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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publication Date: July 1, 2018


About The Book

Ten years ago, James Miller walked out of prison vowing to leave the past behind. That past included his sons and their mothers and though he told himself that he would return, he never did. Now, he has a new name, a new family, a new career and a best-selling memoir. Meanwhile, the sons he left behind navigated their way to manhood while dealing with the questionable choices of their mothers.

King relies on his looks, charm, and sexual prowess as he methodically plans to find the next successful woman to support his lifestyle. Simply because he works only when he feels like it. When he finds the one, it is not business as usual. But will he reexamine his trifling ways when it nearly causes him to lose those he loves the most?

Darius has a penchant for pursuing the wrong women. However, his mind for business manages to keep him afloat despite his challenges to keep his emotions intact. Working for a stepfather he despises only builds resentment between he and his mother. What happens when the worlds of the two men collide unexpectedly, causing all to question their love and loyalty to one another?

Prince is awkward and highly intelligent. His hard-working mother is thrilled beyond measure upon receiving the news that her son has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. But Prince’s world is shattered by someone he and his mother trusted dearly. The secret is killing him. What will happen when the secret is exposed?

The sons do not know they are brothers but when find out, they are determined to make James pay the price for leaving them behind.

Three Brothers, Three Mothers, One Father and whole lot of drama!
“Charge it to the game cause everybody’s trying to score”

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About The Author

Sheryl Grace is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Louisiana native currently residing in North Texas. Her debut novel “He Calls Her Blue” has received positive reviews. Sheryl is also the co-host of the award-winning internet radio show, The Authors Lounge.

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Excerpt from Chapter 6

“Hi, I just came over to introduce myself. My name is King” He said as he held out his tone and muscular arm in her direction to shake her hand. Still under his allure, she did manage to reach out her hand to shake his and stated “Nice to meet you, I’m Lauren” she stated. “Thank you again for the drink” she said politely while looking intensely at his eyes. “You are welcomed, Beautiful” He said with a deep voice that resounded in her soul and made her tingle inside although she tried all she could not to show it. He followed up with the sexiest smile she had ever seen. This is one tall glass of chocolate milk better yet Kahlua, she thought.


Pre-Order Alert: Trust Me by Angel Mystique



Trust Me by Angel Mystique is available now for pre-order. It will be released on Amazon July 12th!


Sometimes, all it takes is trust.

Blake Harper has only loved one woman: Samantha Chandler.
The one woman who broke his heart years ago. Blake finds a way to get in touch with her again. Who knew she would say yes to meeting face to face again? Who knew she would allow herself another chance with him?

Who knew they both would begin to trust each other… surprising each other along the way?

TRUST ME is Blake and Samantha’s story of redemption. Join them, as they find themselves all over again- together.



Angel Mystique has been writing stories ever since she was eight years old. She pens as a Fantasy (Sci-Fi Romances, love stories & PNR & love stories) & Contemporary Romance (and love story) Author., When she’s not typing up her latest WIP, she can be found catching up on shows that she loves. Greenleaf, Scandal, and The Bachelor Franchise (and so many other authors and TV shows) all are attributing factors to why she writes what she writes.

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The wait is over! A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas is finally available! Spend the holidays with the LL&H crew as each couple are faced with decisions that will change their lives forever.

Riana & Shawn: While Riana is ready to have another child, Shawn receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Will their opposing views cause problems in their relationship?

Cheryl & Marcus: As they adjust to the arrival of their daughter, Cheryl has to face the issues she still has with her mother. When she receives terrifying news about her, will she put the past behind her and come to her aid? And when Marcus encounters someone from his past, will he be able to keep the past from interfering in his present life?

Britney & Jayden: Everything is falling into place for the two: They are happy new parents to twins, and Jay is trying out for a new basketball team in the States. When an unexpected visitor pops up, will their happiness be short-lived?

Monica & Donnell: These two have always had problems in their relationship, causing them to make less than stellar decisions. As they come to grips with a shocking tragedy, will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Mika & Devin/ Kevin & Carla/ Elise & Jared: As Mika and Devin prepare for their wedding, expect a few surprises for the couple as well as Mika’s bridesmaids since someone from Kevin’s past shows up to crash the wedding.

