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Hi everyone!!! Now that book 1 and parts of book 2 have been posted, I was wondering if the lost story should be published. I’ve been giving this some thought for those who would like to have them to read on their Kindles or Nooks. If they are, they will be sold as a boxed set.

I created a poll (which I always love to do) asking you whether the books should be published.

I also have book 3 as well, which will be released later in August or September.

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LLH Book 2 Chapter 7

Here’s chapter 7…

Cheryl walked into class with an eagerness to learn. As soon as she took the pill from Devin, she felt a sense of calm. She didn’t realize how relaxed she was as she sat down beside him.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

She looked into his brown eyes and giggled.

“Pretty fantastic. You sure that was an energy pill you gave me?”

“Yes, Cheryl, it was.” he smiled.

“I just feel so energized. I don’t feel tired like I usually would at this time.”

“It’s definitely working then. “

“You think I could get some more?” she asked.

Devin glanced at her. He noticed how her eyes sparkled, which he wasn’t sure if it was the pill she took or her just being happy.

“I don’t know if I should.” he said while pulling out his notebook.

“Why not?”

“I think you need to see how you’ll be in a couple of hours. Yes, the effect is great right now, but I don’t want you crashing later.”

“I shouldn’t, right?”

“We shall see.”

Cheryl looked at him and stared ahead to the front.

“Good morning, everyone. I have a bit of news to share.” Professor Halbrook, the AP professor confessed as she placed her briefcase on top of the table. “I have a surprise project for you all to work on.”

“What?!” everyone exclaimed.

Instead of being shocked like the rest of her classmates, Cheryl started to giggle. Several people gave her weird looks as she put her head down to cover her laughter.

Devin glanced at her again, wondering if he gave her the right pill.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

But Cheryl kept laughing. Maybe she needed it to start her day. Whether it was the pill or not, she wanted more of what she was experiencing. She needed something to take the edge off of what she was going through.

Before heading to class, Britney wanted to grab a cup of coffee from the lounge. She noticed Monica sitting at a booth near the window. She was glad to see her friend, because she needed to talk to her. Since the conversation she had with Riana, she has been feeling very uneasy. She knew something was going on and she had to tell someone about her suspicions.

“Hey, girl.” Britney said, sitting in the seat across from Monica.

She looked up, giving Britney a quick glance before going back to her book.
“I see you’re studying.”

Monica looked up and sighed.

“Technically, I’m not. I’m just trying to do something to pass the time before my class. My mind has been all over the place lately, so I figured I’ll do something to keep it sane.”

“Is it working?”

“Not really.”

“Still having doubts about Donnell?”

Monica closed her book and sighed again.

“A little. I’m so confused about everything. One minute, I’m frustrated with being with him, and the next, I want to be with him morning, noon, and night. Am I being difficult right now?”

“No. You love Donnell, but you also want to be able to stand on your own. Ever since the miscarriage, he has been very protective of you, so I can understand your frustrations.”

“But I don’t want it to interfere with our relationship. I don’t want things to get so bad that it could lead to a bigger problem.”

“Don’t you think you need to talk to Donnell about your feelings so that way it won’t become an issue?”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“You need to. All relationships have their flaws, but in order to be a stronger unit, you have to communicate with each other.”

Monica slowly nodded and looked to the window.

“You’re right, Brit. I’ll try to talk to him later.”

“Don’t try; actually do it.”

She nodded again and stared at Britney.

“Okay, now that you talked to me about my problems, tell me about yours.”

Now it was Britney’s turn to sigh. She didn’t know Monica would pick up on her feelings that quickly.

“It’s Ri. She’s been acting really weird since what happened between her and Marcus.”

“Oh, that she caught him buck naked. No offense, but she was lucky to vision that.”

“Really, Monica?”

“I said no offense. Marcus is fine.”

“Didn’t we just talk about you and Donnell?”

“I know; sorry.”

Britney rolled her eyes and continued.

“Anyway, she’s been very spacy and avoid being around us, expect for when we met up at Patrick’s a couple of days ago. Even then there was tension.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing. Riana is probably still thinking about that moment and is still embarrassed about it.”

“I know, but everyone said it was nothing to be embarrassed over.”

“You know Ri; she’s the type of person who does everything by the book. You know that freaked her out, especially since that’s Shawn’s brother.”

“You’re right. I guess I shouldn’t read much into it.”

“Exactly. Whatever thoughts you have, just let them go.”

Britney nodded, even though she wasn’t going to forget about them. She knew something was up and she wasn’t going to rest until she figured out what it was.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Riana whispered.

Marcus looked at her and caressed her cheek.

“We can stop if you want.”

Riana pulled him to her and gave him a passionate kiss. After the two gave into their desires, they ended up on the couch, making out for over an hour. Riana still felt guilty over what she and Marcus were doing, but as soon as he kissed her neck, instead of pushing him away, she titled her head back, giving a soft moan while he touched her thigh.

“You sound so sexy.” he whispered, moving his lips to her chest. He slid his tongue between her breasts, which had her wanting him to go even further down her body.

He faced her, pulling her lips with his as he unbuttoned her jeans. Although she was feeling really good at the moment, she didn’t know if she wanted to go that far with him.

“Marcus.” she moaned.

He kissed her again, moving his hand towards her center. She pushed his hand away and quickly got up.

“We can’t do this.” she said, buttoning her jeans and putting on her shirt.


“We got carried away. Shawn could have walked in on us.”

“He’s doing his internship right now.”

“He could have come home early.”

“You shouldn’t feel guilty about what happened.”

“So you’re saying you’re okay with this?”

“Riana, I told you I had feelings for you, but I tried to block them out because of Shawn. Now that you’ve admitted your feelings too, we shouldn’t feel upset or confused over them.”

“Marcus, just a second ago we were about to do something that we could never take back.”

“So what were we doing an hour ago? It wasn’t any different.”

“We were kissing each other; that’s all.”

She stared at him and lowered her head.

“What am I saying? We crossed the line as soon as we kissed each other.”

She grabbed her purse and went to the door.

“Riana, wait.”

She turned around and stared at Marcus.

“We can’t do this again. Not only are we hurting Shawn, but also Britney. You were right before; we need to keep our distance from each other.”

She unlocked the door and opened it. Before Marcus could say anything else, she quickly went outside. She went to her car, not knowing if she would make it before she started crying. She got in and the tears immediately flowed. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. That she let lust get in the way of her relationship with Shawn. How could she look at herself without thinking about the pain that she caused herself and everyone around her?

That’s why no one can ever find out about this.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 6

Happy Sunday everyone!! The lost story for LLH book 2 is back! This is chapter 6 of the story, so make sure to read the first five chapters on the blog to catch up. Enjoy!!

Shawn walked into the news studio, putting his backpack in his seat and looked around. He still couldn’t believe he was inside of an actual news sound booth. He went to the control panels, glancing at the buttons when the door opened. He quickly looked up, seeing Dominique staring at him.

“It still seemed surreal, doesn’t it?” she asked, coming over to him.

“Yeah. To be honest, I didn’t imagine working in broadcasting.”

“Really? What you originally wanted to do?” she asked while sitting down.

“A writer. Growing up, I loved to write poetry. It got me plenty of girls with the poems I’ve written.” He said with a grin.

