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Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, available now on Amazon! The story picks up where part 2 left off as the crew prepare for another semester at Shaw University. See how everyone copes with the aftermath of the Riana’s birthday party, and if everyone can let go of their past mistakes.

Here is a preview of the story, as Riana and Shawn relive a happier moment in their relationship:

“Where are we?” Riana asked as she walked over to an area full of brightly lit lights.

“This is an area where I love to come to when I want to think,” Shawn said as he put an arm around her.

“This is beautiful. You can easily see the stars from here,” she said as she looked up at the sky.

“This is the first place I came to when I first started Shaw. Just looking at it made me stop and relax. It made me not think about any cares in the world. Just being here and looking at the stars was all I thought about.”

“Who knew you was sentimental?”

“I have a soft side.”

“If this place is only for you, why did you bring me here?”

“Because you’re special to me. Riana, I know I said it before, but I really appreciate you in my life. You’re special to me in ways that no one will ever know. I love you so much and I hope that we can share our lives together forever.”

Riana looked at Shawn as he pulled out a black jewelry box. Riana couldn’t believe her eyes, as Shawn opened the box to reveal a beautifully cut diamond ring set on a white gold band. Riana’s eyes started to swell with tears as she looked at the ring in awe.

Shawn smiled and looked at Riana. “Before you say anything, it’s not what you think. It’s not an engagement ring.”

“Then, what is it?” Riana asked in tears.

“It’s a promise ring. I would like for us to get to that point in our relationship but, right now, I want us to be committed to each other in every way possible.”

Riana smiled, as Shawn placed the ring on her ring finger.

“So, Riana Robertson, do you commit to our relationship and to the love we have for each other?”

Riana nodded her head as the tears started to flow down her cheeks. “Yes, Shawn. Yes, I do,” she said and wrapped her arms around Shawn in a tight embrace. “I love you, Shawn,” she said softly.

“I love you too, baby…”

Coming March 8th!!

Hi everyone!! I mentioned I was going to post a few upcoming releases, so here is the second one that I’m working on, which is another spin-off from the Love, Life, & Happiness series titled Believe In Love.


This time, it’s Cheryl and Marcus’ story; you may have remembered that there was going to be one after I previewed a potential story in Ri and Shawn’s story, Real Love.

The two have a lot going on with their busy schedules, so this story will be interesting to read with how they will adjust to everything with their careers, their kids, and other factors surrounding them.

Here is the extended preview of their story, Believe In Love:


Marcus and I have been through a lot in our short relationship. No matter what issues occurred between us, we both found a way to get through them together.

In recent months, our lives have changed drastically, from becoming parents for a second time to our busy professional schedules, we’re finding it more difficult to spend time together. Now that I’m going into my residency, I’m having even more challenges trying to compete with my colleagues, including the arrogant and obnoxious Drew Harrison. With him constantly on my back, and the struggles accepting Jackie’s death, I feel as if I’m going to explode. I don’t know if I can talk to Marcus about it, especially when he has his own problems to deal with.

If I can’t talk to my husband, then who can I confine in?


Cheryl and I had a rough start to our relationship six years ago. From miscommunication to trust issues, the two of us were able to overcome our dilemmas and be there for one another.

Lately, things between us have started to fall apart. With our busy schedules, we barely have time to see each other, let alone have alone time. We did reconnect recently, but things are not the same between us. I want us to get back to what we had together. I need for us to.

Now that I’d opened a new club in another city, I’m spending more time there getting the new staff settled. There’s one person in particular that is helping me more than anyone, which is a good thing, but could be dangerous once Cheryl finds out.

I know she’s hiding something from me, which is driving me crazy; but should I be upset when I’m doing the same thing to her?


If you don’t remember their first standalone, Trust Me, it is available on Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, and other sites.


Coming Soon!!

Hi everyone!! Since I have already wrapped up A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, it’s now time to focus on my projects for 2017. One will be a new Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, Real Love.

As many of you may know, Riana and Shawn is definitely one of my favorite couples, and to me, I felt as if they have a few more stories to tell. While writing A LL&H Christmas, I came up with this cool concept to do another story about them as they start a new chapter in their lives with Shawn being offered a position with a national news network in Atlanta (and no, this is not the network you’re thinking of; this one is completely fictional). While Shawn’s news career is going strong, so is Riana’s writing career.

With new beginnings in a new city, new problems will also arise for the couple, making them wonder is their love strong enough to get through the issues they are facing.

I’m still undecided if this will be a standalone or a series, but regardless, I already determined that the release for this book will be set in February.

