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Happy Sunday everyone!! I’m proud to announce that I have a new book coming out very soon!! The fourth and final installment of Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story is coming only to Amazon on July 16th! This story will be a brand new novella, which will answer some of the questions you’re probably wondering from this series.

Although the novella will be out in July, you will have the chance to pre-order your copy now :

Preorder LLH: The Lost Story Part 4

Here is the book cover and synopsis to the story:


The crew is back in a brand-new novella!

With the aftermath of Shawn’s shooting and Riana’s health scare, the two are faced with hard decisions that could change their lives forever. Will the two be able to pick up the pieces to start a new life together?

Cheryl and Marcus are slowly building their relationship together, but when an old flame come back to haunt the two, will they be able to go full steam ahead or will it put a halt on their new-found relationship?

Britney thought she was doing the right thing with ending her relationship with Nick, but the feelings she has for him are hard to ignore. Will she be able to have it all or will everything she had worked hard for come crashing down?

Monica is head over heels in love with Chris, but after learning a hurtful secret about him, will she be able to keep her relationship together, or will she be left out in the cold?

The crew may have their college careers down, but they have a lot to decide in their personal lives. Will everyone be able to get it together and life the lives they’re destined to have? Find out this and more in the fourth and final installment in LLH: The Lost Story.


If you not read parts 1-3 of the series, now is the chance to catch up before the new story is released. All three are available now on Amazon.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3





One Shot With A Baller is available now on Amazon! 1-Click for $0.99 or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited. 

The link is at the bottom of the post. 😀

Jayden Robertson and Zack Hall are two of the hottest players in the NBA, and with them being the captains of the new team in Baker, they are unstoppable. Although their game on the court is on point, their personal lives are far from it.

Jayden and his girl, Britney Lewis have always been loyal to each other. However, with the pressure of the league, as well as Britney’s desires of starting a family, Jayden is not sure what to do. When an incident involving Britney comes to light, Jay soon realizes he has to do what is necessary to protect his girl; even if it means destroying everything that he has worked so hard for.
Zack is not only committed to his girl, Dominique Sawyer, but every other woman that gives him some play. He let the fame and notoriety go to his head, leading him to make questionable choices that could get him banned from the league. When he meets an old friend in an unlikely place, he begins to see what is most important to him. But, will it be much too late? 
Jayden and Zack have always been focused on their games, but can they clean up the mess that is occurring in their lives? Find out in part 1 of One Shot With A Baller.

Redemption Is Coming April 30!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I have the cover for Redemption, which will be available on all major sites April 30th.


Here it is:

cute young african american couple kissing in bed

I also haven’t done my “Things You Should Know” post in awhile, so I’m bringing it back. Here are 6 spoilers you should know about the story:


1. Time Frame: As you may know, this will pick up where Love Always left off. Since the last scene was done a year later from the previous story, it will be around the year 2017 (this will also be the same for Kevin’s story as well).

2. Flashbacks: There will be a lot of flashbacks in this story that will tell Nathan’s version to what happened in the most important scenes in the LLH series. From the first time him and Riana were intimate to the fight he got in with Jayden, he will tell his side to how things really happened. As the saying goes, there’re always two sides to every story.

3. Grandma Hattie: She will play a very important role in Nathan’s story. It will also show a side of his parents that even Nathan didn’t know exist.

4. Rachel: Nathan and Rachel met while attending Texas Tech and were only together because of Shawn and Riana. Now, the two are trying to establish a relationship. With the issues Nathan has with his parents and the guilt he has about Riana, can the two be together or will it tear them apart?

5. Riana: Nathan still feels guilty with everything that has happened to Riana. Does he still have feelings for her even though she’s married?

6. The Walker Men: I missed Shawn and Marcus. You all know the scenes Nathan and Shawn will have based from the excerpt that I previously released on here as well as on my Facebook page. Of course Shawn will have his issues with Nathan, but will actually have a change of heart about him later in the story.

Find out what really happen with Nathan and the rest of the crew when Redemption, the final book in the LLH series is available on April 30th!! I will post the links once they go live! 🙂

Redemption- Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2 of Redemption!

After staring at the ceiling for another hour, it was time to go about my day. I wanted to meet up with my friend Isaac Harris before heading to go look for a job. I had to do something so I wouldn’t be in the house all day.