“I’m sure it did.” Dominique said.

He stared at her, wondering if he should stop talking. He didn’t like how she was staring at him, which made him wonder if he’s giving her mixed signals.

“Listen, Dominique, I just want to let you know that since we’re working together that we should keep things strictly professional.”

“And you told me that. Why are you mentioning it to me again?”

“Because the look you’re giving me. I don’t want you to have mixed signals, especially when I made it clear that I have a girlfriend.”

“I know that. You can’t stop talking about her. I completely understand and I respect that; but I wasn’t flirting with you, if that’s what you think.”

Shawn glanced at her, knowing she was lying, but he’ll let it go.

“Okay, just so you know.”

“I know. So, let’s get started, shall we?”

Shawn watched Dominique get up from her seat and went to the panels. He sighed, wondering if this will work, because he didn’t need anything to interfere with his relationship with Riana or with his internship.

Britney walked into the living room to grab her backpack when she noticed Riana sitting at the wet bar eating a bowl of cereal. She saw the uneasy look she had, which she noticed has been on her face since what happened between her and Marcus recently.

Riana looked up and saw Britney staring. She gave a tiny smile and continued eating.

Britney sighed and went over to her.

“Is something wrong, Ri? You’re been really off lately.”

Riana looked up. She was caught off guard by Britney’s question. She didn’t think she would had noticed anything since she’s been careful not to show her feelings around her.

“Why would you think anything was wrong?”

“You haven’t been yourself, especially around me and Marcus. After what happened you’ve been very nervous.”

“I don’t know why you would think that.”

“Ri, I’ve known you since we were kids; I know when you’re acting differently.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about, Britney. Everything is fine.”
Britney gave an unsure look, not believing Riana and sighed.

“Okay. Well, I better go. I’ll see you later.”


Britney smiled and went to the door. As soon as she closed it, Riana took a huge breath, got up and went to the kitchen. She suddenly lost her appetite as she dumped her cereal into the sink.

“I have to talk to Marcus.”

She grabbed her purse and keys from the counter and went to the door.

After everything that has happened the day before, Marcus needed to find a way to distract himself, so he decided to work out. He was doing push-ups when his mind began to wander about Riana. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way towards her, but it’s something about her that made him want to know more about her.

He sighed and got up from the floor. He was heading into the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. He went to it, clearly surprised to see Riana standing on his doorstep.


“Hi. Can I come in?”

“Sure.” he said, stepping aside for her to walk in.

She turned around to stare at him as he closed the door.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I needed to talk. Britney knows something is wrong.”

He walked over to her, not sure what to say.

“You sure she suspects something?”

“Well, with me anyway. She noticed my behavior changed since what happened.”
“Ri, I’m sorry if this is putting you in an uncomfortable position.”

“It’s not your fault. I’ve been pretty out of it lately about what you said to me.”

“Which I shouldn’t have said. I should have kept my feelings to myself. Not only is it making you confused but also it’s putting a strain into your relationship with my brother and your friend.”


“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and maybe I should keep my distance from you until you can figure things out.”

“That’s going to be hard to do.”

“It’s just going to have to work.”

“Maybe I’m not confused to how I feel.”

Marcus stared at Riana as she closed her eyes. She didn’t know what she was getting into, but she needed to know if what she was feeling for him was real or just pure attraction.

“I’ve been thinking a lot too, and honestly, I can’t get you out of my mind. I tried to, but I wonder how things will be between us.”

“This is what I was trying to avoid. I don’t want you to overanalyze your feelings for me. Honestly, it’s not even real feelings.”

“You don’t know that. There’s something there and neither you nor I can’t deny it.”

“I didn’t say we shouldn’t.”

“Then what should we do about it? We shouldn’t just push them aside and continue being with the people we’re with.”

She went over to Marcus and stared into his eyes.

“One kiss, that’s all I’m asking.” she begged.

“What?!” he asked in a surprised tone.

“One kiss. That way we’ll know where our feelings are towards each other. We can forget about these feelings we have and move on.”

“You don’t want to do this, Riana.”

“Why not?” she asked. She put her arms around him, which made Marcus a little nervous, but equally turned on. He wanted Riana, but he knew if they went this far, things would never be the same between the two.

“Just do it, Marcus. You know you want to.”

“You know if we do, there’s no turning back.”

Riana continued to stare when Marcus touched her cheek. Her body trembled as he slightly touched her shoulder. She sighed, not realizing how good it felt having his hand anywhere near her body. He slowly reached for her lips, giving her one of the sweetest, yet sexiest kisses she has ever experienced in her life. He held her tighter, not wanting to let her go as she gave a soft moan.

Once they pulled away, Marcus stared at her while Riana began to breathe heavily. She knew kissing him was going to be an experience she wouldn’t forget, but she didn’t realize it was going to be something she wasn’t going to be able to live without. She didn’t know if she could not look at him again without wanting to feel that spark again; to have his lips pressed against hers. Even Shawn didn’t give her these feelings, which was quickly making her feel guilty.

“I have to go.” she said, quickly heading to the door.

Marcus pulled her towards him and roughly kissed her. She tried to resist, but before she knew it, she leaned into him. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but at that moment, the guilty feelings she was having for Shawn was being replaced with a desire she couldn’t control. At that point, she’ll deal with the consequences later. Her mind and her body wanted to be with Marcus, which was something she couldn’t wait to experience.

LLH: The Lost Story- Book 2

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Here’s the first chapter of book 2 from the original Love, Life, and Happiness series. With this story, there are some similarities with the published versions; one being with Cheryl striving to be independent. But with Riana and Shawn, their story is a complete 180, when she begins to develop feelings for another man.

I will post more chapters throughout the week, so check back to see when the next ones are up.

Now, chapter one:

A month has passed from their first semester as sophomores at Shaw University, and Riana Robertson knew that things were slowly falling into place for her and for her friends. Now, the new semester has arrived and Riana was excited to see what was in store. As she walked into her new apartment she shared with her best friend Britney Lewis, all she wanted was to take a quick shower before she met her boyfriend Shawn Walker for dinner.

Riana smiled at the thought of her and Shawn together. Although the two have only been a couple for almost five months, the two felt like they been together for years. Throughout the winter break, the two have been inseparable. He even went with her to visit her parents on Christmas. He fitted right in with her family, which was great for Riana, because they never liked her ex-boyfriend, Isaac Harris.

“The boy was a complete ass.” her mother told Riana one day.

She loved Shawn the first day they met and she hoped the two get married one day.

As she passed through the living room, she stopped and looked at the picture that she, Britney, Cheryl , and Monica took while at the university’s annual Christmas party, she thought back on everything they been through the past few months.

After the semester ended, Riana and Britney moved into a two bedroom apartment near campus. The two became close again; so much closer than they were even before the big incident with Isaac. Britney even started to date Shawn’s brother Marcus, and now the two were truly happy. The only time she saw Britney now was for a quick second at home, and that was because she was always at Marcus’ apartment.

As she was heading toward the bathroom, she opened the door to reveal Marcus standing before her completely naked. Riana stood in shock but couldn’t help noticing how tight his body looked. While Riana continued to stare at Marcus’ body, he quickly grabbed a towel that was hanging on the towel rack and covered the lower part of his body.