And here is the cover for Real Love:



If you have not read their love story, both Love Unbroken and Love Always is available now.

To read about the couple’s decision, it will be one of the short stories in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas, which will be available December 13th. Pre-order is available now on all major sites.


Coming December 13th!!

The Love, Life, & Happiness crew is back as they celebrate the holidays in A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas!

If you have read The Evolution Of Love, the crew made a pact to spend Christmas together at the Robertson’s cabin (the same cabin where Jay and Brit spent most of their time in Unconditional Love).

Now that it’s December, everyone is heading to the cabin; but the luggage is not the only thing they’re bringing. Each couple have a set of extra baggage that will make Christmas a bit more interesting.

Riana & Shawn:

While Riana is ready to have another child, Shawn receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Will their opposing views cause problems in their relationship?

Cheryl & Marcus:

As they adjust to the arrival of their daughter, Cheryl has to face the issues she still has with her mother. When she receives terrifying news about her, will she put the past behind her and come to her aid? And when Marcus encounters someone from his past, will he be able to keep the past from interfering in his present life?

Britney & Jayden:

Everything is falling into place for the two: They are happy new parents to twins, and Jay is trying out for a new basketball team in the States. When an unexpected visitor pops up, will their happiness be short-lived?

Monica & Donnell:

These two have always had problems in their relationship, causing them to make less than stellar decisions. As they come to grips with a shocking tragedy, will it bring them together or tear them apart?

Mika & Devin/Kevin & Carla/Elise & Jared:

As Mika and Devin prepare for their wedding, expect a few surprises for the couple as well as Mika’s bridesmaids since someone from Kevin’s past shows up to crash the wedding.


Although this will be a full-length novel, it will be broken into four short stories, starting with Riana & Shawn. Their story, The Hardest Decision, will be the shortest. Why you might ask; it’s because they will be getting a spin-off story of their own. When you read A LL&H Christmas, then you’ll have an idea why they are getting their own story. But it will be released sometime next year (preferably around March or April after Say That You Love Me)

Here is the cover to A Love, Life, & Happiness Christmas:


The story will be available December 13th. Pre-order for this title will be available sometime this week. I will post the link once it is available.

Sample Sunday: The Evolution Of Love 


Hi everyone!! I have been busy writing three books. One of those books is The Evolution of Love, which is another spinoff from the Love, Life, & Happiness series. This is also Elise’s story. This will be an indie release and a standalone, and possibly released after the One Shot With A Baller series is completed. 

With this story, sooooo much going on with  Elise and the two men in her life, the mother from hell, and Elise’s race to getting married before hitting the big 3-0 (hence, the cover). Not only am I sharing the cover for the story, but also the blurb and an excerpt.

Here is the blurb: 
Elise Thompson always has been the independent one of the Thompsons siblings. She never worried about anything or anyone, except when it comes down to her ex, Dante Wilson. Although she loves him, she can’t be with him, especially with all the issues the two has together. 
When she meets Jared Crawford, she starts to see life in a different way. While he wants a relationship with her, Elise is holding back, mainly because of her feelings for Dante. But when issues start to arise between her and Jared and with the reappearance of her mother, she soon realizes what’s important and to live life for herself.

And here’s an excerpt from the story. This excerpt is unedited and from Elise’s POV. Enjoy! 🙂 
After two hours of getting slouched off of red wine,I got a text from both Lindsay and Harold asking me to come back to the office. I didn’t want to, especially since I was drunk, but after Harold demanded that show up, I didn’t have a choice. 

I asked Cheryl to drop me back off while Riana offered to drive my car to my house. I stumbled near the steps to the building, causing me to stop in my tracks and get myself together. I straighten my jacket and opened the door, praying that I don’t sound drunk as I rounded the hallway to the conference room. I opened the door taking aback to what I was seeing. The owner of Harris Publications, Harold was sitting with Lindsay and the man I was trying to avoid seeing. I knew it was impossible, but I was praying that this was all a bad dream that I’ll wake up from like the one the other night. 