A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas is also available on Kindle Unlimited, or you can 1-Click for only $0.99!

Coming This Sunday!!



Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the 31 Days, 31 Authors event and getting to know some great authors so far! I had to slide in really quick to announce that A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas will be released this Sunday! After several attempts to try and move the release date to Saturday, per Amazon, I couldn’t since it was on pre-order and technically, I missed the three-day grace window for it to be changed to Saturday. Therefore, the book will be released on Sunday.

If you have already preordered, you will be receiving the book on the new date at midnight.

If you haven’t preordered yet on Amazon, here is the link:

To get you ready for the release, here is an excerpt from the book. It’s the prologue from Shawn’s POV.

Enjoy! 🙂


What is the definition of family? Does family have to be by blood only, or can it be by association? To me, family aren’t just the people related to you; instead, it’s the people who will be with you through the good and the bad. They believe in you, no matter what, and will love you unconditionally. Sure, I have that with my biological family, but I also have it with the people I’ve known since stepping foot at Shaw University six years ago. We’ve have been through so much, which has given us a unique bond that no one can break.

Now that we’ve all graduated college and ventured out into the real world, we’ve experienced even greater challenges; but no matter what, we still had each other’s backs, making our bond even stronger.

With our careers and kids, we barely have time to hang out; that’s why we made a pact in February to clear our schedules during the Christmas holiday and spend it at the Robertson’s cabin. My wife, Riana, and bro-in-law, Jayden, frequented the cabin when they were younger. Although Ri hasn’t been there in years, Jay has, and I’m sure it will bring back great memories for him and his wife, Britney.

As we arrived, I parked my Dodge Charger in the winding driveway as Riana looked around. She turned to me with her eyes lit up.

“Wow, this place has really changed!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t been here since I was a kid.”

“Your uncle owned the place, right?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Now that he’s passed, Jay has been the one keeping it up.”

“Mommy, is there a TV here?” our son, Elis, asked.

Riana turned to look at him with a smile. “There is, but we probably won’t be using it. We’re going to spend time as a family and do family activities.”

“Mommy…” he whined.

“Elis, we talked about this. Besides, Preston will be here, so you’ll have fun,” I added. Ever since Elis turned four, he’s developed a smart mouth. I guess I can’t blame him too much since that’s how I was growing up.

He leaned back in his car seat and folded his arms with a mean scowl. I gave him the death stare, and he quickly turned that scowl to a pout.

“Don’t try my patience, Elis. I’ve done all that with your Meme and Papa; it doesn’t work.”

Riana looked at me. “Baby, stop. He’s only four.”

“And he’s old enough to not try my patience.”

She shook her head, wearing a tiny smile. I noticed her eyes light up again. “There’s something I want to talk about later.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll know soon enough.” She said then gave me a kiss.

When we turned to look at Elis, who looked disgusted, we saw Marcus’ BMW X5 pull up behind us and smiled. He got out of the driver’s seat then went to get my niece, Troian, from the back seat. She was only three-months-old, but she was already a firecracker. She probably got that from her mother, Cheryl.

“I didn’t think they would bring Troian,” Riana said.

“You know Cheryl wouldn’t leave her. Besides, the cabin is equipped with everything imaginable, so she’ll be fine.”

Cheryl tapped on the passenger side window, and Riana rolled it down. “Why are you all in the car? It’s cold.”

“We have to wait on Jay; he has the key.”

“Are you serious?! It’s freezing!” Cheryl shrieked.

“That’s why we’re sitting in the car, and I’m sure there’s heat in the BMW. Besides, Jay is almost here,” I told her.

She rolled her eyes and walked back to Marcus’ SUV. He came over to my side, and I rolled down the window.

“Don’t pay her any mind; she’s been moody all day,” he explained.

“I see why: She’s barely getting any sleep,” Riana said, staring at Marcus. “Speaking of which, why does it seem like you’re okay?”