We were meeting at a sports bar to eat some wings and talk. Isaac and I had been friends since we met at a sports camp four years ago. Riana’s brother, Jayden, was also at the same camp, which is how they became friends.

Back in the day, Jayden and I were really great friends. We met during a teen sports camp when we were thirteen and were friends ever since. That was how I met Ri. Of course Jay was a little hesitant in me talking to her, mainly because of his overprotectiveness; but I guess it was for good reason.

Since their father passed, he was sort of her protector. He done everything for her, so I knew I couldn’t do anything to hurt her, or I would definitely feel his wrath. That was one thing I could say about Jay; he was a hothead and although he had changed somewhat after getting involved with Ri’s friend, Britney Lewis, he still had some anger in him; he just didn’t show it as much.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Isaac’s Jeep Cherokee. I parked beside him and turned off the ignition.

He got out of the truck and went over to my car.

“What’s up?” I asked as I gave him a brotherly hug.

“You the one who called me, so I should be asking you that.”

“I had to get out. My parents are driving me insane.”

“That’s their personalities; just deal with it.”

I sighed as we went to a booth near the window.  As soon as we sat down, I pulled out my phone, went to my texts and found what I was looking for. I handed the phone over to Isaac who gave me a puzzled look.

“Cute kid. Who is he?”

“My little cousin.  It’s Shawn’s son, Elis.”

Isaac gave me another puzzled look. “Why do you have a picture of him?”

“Porsha sent it today. I guess she wanted to rub it in at the life I could have had.”

“Which by the look on your face, it seemed as if you wanted. Now, I never knew the relationship you and Riana had, except for the times when you called her a slut and a whore.”

I sighed as I rubbed the back of my head.

“And based on that sigh, there’s more to the story, isn’t it?”

I glanced at him and nodded. “That’s definitely a lot more. When I said those things, I didn’t really mean it.”

“Wait, I’m really getting confused.”

“I only did it to make myself feel better about the situation I was in. I wanted it to seem as if she was the problem, when it was me the entire time.”

“Why? If you didn’t want to end things with her, then why did you?”
“Have you seen my parents? They would destroy anyone if they didn’t fit into their perfect world; including their son.”

“I know your parents are a little evil, but I don’t think they would disown you if you chose to be with someone they despised.”

“You really don’t know my parents.” I said as I grabbed a menu off of the table.

Thomas and Selena Bradford were the type of parents no child would want. They were evil and manipulative. They would get you to do anything to fit into their standards. If you didn’t agree to it, they would make your life a living hell. I should know; I’d lived through it since the moment I was born.

“Are you still terrified of them? Could had fooled me?”

“I’m not terrified of them; I just want my life to be in order and having them in it is sort of complicated. I didn’t want to piss them off even more, so I went along with whatever they wanted me to do.”

“Which was…?”

“I’m not telling you, even though it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“I think you need to get over what happened with Riana and start focusing on Rachel. She asked me what was going on with you. She knew you’d been kind of off since you found out about Riana and Shawn.”

“Which my parents had no problem rubbing in my face about. I still can’t believe she married him.”

“Well, you had your chance with her. No matter how you spin it, you blew it with her; so it’s time to move on.”

Isaac was right. I was a dick to her and she found someone else, so I should forget about her.

“You’re right. I need to focus on my relationship with Rachel. We have been together for a while now and I think I need to give her what she deserves. Maybe it’s time for us to move forward in our relationship.”

“You sure you want to? You should do it because you want to and not because you feel obligated to.”

“I know and I do.”

“Cool. Now, can we talk about something else besides women and relationships? This is giving me a damn headache.”

I smirked as Isaac stared at the menu. I knew I had to do something to show Rachel I cared about her. Whatever it is, it has to be good.


November, 2011

I looked at the clock above the fireplace mantel as I nervously wringed my hands together. I don’t know why I was so nervous. I guess I was since this was the night Riana and I was going to take things to the next level.  Or there could be another reason why. Knowing me, I would spill it all to Ri and the night would be ruined.

I continued to stare at the clock, wondering when she was going to arrive. Since we agreed to sleep together a couple of weeks ago, there was a piece of information I was withholding from her. When we talked about the issue of having sex, we both admitted that we were virgins, which Riana was surprised about on my end. We later agreed we would lose our virginities together, which was kind of romantic I guess; only I didn’t live up to my end of the agreement.

