Only You Playlist

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday evening. As for me, I’m doing a few promotional ads for Only You’s release, which will be available on Friday. One thing that I always love to do is create playlists, which I have for this book as well. The songs chosen are songsContinue reading “Only You Playlist”


Sheena Binkley in 10 Songs

Good morning everyone!! I hope your week is going very well. I’m very excited to announce that Book + Main selected me to give my favorite songs for their monthly playlist feature on their newsletter. The songs that I selected are from various book playlists that I have done, but they also have a significantContinue reading “Sheena Binkley in 10 Songs”

Music Playlist- Love You For Life

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the day for Love You For Life to be released! To help celebrate the release, here is the music playlist for the story. These songs represent the Andie and Dex’s journey as they prepare for their wedding. Enjoy! 🙂

Music Playlist- Lessons In Love

Hi everyone!! Lessons In Love is coming this Tuesday, so to get you ready for the story, here is the music playlist that I feel gives a great description of Trina’s journey in the story. If you a Spotify subscriber, you can listen to this playlist in its entirety by clicking on the link below.Continue reading “Music Playlist- Lessons In Love”

Music Playlist- No Other Love

Hi everyone!! No Other Love will be released tomorrow (yay!), so of course, I have to reveal the playlist of all of the songs that I listened to while writing the first book in the series. The playlist is very diverse, but it has a common theme, which describes the story of Kevin, Carla, andContinue reading “Music Playlist- No Other Love”

Music Playlist- Something Just Ain’t Right 2

Hi everyone! Since Something Just Ain’t Right 2 is coming soon, I decided to release the playlist. As you all may know from previous playlists, each song included on the list pertains to certain scenes in the story. You will notice that there are several songs from D’Angelo’s new album (which I had on repeat while writingContinue reading “Music Playlist- Something Just Ain’t Right 2”

Music Playlist- Something Just Ain’t Right

It’s playlist time!!! Of course I had to provide a playlist for my new book, Something Just Ain’t Right. This list have songs that describe the relationship between Hayley and Morgan and the events that occur throughout the story. Shakira- Can’t Remember to Forget You Simply Deep-Kelly Rowland Show Me- Bruno Mars Blow- Beyonce It WasContinue reading “Music Playlist- Something Just Ain’t Right”

Music Playlist- Love Always

Hi everyone!!! Since Love Always will be released soon, it’s time to bring out the playlist, which is a list of songs that I think describes the story between Riana and Shawn perfectly. With this story, they go through various events, but no matter the circumstances, they get through them as a couple. As always,Continue reading “Music Playlist- Love Always”

Music Playlist- The Way We Were

Hi everyone!! I’m currently writing The Way We Were, which is the fourth book in the Love, Life, & Happiness series. This is Monica and Donnell’s story, so it will be a little different from the previous three. As always, I created a playlist for the story, which has a lot of different songs- fromContinue reading “Music Playlist- The Way We Were”

Music Playlist- Unconditional Love

It’s playlist time!!! Unconditional Love will be released in July (the date may be pushed back due to The Wedding, Part II), so to get everyone ready, here is the playlist. The songs listed describe certain scenes in the story, so listen to the preview to get an idea of what to expect with theContinue reading “Music Playlist- Unconditional Love”