“Have you heard of locking the door?” Riana asked, finally covering her eyes with her hand.

“I didn’t think you were coming home. Britney said you were going by my place first before coming home.”

“I wanted to come home and freshen up. I probably should let you finish.” she said as she grabbed the door handle and closed it shut. She stood behind it and began to breathe heavily.

What are you thinking girl? That’s your boyfriend’s brother!

But she couldn’t take the vision out of her head. Not even for a second.

Cheryl Thompson couldn’t believe how busy things were at the restaurant! As she was taking another table’s order, she looked at the clock hanging on the wall waiting patiently for her shift to end. Since the fall semester ended, and the problems she had with her parents, Cheryl was more determined than ever to stand on her own two feet and do things for herself. The first thing she did was found a job at Patrick’s Restaurant, which was a popular hangout on campus. Not only was she bringing in good money from tips, but she had her first taste of independence.

And it felt pretty good. she thought while filling a glass with water.

After she found a job, she was able to find an apartment on campus that was relatively cheap but very small. The place was so crammed, she had to put majority of her things in storage, which was a problem because of the high storage fees she had to shelf out. She wanted to find something better, but she knew with the paycheck she was receiving from the restaurant, plus school, and other expanses, the apartment was all she could afford.

She also knew that her dad would help her with anything she needed, and she was grateful for it, but she couldn’t accept anything from him. After all she went through with him and her mother (which she still does not talk to), she felt she had an obligation to herself to remain independent. But after she seen her car note for the month, she did asked her dad for money to pay for it. Although she had one slip up, she vowed it wouldn’t happen again. She even told him she will pay him back once she had the money to do so.

As she went over towards the kitchen, she noticed Chris Thomas was sitting at a table in the far corner watching her every move. Cheryl smiled as she looked at her boyfriend admiring her. To this day, she still couldn’t believe Chris was in her life. The two has been going strong and were happier than ever.

When he noticed Cheryl was already having financial problems, he tried to help her as much as he could. He even told her he would move out of the dorms and get an apartment so Cheryl wouldn’t have to worry about rent. But Cheryl didn’t want to live off of Chris, or anyone at that matter.

I’m going to do this on my own. That’s the promise I’ve made to myself and I’m going to stick with it.

As she walked over to the computer register, she held four fingers in the air to let him know her shift was over in four minutes. Chris smiled and started to pick up his phone. Cheryl turned toward the computer and smiled. She couldn’t wait to end her shift and spend the rest of the day with her man.

Things were definitely great in her life.

Britney Lewis waited in her bedroom wondering what was taking Marcus so long in the bathroom.

He has been in there for awhile now. she thought as she went towards her closet.

The two were going to Shawn’s apartment, but ended up at her place. After two weeks of dating, the two ended up sleeping together without any regrets. Britney knew that was way too fast, but she couldn’t resist. Marcus was a great guy and she knew he wouldn’t hurt her.

Like Isaac did. Britney thought as she looked through her clothes.

There’s not a day that goes by that Britney wondered what she saw in Isaac. Not only did he hurt her, but hurt her best friend in the process.

I hurt her too. But I’m glad things are better for us now.

As she pulled out a purple turtleneck dress from her closet, she looked at the door, wondering if she should check on Marcus, when her bedroom door opened. He walked in looking as if he was in a daze.

“Are you okay? You’ve been in the bathroom for a minute.”

“Yeah. I didn’t know whether to come out or not since Riana is here.”

“So. What does Riana have to do with you staying in the bathroom?”

“Because I thought we were the only ones here. I was in the bathroom buck naked.”

“And Ri saw you? I’m so sorry Marcus. I really thought Ri was going to see Shawn first.”

“It’s not your fault. It was just really awkward.”

“Well, what can I do to make you feel better?” Britney asked while putting her arms on Marcus’ shoulders. She began to give him a massage as he tilted his head from side to side.

“I’m good. I’ll just remember next time to wear something even when we’re alone.”

Britney laughed while Marcus looked at her in shock.

“You think this is funny?”

“Well yeah. This is minor.”

Marcus smiled. “Maybe so, but you don’t care if your best friend saw every part of me.” He asked. He turned around, giving Britney a kiss on her neck.

Britney moaned while Marcus continued to seduce her.

“I don’t know, but after what we’ve been through, this incident is only an oversight.”

She got off the bed and wrapped her legs around Marcus.

“I don’t want to talk about that anymore. Let’s just focus on us now.”
Marcus smiled. “I like the sound of that.”

And the two began to kiss each other.

After the incident with Marcus, Riana decided to grab anything from her closet and went over to Shawn’s. She was so embarrassed by the scene that she didn’t want to stay in the apartment a second longer.

I was forced out of my own apartment. she thought while turning on to the street where Shawn’s apartment was.

As soon as she pulled up to a space near his apartment, she noticed Shawn walking out wearing a dark blue pullover and dark blue jeans. He gave a bright smile as he went down to the sidewalk and to her Dodge Caliber.

“You couldn’t wait until I walked to the door?” she asked when Shawn came up to her.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and grinned.

“I’m so excited I couldn’t wait for you to come up.”

“Ahh. You’re that happy to see me? Well I’m happy to see you too baby.”

Shawn laughed as he took Riana’s hand.

“You know I’m always happy to see you, but I just received some really great news.”

“Really? Tell me.”

“Remember the piece we did for our journalism class? Well Professor Williams liked it so much that she sent it in to a friend of hers at channel 2 news. They’re looking for a couple of interns for their program coming up in the spring and she thought that I would be perfect for it.”

“That’s great baby. Congratulations.” Riana said as she gave Shawn a big hug.

“ Thanks. I wish you could get a spot on the program, but turns out that the program only accepts junior and seniors applicants. Professor Williams mentioned if you up for it next year then she will definitely give you a recommendation for the program.”

“That’s wonderful. Tell Professor Williams yes. But how are you going to balance school, work and the internship?”

“Simple. The internship is only for ten hours a week for three months, so it just two hours of my day. The question you really asking is will I have time to see you?”

“Well yeah. Shawn, I really love spending time with you, but I would not want to stand in the way of your dream. This could really jump start your career.”

“I know, but you shouldn’t have to ask that question. You know I will make time for us. I love you too much.”

Riana smiled as Shawn took his hand into hers.

“Always remember that. I love you baby.”

“I love you too.” Riana said as Shawn pulled her closer for another hug.

She put her arms around Shawn and sighed.

I really hope that’s true.

Monica Taylor stared at the TV in a delusional glaze. Since the semester ended, things have been slowly coming back in place for her. The incidents she went through the past couple of months were so much that she didn’t know if she would be able to get through it. But with the help of her friends and her boyfriend Donnell Patterson, she was able to find support for everything she went through. She even was able to talk to her parents about everything. She thought they would judge her for her misdeeds, but instead, they took her into their arms and held her for dear life.

“We will never judge you honey. The only person who can is God, and he will forgive you no matter what you’ve done.” Her mother told her.

