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LLH: Book 2 Chapter 25

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Cheryl watched the entire scene with her cousin in horror. She knew this was going to happen, that’s why she tried so hard to keep Riana focus on her relationship with Shawn.

Well at first I did.

With her own problems, she didn’t have time to think about anyone else’s, which made her feel a little guilty.

She felt her purse vibrating, realizing it was her phone. She took it out and saw it was a text from Devin to meet him outside. She looked around, hoping Chris doesn’t see her leave, but he was too occupied with Marcus to realize anything.

She went outside and saw Devin standing near the entrance. He gave her a tiny smile.

“What the hell happened inside? I saw Shawn beating the sidewalk and your cousin being carried away.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Does Chris know you’re out here?”

“No, so make it quick.”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. I could tell something was wrong a few days ago after I gave you the last batch of pills.”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you really?”

“I’m fine, Devin. In fact, I feel great.”

“That’s good to hear. I just didn’t like giving you any of those pills. At first, it was fine, but after awhile, I didn’t want you to get too addicted to them.”

“Then why you kept giving them to me?”

“Because you asked me to. I really like you Cheryl and I would do anything for you. Besides, if I didn’t give them to you, you would have went somewhere else, and who knows what you could be getting.”

“Devin, I know you like me and I think you’re great, but Chris…”

“I know, you told me a thousand times that you’re in love with him. I get it.”

Chris walked outside and saw the two talking.

“I told you to stay away from Cheryl.” he said while walking over to them.

“We were just having a friendly conversation.” Devin said.

“Oh really. Why are you here anyway?”

“He was just passing through and saw me, that’s all.” Cheryl said.

Chris glanced at the two, not buying what Cheryl just said.

“That’s all.” Devin said.

“Whatever. You ready to go, Cheryl?”

“Yeah…” she stopped. She gave a terrified look while she clutched her chest. Chris and Devin both looked at her not sure what was wrong. She tried to go to Chris, but doubled over. He caught her before she fell to the ground.

“Cheryl! Cheryl!” he yelled. She was lain out in his arms, unconscious.

“Call 911!” he yelled to Devin.

He pulled out his phone as Chris tried to wake her up. Instead of waiting on him, Chris picked her up.

“I’ll take her to the hospital.”

“Can I follow you? I need to see if she’s okay.”


“This is my fault!”

Chris stared at him as Monica and several other people came outside.

“What happened!” she exclaimed.

“Cheryl collapsed. I need to take her to the hospital.”

“I’ll follow you.” she said, going with Chris to the parking lot.

Devin glanced at Cheryl’s unconscious body and gave a frustrated sigh.

“I have to see if she’s okay.”

He ran to the parking lot to go to his car.

Riana was in her apartment packing up her belongings. After what happened earlier, there was no way she was going to stay there with Britney. If she did, she would be leaving in handcuffs.

“Is there anything else you would like to take with you?” her mom asked.

Riana sighed and threw a shirt into her overnight bag.

“Everything I need to take is in my room. She can have the rest.”

Mrs. Robertson watched as Riana continued to throw stuff into her bag. She carefully placed her hand on hers.

“Stop for a second, sweetie.”

Riana looked at her and sat on the bed.

“Why didn’t you tell me about everything? About you and Shawn and Marcus?”

“Mom, that’s not something I wanted to confine in you about. You still see me as a little girl wearing pig tails playing with Barbies.”

“Sweetie, I know you’re a grown woman now, but you should have told me about losing your virginity. That’s an important part of any person’s life.”

“Yeah, and look where it got me. I have two brothers fighting because of the mess I’d put them in.”

“I have to ask, what were you thinking?”

“That’s the problem, I wasn’t.”

“You were, it just wasn’t with your brain.”

Riana smirked and threw another shirt into her bag.

“How’s Dad taking it?”

“He’s not too happy with your decisions, but I told him you’re an adult now so sometimes it’s best to let it go. Besides, I think you realized the stuff you’d done was wrong.”

“Don’t I know it. I really hurt Shawn. He’s been so good to me and I repay him by sleeping with his brother.”

“Oh honey, that’s why I thought you were waiting until you got married.”

“I know, and I was, but when I was with Shawn, it just felt right. I thought we were going to be together forever.”

“You never know, it can still happen.”

Her mom brushed her hand against Riana’s cheek. She smiled and held her hand.

“Thanks, Mom.”

“I’m always here if you need me.”

“I know. I think that’s everything, so we can go.”

Mrs. Robertson nodded and Riana grabbed her bags. As they walked out of her room, Britney was in the living room.

“Well, you can move back in now because I’m leaving.” Riana said. She walked past her, ready to leave when Britney spoke.

“Can you hold on for a second?”

“Why should I? You humiliated me in front of everyone. “

“You did that to yourself Riana. You were the one who made poor choices.”

“Britney, you know I love you and Monica like you’re my own daughters, but tonight was totally out of character for you.” Mrs. Robinson said.

“You should be saying that to your daughter.”

“You don’t tell me how I should talk to my daughter.”

“What is going on now?” Mr. Robertson asked while walking in.

“Nothing Dad, we were leaving.” Riana said.

“Yeah, we are. Dwayne just called. Cheryl’s in the hospital.”

“What?!” everyone exclaimed.

“She collapsed just after we left.”

“We better go.” Mrs. Robertson said.

“I’ll go too.” Britney said. She tried to walk to the door when Riana stopped her.

“You’re not going.”

“She’s my friend too.”

“I don’t care. You’ve done enough tonight.” she said. She pushed past her and went out the door.

Britney stared at it and rolled her eyes.

“Whatever.” she said and went to the couch.

Monica was in the waiting room at Penbrook Memorial with Chris. She held his hand while he was rocking back and forth. She tried to calm him down, but she knew it was useless.

“She’s going to be okay, Chris.”

“I’ll believe that once the doctor comes out and talk to us. I knew she was going through a lot and I told her to slow down, but she wouldn’t listen.”

“You tried all you could, Chris, but Cheryl is a determined woman. She was doing what she could because she wanted to be independent. Don’t worry, she’ll pull through this.”

“I’m still wondering what Devin said earlier. If he done anything to her, I swear I will kill him.”

“It might not be what you think, Chris.”

Shawn walked into the waiting room, going directly to Chris.

“Thanks for coming. I didn’t think you would.”

“You’re my friend, so of course I’ll come. Has anyone come out yet.”

“No, we’re still waiting.”

Monica went over to Shawn and hugged him.


“Hi Mon.”

“I’m really sorry about Ri and Marcus.”

“Let’s not talk about them right now.” he said and went to the nearest chair.

Monica looked to the door and saw Donnell walk in. She stared at him as he approached her.



“Can we talk?”

Monica nodded and the two went to the exit. They went outside and saw down on the bench.

“Tonight has been pretty crazy, huh?” Donnell said.


“Did you know about Ri…?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Wow. I wish you could had given me a heads up.”

“How was I going to do that when we’re not even speaking to each other?”

Donnell looked ahead while Monica looked at her shoes.

“With everything that has happened, there was one thing that I thought about and that was you. I know we had our shares of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we will always come back to each other; am I right?” Donnell questioned.

“You’re right, but we always do something to screw it up.”

“Half of the time, it’s you.”

“Wow, thanks.” Monica muttered.

“I’m being serious. Even though we’re toxic together, there’s something that keeps pulling us back to each other.”

“I know. What should we do about it?”

“I think we should give ourselves a try again and see where things go.”

“Didn’t we do that already?”

“Yeah, but we both moved too fast by moving in together. I shouldn’t had pressured you into doing something you weren’t ready for.”

“I shouldn’t had agreed to do it, so for that, I apologize.”

Donnell sighed and put an arm around her.

“We should take things slow and get to know each other again.” He implied.

She looked at him and smiled. “I would like that.”

He smiled and she put her head on his shoulder. They both hope this time around that things will work out for the better.

Chris and Shawn sat side by side in the waiting room still waiting on word about Cheryl. Chris already called her dad and he called his brother, which meant Riana was coming. Hopefully there wouldn’t be another altercation coming because he didn’t have the strength to stop it.

Devin walked into the room. He went over to Chris with a sad look.

“Have you heard anything about Cheryl?”

“I told you not to come.”

“I had to find out about her. This is my fault that she’s in here.”

“What the hell did you do?” Chris asked.

