Love- Chapter 6

  Happy Monday!! Here is chapter 6 of Love. Enjoy! 🙂 Sophia walked back to Victoria’s Secret in a daze. She couldn’t believe what just happened. I can’t believe I’d done that. I could have been with Patrick right now if it wasn’t for my stupid pride. She stood by the front window and waitedContinue reading “Love- Chapter 6”

Love- Chapter 5

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here is chapter 5 of Love. Enjoy! 🙂   “Hey,” Sophia softly said. “Hey. What are you doing at the mall?” “It is a public place, Patrick.” “I know that, but why are you here?” “Layla and I decided to go shopping. We’re going out tonight.”Continue reading “Love- Chapter 5”

Love- Chapter 4

Here’s chapter 4. 🙂 After browsing in Macy’s for an hour, Sophia and Layla decided to take a break near the food court. Layla sat down at a bench near the carousel and looked around. “I’m tired.” “From what? We haven’t done anything.” Sophia said as she sat beside Layla. “Exactly! Let’s do something tonight.Continue reading “Love- Chapter 4”

Love – Chapter 3

Here is chapter three of Love. Enjoy! 🙂 Sophia and Layla walked into Macy’s at the mall and started to look around. “Sophia, I know you’ve been thinking about Patrick today, so I hope you don’t take this the wrong way.” Sophia glanced at Layla as she slowly cleared her throat. “If you love himContinue reading “Love – Chapter 3”

Love- Chapter 2

  Hi everyone!! Here is the second chapter of Love. Enjoy! 🙂   Patrick Baker was lying in his bed staring at the ceiling. I never thought breaking up with someone would be this hard. He rolled over on his side and looked at the picture of him and Sophia. He began to touch Sophia’s smilingContinue reading “Love- Chapter 2”

Short Story: Love

  Hi everyone!! I decided to restart my short story, Love, which I will be posting all of the chapters starting today. On every Monday, a new chapter will be uploaded. For those of you who have not started reading the first three chapter, I will start back from the beginning, so you can allContinue reading “Short Story: Love”

Free This Weekend!!

Love On The Track by Alithea-Jae Smith is free the entire weekend. If you haven’t read this wonderful romance novel, then now is the time!  Her next book, Unplanned Love, will be available soon.  Love On The Track is a story about love, helping to restore faith in the one you love, and fulfilling yourContinue reading “Free This Weekend!!”

Available Now!! 

Say That You Love Me, the Second book in The Love Chronicles series, is available now! 😊 Since they declared their love for each other during graduation, Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have been inseparable. They are now starting their first semester at Smith University and are excited for their new college journey, completeContinue reading “Available Now!! “

Color of Love Blog Hop 2016 & Giveaway

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the start of the holiday season with lots of hugs and good cheer! Speaking of the holidays, not only is it the time to be in the festive mood, but also to celebrate the Color of Love blog hop! This is my first year participating and I’mContinue reading “Color of Love Blog Hop 2016 & Giveaway”

Swirling Around Love Event-Shantee’ A. Parks

Hi everyone! I’m happy to be apart of this wonderful event hosted by VLS Book Blog as they celebrate  multicultural authors and readers during their Swirling Around Love event. I will be helping with showcasing various multicultural authors throughout the month of September, so you all in for a wonderful treat! But I’ll let VLSContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Event-Shantee’ A. Parks”