Love, Life, & Happiness : The Lost Story Continues

Hi everyone!!! The next chapters are up for the lost story, as Riana finds out about Britney and Isaac, as well as run into some trouble of her own. Four Cheryl arrived inside the student lounge and headed straight to the coffeehouse. She started to stand in line, but noticed Chris sitting outside on theContinue reading “Love, Life, & Happiness : The Lost Story Continues”

Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story

Hi everyone!! The Love, Life, & Happiness series is an important series to me because the two books that are currently released, Love Unbroken and Trust Me, are not the original books from the series. When I first wrote the series, it was back in 2004 and it was about four young women who wentContinue reading “Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story”

Book Discussion: Love, Life, & Happiness Series- March 29th!!!

Hi everyone!! To launch my new group on Facebook, Sheena Binkley Reading Palace, I will be hosting the first book discussion on Saturday, March 29th! The group will be discussing the first two books in the series: Love Unbroken and Trust Me. If you are on Facebook and would like to be a part ofContinue reading “Book Discussion: Love, Life, & Happiness Series- March 29th!!!”

Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?

Hi everyone!!! So, I recently read Impossibly True by Shane Morgan (which is an excellent book, by the way), and I loved the relationship between Moya and Branden. Branden stopped at nothing to make the relationship he had with Moya perfect, which got me thinking about the male characters in my books. Each character hasContinue reading “Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?”

How to Make Your Characters Relatable to Readers?

For day 3 of the A Chance at Love book tour, I did a guest post for Blog-A-Licious Authors, in which I discussed the importance in making characters relatable to readers in a story: When I decided to write my first book, the first thought that came to mind was how will I make myContinue reading “How to Make Your Characters Relatable to Readers?”

Book Collection on Kobo!!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. Kobo readers: for months, I have been trying to include my books onto their website. There were various issues regarding shipping and uploading; but now, I’m glad to announce that all of my books are now on Kobo!! Here are the links to each book: Our Love: reading “Book Collection on Kobo!!!!”

Who Is Your Favorite Book Couple?

One thing I love about reading a good book is being invested in the characters. Whether I love them or hate them, I sometimes forget that the book is strictly fiction and that the characters are part of a story. The stories I write are no different, which had me wondering which couple do IContinue reading “Who Is Your Favorite Book Couple?”

Random Thoughts

Hi everyone!! I have been VERY busy with putting the finishing touches on A Chance at Love as well as writing Trust Me, so of course, I haven’t been able to do a post in quite some time. Now, a random thought came to mind while I was sitting at work (Yes, I still haveContinue reading “Random Thoughts”

New Year, New Books!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. There are a couple of exciting things going on to kick off the new year: I recently did an interview with Bookish Treasures in part of their New Adult Book Tour (hosted by A Daydreamer’s Thoughts). In the interview, I talked about my favorite booksContinue reading “New Year, New Books!!!”