“I gave her energy pills to help her cope with her routine. She was always tired, so I tried to help her.”

Chris grabbed him by the throat and threw him against the wall. Shawn ran over to them and grabbed Chris away from Devin.

“Son of a bitch! If she dies, I swear I will kill you with my bare hands!”

“Calm down, Chris!” Shawn exclaimed.

“Don’t tell me to fucking calm down after I just saved you from killing Marcus!”

“What is going on?!” A nurse questioned, coming over to them. “This is a hospital, so you either need to calm down or please leave.”

Chris pulled away from Devin and went over to a chair. He kicked it before sitting in it.

“Chris, have you heard anything?” Riana asked while rushing to him.

He looked at Riana and shook his head.

“What happened? She was okay when I saw her at the party.”

“You actually noticed she was there?” Shawn muttered.

Riana looked at him and sighed.

A doctor walked out which had everyone in a panic.

“Family of Cheryl Thompson?”

“Yes. Is my daughter okay?” her father asked.

“Yes, she will be fine. Your daughter took an excessive amount of Vivarin, which can be a very powerful drug if mistreated. Has she been under a lot of stress lately?”

“Yeah; she’s in college full time and working and I think she was trying to find a way to balance it all.”

“We had to pump her stomach to relieve the drugs that were in her system. But she’s very lucky; she almost had an overdose if she would had continued to take them.”

Mr. Thompson shook his head while Chris stared at Devin.

“Can we see her?”

“She’s asleep right now, but we probably can let her have visitors once she wakes up.”

“Thank you.”

The doctor nodded and went to the nurse’s station. Chris went over to Devin¸ but Shawn pulled him back.

“Stop. Cheryl is going to be okay, so there’s no point. Just walk away.”

“Maybe you should had took your own advice with Marcus.” Chris said. He shrugged himself away from Shawn and went back to sit down.

Riana stared at Shawn. She hate what she did to him. He glanced over at her and shook his head before sitting down.

She sighed and went to sit down, knowing that what she had with him is over.

Cheryl slowly opened her eyes and stared at the white walls. She moved her head, realizing how much pain she was in.

“Where the hell am I?” she asked.

She tried to sit up, but her body wouldn’t allow it. Instead, she stared at the ceiling, closing her eyes again so the light from the room wasn’t in her face.

She opened her eyes again and saw the call button beside her bed. She reached for it to call for a nurse to come in her room. Within minutes, someone walked in, saying they will get someone to check on her.

What she wanted more than anything was to see Chris. She knew she scared him when she collapsed. She was scared herself, so she knew he was terrified.

A doctor walked in along with Chris. She gave a tiny smile, glad that he was there.

“Hello Miss Thompson. You gave everyone quite a scare.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“We know. Let’s just check your vitals and see if everything is okay.”

While the nurse was checking on her, she looked over at Chris and mouthed “I’m sorry.” He nodded and put his hand in hers.

“Well, everything looks good, but we still going to have to keep you here overnight to monitor you. Do you have an idea what happened?”

“All I remembered is that I collapsed.”

“Yes, from taking an excessive amount of energy pills. Were they given to you by someone or…”

“No, they were prescribed.” she quickly said.

Chris shook his head at her.

“Usually with these type of pills, they have to be taking accordingly. From what I know, you have been busy with school and work and…”

“I understand, but I needed something to help me get through it all; I didn’t think I would become addicted to them.”

“That’s what happens when people become dependent on specific drugs. Half of the time, they do it to ease discomfort or to help them get through something, but doesn’t realize how much it can affect you in the long run.”

Cheryl sighed, realizing what she has done. Just this experience along made her realized that she needed to slow down with everything.

“I’ll let you have visitors, but only for a couple of minutes. You still need to get more rest and fluids since you’re dehydrated.”

“Okay. Thanks doctor.”

He nodded before leaving the room.

Chris went to the bed and sat beside her.

“You really did give me quite a scare.”

“I know and I’m really sorry.”

“Just don’t ever do that again okay?”

“I promise.”

“So, Devin was your supplier?”


“It’s okay. He was so consumed with guilt, he won’t be bothering you again.”

“I really didn’t want to get him in trouble.”

“I know, that’s why you didn’t rat him out. You should had though.”

“No. This was all my fault. I persuaded him to give me those pills even when he didn’t want to, so I shouldn’t punish him for my mistakes.”

“There is someone else who wants to see you.”

“Who, Ri?”

Mr. Thompson walked in, which made Cheryl a little nervous.


“I’ll leave you two alone.” Chris said. He kissed her forehead before going out to the hall.

“How are you feeling?”

“Besides feeling like a moving train went through my body, I’m fantastic.”

“Why did you do it? I know you were trying to be independent, but were you trying to kill yourself in the process?”

“No, I just wanted to be able to do all the things I needed to do and I thought taking pills would help me do that.”

“Cheryl, you almost had an overdose. That’s not the way to handle everything.”

“I know that, Dad. I just didn’t want to depend on anyone.”

“Baby, how many times do I need to tell you that it’s okay to lean on someone? You don’t need to rush everything right now.”

“I know that now.”

“That’s why I think it’s best if you moved in with me; that way you don’t have to worry about rent. Also, I will take care of all of your expenses.”

“Dad, I don’t want you to do that.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer. I want you to be able to live your life and not having to worry about things.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Cheryl, just say yes. Not only that, but you should also quit your job at Patrick’s. If you want to keep working, you can, but only part time.”

Cheryl closed her eyes and sighed.


“And I think you need to talk to a therapist. I know a lot of this is because of what your mom and I put you through, so I want you to be able to handle your emotions in the right way, and that’s by talking to someone.”

Cheryl looked to the window. She really didn’t want to talk to a stranger about her feelings, but maybe it was a good idea to hash out the issues she have within herself.

“I’ll do a session, but that’s all.”

Her dad nodded. “That’s a start. So Chris and I can help you move your things out of the apartment, if you like?”

“Sure. I was renting month-by-month anyway, so it shouldn’t be hard to move out.”

“Okay. I think you’re doing the right thing.”

“I think so too. Especially since I just experienced this.”

Her dad leaned to her and gave her a hug.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

She knew then that maybe it was okay to accept help every now and then, but she still would like to do things on her own, when she is able to.

Riana sat outside on the bench, taking in the beautiful night. She stared at the stars, wishing her birthday would had ended a little better.

“Some birthday.” she said.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

She turned around and saw Shawn walking over to her.

She looked ahead and took a deep breath. She started to get up when he pulled her back down.

“We should talk.”

She glanced at him as he sat beside her.

“I know what happened tonight was a little shocking and uncalled for and I regret it.” Riana said.

“I know, but the damage has been done. Even though we were trying to patch things up, there was still a part of you that still wanted to be with Marcus.”

“That’s not true. It was because of what Britney said.”

“Don’t use that as an excuse. I saw the look you had when you were with him. You wanted to be with him.”

A tear fell down Riana’s cheek as Shawn stared at her.

“Ri, you know how much I love you. Even with all of the mess that went down, I still love you.”

She closed her eyes as the tears continued to fall.

Shawn wiped her tears and smiled.

“I still remember the time we first met. How much fire you had in you when I spilled that drink on you. I knew then that you were the one for me.”

She smiled and he looked ahead.

“That was the Riana that I fell in love with; the girl who was sweet and innocent, but didn’t take no shit from anyone. Now, you’ve changed into someone I don’t even recognize. You became selfish and cruel. The old Riana would never had done the things I’ve seen you do.”

“I’m really sorry, Shawn. If I could change things, I would.”

“I know, but you can’t. That’s why I think we really should just let things be and move on.”

Riana sobbed and looked back at the stars, wishing she could just disappear. She knew Shawn was right. They grew apart from each other, which she only had herself to blame.

“Don’t think I don’t regret the time we have spent together. You have made me so happy.”


“We just grew apart. That happen sometimes in relationships.”

“I’m so sorry, Shawn.” Riana said in tears.

Shawn pulled her to him and stared into her eyes. He put his hand on her cheek and gave her a long, sweet kiss. She parted her lips and he sucked them. That’s one thing he loved to do and that was kiss her. That will be one thing he’ll definitely miss.