“Nice of you to finally show up Elise. Where were you anyway?” Harold asked. 
“Taking care of a client. What’s going on?” I asked. I tried to walk to an empty seat, but almost bumped into the table. Harold gave me a crazed look while Lindsay put a hand to her forehead. Dante looked at me, giving me a slight chuckle. 
“Is everything okay, Elise?”
“Everything is fine, Harold. Couldn’t be better.” 
“I wanted to introduce your new author, but from my understanding, you both know each other.” Harold said looking at me and Dante. 
“I know E very well, Harold.” Dante said while giving a pearly white smile. 
I shook my head. Just that look made me realize that he hasn’t changed a bit. 
“I was hoping the two of you could get the ball rolling with getting Dante’s book released. I know this book is going to break the bank and with your expertise, Elise, it will be a hot release.” 
“I’m sure it will.” I said while staring at Dante. 
“I’ll leave you two alone so you can get started. If you need anything, Dante, just holler.” Harold said and gave him a handshake. “Welcome aboard.” 
“Thank you, Harold.” 
Harold went to the door while Lindsay gave me an encouraging smile before leaving as well. Once the door closed, Dante stared at me as he came over to me. I had to admit, he still looked good. Golden brown skin that glowed within the fluorescent lights, big brown eyes that were giving me an intense look while his sexy lips were giving me a smile that had my body quivering. I had to control myself as I tried to look away from him. 
“Look at you, drunk at work.” 
“I had to if I had to be around you.” 
“Wow, you act like I’m some monster or something. I’m just someone from your past who wanted to get reacquainted with you, that’s all.” 
“Well, maybe I don’t want to with you. In fact, my life is in perfect order and my past should stay in the past.” 
Dante nodded. “I can respect that, but since you’re my editor, we can disappoint a lot of people, can we? I mean, Harold practically on his knees begging for me to be a part of this publication. You know I could had went to someone else, but I decided to come here.” 
“Geez, I wonder why.” 
“You know why. This was the only way to talk to you since I know you hate me.” 
“What do you want, Dante? If you’re trying to get back with me, it’s 12 years too late. You moved on, remember? Oh, wait, let me rephrase that; you moved on by marrying the woman you cheated on me with.” 
“We got a divorce, Elise.”
I stared at him as he sat down in the seat beside me. He looked into my eyes and sighed. “I realized a lot in my life that I couldn’t live without. What I had with Michelle was something I couldn’t duplicate. She wasn’t you. That’s why we parted ways. E, I came back because I want to be with you. That’s if you’ll have me.” 
I stared at him wondering if he had lost his mind. How could he come back into my life after 12 years, declaring his feelings for me? This was insane! 
“I’m with someone now.” 
“What does that have to do with me?”
“Listen, I’m not going to play games with you. Me and you are going to have a professional relationship, so there will not be any talks of our past or admitting feelings for each other. I just want to get this over with so we both can move on.” 
“Cool; if that’s what you want, then that’s fine with me. I can do that. But let’s get one thing straight, you and me will never have just a professional relationship. No matter how many people will come in and out of our lives, we will always find a way back to each other. It never fails.” 
“Well, maybe this time, it just might.” I said. I got up, almost bumping into the table again. I looked over at Dante, who was smiling at my little mishap. I smoothed down my jacket and rolled my eyes before going to the door, hoping I don’t bump into that. I walked down the hall not sure how I felt about that little exchange. I’m perfectly happy with my relationship with Jared, so I shouldn’t have any type of thoughts about Dante. But why in the back of my mind that I was, which I hated.

Available NOW!!!


Part 2 of No Other Love is available now on Amazon!! You can 1-Click for $2.99 or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!!

Kevin Thompson has been through a lot in the past month. Seeing his wife in their bed with another man has him on edge. On top of that, he finds out that he has a daughter and that his son has been in an accident. But when he does the unthinkable with his assistant, will he be able to keep everything together or will it come crashing down around him?

Carla Windsor never imagined that Kevin would forgive her after she revealed the paternity of their daughter. However, when she receives a second chance, she realizes that it may not be too late to get everything she’s hoped for. But when a huge secret is revealed at her daughter’s birthday party, will she fight for the life she always deserved or go back to being on guard with her feelings for the one man she always loved?

Jennifer Thompson’s life has turned into turmoil brought by the actions that she has set upon herself. She has lost everything and has a huge secret hanging over her head regarding her son, Thomas. When she receives conform from an unlikely source, will she accept it and raise even more hell to the family she was once a member of or try to repair the relationship she once had with her husband?

New Online Store


Hi everyone!! I just created an online store where you can purchase signed paperback copies of several of my books! Each book will be priced at $9.99 (shipping is separate and will be through the US postal service).

Here are the books that I have so far in the store:

  • A Chance at Love
  • The Wedding Part 1
  • The Wedding Part 2
  • Love Unbroken
  • Trust Me
  • Unconditional Love

Method of payment is PayPal only. 

Please check out my online store, which is available on my blog under the “Shop” page, my Facebook author page, or you can click on the link below:


Thanks in advance! 🙂