Things were really looking up for her and Donnell as well. After the incident, the two became closer than ever; and with the two moving in together, Monica thought things were perfect. But now, she thought wrong. Since the time they have moved in, there has been nothing but problems. For Monica, she always has been the type of person who wanted her freedom. She never wanted to rely on anyone for anything, especially a man. But when she and Donnell got together, she felt like she was suffocating. She felt that he was always around and not giving her the space she needed to be herself.

As she started to look at a TV show that appeared on screen, she sighed a breath of relief as she realized that she was the only one at home for the day. Donnell was at work and would not be back until later.

Peace and quiet, she thought as she spread her legs out onto the couch and pulled the blanket she had over her body closer.

Just as soon as she was able to get comfortable, the door opened and Donnell walked in with two bags in his hands. Monica looked at him in surprise.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Hey sweetie. I just went on my lunch break and decided to come home. I thought you might like some company.”

Monica smiled as she took the bags from him. He clutched the bags tightly around him so Monica couldn’t reach them.

“Let me do it. You’re still recovering from the miscarriage.”

“Donnell, it has been a month. I’m fine.”

“I know, but I don’t want anything to reoccur.” He said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed to the kitchen. She turned around and sighed.

Instead of having a boyfriend, she gained another father.

What am I going to do?

“This is perfect.” Cheryl said as she sat down in front of Chris. The two were in Chris’s dorm room as they were about to eat dinner.

“Well, I thought since you were serving people all day, it’s only fitting to serve you.”

Cheryl smiled as Chris put a plate of baked chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes in from of her.

My favorite,” She said as she leaned toward Chris to kiss him.

“I know what my baby likes.”

Cheryl picked up her fork and began to dig into her food.

“Did you get your classes in order?” she asked.

“Yeah. I have some business courses lined up. I can’t believe this time next year I will be graduating.”

“I’m proud of you. I know I will be ecstatic when my graduation day arrives.”

“It will come soon.”

“Yeah, but the thought of medical school is what bothering me. Chris, I have so much on my plate and when I do get accepted, how am I going to balance everything? I know school alone will take up all of my time.”

“Why are you worrying about that now? You still have two years to think about that.”

“If I want to do early acceptance to a program, I have to think about that now. Not only that, but I do have to think about the classes I’m going to take now. Programs look at your marks from previous classes.”

“Cher, take one thing at a time. For starters, you’re doing well in school and for the spring you’re taking more courses that are in your major. You are going to do great, so why are you trippin?”

Cheryl put her fork onto her plate and sighed.

“I guess you’re right. I guess with all the stress I’ve been experiencing lately I just started to think about everything else. Thanks for bringing me back down to reality.”

“No problem. Now let’s not think about stress or anything in that matter and just think about us.” Chris said, as he went over to Cheryl. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and went over to his stereo. He pushed the “on” button and the sounds of Jill Scott came into the room. He went over to Cheryl and grabbed her hand.

“You care to dance?”

“I would love to.” Cheryl said as she took Chris’ hand and the two went towards the stereo. As they started to dance, she lean in closer and touch Chris’ shoulders.

Some things can be left unanswered.


“What are you thinking about ?” Shawn asked Riana.

The two were in Shawn’s apartment watching TV. After the big news, the two decided not to go out, but spend some time alone. Now the two were sitting on the couch in perfect bliss.

“Just wondering how things will be when school starts back. I have had so much fun these past few weeks and when classes start back, it will be back to studying mode.”

“Tell me about it. But we can always find some time to relax.” He said as he started to nibble on Riana’s ear.

As he started to kiss Riana’s neck, visions of Marcus started to appear in her head. Since Riana have been dating Shawn, she has come across Marcus a couple of times. But now that he’s dating Britney, he was always around. She never thought about him much, but after seeing him today, she still couldn’t get the thought out of her mind.

Why am I thinking about Marcus? she thought as Shawn looked at her.

“Are you okay? You looked confused about something.”

She looked at Shawn and smiled.

“I’m fine. Besides it nothing you need to worry about.”

The door started to open as Britney and Marcus walked in. Riana looked at the door and turned her head away. Marcus went into the living room and looked at Shawn.

“What’s up?” Marcus asked.

“Hey bro. Hey Brit.” Shawn said.

Britney looked at Riana and smiled. The smile said it all about earlier.

Riana looked at Britney and rolled her eyes.

Marcus went over to Riana with a sincere look on his face.

“Ri, I’m really sorry about today. I know I should have been more responsible since that is your place as well as Brit’s.”

“It’s okay, Marcus. Like you said, you didn’t know I was at home.”

Shawn looked from Riana to Marcus in a confused state.

“Is there something I should know?” he asked.

“It’s nothing major. Riana just saw Marcus in the buff.” Britney said as she went to the kitchen.

“What? Why didn’t you say anything?” Shawn asked in shock.

“It didn’t come up. Besides, it was an accident.”

“Why are we still talking about this? It won’t happen again.” Marcus said.

Shawn looked at the two and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” asked Riana.

“Oh come on, you don’t think it’s funny?”

“No. How would you like it if Britney saw you naked?”

“If it was an accident, it would be something I would laugh off. Riana, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Besides Marcus seen you half naked, remember?

Britney raised one of her eyebrows in curiosity while Riana looked at Shawn as if he had lost his mind.

“Why did you bring that up?”

“To prove a point. Accidents happen, so just move on from it.”

Britney nodded her head in agreement while Marcus looked at Riana with a small smile on his lips.

“I get it now, so let’s forget about it. Now on to a lighter subject, Shawn has some great news to share.”

“What is it, bro?” Marcus asked.

“I got an internship at Channel 2 starting next week. My former teacher gave me a recommendation to the news station and now I’ll be interning in the audio department. I might also get some time inside the studio as a reporter.”

“Wow Shawn, congratulations.” Britney said.

“Yeah bro, congrats.” Marcus said as he went up to Shawn to give him a hug.
“This is what you’ve been working for. I’m proud of you.”

Riana looked at the two with tears in her eyes. It was good to see family sticking together and being happy for each other.

Shawn looked over at Riana and went to her.

“Look at you, being all emotional.”

“It’s good to see you two happy.”

“Yeah, everything is perfect in my life.”

Riana smiled. “Yeah, it is.”

She turned her head toward Marcus and Britney. She noticed how good they were together as he pushed some hair from Britney’s face.

Whatever thoughts you’re have, stop thinking about them. It’s not worth losing everything you have.

Shawn put his arm around Riana and pulled her close to him.

“Is something wrong? You’ve been kind of spacey lately.”

Riana kissed Shawn on the cheek.

“I’m fine. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, Part 3

The next chapters are up for the lost story….


There was only a month left until the end of the semester and for winter break to arrive. Monica looked at her notes for her Government class in a daze. It has been a month since she found out she was pregnant and now she was three months along.

Since she found out she was pregnant, Monica really haven’t thought about anything else. She can’t concentrate on her school work and half the time she just sat alone in her room and cried. She missed Donnell so much. She wished she could talk to him and see how he was doing.

I miss him so much. she thought while going into the kitchen. She opened one of the cabinets and got a bag of pretzels. She noticed during the third month of her pregnancy she was always hungry.

At least I can keep stuff down now. she thought as she bit into an unsalted pretzel. During the second month, she was running into the bathroom every five seconds.