He pulled apart from her and closed his eyes. He tried not to cry himself as he got up. He walked away from her, which made Riana break down. In the past four months, she didn’t know her life would had turned upside down. Not only did she lose her boyfriend, but her best friend as well. All because she couldn’t control the feelings she had for someone else. That was something she would never get over.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 24

Hi everyone!! Chapter 24 is up! You will be shocked after reading this chapter and there’s still one more to go 🙂

Riana and Shawn walked hand in hand into The Tunnel. She couldn’t believe how the place looked. Shawn really went all out for her, making her feel lucky that he done this.

I’m so blessed that he’s in my life.

She looked at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for doing this.”

“You’re welcome, baby.”

She smiled as she saw her parents coming to her. She didn’t know Shawn invited them, which made her even more emotional.

“Happy birthday, sweetie.” her dad said, giving her a hug.

“I can’t believe my daughter is 21 now.” her mom added, giving her a hug as well.

“I know. Now I can finally drink.” she said with a smile.

“Yeah, legally.” Her mom said with a smirk.

Riana shrugged as more family members came up to her for a hug.

She glanced at Shawn.

“How did you know who to invite?”

“Well, once I invited your parents, they invited the rest of your family.”

The music that was playing on the speakers had her feeling really good. She pulled Shawn to the dance floor, ready to have some fun.

“You want to dance already?”

“This is my birthday.” she said.

Shawn smiled and spun her around, causing her to giggle. She was really happy right now, and nothing could spoil her mood.

Britney walked into the club with Monica. She looked around to see if she could spot Riana. Monica glanced at her and sighed.

“You’re really going to do this, are you?”

“Yes, and even you can’t stop me.”

“You know what, you’re grown, so do whatever, but just know that this will backfire on you.”

“It might will, but I’ll still have fun doing it.”

She walked over to Riana and Shawn, who was on the dance floor.

“Happy birthday.” she said.

Riana looked at her, surprised that she even came.

“Thank you.”

Britney smiled and gave her a hug. “Shawn, is it okay if I talk to Ri for a bit?”

Shawn glanced at her, noticing the look she had in her eyes. For some reason, whatever she wanted to talk about wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“You think you could talk later?” he asked.

“It really can’t wait.”

Riana smiled. “It’s okay; I’m sure it won’t take long.”

Shawn nodded and Riana kissed him. Britney looked at the two and rolled her eyes.

“I’ll be waiting, baby.”

Riana blushed and she and Britney went to a room near the back of the club.

Once they were out of earshot from everyone, Britney began to talk.

“I see you’re already having a good time.”

“Yeah. Shawn went through a lot to throw me this, so I’m really grateful.”

“I’m sure.”

“What did you want to talk about?”

Britney stared at Riana, realizing they have been through so much. A twinge of guilt was starting to come within her as she noticed the innocent look Riana was giving.

She wasn’t that innocent if she was sleeping with Marcus. Her conscience said.

She shook her head and smiled.

“I just wanted to say happy birthday and there’s something I had to tell you.”

“Okay, what’s up?”

Britney cleared her throat, trying to figure out the words to say.

“I know about you and Marcus.”

Riana looked away from Britney as she continued to talk.

“I know that’s not a big shock considering you had an idea that I knew.”

“I had some suspicions. That explains why you left the apartment.”

“I know I shouldn’t judge, especially after what I have done to you, but I thought you would had known better than to cheat on Shawn.”

“It happened so suddenly; I…”

“Spare me the explanation because I don’t want to hear it. You figured you could have both brothers so you took the opportunity.”

“That’s not what happened.”

“Oh please, Riana. You’ve been lurking after Marcus ever since you saw him naked, which just describe how much of a slut you are.”

“Really? Was I saying any of this when you were after Isaac?”

“You could have, you just didn’t say it in my face; but that’s where we’re different, because I will gladly confess to anyone how much of a whore you are.”

“Are you really doing this right now? At my birthday party!”

“Like I care! You have a good man who is your one and only, but you had to mess it up by going to his brother. When he told me, he was devastated. He was going on and on about how much he loves you and couldn’t believe you would do this to him. So I comfort and took care of him.”

Riana gave Britney a confused look.


“Once we both got over the shock of you and Marcus being together, we decided why should you two get to do what you wanted? So we decided to give into our feelings as well.”

“You’re lying. Shawn didn’t sleep with you.”

Britney smiled.

“You sure about that? Maybe I should give you some details to our time together. Let’s see; I kissed him and he was more than willing to kiss me back. He took off my clothes and I did the same for him, which by the way, he has a nice ass body.”

“Stop it!” Riana yelled.

“Oh, I’m just getting started. We went into my room and he was touching all over me, which had me ready for him to be inside of me. We went to the bed, and he was kissing my body, making me even wetter. Hell I thought I was going to have an orgasm just from his touch alone.”

“Why are you doing this?” Riana whispered.

“And then he was sucking my breast, biting it, which was such a turn-on.”

Tears were spilling down Riana’s cheeks at what Britney was saying. She knew then that she was actually telling the truth because he usually would do that to her.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, so I got on top and fucked him until we both came. He even admitted I was the best he ever had.”
“You’re a bitch, you know that?”

“You messed with me, so I did the same to you. So why don’t you run back and be with your devoted boyfriend. Hell, you two deserve each other.” she fumed.

She began to walk when Riana grabbed her arm.

“You think that’s going make me leave him, then you’re wrong.”

“Oh really, how about I say that’s not the last time we fucked. If I knew you two were swingers I would had been more than willing to participate.”
“I bet, considering all the whoring around you’ve done in your life. You jump from guy to guy like they fucking menu options at McDonald’s.”

Britney pulled out her hand and slapped Riana across her left cheek. Riana touched her cheek and smiled.

“What’s wrong? Can’t handle the truth?”

“What the hell is going on? I can hear you two in the hallway.” Shawn said.

Riana glanced at him. After everything that has happened, he couldn’t tell her that he slept with Britney!

“Did you sleep with Britney?”

Shawn didn’t know what to say. He looked over at Britney, who smirked.

“Why are you looking at her? Did you sleep with her?”

“I didn’t sleep with her.”

“That’s not what she said. In fact, she described everything to a T. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Like you were going to with Marcus? If I didn’t say anything you wouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“How can you be so righteous right now when you were cheating too?”

“I didn’t cheat on you! I was going to, but I stopped and left!”

“That doesn’t make it any better. You were intimate with her. You had thoughts to be with her.”

“Because you slept with my brother!”

“I think I’ll leave you two alone.” Britney said, smiling while leaving the room.

Riana was about to go after her when Shawn pulled her back.

“Let go of me!”

“Not until we talk.”

“What is there to talk about? You lied to me. When we were talking about my indiscretions, you could have confessed then.”

“Are you really going to go there?! I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t important! You’re the only woman I want to be with. What happened with Britney was a mistake, just like you and Marcus.”

“But you lied.”

“You have too, so I don’t see what the big issue is. But believe me when I say I did not sleep with her. She’s lying to get back at you.”

“I can’t do this.” Riana said. She pushed past Shawn and went to the door.

“You’re going to walk out on us because I kissed and touched her? I didn’t penetrate her, so you shouldn’t be upset.”

“I’m more upset with what our relationship has become. All the lying and cheating we’ve both have done. How did things get to this point?”
Shawn gave her a sad look.

“I don’t know.”

Riana sighed and walked out, leaving Shawn speechless to what just happened.

Marcus walked into The Tunnel hoping no one would see him. He wanted to see Riana and leave. Since she’s been avoiding him, he figured coming to her party would have been his best bet to seeing her.

He saw her coming from the back of the club in tears. He quickly went to her, wondering what was wrong.

“Leave me alone, Marcus.”

“What’s wrong, Ri.”

“Can I just be alone right now?”

“Not while you’re this upset. Tell me what’s wrong?”

Riana looked at him and put her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, not knowing what else to do.

“Shawn cheated on me with Britney.” she sniffled.

Marcus looked around the club in fury. After all what Shawn has said to him, he goes and does the same thing! What an asshole!

“Come on, let’s go.” he said. He took her hand and they went towards the back. They rounded the corner, going to an empty hallway. He wiped her tears and she sniffled again.

“I’m really sorry.”

“I shouldn’t be this upset because I did the same thing to him, but it’s just that when we discussed me and you together, he never once said he was with Britney.”

“I don’t know what to say, Ri.”

