One thing I love to do while reading is listen to music. No matter what type of book I’m reading, I will imagine the perfect song that will accompany a particular scene or the book in general. When I wrote Our Love, there were several songs that came to mind that not onlyContinue reading “Music Playlist- Our Love”

Poll: Our Love

I hope everyone had a chance to purchase Our Love for free yesterday. With the new version, although I changed the ending, the story pretty much stayed the same, expect for the grammar corrections that were made throughout the story. For those of you who purchased and read the story, please tell me what youContinue reading “Poll: Our Love”

Ending to Our Love

Hi everyone!! Since the release of Our Love, I’ve received quite a few comments regarding the ending. Yes, the ending was very unexpected, and yes, it probably wasn’t want everyone wanted; but now, even I’m thinking the same thing and feel pretty bad about it. When I was writing the story, I wrote two endings-Continue reading “Ending to Our Love”