A month ago, after Dawson played William Morris High, I went to a party thrown by one of the students there. Actually, I should say my friends and I decided to invite ourselves to the party. I started talking to one of the girls that went there, who was extremely sexy. After a couple of drinks in me and a great conversation, we went upstairs and did it in one of the rooms. She didn’t even know I was a virgin, which I thought she would have picked up on, but I guess not. Ever since that night, I have been seeing the girl every now and then, which I felt really guilty about, especially since I love Riana.

I think the situation I was in had more to do with my parents then with Ri. They have constantly told me I shouldn’t be tied down to one person and date other girls. They figured since I had a promising football career that I shouldn’t be involved with anyone, especially if they try to get me into a situation I couldn’t get out of.

But they didn’t know Riana. She would never try to trap me. We are taking all the necessary precautions to practice safe sex by using condoms. I tried to get her to go on the pill, but she didn’t since she’s underage and needed her mom’s permission. She didn’t want her to know what we were doing, so I had to respect her wishes.

I sighed, realizing why I was nervous. It wasn’t because of what we were about to do; I just didn’t want to show my feelings in front of Ri. I was able to get away with it since the two of us haven’t been spending a lot of time together due to my practice schedule, but now, this may be harder then I realized.

The doorbell rang, which quickly led me to take a deep breath and go to the door. I changed my composure from nervous to happy as I opened the door. I gave a slow whistle to the beauty in front of me. She went all out for our night together. She looked absolutely beautiful, wearing a peach-colored minidress, which gave her caramel complexion a nice glow; her hair was up in a nice twist as her red lips gave a sweet smile. All the issues I had earlier were quickly fading as I pulled her into my arms and gave her a passionate kiss. She pulled away from me and smiled.

“I see you like the outfit.”

“It’s sexy, Ri.”

“Thanks. Britney and Monica helped me pick it out at the mall.”

“You actually bought something new for tonight?”

“Why wouldn’t I? This is a very special moment between the two of us.”

“I know.”

She walked into the foyer and I closed the door. I put my hands into my pockets as I stared at her.

“You look tense, Nate. I guess you’re just as nervous as I am.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Well, why don’t we loosen up a bit?”


“I don’t know. We could talk, or just let things go naturally. Let’s see where the night will take us.”

She batted her lashes, which made me smile. She has a certain way of making all of my problems disappear.

“Okay. Are you hungry? I could order Chinese.”

“No. We could watch a movie, if you want.”


Riana went over to the couch while I went to the TV. I picked out a movie and she looked at me.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great.”

“You seemed as if something is bothering you. If it is, you can tell me.”

I glanced at her and noticed the innocent look she had on her face. I knew the issues I had wasn’t her fault. It was mine because I wasn’t honest with myself. Maybe when I told her that sex wasn’t everything, it kind of was, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She deserved a lot better than what I was giving her.

Once I put the movie into the Blu-Ray player, I stood by the TV, wondering if I should go through with this. Maybe I should just tell her what happened so at least my conscience would be clear.

“Why are you over there? Come sit with me.” Riana said. She patted the space beside her and smiled.

I walked over and sat down. I put my arm around her and she cuddled against me.

“This is what I love the most with you. Just being beside you; you holding me tight.” She whispered.

I lowered my head and looked into her eyes. I placed my hand below her chin and slowly kissed her. Once we pulled apart, she got up from the couch and held her hand out to me.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

I slowly reached for her hand. The guilt I had was fading fast as it was being replaced by full-fledged lust. I wanted her and now, I was going to have my chance.

I swept her up in my arms as I held her against me. I pulled her tighter as we went up the stairs. Once we reached my room, I was ready to be with her.

I gently lay her down on the bed as I continued to stare into her eyes. That was one of the things I loved about her. She had amazing brown eyes.

That’s when I knew I wanted to be with her and only her now and forever….


I looked at Elis’ picture again and sighed. I don’t know why I was thinking about the night Ri and I first made love. That night I really did experience love for the first time; it was just my life that was in the way of me having that feeling again.