“There’s nothing to say. This entire relationship is so screwed up!”

“Come here.” Marcus said.

She went to him and he hugged her. She gave a deep breath as he caressed her back. She closed her eyes, taking in the smell of his cologne, which made her head light with lust.

She slowly pulled away from him as she looked into his eyes. He swept some hair from her forehead and gave her a gentle kiss. She leaned into him, enjoying the feel of his touch as her hand slid down his chest.

She looked at him and pulled him towards her. He turned her so her back was against the wall and he pressed against her. She moaned as he touched her thigh. His hand went further as he kissed her neck.

She closed her eyes. She shouldn’t be enjoying this, but how he felt against her made her hot. She wanted him and she was eager for him to pleasure her.

“Fuck me.” she whispered.

Marcus bent down and slowly kissed her thighs. He pulled off her thong, throwing it on the floor. Riana felt she couldn’t get to his pants quick enough as she unbuckled his belt.

“You do have a condom, right?”

He nodded, putting her hand towards his dick. She started to stroke him and he leaned his head back. She reached over to his pocket and felt around. She opened the wrapper and continued to kiss him while putting it on him.

Once she was done, Marcus picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. She held on to him while he entered her. They both moaned from the contact as Marcus kissed her.

“Damn, you feel so good.” He whispered.

They moved together, enjoying the feel of each other as Riana titled her head back. She missed being like this with him. His touch, the way he kissed her. This is what her body needed. She couldn’t control herself as a huge wave went through her. She screamed out his name, which was probably loud enough for anyone to hear, but she didn’t care. She was enjoying this moment too damn much.

“Fuck, baby!” Marcus grunted as he had his own climax.

They looked at each other, not believing what just happened. They didn’t think they would be back to this point again, but it was too good to stop.
Riana looked to the hallway and saw Shawn staring at them with a disgusted look.

“You finally notice me standing here?” he asked.

Riana pulled away from Marcus as he pulled up his pants.

“So you picked a fight with me so you can have an excuse to fuck him again!”


“Don’t even try to explain yourself! I’ve tried to make things work between us, but you’re steady messing everything up.”

“How am I messing everything up? You lied to me about being with Britney.”

Shawn laughed.

“So it’s okay for you to do whatever the hell you want, but I can’t?”

“You need to leave her alone.” Marcus said.

“And you need to stay out of it. You’ve done enough, fucking punk.”

“What?” Marcus said while going to him. “You want another black eye because I will be glad to give you one.”

“You better get out of my face before I hurt you.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Shawn punched him and Marcus threw him against the wall. The two began to have an all-out fight. They were shoving each other, going toward the main room.

“Stop it!!” Riana screamed.

The crowd began to scream as Shawn threw Marcus against the bar. He banged his head against it, trying to make him lose conscious.

“Damn it, Shawn!” Chris yelled. Him and Donnell ran over to the two and pulled Shawn off of Marcus. Shawn pushed Chris away from him and he punched Marcus again.

Marcus sucker-punched Shawn, causing him to fall to the floor. Donnell yanked Marcus away as Chris pulled Shawn up from the floor.

“What the hell is going on?!” Mrs. Robertson asked.

Riana stood in the center, too embarrassed to say anything.

“Are you going to tell everyone, or should I?” Shawn retorted.

“Please, don’t.” Riana whispered.

“You’ve been with my brother for months, and decided because I just kissed someone to go have sex with him just a few minutes ago in the damn hallway!”

“Riana!” Mr. Robertson exclaimed.

“What? We thought you were still a virgin.” Her mother questioned.

Riana lowered her head. She was too embarrassed to even look at anyone.

“Let’s go, Shawn.” Chris said.

“Hell no. I need to tell Riana’s parents what type of daughter they have.”

“That’s enough Shawn! In fact, let’s go Riana.” Her dad said.

“No, let Shawn tell his story since he’s so eager to say it. Tell everyone that you also cheated with Britney of all people.”

“You’re going to justify what I did over the mess you’ve caused?”

“I guess I should say something now.” Britney said as she came to everyone. “I lied. Shawn and I didn’t sleep together. I just wanted to see what you’ll do with that information, which I can see you screwed up again.”

Riana glanced at Britney. She was about to lunged for her when her dad grabbed her.

“Let’s go, Riana.”

“You bitch!” she yelled.

Britney laughed while Riana was going out of the club begging for her father to let her go.

“You need to leave as well.” Chris said to Shawn.

“Whatever.” he said. He went over to Marcus who was staring at him. He punched him again and Marcus fell to the wall.

“Don’t you ever come near me again. If you do, I will kill you.”

He turned around and went to the exit. As soon as he went outside, he put his back to the club wall and slid down onto the sidewalk. Tears were coming down his cheeks, which made him hit the sidewalk. He couldn’t believe she hurt him again. Over a stupid lie! Now, he knew he couldn’t be with Riana anymore.

After this, there was no way their relationship could be saved.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 23

Hi everyone!! Chapter 23 is now available. Two more chapters to go! If you haven’t been reading any of the chapters, make sure you do, because the last one will be crazy!!!

A day later and it was the day of Riana’s birthday party. Britney was in her room trying to find something to wear, but she wasn’t in the mood to look for anything. She doesn’t know why she was even going, considering everything Riana has done to her. Since no one knows that she knew about her and Marcus, she had to put up an act and be cordial around her, but in honesty, she wanted to strangle her.
She pulled out a blue halter dress, looked at it, and threw it on the bed. She sat down, putting her head in her hands and sighed. She hasn’t seen Riana since the encounter at the movies, which she was still baffled over. She couldn’t believe she was able to tear apart two brothers; even she wouldn’t do something that shady.

Monica walked into her room and smiled.

“Hey girl. I thought you might like some company.”

“Thanks, because I need it.” Britney said and leaned on the bed. “Would you be upset if I didn’t go?”

Monica sighed and leaned back on the bed as well.

“Brit, we all have made mistakes in our lives, so I don’t see why you just can’t let things go. Riana is back with Shawn so try and focus on your relationship with Marcus.”

“What relationship? Even though we haven’t officially broken up, our relationship was over the moment he developed feelings for her.”

“You were in a similar situation, so you should be able to relate.”

“I learned from my mistake. I even paid for it, that’s why I don’t understand why she would even go there with him.”

“Riana feels bad about what happened. In fact, she doesn’t even know that you know about them. She has her suspicions though.”

“Whatever. She couldn’t be satisfied with one brother so she had to have the other one too.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh right now?”

“No. After what happened, I have an idea on what to give her.”

“What are you planning?”

“Oh, you’ll see later. Just know that what she did to me when she found out about Isaac, she’s going to get the same treatment, and I will be glad to announce it.”

“Think about this, Britney.”

“Think about what? She wasn’t thinking about me when she kicked me out of the apartment then. She definitely wasn’t thinking about me when she was spreading her legs for Marcus.”

Monica shook her head.

“I really don’t want what happened to ruin your friendship. You two have worked so hard to get back to where you are now.”

“There’s no friendship anymore. She threw that away when she went behind my back and pursued my boyfriend.”

“Britney just put yourself in her shoes. She was confused about her feelings and she realizes now that Shawn is the person she wants. Can’t you just bypass what happen? She did with you.”

Britney rolled her eyes and went back to her closet.

“First, I’m still pissed that you’re even staying with her.”

“I had no choice.”

“You had a choice, which in my opinion you should have stayed with Donnell. Anyway, you’re taking her side.”

“I’m not taking anyone’s side regarding this matter. I have my own issues to face, so I don’t need the added burden of you two going after each other.”

“Whatever. There is something I have to tell you, though.”

Monica gave a concerned look as Britney sat back on the bed.

“I tried to sleep with Shawn.”

Monica thought she had to pick her mouth up from the floor from that bit of news.


“When he told me what was going on, I was more hurt than anything, so I needed to feel some sort of comfort, so before I knew it, I was kissing him.”

“Seriously. So why are you so mad at Ri?”

“Because I didn’t go through with it. Well, Shawn didn’t. We were on the bed, our clothes were off and we about to, but he had a change of heart and left.”

“Because he’s in love with his girlfriend. You four are playing a dangerous game and someone is going to get hurt.”

“I know, but Riana started it by having lusty thoughts about Marcus.”