As she look at her notes one more time, the door to the apartment opened and Cheryl walked in with an armful of groceries. She looked over at Monica and smiled. To Monica, it seemed as if Cheryl was in a better mood since she started dating Chris. She even has been nice to her, which was unusual.

“Hey, Monica. How are you doing?”

“Good, thanks.”

Cheryl walked into the kitchen and put the plastic bags onto the counter. She walked back over to her and sat down beside her.

“I know we haven’t been friends in the past and that I never really liked you nor Britney being Ri’s friends, but now that I’ve lived with the two of you, I noticed a difference in you that makes me think twice about you all being friends.”

“And what is that, Cheryl?”

“I don’t know. I guess the fact that you three are so close. That’s why I never really like you two because I was jealous of the bond you three had.”

Monica put down her notes and looked at Cheryl in a different light. She never thought Cheryl would be jealous of her and Britney. She just thought Cheryl was antisocial towards people that didn’t fit her standards.

“Why would you be jealous? You’re Ri’s cousin. You two should have a bigger and better bond than me and Britney.”

“I know, but I noticed the way you three are and it seems like you all could pass off as sisters. Y’all always been there for each other, and even though what Britney done to Riana was wrong, I knew those two would be friends again. Friendships like that don’t fade away that quickly.”

“You know, I have always been kind of jealous of how you and Ri were too. Even though we’re all friends, Ri doesn’t tell us everything. The first person she goes to is you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Believe me, I know. Cheryl, it’s nothing for all of us to be jealous of. Ri is such a great person and she has all sorts of people in her life that is unique. When she looks at me, you, and Britney, she doesn’t see any difference in us; she looks at us as family. She always has and always will.”

Cheryl nodded her head in agreement and smiled.

“I guess you’re right. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to put all my feelings towards you and Britney to the side for now on. I think that since we’re roommates, we should all get to know each other a little better.”

Monica smiled.

“I’d like that, and I will do the same.”

Cheryl extended her hand out to Monica.



The two shook hands on the agreement.

“I meant what I said about being there for you and the baby. Anything you need I will be here.”

Monica looked at Cheryl with a happy expression.

“Thank you.”

Cheryl got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. Monica smiled.

I think everything is going to okay now.

Riana and Shawn were at Shawn’s apartment putting the finishing touches on their project. They decided to take a little break from working and were now having cuddle time. A little break turned into two hours and the two were on the couch kissing.

Ever since she met Shawn, Riana always been physically attracted to him; but now since they became a couple, she started to have feelings for him that she never had for any other guy, including Isaac. Now she was pondering the thought of making Shawn her first.

She pulled away from him and sat up straight on the couch. Shawn looked at Riana and sat up with her.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just started to think about something.”

“From the way you’re looking, it must be serious.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

“Well, you can tell me.”

Riana gave Shawn a sweet smile.

“I don’t think I should. It was something that just came into my head.”

“You were thinking about sex, were you?”

“How did you know?”

“I can tell how you were looking when we were kissing. Listen, I don’t want you to think that you need to have sex to satisfy me. I told you the day we started our relationship that I respect your decision. You don’t have to have sex to please me or our relationship.”

“You think that’s why I’m thinking about it?”

“Yeah, unless you’re thinking about it because you want to.”

“Shawn, I am human and I do think about sex. Ever since I met you, my beliefs have taken a different turn and I’m having thought I never had before. It seems that every time I see you I want to tell you to make love to me. I want to know what it feels like to have you inside of me. To feel good and to be loved. I always thought if you’re that good with your tongue, imagine what else you’re good at.”

Just hearing Riana talk made Shawn want to do the things she just mentioned. He always thought about making love to Riana. To feel her body next to his and be with her in a way she never experienced. He wanted to be her first, but he also respected her decision and felt that she need to stay true to her beliefs.

Shawn put his hand in Riana and smiled.

“Baby, I know you’re probably thinking that sex is such a wonderful experience shared by two people. Trust me, it is; but I think we need to wait. Believe me, I have thought about making love to you for hours, but baby I know you and I know that you probably will regret it if you went through with it.”

“No I won’t. Shawn, I haven’t told you this because I didn’t know how or if it was the right time, but Shawn, I’m falling in love with you.”

Shawn looked speechless at Riana as his heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe what Riana was telling him. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes and gave her a kiss so magnificent they both felt like they were on a natural high. Why they pulled apart, Riana smiled at Shawn.

“Wow; where did that come from?”

“From what you just said; Ri, I’m falling in love with you too. In fact, I always been in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. I know that sounds crazy because no one believes in love at first sight. Even I didn’t believe in it, but baby, I don’t know if it’s that or if its fate, but I love you Riana Robertson.”

Tears started to flow from Riana’s eyes. She stared into Shawn’s eyes and realized that what he was saying was no joke. He was really being sincere and that the words he just belted out to her was how he was feeling. Riana has never seen a man be so genuine with his feelings before and it made her happy; not only happy, but extremely turned on.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Shawn said.

He took his hand and gently wiped her tears away. Riana tenderly grabbed Shawn’s hand and kissed it. Just the feel of Riana’s lips on any part of his body made Shawn’s manhood rise.

Riana didn’t stop with Shawn’s hand. She kissed his neck and went up to his ear, gently putting her tongue in his earlobe and lightly caressing his ear. Shawn let out a soft moan while Riana went back to his neck and towards his chest.

While Riana was seducing him with her kisses, Shawn wanted so bad to pick her up and carry her to his bed, take off her clothes nice and slow, and make her body feel so good with all the emotions he had inside of him.

But I can’t do that. I love her too much for her to regret what might happen.

When Riana started to unbuckle Shawn’s jeans, he put his hand on Riana’s shoulders and pulled her up to face him.

“I can’t let you do this, not now anyway.”

“Why not?”

“Ri, I love you, but I can’t let you do something you might regret. You are such an important person in my life and I don’t want to hurt you in any way. I will always support you on whatever decision you make; so in other words, I have to support you on this. I’m sorry baby.”

Riana looked at Shawn as if her world just came to an end. She gave Shawn a disappointed stare and got up from the couch in a hurry. She goes over to the table and grabbed her books and notebook and stuffed them in her backpack furiously.

“Damn.” Shawn said under his breath as he got up from the couch. He went over to Riana and took her hand, but she pushed him away from her.

“Why are you so upset? I’m trying to be supportive with what you decided when we got into a relationship. I know you’re attracted to me and want something to happen, but you have to realize that once you go through with it there’s no going back.”

“I understand that, but I thought if two people loved each other then they should be able to express their feelings. Shawn, I love you and I’m willing to give myself to you. If I don’t have a problem with it¸ then why should you?”

“Because I really love you and I don’t want you regretting the actions you make after it’s all over. Ri, you mean so much more to me than your body. I look at you and see a strong, beautiful, talented woman who don’t take shit from anyone and who stands up for her beliefs. What make this any difference from the other decisions you make in life? Why are you backing down from this one?”

“I don’t know. I guess because you’re so different from the other guys I’ve been with. I see you and think you’re too good to be true. You’re just a wonderful guy that makes me feel so special. You’re nice, sweet, kind, and not to mention fine as hell. I guess that’s why lately my body been talking more than my mind. I’m not thinking straight and I’m probably will regret it if something did happen.”