I also felt terrible to how that night turned into one of the most embarrassing moments for Riana. Really, there were more, but allowing others to see that moment between us made me feel like shit. That was something I never wanted to do to her. In fact, I didn’t even know it was recorded until Peter Connors asked to use my phone. To this day, I still don’t know how my phone recorded us. The only explanation I could think of was that I accidently hit the record button while I was taking it out of my jeans pocket.

I picked up a bouquet of red roses and went up to the register to pay. I decided I needed to do this right with Rachel by surprising her with a romantic dinner at my place. Since my parents would be out for a charity function, this would be the perfect opportunity to show her how I feel.

I was in line scrolling through my phone when I almost bumped into someone in front of me. I guess I needed to pay more attention.

The person turned around and rolled his eyes.

I shook my head and sighed. “Hello cousin.”

Shawn sighed and looked ahead of him.

“Of course you won’t say anything to me. That’s typical of you.”

He turned around and smirked. “Who the roses for? Please don’t say Rachel.”

“Why; haven’t got over her?”

“Trust me, I’d moved on with my life with an amazing woman. Something you knew about but blew it, like everything else in your life.”


“That’s the only thing you can say? That’s a surprise since you’re always running off at the mouth.”

“I’m not going to waste my time with you, Walker. I have more important things to do then to argue with you in a flower shop.”

“That’s something we can actually agree on.” He said and turned back around.

“I do need to ask if you’re coming to Grandma Hattie’s birthday party.”

“Do you really think I would tell you if I was? So you could stalk Riana?”

“Something you know all too well about.”

“What did you say?” Shawn asked as he got into my face. I knew we were about to start swinging any minute now. It wouldn’t be the first time in a public place.

Shawn and I always had a love/hate relationship, mainly because of my parents. My dad and Aunt Carolyn couldn’t stand each other, but still try to interact for Grandma Hattie’s sake. I knew it had something to do with her and Uncle Roland getting married and having Marcus during their senior year of college. My family felt she was making a mistake marrying him, since at the time; he didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Now, he’s laughing all the way to the bank with the success he had as an executive accountant working with some of the city’s best celebrities. Honestly, I admired Roland and his drive. That’s something I always wanted to strive for.

But as far as Shawn and I go, he was still a pompous, arrogant jerk who felt he could get with any female just by reciting a poem or singing a song to her. Well, it did work for Riana.

In honesty, he should not be upset with me about anything that has happened. If it wasn’t for the shit I went through with my parents, him and Riana wouldn’t have been together. He should be thanking me for being with her.

I looked him in the face as his hands were in fists. If he wanted to fight, he fucking got one.

“Still a smug ass bastard,” I said.

He was about to deck me when someone pulled him back. Of course, it was Marcus. I swear, those two doesn’t go anywhere without the other.

“I leave you in here to get flowers for Mom and you’re about to fight. In a flower shop!”

“Let go of me Marcus.” Shawn said through clenched teeth.

“Shawn, not only are you a father, but a public figure with the news. You can’t be going around getting into fights with everyone, even if it is with people like Nathan.” He said while staring at me.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I’m leaving.”

I put the roses back into the tin and went out of the door. I was going to my car when Marcus ran outside. I don’t know what the hell he wanted, but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

“What, you going to hit me since Shawn can’t? Can’t ruin his image, right?” I said while opening the door.

“Listen, I know we all can’t stand each other, but I’m willing to call a trace for Grandma Hattie’s sake. As you know, she’s not doing so well, that’s why the family is throwing her a party.”

I closed the door and leaned against the car. Of course no one told me about Grandma Hattie’s health. That’s one of the things I hated about being the black sheep of the family. Well, it wasn’t me that was the problem; it was my parents no one wanted to be around.

“I didn’t know, Marcus.” I said.

“I thought your parents would have said something.”

That’s if I actually talked to them. I thought as I looked at the clear blue sky.

“They have been pretty busy, so we barely talk.”

Marcus gave a slow nod and stood beside me. He looked at the sky and gave a slow sigh.

“You might not want to hear this, but you and Shawn need to get over this vendetta you two have. Yes, what you did was shitty, but it’s over now.”

“You’re right, I didn’t want to hear this.” I said.

“All I’m saying is Shawn is with Ri now and you have moved on; shouldn’t you two just focus on your lives and your futures instead of trying to be the bigger man around each other.”

“Tell that to your brother.”

