Swirling Around Love Day 7- London Starr

Hi everyone! I had a really bad headache last night, so I was away from any electronic device; that’s why the new post was not posted. A new author will be featured later today.   Thank you for joining us for Day 7 of the Swirling Around Love Multicultural Event. Today’s featured author is AuthorContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 7- London Starr”

Swirling Around Love Day 6-Phoenix Rayne

Hello Everyone. Today started off kind of rocky for me. I hope your Monday began way better than mines. As a result of my ‘rocky morning,’ I’m totally so far behind schedule. Hence, today’s late post. Any who, it’s Day 6 and I’d like to introduce you all to author Phoenix Rayne. Some of youContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 6-Phoenix Rayne”

Sample Sunday- The First Date

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here’s another preview from Into You, which is an extended excerpt of Vanessa and Mark’s date. 😀 The excerpt is unedited and from Vanessa’s POV. I walked back to Mark’s truck, who had his head leaned back on the seat listening to music. I tapped on the window as he looked over.Continue reading “Sample Sunday- The First Date”

Swirling Around Love Day 5- Carey Anderson

Welcome back! We are at Day 5 of the ‘Swirling Around Love’ Multicultural Event. Today’s featured author is none other than, Carey Anderson. So, here goes … Carey Anderson Carey Anderson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. At a very young age she learned that she had a naturalContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 5- Carey Anderson”

Swirling Around Love Day 4- Seven Steps

Hi everyone! I’m a little late posting (was at work all day), but here’s day four of the Swirling Around Love event with today’s featured author, Steven Steps! Hello everyone. Its day 4 of the Swirling Around Love ‘Multicultural Event’. I hope you all are enjoying yourself. It feels great to shine the light onContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 4- Seven Steps”

Seven Things You Need To Know About Into You 

Hi everyone! Since Into You will be released pretty soon, here are seven things you need to know about the standalone:  1. The Story is Centered Around a Car Wash: Yep, you read right! Even though this is a romance story, the story is centered around working at a car wash. Vanessa, the heroine inContinue reading “Seven Things You Need To Know About Into You “

Swirling Around Love Day 3-Blue Saffire

Welcome back! How was your extended holiday weekend? I just relaxed, no partying or cookouts! I really did need the rest. Anyway, Its day 3 of the Swirling Around Love ‘Multicultural Event’ and today we have Author Blue Saffire with us. Let’s welcome her. Blue Saffire is a woman on a mission to share herContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 3-Blue Saffire”

Swirling Around Love Day 2- Theresa Hodge

Welcome back to day 2 of the Swirling Around Love ‘Multicultural Event’. I’m glad that you all have returned and have brought some friends along with you. Ummm, you did, right? Well, I hope so.  We are celebrating Multicultural Authors and if you missed yesterday’s post, you can check it out here. Today we willContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Day 2- Theresa Hodge”

Swirling Around Love Event-Shantee’ A. Parks

Hi everyone! I’m happy to be apart of this wonderful event hosted by VLS Book Blog as they celebrate  multicultural authors and readers during their Swirling Around Love event. I will be helping with showcasing various multicultural authors throughout the month of September, so you all in for a wonderful treat! But I’ll let VLSContinue reading “Swirling Around Love Event-Shantee’ A. Parks”

Cover Reveal- Overdose by Raven St. Pierre 

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be a part of the cover reveal for Raven St. Pierre’s upcoming standalone, Overdose! If you are a fan of Ms. St. Pierre’s work (like I am), then you know this will be a great read.  And here it is:  And might I add, this cover is HOT!!  Blurb:Continue reading “Cover Reveal- Overdose by Raven St. Pierre “