The Love Interviews- Riana & Shawn

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to kick off The Love Interview series, which will be a week-long event featuring some of your favorite couples from my most popular series. Today, I have no other than the couple who started it all for the Love, Life, & Happiness series, to start the first interview, Riana andContinue reading “The Love Interviews- Riana & Shawn”

New Event Coming Soon…

Hi everyone! Before I announce the event, there are two things I would like to mention:   Congratulations to Heather Ayala for being the winner of the Love Always Book Blitz giveaway which was held last month. For those of you who are wondering what happened to the remaining chapters of Baker 6; don’t worry. The last 10 chapters willContinue reading “New Event Coming Soon…”

Happy Anniversary Love Unbroken!!!

Hi everyone! Can you believe that one year ago today Love Unbroken was released, starting the published version of the Love, Life & Happiness series. This was the third book I’d released in a year and I was so nervous because it showed an entirely different style with my writing. Now, through all the mixed reviews and opinions,Continue reading “Happy Anniversary Love Unbroken!!!”

Book Blitz- Love Always

Hi everyone!! Since today was the actual book release date for Love Always, there were a lot of activities that were planned for the release, including a book blitz, where several blogs will post the book information, excerpts, teasers, and more to help launch the book. I also launched a giveaway through Rafflecopter for a $25Continue reading “Book Blitz- Love Always”

Book Blitz Sign-Up: Love Always

Hi everyone!!! I’m getting ready to start my book blitz for Love Always on November 19th. The event will end on November 23rd. I still need a few more bloggers to take part in the event. All the material will be distributed through Xpresso Book Tours and you can post on your blog anytime duringContinue reading “Book Blitz Sign-Up: Love Always”

Now Available!!!

Love Always, the fifth book in the Love, Life, & Happiness series is now available!!! For those of you who have pre-ordered the book, you should have already recieved your copy at midnight (or earlier). Here are the links: Amazon: All Romance eBooks: Smashwords: I will post the links for Barnes andContinue reading “Now Available!!!”

Love Always Will Be Released Early!!!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Well, I was submitting the final manuscript for Love Always on Amazon for the pre-order deadline, and I noticed that the date could be moved to an earlier date; so I decided to change the date a week early from November 19th to November 12th. ToContinue reading “Love Always Will Be Released Early!!!”

Is The LLH Series Too Sexual?

  Happy Sunday everyone!!! Since the Love, Life, & Happiness series debuted last year in December (which is hard to believe that it’s almost a year), I have received various reviews regarding the books in the series. There were some that loved the series and the characters, but there were others who felt the series wasContinue reading “Is The LLH Series Too Sexual?”

Sneak Peek: Love Always

Here is an unedited sneak peek to the prologue from Love Always. This is from Riana’s POV. December, 2014 I watched as Monica Taylor leave with Donnell Patterson and smiled. Those two have been through so much together. From their constant arguing to their various break-ups, they finally were able to talk out their problemsContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Love Always”