“Trust me, I will; but I’m talking to you right now. Also, I don’t want you to start up anything when Riana is present. Don’t pull any shit like you did at Toc Bar.”

“Who said I will? More likely, I will bring Rachel, so you don’t have to worry about me flirting with Riana.”

“Better not.  See you at the party.”

I stared at Marcus as he went back into the shop. I shook my head again, wondering if I really wanted to go. I know it was for Grandma Hattie, but I don’t know if I could face seeing Riana and Elis.


Should LLH: The Lost Story Be Available For Purchase?

Hi everyone!!! Now that book 1 and parts of book 2 have been posted, I was wondering if the lost story should be published. I’ve been giving this some thought for those who would like to have them to read on their Kindles or Nooks. If they are, they will be sold as a boxed set.

I created a poll (which I always love to do) asking you whether the books should be published.

I also have book 3 as well, which will be released later in August or September.

Vote as many times as you like 🙂

LLH Book 2 Chapter 8

I decided to put out the rest of book 2 before the release of Unconditional Love on August 1st, so a new chapter will be released every day. Now, chapter 8. This chapter does contain sexual content. So enjoy 🙂

After her impromptu laugh fest in her A&P class, Cheryl headed to the lounge to meet up with Chris. She giggled before opening the door. She didn’t know why she was so giddy right now, but she did have a ton of energy, which meant the pill was working. Hopefully she doesn’t have any side effects so she could get more from Devin.

She saw Chris sitting at a booth which made her smile. Since she’s been busy with work and school, she hasn’t had time to spend with him. He looked over and gave her a sweet smile.

“Hey, beautiful.” he said, getting up from his chair and giving her a kiss.

“Hey. Have you ordered yet?”

“No, I was waiting on you.”

Cheryl tried not to giggle as she sat down.

Chris gave her a weird look and sat down as well.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. Everything is peachy.”

Chris gave another look before talking.

“How’s your day so far? I know you saw Devin in class today.”

“Yeah, so.”

“I did say that you should watch your back with him. He hasn’t tried anything, has he?”

“No, Chris. You have nothing to worry about.”

“That’s good to hear.” he said and gently grabbed her hand.

“I was thinking since you have a free night that we could hang out at your place, watch a movie, and spend some much-needed quality time together.”

Cheryl glanced at him and started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

She couldn’t speak as she lowered her head and began to chuckle. Chris gently lifted her chin and stared into her eyes.

“Are you high?” he asked.

Cheryl shook her head before laughing again.

“What’s going on, Cher?”

“Nothing; I’m just in a really good mood right now. Is that a crime?”

Chris glanced at her and sighed.

“I guess not, but your eyes looked gazed over as if you had smoked something. That’s why I asked.”

“You know I don’t do drugs. Never have and never will.”

“Okay. But remember what I said; if there’s anything going on, you would tell me, right?”

Cheryl nodded. “I know. And I would love to spend the evening with you.”

Chris smiled and leaned over the table to give her a kiss.

Cheryl smiled, realizing something was wrong. Whatever Devin gave her, Chris cannot find out about it. For her and for Devin’s sake.

After what happened between her and Marcus, Riana went straight to her place to calm down. She couldn’t believe she made it there since her hands were shaking throughout the entire drive. Once she was able to get a glass of water and sit down, there was a knock at the door. She gave a nervous glance, wondering who could possibly be at her apartment right now.
She slowly got up and headed to the door. She opened it, giving a tiny smile.


“Hey, baby.” Shawn said.

She glanced at him, feeling nervous that he was in front of her.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the station?”

“Steve let me and Dominique leave early, so of course I had to come see you.” he said.

He gave her a quick kiss before walking inside. She noticed the bags he had in his hands and smiled.

“And you brought food from Patrick’s. That was really sweet.”

“I figured you probably was hungry since you went to class earlier.”

Riana looked away, realizing that she did miss class but didn’t noticed since she was too busy tonguing Marcus down.

“Yeah, I’m famished.” she said, going to the kitchen.

Shawn put the bags down on the coffee table and followed Riana. He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to him.

“I was hoping we could eat later.” he said, moving his hand down her waist.
“Oh really. What were you thinking about doing?”

“I was hoping we could start here.” he said, kissing her neck. He moved his lips down her shoulder, giving Riana a thrilling sensation. Although she has some feelings for Marcus, Shawn can still make her feel good in every single way.