“Like you said, you’re human, but thinking and acting out are two different things and to me, it’s better to think about things before you react to them.”

Riana looked at Shawn and wrapped her arms around him. Shawn put his arms around Riana and began to smell the mango scent she always wears. He moved his hand up and down her arm and back.

“I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.”

“It’s okay. I understand you’re frustrated. I know you want some.”

Riana laughed and playfully hit Shawn on his shoulder.

“Whatever. You know you do too.”

“I do, but when the time is right, we will and it will be an experience we both will cherish forever.” he said.

He took Riana’s hand and kissed the back of it with his soft lips.

Riana’s body quiver from the feel of his touch.

“Let’s get back to the project.” Shawn said.

“Sure.” Riana said.

And the two went back to the couch.


Cheryl went up to Chris’ dorm room and knocked on the door. After talking to Monica and burying the hatchet with her, Cheryl decided she need to straighten some other issues she had in her life.

Before going over to Chris’, Cheryl went to an advisor and changed her major. She didn’t want to be a psychologist; that was her parents’ dream. She wanted to be a surgeon. And if her parents didn’t respect her decision, then they didn’t respect her as a person.

Chris opened the door revealing only a towel wrap around his privates. Cheryl looked at Chris and kissed him roughly on the lips. Just the thought of Chris opening the door with only a towel on made Cheryl want to take him right there on the floor.

Chris closed the door while kissing Cheryl in the process. The two went over to his bed and fell down with a loud thump. Cheryl pulled away from Chris and sat up on the bed. Before they started something they couldn’t finish, she needed to talk to Chris about her sudden decisions.

“Nice to see you too; what’s up?” Chris asked. He moved up from the bed and went to his closet.

“Why did you answer the door with only a towel on? This is a co-ed dorm you know. I don’t want some other chick looking at my man’s body.”

“Ah, my baby’s jealous.” Chris said. He went over to Cheryl and stood over her. He looked into her eyes and gave her a sexy grin.

“You know that turns me on.” he said in a sexy tone.

“It bet it does. What else turns you on?”

“You.” he said. He kissed her and the two was right where they left off. Before Cheryl got caught up in doing something with Chris, she put a finger to his lips and smiled.

“Before we start something we can’t finish, I need to talk to you.”

“Okay, what is it?” he asked. He sat down on the bed besides her.

Cheryl turned her body so she could face Chris.

“For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things that has happened to me since I started this semester. Everything sort of changed for me; starting a new year, meeting you, calling a truce with Monica, and now my classes.

“Since I’ve met you, you showed me a way to see things that I have noticed for years, but just never acted on them because it would hurt the people around me. I always listen to other people make decisions for me; I never realized how much this affected me growing up and even now. It had to take you to show me that I can stand up to anyone, even the people who gave me life.”

“Cheryl, it didn’t take me to make you understand how your life is. Yeah, I made have open your eyes, but you knew all along what was happening. You just didn’t want to disappoint anyone if you had a difference in opinion.”

“I know and that’s why I decided to change my major to pre-med. I talked to my advisor, Ms.Adams, and she told me since I’ve only been taking my core classes during my freshmen and sophomore year, I shouldn’t have any problems changing majors. With the extra classes and summer school, I could graduate on time and start medical school.”

Chris smiled and gave Cheryl a hug.

“I’m so proud of you, baby. I know this is what you wanted.”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Being a doctor has always been my dream. I couldn’t see myself being in a profession that I didn’t choose. That’s what my parents wanted me to do, and if they don’t respect my decision to be a doctor, then I guess they never really cared about me.”

“It’s not that, it just your parents want what’s best for you. They just like every other parent out there in the world who loved their children a little too much. They just don’t know when to let go.”

“Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I was going to my parents’ house tomorrow and I was hoping if you’re not busy if you would like to come with me? I know this is sudden, but I would really like it if you was there with me.”

Chris looked at Cheryl and ran his hand down his low cut fade. He didn’t know if he wanted to meet Cheryl’s parents. He didn’t want to have their first meeting to end in a cuss out.

I have to do this for Cheryl.

He smiled and gave Cheryl another hug.

“Of course I’ll be there for you. Just let me know what time and I’ll go.”

Cheryl gave Chris a squeeze as she inhaled the scent of his pine fresh soap he showered with.

“Thank you so much.”

“No problem, baby.”

The two pull apart and smiled.

“I’m really happy for you, Cheryl. I hope your parents see what I see in you.”

Cheryl nodded her head.

“I hope so too.”


After the two worked the entire afternoon on their project, Riana and Shawn were finish and ready to take to for editing. Riana put her arms around Shawn and gave him a big hug, congratulating him on a job well done.

“We’re finally finished.”

“I know; I felt like we’re been doing this forever.”

“We have.” Riana said while laughing.

Shawn’s expression turned from happy to serious as he put his head on Riana’s shoulder.

“Since we have a lot of time on our hands, how should we spend it?”

Riana moved her hand onto Shawn’s chest and smiled.

“I don’t know; you tell me.”

Shawn leaned over and reached for Riana’s lips. They started to engage in a heated kiss, as Riana put her hand behind the back of Shawn’s neck to pull him closer to her.

Shawn started to unbutton Riana’s pink colored shirt. He slowly took it off her body, admiring her caramel colored skin. He removed her bra and bent down to touch her breast with his tongue. Riana leaned back and sighed softly as Shawn slid his tongue around the nipple.

Shawn knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to taste every part of Riana’s body. She looked up and pulled Shawn’s shirt over his head. She moved her lips up and down his chest, making him wonder if he made the right decision in talking Riana out of sex. The two looked at each other knowing they wanted more than just kissing and groping.

Shawn unzipped Riana’s jeans and pulled them down to the floor. He slid off her panties and threw them on the floor as well. As he goes back to Riana’s lips to kiss her, he inserted his index finger into her while kissing her neck.

“Damn, baby you’re wet.” he whispered in Riana’s ear, making her even more excited.

Riana’s body started to heave in and out Shawn slowly inserted another finger into her, making her cry out in pure pleasure.

As Shawn quickened his movement, Riana’s moans became even louder.

“Come for me, baby.” Shawn whispered, setting Riana over the edge.

As she lifted her hips onto Shawn’s fingers, her body started to tighten, causing her to scream out his name.

She looked at Shawn, while he carefully removed his fingers from her. He put his lips to hers as he gave her a sensual kiss. He put his face to her as she tried to slow her breathing.

“I need you.” Riana whispered.


“Baby, I’m ready. I need to feel you, now.”

Without hesitation, Riana unbuckled Shawn’s jeans and began to kiss him. The two heard a bunch of keys jingling from the outside, but they were in their own world. The door to the apartment opened, and a guy, who looked identical to Shawn, but a little older, walked in with a bunch of bags in his hands. He looked up at the two and nearly dropped all his bags on the floor.

Shawn and Riana look up at the guy and Shawn nearly fell off the couch. Riana quickly tried to find her clothes, but couldn’t find them anywhere. The guy looked at the two and started laughing.

“Hey man, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I can come back when you’re finish.”

“Shut up and close the door!” Shawn said.