“Maybe for her, that was the reason, but for Marcus, I think it was always there with Ri, he just didn’t want to admit them since she’s his brother’s girl.”

“Well he should have never got with me then.”

“Maybe so. Brit, just take a minute to think about what you’re going to do. Once you go after Riana, your friendship will never be the same.”

“She should have thought about that before she slept with my boyfriend.” Britney said.

She went back to the closet and pulled out a black and white minidress.

“Perfect.” she smiled.

Monica shook her head again, knowing this was going to be a crazy night.

Shawn stared at himself in the mirror, taking in the shiner that Marcus gave him at the party store the other day. When he arrived at Riana’s, she looked at his face and began crying; which meant she still felt guilty over what happened between the two. Even though he never told her that he knew, she had an idea what happened.

Now he was getting ready for her party, hoping that the night will be fun and not full of drama since he did invite Britney. As for his brother, if he even attempt to show up, he will be ready for round two. He hasn’t seen him after the incident and when he arrived to the apartment, his room was empty. Good thing he took his advice and packed up. If he didn’t, he was going to do it for him.

“Are you okay?” Riana asked. She walked into his room and sat down on the bed.

“I’m cool.”

“Since Marcus moved out, do you know where he went?”

Shawn turned around and stared at her, wondering why she would even ask that.

“I don’t give a damn where he went. As long as he’s not here, then I’m good.”

“Shawn, I know you know about me and Marcus; I just want you to be upset with me.”

He stared at her and noticed the look she had. She looked so innocent. He still can’t believe she cheated on him, which made him become slightly irritated.

“Please, just yell at me.”

“I’m not going to do that.”

“You should.”

“Why, so it would make me or you feel better? Baby, when I discovered what happened, I was pissed off at Marcus to the point I wanted to kill him; but with you, I was more hurt than anything. I saw the hurt and pain you went through with Britney and Isaac and the idea that you did it to me hurt ten times as worse.”

“I’m so sorry, Shawn.” Riana said through tears.

“You are the first woman that I can picture a future with; someone that I want to marry and have kids with and grow old with. I didn’t really believe in love until I met you.”


“That’s why I didn’t say anything to you. I know you struggled through your feelings for Marcus and me, and I didn’t want to add more to it.”
“I know I hurt you, and I promise that I won’t ever do it again. I was stupid to have cheated on you, and I’ll do everything in my power to make it up to you.”

Shawn stared at her and caressed her cheek.

“We’ll get through this together, baby. We’ll make it work.”

She nodded as Shawn leaned over and kissed her. She held on to him and he pulled her towards him. He kissed her tears as she continued to cry.
“I love you, Ri.”

“I love you too, Shawn.”

They lay down on the bed, holding each other while giving slow kisses. Although they had a few bumps in the road, they knew their love could surpass anything.

“Are you ready yet?” Chris asked while walking into Cheryl’s room.

“Just give me another minute.” she said.

She stared at herself in the mirror, smoothing down her aqua blue dress and sighed. She really didn’t feel like going out tonight, but since this was for her cousin’s birthday, she’ll make an exception.

Her schedule has been on overload the past couple of weeks, making her have less time for rest and relaxation. Even spending time with Chris was nonexistent, as this was the first time they seen each other in three weeks.

He looked at her and smiled.

“You looked really good right now.”


He put his arms around her and gave her a kiss.

“Good enough to not go to the party.” He whispered. His hands roamed her body, making her wet from his touch.

“You know we can’t do that. Ri will have a fit if I don’t show up, especially since I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“I wish you could have been there for her; maybe you could have talked some sense into her.”

“You’re blaming me for Ri’s issues? She brought that on herself.”

“I’m not saying that, it’s just that you two are so close, so I’m pretty sure she needed that guidance that you love to provide every now and then.”

Cheryl smiled.

“I know. I’m just glad things are working out for her and Shawn. So this party he’s giving is not some ploy to get back at her, is it?”
Chris glanced at her.

“What do you mean?”

“This is not a revenge party, is it?”

Chris looked down and rubbed his head. He stared at her and sighed.

“It was at first, but Shawn came to his senses and is now doing it out of love.”

“Was he really going to expose Ri and Marcus?”

“Yeah. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen.”

“Wow. I know Shawn was hurting then; he’s probably still hurting.”

“He’s trying to get over it, but it’s hard to do when Marcus is lurking around. I didn’t tell you the two got into it in public yesterday.”
“It was bound to happen, Chris.”

“I know. Let’s just hope he doesn’t show up tonight.”

“Why would he?”

“Knowing Marcus, he will.”

Cheryl sighed. She got up, but suddenly felt faint. Chris went to her, holding her while giving a concerned look.

“Are you okay?”

She looked at him and smiled.

“Yeah, I just lost my balance. I probably should switch my shoes.”

Chris nodded and kissed her cheek.

Cheryl went toward the mirror and gave a nervous expression. She’s been feeling dizzy for the past couple of days. She knew she has been taking the pills Devin gave her a little more than usual, but she didn’t think it would cause any type of effect. It hasn’t the last time she done that. She has noticed a difference with the last pill she’s taken, since this was a new supply given by Devin. Although he said he wasn’t going to help her again, after a little persuasion, he gave her another bag, which was a month supply.

She knew she shouldn’t rely on them, but they’re helping her get through everything. She doesn’t believe she’s addicted to them. She did stop the week when she was out of them.

Her heart started to race. She touched her chest, hoping it would stop beating so fast. She turned to see if Chris was still in the room, but he was gone.

She turned back to the mirror and noticed she was sweating. She touched her forehead, wondering what was going on. Hopefully she can make it through the night, but how she was feeling, it was highly unlikely she will.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 is up!!

Since everyone was busy with their classes, no one seemed to have notice the semester was almost over. One person who was glad it was ending was Monica, who was staring at the ceiling of Britney’s room, wondering how things got so bad. When she moved out of the apartment, she was expecting to see Britney and Riana at theirs, but found out that Britney was staying with her parents. She probably knew about Riana and Marcus, which surprisingly she didn’t do something much worse than moved out.

When she did ask Riana what happened to Britney, she just shrugged her shoulders and mentioned she wanted to be near her job. She knew that was a total lie, but didn’t say anything about it.

She couldn’t judge anyone’s issues anyway since she had her own to deal with. For the past two months, Donnell has been trying hard to call and text her, but she ignored them all. She was trying to figure out her feelings and having him contacting her wasn’t helping.

She got up to go to the kitchen when a knock was at the door. She turned to it and opened it.

Maybe I should had looked through the peephole.

“I see you’re doing okay.” Donnell said.

“How did you know I was here?”

“I asked Britney.” he said. He walked inside without asking if he could come in.

“Excuse you, but I didn’t say you could come in.”

“Are you serious? You moved out of the apartment two months ago without even an explanation and you have the audacity to have an attitude with me!”

“I did leave a note explaining why I was doing it.”

Donnell gave a sarcastic chuckle.

“You are a piece of work. Throughout our relationship, you have done so much dirt it was ridiculous; but being the person that I am, I took you back. I guess I was too in love with you to see pass the flaws you have.”

“I told you I needed space, so you should respect that.”

“All I asked of you was to be honest with me. If you were unsure of us living together, you should had said something.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You’ve done enough of that, Monica.”

“I didn’t want to make things even worse.”

“Well, it’s too late for that! Even though you did this, I still love you and I want things to work out between us.”

“I love you too, but there’s so much I need to sort out.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be together. We should take some time apart and figure out what we want out of life.”

“Just say it. You want to be single and date as many guys as you want. Hell, you were doing that while we were together.”

Monica shook her head and sighed.

“You know what; take as much time as you want to discover yourself. Just know when you do want to get back together that I will not be waiting.”

He stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door. Monica shook her head again and sat down on the couch. Whether she wanted it or not, she needed this time to see if her feelings for Donnell was still there. She couldn’t continue to go through the motions and not wonder how her life would be without him. Right now, she needed an escape, and she knew just the thing to help her. She got up from the couch and went to Britney’s room. She was tired of being in the apartment and she was ready to venture out. She was ready to see what single life was all about.

Riana stood in front of her wall mirror admiring the dress she picked out for the birthday party Shawn was throwing her. There were several outfits she had, but she couldn’t decide on which one she wanted to wear. After all they have been through, she couldn’t believe he was throwing a party for her. At first, it was going to be a surprise, but when she saw him looking up decorations in her favorite colors, pink and purple, he had to tell her. A tingling sensation went through her and she smiled. Just the gesture showed her that he loved her unconditionally, just like she does with him.