“I missed you so much.” he whispered. He unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down to the floor. She kicked them off, reaching for his jeans while kissing him. He quickly grabbed his wallet, retrieving a condom as Riana began to stroke him. His hands were on her ass as the two walked to the wall. Once Shawn was able to secure himself, He picked her up, causing her to wrap her legs around him. As soon as he entered her, Riana gave a sensual sigh and grabbed the back of his neck. He felt so good inside of her; so good that she completely forgot about what she had done earlier with his brother.

The two began to move, taking their time together, enjoying the moment they’re having with each other.

“Damn, I miss this.” Shawn whispered, giving her a gentle kiss on her earlobe.

Riana moaned, realizing the same thing. Although the two haven’t seen each other in two days, it felt more like months that they were apart. Maybe that’s why she’s constantly thinking about Marcus. It could be because she missed Shawn and wanted to be around him. The two were inseparable before the new semester began; so now that he’s doing his internship, they’re spending less time together. Instead of dealing with it, she’s turning her attention to Marcus.

That’s what it is. Since I’m not spending time with Shawn, I’m trying to with Marcus, which is substituted for having feelings for him. Riana thought.

Maybe she really didn’t have any feelings for Marcus. If there was, it was only because she missed Shawn.

Riana stared at him, who gave a sexy expression. She closed her eyes, feeling him go in and out of her with an intense rhythm that had her close to coming. She opened them, realizing it wasn’t Shawn she was staring at, but Marcus. She knew she had a shocked look on her face as she felt his hands palming her ass, bouncing on him. He gave a low growl as she reached her climax. He breathed into her hair, squeezing her ass as he reached his.

She glanced up, noticing it was Shawn she was staring at again. A tear felled down her cheek, realizing what she just done.

“Are you okay?” Shawn asked. He gradually wiped away the tear, which made Riana even more emotional.

“I’m fine; I missed you so much.”

Shawn smiled.

“I missed you too. Even though I have a lot going on, just know that I will make time for you. Remember that, okay.”

Riana nodded, clearly not able to speak.

“I love you.” he said.

“I love you too.” she whispered.

Shawn held her tight against him which made Riana burst into tears. She wasn’t crying because of what they just shared; she was emotional over the thoughts she had, which made her feel dirty. She don’t know if she could continue to feel this way. She has to focus on her relationship with Shawn and going back to the way things were.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 6

Happy Sunday everyone!! The lost story for LLH book 2 is back! This is chapter 6 of the story, so make sure to read the first five chapters on the blog to catch up. Enjoy!!

Shawn walked into the news studio, putting his backpack in his seat and looked around. He still couldn’t believe he was inside of an actual news sound booth. He went to the control panels, glancing at the buttons when the door opened. He quickly looked up, seeing Dominique staring at him.

“It still seemed surreal, doesn’t it?” she asked, coming over to him.

“Yeah. To be honest, I didn’t imagine working in broadcasting.”

“Really? What you originally wanted to do?” she asked while sitting down.

“A writer. Growing up, I loved to write poetry. It got me plenty of girls with the poems I’ve written.” He said with a grin.

“I’m sure it did.” Dominique said.

He stared at her, wondering if he should stop talking. He didn’t like how she was staring at him, which made him wonder if he’s giving her mixed signals.

“Listen, Dominique, I just want to let you know that since we’re working together that we should keep things strictly professional.”

“And you told me that. Why are you mentioning it to me again?”

“Because the look you’re giving me. I don’t want you to have mixed signals, especially when I made it clear that I have a girlfriend.”

“I know that. You can’t stop talking about her. I completely understand and I respect that; but I wasn’t flirting with you, if that’s what you think.”

Shawn glanced at her, knowing she was lying, but he’ll let it go.

“Okay, just so you know.”

“I know. So, let’s get started, shall we?”

Shawn watched Dominique get up from her seat and went to the panels. He sighed, wondering if this will work, because he didn’t need anything to interfere with his relationship with Riana or with his internship.

Britney walked into the living room to grab her backpack when she noticed Riana sitting at the wet bar eating a bowl of cereal. She saw the uneasy look she had, which she noticed has been on her face since what happened between her and Marcus recently.