He got up and zipped his jeans back up. He went over to the guy and took some of the bags from his hands. Riana finally found her clothes and headed into the bathroom.

Shawn looked at the guy and slapped him on the back of the head.

“What was that for?” the guy asked while putting a bag of chips in the cabinet.

“You didn’t have to laugh. If I knew you were coming home early we would have been in my room.”

“Well excuse me. Next time I come to my place I’ll make sure and call to see if you’re not busy.”

“Real funny, Marcus. I don’t know why you’re saying your place. From the looks of it, I’m the only one who lives here since you’re never here.”

“I have business to take care of half the time. Besides, it seems like you rather for me to stay gone. So, that’s your new girl? Damn, she’s fine.”

“And mines. I saw you looking at her when you walked in. She’s off limits man.”

“How could I not look at her when she’s practically naked? You know I would never hurt my little brother by pushing up on your girl. You should know I wouldn’t do that.”

Shawn laughed and playfully pushed his brother into the refrigerator. Marcus pushed Shawn towards the kitchen drawer. When the two was play fighting in the kitchen, Riana finally came out of the bathroom.

After being embarrassed as hell when Shawn’s brother walked in and seen her naked on the couch, she didn’t know whether to grab her clothes and leave or lock herself in the bathroom. She chose the better choice and went to the bathroom.

She walked into the living room and saw Marcus putting Shawn in a headlock. To Riana, it seemed as if the two was fighting, but realized that was their way of “playing around.”

When the two saw Riana, they stopped play fighting. Shawn went over to Riana and smiled.

“I’m so sorry about my brother walking in on us.”

“It’s okay.” Riana said softly.

Marcus walked over to the two and smiled.

“Hey Riana, I’m Marcus, Shawn’s brother.” he said while extending his hand out to her. Riana smiled and shook Marcus’ hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“The same; even though it was under unusual circumstances.”

Riana laughed.

“How did you two meet?”

“We met at the club. He spilled a drink on me.” Riana said while smiling brightly at Shawn.

“It was an accident though.” Shawn said while laughing.

Marcus looked at the two and smiled.

“Well nice meeting you again, Riana. I have to get ready to go out.” he said while walking towards his room.

Shawn looked at Marcus leaving and followed him to his room. When Shawn approached the room, he saw Marcus looking through his closet.

“You’re going out again?”

“I had a little break from work so I decided to go to the store. Now I’m heading back to work.”

“Marcus, I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re never here, and when you are, you’re sneaking around like you’re hiding something. Is something going on with you, because if it is I can help.”

“It’s nothing to worry about. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and that’s going to school to become something of yourself.”

“That’s all good, but if you’re in trouble, I would like to know. I figured I’m your brother, so I should help you any way I can.”

Marcus looked at Shawn while shaking his head.

“I always thought I was the big brother, but it seems like you’re the one protecting me. Listen, nothing is going on. Even if it was, I can take care of it myself. Don’t worry about me, okay. Now, I think you have a fine ass girl waiting on you in the living room, so let me get dress and you two go back to whatever you were doing.” he said while taking a shirt from the closet.

Shawn looked at his brother and sighed. He knew something was going on with his brother, but of course he won’t tell him.

Whatever is going on, I’ll be there for you.

He looked at Marcus changing shirts and walked out of the room.

He walked back into the living room to be with Riana, but she was nowhere in sight.

“Where did she go?”

He noticed the door to his room was closed, so he walked up to it.

I know this door was opened. he thought.

He slightly opened the door and saw Riana stretched out on his bed wearing only her bra and panties. Just looking at Riana’s body made Shawn greatly aroused. He walked in and smiled at the beauty lying on his bed.

“What made you decide to come in here?”

Riana smiled.

“I thought it was best if we picked up where we left off in here.”

Shawn walked over to Riana and lay on the bed.

“Where exactly was that?”

Riana smiled and the two started to kiss.

After going to her Government class, Monica decided to go home. She was walking around the quad to her car when she realized that today was the first time since she been pregnant that she felt energized. She felt so good that she actually wanted to walk to her apartment instead of driving.

But I’m not going to take any chances. she thought as she went to her Toyota Camry, which was parked near the Student Services Building.

As she went to her car, she noticed someone was standing by it waiting impatiently for someone to come back to their car. When Monica got closer, she noticed the person was waiting for her, and it was Malcolm. When she saw him with an angry expression on his face, a small lump started to form in her throat. Her feeling of being energized quickly changed to anxiety as she wiped the sweat that was forming on her forehead.

After talking to Cheryl earlier that day, Monica decided to clear things up in her life as well. After finding Malcolm’s number in the bottom of her purse, she called him to tell him that she was pregnant, but instead of talking to him, she talked to his voicemail. She told him to meet her after her Government class by her car so they could talk. Now after seeing Malcolm with an pissed-off look on his face only made Monica wish she told him to meet her in a crowded area instead of a parking lot. She took a deep breath and walked over to him.

“Hey.” she said softly.

Malcolm looked at Monica and sighed.

“You left a message on my voicemail. What’s up?” he asked impatiently.

Monica stared at Malcolm with an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. She didn’t know whether to tell him she was pregnant, but he had to know he could be the father.

“I know it has been awhile since we saw each other, but there’s something important I have to tell you.”

“I thought you said after that night we wouldn’t have to talk again. That’s the whole idea of a one-night stand.” Malcolm said.

“I know that, but I really have to tell you something. This is something that will affect the both us.”

Malcolm looked at Monica with a disbelief look on his face.

“You don’t have something, do you? Are you telling me you have a STD and I might have it too?”

“No Malcolm, that’s not it. That’s far from it.”

“Then what it is? I don’t have all day, so whatever it is just say it.”

Monica put her hands towards her face in a prayer position and took another deep breath before speaking. She had to tell a guy she barely knew that she could be carrying his child and it’s going to take all of her strength to do it.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. I’m three months pregnant.”

Malcolm looked at her as if she lost her mind. He turned away from her as if he was trying to walk away.

“You’re lying. You can’t be. I mean we met in August, and this is November. You could have slept with someone else in that time period.”

“Yeah, I could have, but you’re the only person who I didn’t use a condom with. I’m not saying you’re the father, but it’s a possibility.”

“Are you crazy! Why should I believe someone that I picked up at a club and slept with? You could be saying this because the real father won’t take responsibility for it. Is that it? If it is, I’m sure in hell not taking care of it.”

Malcolm started to walk away from Monica’s car. Monica started to walk behind him.

“Can you stop walking please? Just listen to me. I needed to tell you this because you could be the father. I didn’t want you to not know about the person growing inside me. I want my child to know who their father is, whether you like it or not. If it is yours, are you going to take care of him or her?”

“I don’t know. This might not even be mines. In fact, how do I know you’re pregnant? You could be saying this to get back into my life. I already told you that night that all I wanted was sex and nothing else. I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I don’t want to be with you.”

“I’m not playing any games; I am pregnant. Can’t you tell from when you saw me at the club and now? My stomach is bigger.”

“You could have put on some weight; or you could be wearing those pads people wear in movies to look pregnant.”

Monica looked at Malcolm and rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe she wasted her time on this loser!

“I tried to do the right thing and tell you that you could be the father of this child, but now that I think about it, telling you was a huge mistake.”