“Believe me, it’s affecting me, too; I’m just not showing it.”

“Hopefully, this doesn’t ruin our vacation.” Riana muttered.

“Marcus! Bring Troian back to the car!” Cheryl fumed.

“See?” Marcus pointed out then headed back.

I looked at Riana, who shrugged. “Cheryl has the right to be upset. She shouldn’t be out in the cold, whether she’s bundled up or not.”

Several minutes later, Jay and Brit finally pulled up along with Monica and Donnell. Monica rushed out of the car as Donnell threw his hands up.

“God, that man is a damn headache!” she yelled.

Jayden looked between them and hurried to the cabin door.

“Sorry we’re late, but you all can see why,” Britney apologized, coming over to us. Riana got out of the car and hugged her, peeking into the double stroller. Jay and Brit’s twins, Carter and Isabella, were both asleep.

“How are my niece and nephew doing?” Riana asked, pulling the blanket up on Isabella.

“They’re fine; the feedings are becoming a hassle, though. But now that Jay is back, it’s a little better,” she replied as we walked to the porch.

“I’m sure it is. I even missed you, big bro,” Riana told Jayden, embracing him.

“It won’t be long before I’ll be back in the states. Believe me, I love being in Italy, but I miss my family.”

“What about Zack? He’s not going to try out for any teams?” Riana asked.

“I think he likes it there, especially since Ciara moved there permanently.”

“Why are we still out here in the cold?” Cheryl interrupted with an attitude. She quickly picked up Troian and stomped inside.

“What’s her issue? It’s not even that cold,” Jayden said.

“What we’re going through now: lack of sleep,” Britney explained and rubbed Jay’s shoulder.

“Let’s get this vacay started,” I suggested as we went inside.

“What about everyone else? We can’t do anything without them, especially Mika and Devin. They’re getting married here,” Riana pointed out.

Mika and Devin’s second child was due to arrive any day now, and Mika insist on getting married before their baby arrived. With their busy schedules, they weren’t able to plan a wedding, so Riana had this elaborate idea to plan it. I think this is all for the new book she’s writing.

We walked into the cabin, taking in how spacious the area looked. Jay had done a lot of renovations throughout the years, including brightening the lights and adding modern furniture. He also added two rooms, which is good, considering all the people that will be here.

“When are your parents coming?” Britney asked Jayden and Riana as she sat on the black leather loveseat.

“Tomorrow. Marc had some things to take care of with the team before leaving,” Riana answered, referring to her and Jayden’s stepfather.

With the scandal involving Jayden and Zack a year ago, Marc lost his coaching position with the Baker Trojan but was ultimately hired back by Shaw University. Despite the backlash from several board members, their mouths quickly shut once he won them another championship. Jay even helped with practice during his off-season, which had helped them with their recent championship.

“I hope they come. I really want us to go out,” Cheryl said.

“You do realize we’re almost an hour away from Baker, right? There is a bar 10 miles out, but it’s not worth going to,” Jayden pointed out.

“Still sounds good to me,” Cheryl quipped.

“Is everything okay, Cher?” Riana asked.

“Everything is peachy, just peachy,” she answered, still holding Troian.

We looked around at each other as Monica rushed into the cabin with her two kids. She almost slam the door in Donnell’s face before stomping into the common room.

“Really, Monica?!” Donnell yelled while dumping their luggage on the floor.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now!”

“I think we should. You’re being unreasonable.”

“And you’re being possessive, like always!”

“Here we go,” I muttered, taking a seat beside Ri. This was their daily routine.

“Maybe you two should go outside and ‘talk,’” Riana suggested, using air quotes.

“I don’t need to talk to Donnell. I’ve said my piece; he just doesn’t want to accept it.”

“Because you didn’t talk to me about it!” he retorted.

I shook my head at them, thinking they needed to grow up. But despite the constant bickering and the overly dramatic behavior, this is still my family, and I’m going to miss them when I leave Baker. But the hardest part is telling Ri…

Remember, A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas will be released this Sunday! I hope you’re all excited to read as I am for it be released! 🙂