LLH Book 3 Chapter 27

Happy Sunday!!! I know I took a long time to post, but here is chapter 27!!! Unfortunately, the fourth book was never created, since at the time when I was going to put this version on sale, I began writing In Love With My Best Friend. Now, I’m not ruling out doing the next installmentContinue reading “LLH Book 3 Chapter 27”


LLH: Book 3 Chapter 24

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the delay with posting new chapters, but I’ve been busy writing The Way We Were. But not to worry, I will post the remaining three chapters this week. Enjoy chapter 24 🙂 Riana continued to stare at her ring and smiled. She still couldn’t believe Shawn proposed to her. A lotContinue reading “LLH: Book 3 Chapter 24”

LLH: Book 3 Chapter 23

The next day, and Cheryl and Britney were walking to Baker’s Hall to see Riana, when Britney looked at Cheryl. She had a huge smile on her face. “You are very chipper this morning. What gives?” “Nothing, just in a really good mood.” Britney nodded and continued to walk. Cheryl wasn’t going to tell BritneyContinue reading “LLH: Book 3 Chapter 23”

LLH: Book 3 Chapters 1&2

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! Well, now books 1 & 2 are officially over, it’s time for part 3. If you thought the second book was crazy, just read what happens to everyone in this installment. A lot will change for everyone, including two becoming parents. So here’s chapters 1 & 2. EnjoyContinue reading “LLH: Book 3 Chapters 1&2”