After the talk she had with Marcus, he did keep his distance from her, which was great for her since she was trying to patch things up with Shawn; but as for the brothers’ relationship, they never patched things up. Honestly, she doesn’t know if they will ever recover. She still felt guilty for the pain she has caused them; that’s why she’s going to try her hardest to keep things on track with her relationship and even get the two to talk again.
She walked out to the living room and saw Monica about to leave. She stared at her outfit, wondering where she was going.

“I’m pretty sure you heard Donnell and me arguing.”

“Yeah. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll live.”

“Where are you going dressed like that?”

“To the bar; I figure I need a little escape. You want to come?”

“No, I’m going to stay here; besides, Shawn is probably coming by.”

“Okay. I’m glad you two were able to work things out.”

“Me too. I know now that I will never mess up like that again.”

“That’s good to hear. I have to ask though, how’s Marcus in bed?”

“That’s kind of personal, Monica.”

“I had to ask. I bet he’s good, isn’t he.”

Riana began to think about the times she was intimate with him. The way her body felt was more than she could have ever imagined. He had her coming every time they were together, which made her blush.

“You’re blushing, so he must be good.”

“Stop, Monica.”

“I mean you have your pick of both brothers. Between the two, who had your body on fire?”

“Enough, Monica.”

She giggled and went to the door.

“See you later.”

Riana waved and went back to her room. What Monica said had her thinking about both of them and sighed. She can’t think about anything that pertains to Marcus. If she does, it would be opening up a whole new can of worms.

Damn you, Monica!

Shawn and Chris was at a party shop buying a couple of items for Riana’s party when Chris started to talk.

“I’m really glad you decided to call off the plan you had cooked up.”

“I figured I didn’t need to do it anymore. What Ri did was wrong, but I’ve done that before with Clara, so I can’t fault her for it.”

“I agree, but you didn’t have sex with her sister.”

“No, but her best friend; so I shouldn’t be upset with her.”

“What about Marcus? Should you forgive him too?”

“Hell no.”

“Why are you giving Riana the benefit of the doubt but not your brother?”

“He can rot in hell for all I care. What he did was disrespectful and I’m not going to forget that.”

Chris sighed as he walked with Shawn down the aisle.

“How’s Cheryl doing? I know you had some concerns about her.” He changed the subject while picking up a bag of pink balloons.

“She’s doing okay. She’s still busy with school, work, and everything else. I told her she needs to slow down, but she’s not listening.”

“Was she pissed about her dad visiting her on Valentine’s Day?”

“No, but she told me if I had any issues with her to not bring him into it.”

“You’re concern about her, so that’s understandable.”

“I know. I just don’t want her to get too deep with everything she’s doing. She’s putting too much on
herself and eventually she’s going to shut down.”

Shawn patted him on the back when he looked at the door. Marcus walked in. He looked at Shawn and
headed over to him.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Shawn asked.

Marcus walked up to him and sighed.

“I saw your car in the parking lot.”

“And that made you want to come in here.”

“Listen, we have to talk, mainly about our living arrangement.”

Shawn folded his arms across his chest and gave him an angry look.

“I agree. Since I’ve been paying the rent for the past couple of months, then you can pack your shit and
move out.”

“Why should I move out? You haven’t been there in weeks.”

“It doesn’t matter if I was; you’ve been slacking off with rent so I had to pay for yours and my half.”

Marcus shook his head and chuckled.

“You smug bastard. You think you’re so above everything and everyone.”

“Why, because I’m doing so much better than you? I have something you will never have. That’s right; you want my girlfriend and you thought you had her, but she came to her senses and stayed with me. You may had her body, but you will never have her heart.”

Chris looked at the two, knowing where this was heading. He had to do something fast before they both start swinging.

Marcus went up to Shawn and decked him across his jaw. Shawn punched him, causing him to fall against a display.

“You two need to chill the hell out!” Chris exclaimed.

But the two didn’t listen. Marcus regained his balance and ran over to Shawn. He pushed him to the floor, punching him. Shawn got from underneath Marcus and threw him to the ground, throwing jabs near his nose and eyes.

“Damn it!” Chris yelled. He tried to pull the two off of each other, but they both pushed him out of the way. They continued to punch each other when the store manager and security ran over to the two and broke up the fight.

“You two need to pay for the damage you caused and get out!” The manager yelled.

The two looked at each other and was about to start back fighting when Chris pulled Shawn away.

“Let’s go before you cause any more problems.” he said.

Marcus looked at the crowd that witnessed the fight and saw the mess he and his brother had caused. He pulled out his wallet and sighed.

“Here’s three hundred; that’s should cover it.”

He handed the money to the manager, slowly turned around and headed to the door. He glanced at Shawn who was with the cashier. The two glared at each other before he walked out.

Marcus never thought he and Shawn would come to blows over a woman, but Riana was worth it. Whatever it takes, he will find a way to be with her; and Shawn will not stand in his way.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 21

Two weeks later and Riana was still in shock over everything that has happened. Her relationship with Shawn was slowly going back to normal, but she still wondered if he would ever admit her indiscretions. There were times when she wanted to confess everything to him, but if she did, it would only bring more issues. For now, she’ll keep her mouth shut and work on her relationship.

She was at the lounge studying her chemistry notes when a familiar voice caught her attention.

“We need to talk.”

She looked up, seeing Marcus standing in front of her.

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“I’ve been trying to contact you for two weeks. We have to discuss what happened.”

“What if Shawn walk in here and see us talking?”

“I don’t care. I need to know why you’re avoiding me.”

“Because I’m trying to work things out with your brother. We let things go too far, so now we need to stay away from each other.”

“What if I don’t want to? Riana, I’m in love with you.”

She glanced at him, not sure if he was being serious.


“Ri, from the time we have spent together, I realized how wonderful you are and I don’t want to lose that.”
“You’re not in love with me, Marcus.”

“Yes, I am. You all I think about. I want to spend every moment with you. Hell, it has been years since I felt this way about a woman, so I know you’re really special.”

“I can’t hear this anymore.” Riana said. She stuffed her book and notepad into her tote bag and pushed herself out of her chair. She walked past Marcus when he grabbed her.

“Let go of me.”

“Not until we talk.”

She saw the desperate look in his eyes and realized she should.

“Let’s walk.”

He nodded and they left the lounge. As soon as they went outside, Marcus started to speak.

“I know you’re in a tough position right now, but I just needed to put my feelings out there.”

“What about Britney?”

“Our relationship started too fast. We didn’t take the time to get to know each other.”

“And we did?”

“Yes. It may have started off purely sexual, but there’s more to you than that. You have a kind heart and
you’re easy to get along with.

“Marcus, I enjoyed the moments we had together, but I realized it was all a mistake. I’m in love with
Shawn and I had cloudy judgment when I was with you. I don’t know if I was missing Shawn too much
and you were there or just needed someone to talk to. Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t had

“You’re saying the times we spent together didn’t mean anything to you?”

“Please don’t do this, Marcus.”

“You’re giving me no choice.”

“Whatever we had is over. Let me work things out with Shawn while you try to establish
something with Britney.”

“Shawn is playing you, Ri. He’s up to something and he pretending to be the devoted boyfriend to keep
you in the dark.”

Riana shook her head. Marcus could be right, but she’s going to do everything she can to get her
relationship with Shawn back on track.

“I’m sorry, Marcus. I have to go.”

She turned around and headed to the science building. She knew she was doing the right thing;
hopefully he would take the hint and let her work things out with her boyfriend.

Shawn was sitting in the control booth looking up decorations for Riana’s party. Even though he
still had two months to plan everything, he wanted to have everything perfect.

The plan he had for her and his brother was slowly becoming a memory and he was actually having the party out of the kindness of his heart. After the time they spent on Valentine’s Day, the two has re-established their
relationship in a major way. He could tell she was still in love with him and wanted things to work out.
He must be really in love if he’s willing to look past her cheating and stay with her; but he figure
everyone make mistakes. Hell, he even made a couple before he met Riana, so he shouldn’t had quickly
judged her.

Dominique walked into the booth and took the seat beside him. She glanced at what he was looking at
and sighed.