Riana looked up and saw Britney staring. She gave a tiny smile and continued eating.

Britney sighed and went over to her.

“Is something wrong, Ri? You’re been really off lately.”

Riana looked up. She was caught off guard by Britney’s question. She didn’t think she would had noticed anything since she’s been careful not to show her feelings around her.

“Why would you think anything was wrong?”

“You haven’t been yourself, especially around me and Marcus. After what happened you’ve been very nervous.”

“I don’t know why you would think that.”

“Ri, I’ve known you since we were kids; I know when you’re acting differently.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about, Britney. Everything is fine.”
Britney gave an unsure look, not believing Riana and sighed.

“Okay. Well, I better go. I’ll see you later.”


Britney smiled and went to the door. As soon as she closed it, Riana took a huge breath, got up and went to the kitchen. She suddenly lost her appetite as she dumped her cereal into the sink.

“I have to talk to Marcus.”

She grabbed her purse and keys from the counter and went to the door.

After everything that has happened the day before, Marcus needed to find a way to distract himself, so he decided to work out. He was doing push-ups when his mind began to wander about Riana. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way towards her, but it’s something about her that made him want to know more about her.

He sighed and got up from the floor. He was heading into the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. He went to it, clearly surprised to see Riana standing on his doorstep.


“Hi. Can I come in?”

“Sure.” he said, stepping aside for her to walk in.

She turned around to stare at him as he closed the door.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I needed to talk. Britney knows something is wrong.”

He walked over to her, not sure what to say.

“You sure she suspects something?”

“Well, with me anyway. She noticed my behavior changed since what happened.”
“Ri, I’m sorry if this is putting you in an uncomfortable position.”

“It’s not your fault. I’ve been pretty out of it lately about what you said to me.”

“Which I shouldn’t have said. I should have kept my feelings to myself. Not only is it making you confused but also it’s putting a strain into your relationship with my brother and your friend.”


“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and maybe I should keep my distance from you until you can figure things out.”

“That’s going to be hard to do.”

“It’s just going to have to work.”

“Maybe I’m not confused to how I feel.”

Marcus stared at Riana as she closed her eyes. She didn’t know what she was getting into, but she needed to know if what she was feeling for him was real or just pure attraction.

“I’ve been thinking a lot too, and honestly, I can’t get you out of my mind. I tried to, but I wonder how things will be between us.”

“This is what I was trying to avoid. I don’t want you to overanalyze your feelings for me. Honestly, it’s not even real feelings.”

“You don’t know that. There’s something there and neither you nor I can’t deny it.”

“I didn’t say we shouldn’t.”

“Then what should we do about it? We shouldn’t just push them aside and continue being with the people we’re with.”

She went over to Marcus and stared into his eyes.

“One kiss, that’s all I’m asking.” she begged.

“What?!” he asked in a surprised tone.

“One kiss. That way we’ll know where our feelings are towards each other. We can forget about these feelings we have and move on.”

“You don’t want to do this, Riana.”

“Why not?” she asked. She put her arms around him, which made Marcus a little nervous, but equally turned on. He wanted Riana, but he knew if they went this far, things would never be the same between the two.

“Just do it, Marcus. You know you want to.”

“You know if we do, there’s no turning back.”

Riana continued to stare when Marcus touched her cheek. Her body trembled as he slightly touched her shoulder. She sighed, not realizing how good it felt having his hand anywhere near her body. He slowly reached for her lips, giving her one of the sweetest, yet sexiest kisses she has ever experienced in her life. He held her tighter, not wanting to let her go as she gave a soft moan.

Once they pulled away, Marcus stared at her while Riana began to breathe heavily. She knew kissing him was going to be an experience she wouldn’t forget, but she didn’t realize it was going to be something she wasn’t going to be able to live without. She didn’t know if she could not look at him again without wanting to feel that spark again; to have his lips pressed against hers. Even Shawn didn’t give her these feelings, which was quickly making her feel guilty.

“I have to go.” she said, quickly heading to the door.

Marcus pulled her towards him and roughly kissed her. She tried to resist, but before she knew it, she leaned into him. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but at that moment, the guilty feelings she was having for Shawn was being replaced with a desire she couldn’t control. At that point, she’ll deal with the consequences later. Her mind and her body wanted to be with Marcus, which was something she couldn’t wait to experience.