LLH: Book 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 is up…. Shawn was already suspicious of Riana and Marcus, but now the pieces are coming together! And Marcus and Dominique share a past. Of course, what happened between them will not be revealed until Book 3 🙂 Cheryl glanced at Chris through the window, not sure if she should get out ofContinue reading “LLH: Book 2 Chapter 14”

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 13

Hi everyone!! Chapter 13 is now up. Chapter 14 will be available tomorrow! Cheryl stared out the window of Devin’s Nissan Maxima, taking in everything that has happened tonight. Once she was able to relax, she actually had a great time with him. She looked over at him, who had one hand on the steeringContinue reading “LLH: Book 2 Chapter 13”

LLH: Book 2 Chapters 9 & 10

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!! I know I mentioned a new chapter will be posted everyday, but unfortunately, I wasn’t on my computer yesterday; so to make up for it, I’m posting chapters 9 & 10. Enjoy!!! Chapter 9 After sitting in the lounge for a few minutes, Cheryl and ChrisContinue reading “LLH: Book 2 Chapters 9 & 10”

LLH Book 2 Chapter 8

I decided to put out the rest of book 2 before the release of Unconditional Love on August 1st, so a new chapter will be released every day. Now, chapter 8. This chapter does contain sexual content. So enjoy 🙂 After her impromptu laugh fest in her A&P class, Cheryl headed to the lounge toContinue reading “LLH Book 2 Chapter 8”

LLH Book 2 Chapter 7

Here’s chapter 7… Cheryl walked into class with an eagerness to learn. As soon as she took the pill from Devin, she felt a sense of calm. She didn’t realize how relaxed she was as she sat down beside him. “How do you feel?” he asked. She looked into his brown eyes and giggled. “PrettyContinue reading “LLH Book 2 Chapter 7”

LLH-Book 2 Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2 from LLH Book 2… A few days later and everyone were getting ready for a new semester. Monica grabbed her backpack from the kitchen table when Donnell walked out of their bedroom with all smiles. She glanced at him, wondering why he was so happy so early in the morning. “What’s withContinue reading “LLH-Book 2 Chapter 2”