“You’re seriously planning a party for her?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because she cheated on you with your brother. You’re rewarding her by throwing her a party.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, so why don’t you concentrate on the news.”

She scoffed and looked ahead.

“Sorry if I hit a nerve.”

“Whatever.” he said.

“I just don’t want you to be taken advantage of. You’re a really sweet guy and the fact that she cheated
and you’re overlooking it is irritating me.”

“I appreciate your concern, but honestly it’s none of your business if I’m with her or not. I love her and
we will make our relationship work.”

Dominique nodded. “Okay. I guess that is something I will have to respect.”

“Thank you.”
Shawn looked ahead at the reporters getting ready to sign on. He didn’t have time for Dominique’s
issues. If he wanted to be with Riana, then that was his choice.

Cheryl went into her A&P class letting out a frustrated sigh. She just pulled a double shift at Patrick’s and
she was exhausted. The supply of pills Devin gave her, which supposed to had last for two months,
were gone a week ago. She tried to see if she could had purchased more, but she needed a prescription,
which meant she had to go to the doctor. With the way her schedule was, she wouldn’t be able to
schedule an appointment, so she had to do the one thing she vowed she wouldn’t do again and that was
talk to Devin.

For weeks, the only time she associated with him was during class since he was still her lab partner. She
tried to get a new one, but Professor Holbrook denied the request, stating everyone must stick with
their partners for the entire semester. That didn’t go well with Chris, but what choice did she have?
When Devin tried to talk to her, she’ll switched to discussions involving class work. After several more
attempts, he finally got the hint and just talked to her about their assignments. Now, she was
desperate because she needed more pills and he was the only person who could supply them
to her.

She sat beside him at their lab table and pull out her notes.

“Good morning.” he said.

“Good morning.”

“I know I shouldn’t ask, but is everything okay?”

She glanced at him and gave a tiny smile.

“Everything’s okay. Just pulled a double at work.”

“And you were able to come here? That’s dedication. Those pills must be working its magic.”

She glanced at him again and sighed.

“About that…”

“First off, are we actually having a conversation?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Just wondering because we haven’t actually had one in almost a month.”

“I know, and I’m sorry about that, but you have to understand the position I’m in.”

“Yeah; your boyfriend is an asshole.”

“Don’t start.”

“I had to say it.”

Cheryl shook her head and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll drop it. Now, what were you going to say before I interrupted?”

She took a deep breath before speaking.

“About the pills, I sort of ran out a week ago.”

Devin gave her a surprised look.

“Those pills were a two month supply.”

“I know, but…”

“Were you taking more than one a day?”


“Cheryl, those pills are powerful. You have to watch your intake on those.”

“I know, but I’ve been so busy with work and school and pre-entrance exams I just needed a boost and
they helped.”

“I understand that, but…”

“I just need a couple to help me get through the next few weeks. I won’t need them anymore once I
take my last exam, I promise.”

“You know how much I had to do to get the first supply?”

“I’m sure it was a lot, but I really need them, just to help me get through everything.”

Devin sighed.

“Fine, I’ll help you, but after this, I can’t anymore. Not only will my dad get suspicious, but I don’t want
anything to happen to you. I really do care about you, so if anything does happen, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

Cheryl saw the genuine expression in his eyes. She knew he was being truthful, which made her feel
even worse for asking.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll have them for you during the next class.”

“You think I could get them sooner, say later today?”


“What about tomorrow?”

“I can do tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

Devin nodded and opened his A&P book. Cheryl sighed. Tomorrow, she will have her pills and
everything will be fine again.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 19

A little late, but chapter 19 is now available…

After the evening they had together, Riana wanted to stay in bed with Shawn and enjoy the moment they had shared. Even though she was going through so much with him and Marcus, her heart was still with Shawn and she realized that what she was doing with Marcus was wrong. She wanted to save her relationship and be the devoted girlfriend she once was to the man she loved.

She watched Shawn as he got dressed, which made her heart flutter. She shook her head, realizing all the horrible things she has done and wished she could take them back.

How could I have been so stupid? she thought.

Shawn walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You sure you don’t want to stay here and go for round three?” he asked while kissing her neck.

She smiled. “As tempting as that sounds, I think we need to go out. We can’t stay in the apartment forever.”

“Who says we can’t.” He continued to give her kisses down her neck and chest.

“We can always continue when we return.”

“Definitely.” He said. He smacked her ass, which made her smile. “Where do you want to go anyway?”

“I was thinking the movies. We can catch that new action flick if you want.”

“On Valentine’s Day? That’s the first.”

“I feel like watching something different.”

“Fine by me.” he said, giving her a sexy grin.

Her heart fluttered again. Yeah, she was stupid to have cheated on him.

Once they got ready, they headed to the theater. They purchased their tickets and were inside going to the concession stand when the two saw Britney and Marcus ahead of them in line. Riana gave a nervous glance as she watched the two.

Britney looked over at the two and gave a tight smile.

“Hey.” Riana said.

“Hey, Ri. Shawn.” Britney said. She seemed nervous around him, which made Riana raised her eyebrow in curiosity.

“Hey Britney. What’s up bro?” he asked.

Marcus smiled, giving a quick glance at Riana before grabbing hold of Britney’s hand.

“I see you two had the same idea, huh?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah; we figure the restaurants will be crowded, so we took a chance on the movies.” Britney said. “What movie are you seeing?”

“The new action flick with Vin Diesel.”

“We are too. If you both want to, we can sit together inside.” Marcus said.

“No, we just want to spend some time together, if you don’t mind.” Shawn said.

Once Shawn said that, Riana gave a sigh of relief. She did not want to sit by Marcus in a dark theater.

He moved his hand down Riana’s body, stopping at her ass. He gave her a light squeeze, which made her release a tiny moan. Marcus stared at the two, anger growing inside of him as he watched his brother be with Riana. Since the time they have spent together, he realized that he was falling for her. That was something he never thought he would experience, but with Riana, it was easy to have feelings for her.

Britney looked at the two with a disgusted expression. She couldn’t believe how they were behaving. It was immature and pathetic.

“Well, we’ll catch you two later.” Shawn said. Riana smiled and the two went to the room. He gently grabbed her hand, which made her smile.

After tonight, she knew what she had to do. She has to break things off with Marcus. Soon.

Donnell pulled up into a parking space in front of his apartment anxious to see Monica. He asked his supervisor if he could leave early to spend the last few hours of Valentine’s Day with her. He knew that crushed her that they couldn’t spend the day together because of work, but his job is short staffed so he had no choice but to work his shift.

He went up the stairs, with a dozen of red roses and take-out food from her favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Hermanos. He knew once she saw the items, it would put a smile on her face.

He carefully opened the door and went inside the apartment. He was a little surprised it was dark since Monica said she was going to be there. He turned on a lamp near the TV to discover an empty apartment.

“Monica.” He called out, going to the bedroom. He checked there and the bathroom, which made him worried.

“Where is she?” he asked.

He walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter. He picked it up and read it. His expression changed from worried to shock at what he was reading.

He went to the couch and slowly sat down. After everything they have been through and she decided to pull this? He asked her countless times if everything was okay and she lied to him, saying it wasn’t when all along she wanted out.

He balled up the note and threw it on the floor.

After all I have done for her and this is how she repays me? he thought.

He grabbed the dozen roses and threw them across the room, landing on the counter before falling on the floor. He picked up a picture of the two from the coffee table and threw it against the wall, watching the frame shattered before falling on the floor.

He began to pick up items that were nearby and threw them across the room. He was pissed that she would do this to him. He has done everything to make her happy, but it wasn’t enough for her and he was tired of it.

After throwing another frame against the wall, he stopped since he knew his neighbors were probably calling the cops on him. He felled down on his knees, upset and sad that she left him. Instead of facing her fears head on, she took the coward way out and left. Although they have worked out their issues in the past, he can’t continue to take her back. This time, their relationship cannot be repaired.

LLH: Book 2 Chapter 18

Chapter 19 will be posted at midnight (central time) Saturday!!

Several weeks have passed and it was now Valentine’s Day. Riana couldn’t believe how fast the days were going, but with her classes keeping her busy, she hasn’t noticed. Another thing that was keeping her busy was her complicated love life. She glanced at the picture of her and Shawn on the counter and sighed.