“You damn right it was. Even if you are pregnant and it’s mines, I won’t take responsibility for it. So you and your bastard child can get the hell out of my face and find some other sucker to take care of it.”

“You are unbelievable! To think I was with you just to have fun. My life changed so much and it’s all because of you! You weren’t even all that in bed, so I don’t even know why I wasted my time on your sorry ass.”

Malcolm turned around and gave Monica a frosty stare. Just the look in his eyes made Monica frighten.

“Now I know you’re tripping. You ain’t nothing but some cheap ass bitch who is trying to find some punk to take care of you and your child. If that the case, you chose the wrong man because I don’t want anything to do with you. Now get the hell out of my face!”

“I know you didn’t call me a bitch! You need to apologize to me.”

“The hell if I will.”

“No, you need to.” Monica said. She stepped closer to Malcolm and looked at him with a stare so cold it could had turned him to ice.

“You need to get out of my face.”

“And what if I don’t?”

Malcolm raised his hand up to Monica as he tried to hit her. Monica blocked Malcolm’s blow with her backpack. The impact of the heavy backpack caused Malcolm to lose his balance and almost fell backwards.

Monica turned around and ran towards her car. Malcolm ran after her, trying to catch up to her. Instead of going to her car, Monica was running towards the Student Services Building. She looked behind her to see if Malcolm was following her. As she faced forward, she noticed a guy was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Before she could avoid him, she tripped on her own feet, causing her to fall face first on the ground. The guy stopped in his tracks and threw his bike down on the grass.

Malcolm watched at the scene unfolding and slowly turned around. He started to walk in the opposite direction as if nothing happened.

The guy went over to Monica and tried to help her up, but she wasn’t moving.

“Are you okay? Miss, can you hear me?”

Monica was lying unconscious on the ground. As the guy looked around for help, he noticed no one was near. He didn’t know whether if he could move Monica, be he took a chance. He carefully picked her up and rushed towards the Health Center.


Britney was going up to her old apartment and sighed. She promised Monica she would stop by and check up on her to see if she was okay. As she rang the doorbell, she noticed no one was answering.

“I guess no one is home.”

She turned around and headed down the stairs. When she did, she noticed Isaac was standing by her car smiling at her.

“You didn’t think I would find you, did you?”

Britney looked at Isaac with fear in her eyes.


Riana and Shawn were laying in Shawn’s bed looking at each other in total amazement. Riana snuggled closer to Shawn and started to nibble on his ear. She loved being in love. The idea of having emotions that was so dear and special for someone is a great feeling.

And having someone return those feelings are even special. Riana thought.

Shawn kissed Riana’s neck and smiled.

“What are you thinking about, baby?”

“Nothing, I’m just so happy that I’m here lying in your arms. Did your brother leave? I hope he didn’t hear anything in here.”

“He left. I heard the door close. Besides, you don’t have anything to worry about as far as my brother is concern. I was thinking since Marcus probably going to be gone the whole night that you might want to spend the night with me? I understand if you don’t want to since you’re been keeping an eye on Monica lately, but I was wondering since you really didn’t have any space at your place that maybe you want to be somewhere less congested.”

Riana laughed.

“Like you care if it’s crowded at my place. Just admit it; you don’t want me to leave.”

Shawn laughed.

“No I don’t. I would love to have you in my arms when I go to sleep and see your beautiful face when I wake up.”

“You know if I stay I’m going to look kind of bad and have morning breath.”

“Baby, you could never look bad in my eyes.”

Riana smiled and kissed Shawn on the lips.

After Shawn discovered Riana in his room, the two have done everything a couple in love does: Talk, cuddle, and pleasing each other. Even though the two decided not to have sex yet, Riana found other ways to please Shawn. Not only did it make him happy, but it was a complete turn on for Riana.

“So, how was my performance?” Riana asked.

Shawn smiled. “It was magnificent.”

While Riana snuggled up to Shawn even more, Shawn started to caress her hair through his fingers.

“I love you so much, Ri.”

“I love you too, Shawn.”

The two moved closer to give each other a kiss. Riana pulled Shawn on top of her as Shawn moved his hand down her body. As his weight started to press onto Riana, she felt himself rise, making her wet with excitement.

“I can’t wait any longer Shawn. I want you.” she whispered.

Shawn looked at her as he kissed her forehead.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I’m on the pill.”

Shawn gave her a confused look after her last statement.

“It’s for my periods. They’re sometime irregular.”

“Okay. I could still use a condom if you want me to.”

“It’s fine, Shawn.”

Riana pulled Shawn closer to her to kiss him. Shawn let his hand roam through Riana’s body as he stopped between her legs. He inserted a finger in her while he kissed her breast.

“That feels so good.” Riana said as she laid her head back on her pillow.

Shawn licked his lips as he supplied kisses onto Riana’s body.

As Shawn increased Riana’s good feeling, he stopped to look into her brown eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Baby, I’ve never been so sure about something in my life.”

Shawn kissed Riana’s cheek as he reached into his nightstand drawer to retrieve a condom. As he was putting it on, Riana started to move her tongue on his shoulder. Shawn let out a moan, which only made Riana more than ready.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he gently laid on top of Riana.

Riana nodded, not knowing what to expect.

As Shawn was about to put the tip into Riana, the sound of Riana’s ringtone filled the walls of the bedroom.

“Who is calling?” Riana asked in an irritated tone. She picked up her phone from the nightstand and noticed the number was unfamiliar.


Shawn fell back on his side of the bed in annoyance.

“Hello, is this Riana Robertson?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“I’m Dr. Wilson at the Health Center at Shaw University. Sorry to bother you, but Monica Taylor was brought in a few minutes ago by one of the students here. From the looks of your friend, it seems she was in an accident. We contacted you because your number was on her contact list.”

“Is she okay? What caused the accident?”

“From what the witness stated she was running down the sidewalk. She was looking behind her to see if someone was following her. When she turned around, she noticed him riding his bike and fell on the ground.”

“But is she okay? She’s three months pregnant, doctor.”

“I realized that when I ran some tests on her. As far as I know Monica is okay, but the baby she’s carrying I’m not so sure about. I decided to send her to the hospital for further testing, just to be safe.”

Riana put her head in her hands and sigh heavily. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What made Monica have an accident? Why was she running in the first place, especially in her condition?

Unless she was arguing with someone.

After Riana received the hospital information from Dr. Wilson, she thanked her for contacting her and hung up her phone. She looked at Shawn as he gave her a hug.

“Is Mon okay?”

“I don’t know. I can’t believe Monica would go talk to the guy she slept with from the club. She should have known that was going to cause drama.”

“How you know if she did talk to him?”

“I have a feeling she did. I know a couple of days ago she said she was going to, but she didn’t know how to tell him. So more likely she did.”

“What makes you think that was the cause of the accident?”

“I just have a feeling. They probably got into a heated argument and more likely she was trying to get away from him. She didn’t notice the guy and the bike and fell.”

“Which hospital was she admitted to?”

“Penbrook. Let’s get dress.” Riana said.

As they got up from the bed, Riana looked at Shawn with a worried look.

“I hope Mon and the baby are okay.”

Shawn went over to Riana and hugged her.

“I hope so too.”