Since that day with Marcus, she continued to see him, but their encounters were not strictly sexual. They actually hung out together, getting to know each other more. She actually felt relieved that their relationship wasn’t purely physical and that she was seeing him in a different light. Now, it wasn’t hard for her to spend time with him, since Shawn was either at work, his classes, or at the station. She barely seen him, which made her feel a little at ease, because if she was around him regularly, she would have felt even guiltier.

As for Britney, she barely seen her either. For the past few weeks, she only saw her twice and that was in passing. For a second, she thought she might have moved out, but her stuff was still in her room, so she didn’t know where she was. She thought the entire situation was strange, but she let it go.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, she wanted to do something special, but with who? The entire situation with Shawn and Marcus were starting to become too much. She knew she should make a decision and be with one guy, but she didn’t want to let either one go. She loved Shawn and she was getting to know Marcus, so it was tough to pick between the two.

There was a knock on the door, which interrupted her thoughts. She went to it, opening it to see Shawn on the other end.

“Hey.” she said, while giving him a hug.

“Hey. I hope you’re not expecting anyone.” he said while giving a huge grin.

Riana tilted her head, wondering what he meant by that. Although Marcus gave his suspicions about
Shawn possibly knowing about them, Riana thought differently. Honestly, she doesn’t think Shawn
knows anything.

Hopefully it stays that way. She thought.

“Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know, you might have made plans already.” he said while walking inside.

“I wouldn’t do that. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“I know.”

He looked at her left arm and gave a concerned look.

“Where’s the bracelet I gave you?”

Riana gave a hesitant look. Honestly, she didn’t know where the bracelet Shawn gave her. The last time
she saw it was at his apartment a couple of weeks ago. She was in panic mode looking for since it was a
gift and he would be pissed if he knew she lost it. She couldn’t afford to slip up, especially
with leaving her belongings behind at the apartment.

“I decided not to wear it today.” she lied.

“Oh. You do have it, right?”

She tilted her head again and smiled.

“Yes baby, I do.”

“Well, as long as you have it. I wouldn’t want you misplacing it anywhere.”

“I would never do that.”

He nodded and went to sit down. She followed him and sat beside him.

“I was thinking instead of going out we could just chill tonight. Watch some movies and enjoy each
other’s company.”

Riana smiled.

“I would like that.”

“Cool. Because I miss spending time with you.” he said.

She started to become teary-eyed at how sweet he was being. She didn’t deserve him, especially with
the things she’d been doing recently.

“How did I become so lucky to have you in my life.” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Shawn stared at her and moved a strand of hair from her face.

“I love you.” he said as he kissed her.

As soon as his lips touched hers, she immediately melted. She wished she could figure out what to do
about the two men in her life, but how can she choose when they do stuff like this?

He pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him. He lifted up her shirt, staring at her black laced bra. He
buried his face in between her chest, licking the curves of her breasts.

She leaned her head back, enjoying the way he was touching her skin. She hated herself for being so
weak. Before she lost her virginity, she vowed to only have sex with one man. She found that
with Shawn, but her hormones completely took over when she saw Marcus. Now, she broke the one
promise she tried to keep for herself, which made her feel dirty.

Shawn glanced at her as she pulled off his shirt. He lightly touched her back, stopping at her bra. He unhooked the wire and slowly took it off of her.

“Beautiful.” he said.

She suddenly cringed at what he just said. That brought back the moment when Marcus also said that to her.
He continued to caress her skin, which made the awkward feeling go away.

“Make love to me.” she whispered.

Shawn pulled both of them from the couch and she tightly wrapped her legs around him. They went to the bedroom, ready to enjoy their evening together.


Shawn stared at Riana as she was sleeping on his chest. She looked beautiful as she was slightly smiling
from the evening she had. From that expression alone, he could automatically have a change of heart
about his plans for her, but when he pictured her with Marcus, that feeling was replaced with revenge.

He had some of the plan set in motion, from the venue, which was The Tunnel, to the music and food;
he was ready to give her a party she and everyone else would definitely remember for years to come.

One thing he wasn’t going to do was sleep with her, especially since she was with his brother, but
when he looked at her and the look she gave him made him want her. He had to admit, it was different
from what they usually experience. He didn’t know if it was the guilt that was consuming her or because
she wanted it just as much as he did, but it was some of the best sex he ever had with her.
Evidentially, his brother wasn’t doing his job if she was still willing to sleep with him too.

Although she hurt him in the worse possible way, the love he has for her would never go away and it still showed with every touch, caress, and stroke that he had given her. Hopefully that will be something she’ll remember when the truth finally does come out.

Riana slowly opened her eyes and stared at Shawn.


“Hey, baby.”

“Can I say that was amazing.” she said.

He put his arm around her.

“I was thinking the same thing. No matter what happens between us, just know that I will always love you.”
Riana stared at Shawn with tears in her eyes.

“Just like I will always love you.”

He held her, taking a deep breath. He became teary-eyed himself because he didn’t know if she was telling the truth. Their relationship now was built on lies, something he thought would never occur with them.

Even if the relationship they had was gone, for a moment, they can pretend to be the loving couple they once were.

Britney walked into Patrick’s in a terrible mood. She looked at the couples seated in booths around her and sighed.
She thought she would be spending Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, but that theory was gone once she found out he was cheating on her. Since Shawn told her about Marcus and Riana, she completely shut the both of them out.

Instead of being at the apartment, she’s been staying in her old room at her parents’ house. She lied to them, saying her and Riana had to leave their apartment due to fumigations around the complex, but after a couple of days of her being holed up in her room, her parents began to wonder if she was telling the truth.

After what happened with Shawn, she felt completely embarrassed with her behavior. She couldn’t believe she was throwing herself at him. She knew he wasn’t ready to move on, but she kept pushing him to, which led nowhere. She was glad he stopped them, because that would had been a terrible mistake between them.

She looked at the door and saw Marcus walk in. She quickly picked up a menu that was on the table to cover her face so he wouldn’t see her, but it was too late. She put the menu down as he approached her table.

“Hey. I tried calling and texting you, but you haven’t responded.” he said.

“I’ve been busy.” she said in a cold tone.

“Oh, well are you busy now? Maybe we could celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

The offer was tempting, but she wasn’t going to be anyway near him. She knew she shouldn’t judge him, especially since she has done her own share of dirt, but the idea that he stabbed his brother in the back was what really pissed her off.

“I don’t think so.”

“What is going on? I haven’t heard from you in weeks and when I finally see you, you have an attitude.”

“Just leave Marcus.”

“Not until we talk.”

He gently grabbed her hand and stared at her.

“I know things have been strange lately, that’s why I want to make it up to you. You are truly wonderful, so you should be treated as such.”

Britney glanced at him. She really wanted to believe him, but she can’t get the image of him and Riana out of her head.

“Come on; we can go out to eat, catch a movie, or just hang out. It’s your choice.”

She closed her eyes, not knowing what to do.

What the hell; it’s Valentine’s Day.

She smiled.

“Okay, we can go see a movie.”

Marcus smiled. She got out of her seat and he took her hand as they left the restaurant.

Monica stared at the wall in a confused state. In the last few weeks, her and Donnell has done nothing but argued. From who turn it was to wash the dishes to who would pay the rent, it was always something every day, which was starting to become an issue with her.

Who am I kidding; moving in here was an issue. She thought.

When she met her mother for lunch a couple of weeks ago, she talked to her about the issues she was having with Donnell and whether she made a mistake moving in with him. While giving a concerned look, her mother simply told her if she’s having doubts about being with Donnell, then she should do the right thing and move out. Although she’s been having those feelings for some time now, she didn’t know if she should do it. The two have been through so much, so this would be another setback if she just packed and left.

But I know I will be miserable if I stay.

She looked at the wall clock, realizing it was after 8 p.m. Donnell had 3 more hours at work before he headed home. She got up and walked into the bedroom. She pulled out her suitcase and went into the closet. She pulled out what she could fit into it, figuring she would get the rest of her things when he’s in class in the morning.

She went to the dresser and grabbed a notepad and a pen. She wrote a note for him, letting him know she loved him, but to save their relationship, she has to move out. She also mentioned she would stay with Britney and Riana and to not call her until she figured things out.

She grabbed her suitcase and went back into the living room. She placed the note on the counter, got her purse and went to the door.