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Creative Expressions Literary Services is pleased to announce Virtual Book Tour for Whatever May Come by Tracee Lydia Garner. The tour will run April 21-27, 2019.

Author Name: Tracee Lydia Garner Book
Title: Whatever May Come Book Release
Date: April 19, 2019
Genre: Multicultural, Inspirational, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

About the Author

Tracee Lydia Garner is a speaker, private writing coach and author of twelve books. Born and raised in the DC Area, she holds a degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. She tremendously enjoys the written and spoken word and prior to entertaining full-length novels, was a contributor to her alma mater’s campus literary magazine for her poetry. Whatever May Come is her 12th book and revisits the Jameson Family, a well to do family from the DC area. This family saga will have four books total in the series.

In addition to writing, Trace enjoys marketing, graphic design, making video trailers for her books with popular apps, event and conference planning, reading of course and she’s also a recovering shopaholic.

Tracee is a member of the Washington Romance Writers (DC) Chapter, the Association of Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Virginia chapter, and the Faith, Hope and Love, online-only chapter of the RWA.

About The Book

School teacher Tisha Jameson flees her Virginia hometown to start afresh in Macon, Georgia. Although she hadn’t planned on falling in love with former pro football player Chase Alton, Chase’s son Thomas is determined to get them together somehow. Before long, the pair come to realize that they are unable to resist one another and Chase will discover what a caring mother figure Tish can be for his son. But when Tish finds out that the danger she thought she’d outrun for good has followed her across state lines, Chase and Tish find out what love really means.


Chase finally got his son away from the computer, and father and son made their way to the front of the room. The men acknowledged each other briefly before Thomas spoke up. “Are you Ms. Jameson’s husband?” he asked pointedly.

“Nah, little man,” Dean laughed. “I’m her brother.” His gaze moved to the boy’s father. “She’s a cool teach, ain’t she?”

Thomas nodded in confirmation. “Yeah. She’s the coolest,” he replied, turning to beam at his dad, whose face indicated he wasn’t quite ready to agree, considering he didn’t know her all that well. “Thank you, Ms. Jameson.” Placing a hand on Thomas’s shoulder, Chase ushered his chatty son out of the room. He raised his hand to tip an imaginary hat before leaving.

“Have a good weekend, guys,” Tisha called after them. She turned to face Dean, scowling at the mischievous face he made at her before grabbing her coat and tote bag. “What?” she exclaimed, innocently running a finger through her hair.

“Umm-hmm. You barely been here a month and already stirring up trouble!” Dean said, the laugh lines around his eyes crinkling. “That man likes you, but he’s big… and dumb. Don’t fall for him.”

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Book Tour- I’ve Got To Write by Norma McLauchin


Hello! This is one of my tour stops during my two week book tour for I’ve Got To Write by Norma McLauchin. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs Jan 2-15, 2019.  Book your own tour here WNL.
ISBN-13: 978-1732236646
Book Title: I’ve Got To Write! It’s Like Fire Shut Up In My Bones!
Genre: Inspirational

                     Meet NormaNorma McLauchlin is your Spiritual Growth & Journaling Coach, Founder of New Life Ministries, Lady LifersTM Women’s Conferences, Chosen Pen Publishing, the Free to ChooseTM book series, co-pastor of New Life Bible Church and New Life Christian Academy. Norma McLauchlin, fondly known as “First Lady” in and around her community, inspires women to embrace spiritual change and live more fulfilling lives. Speaking from the heart of her own experiences as a wife, mother, co-pastor, and administrator.  First Lady has the unique ability to connect with women from all walks of life.It’s Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones is a compilation of smoldering, heartfelt stories of love, compassion, forgiveness, and amazement inspired and told by members of the Chosen Pen Writers Group. For many of our authors, this is their first published work. Yet, the passion and resolve in bringing to light a story that was burning on their hearts can be found on the printed pages inside.First Lady has accepted the call to help women develop their self-esteem and self-worth. Chosen Pen Publishing and Free to Choose books are just two of the vehicles she uses to encourage women to access the tools necessary to bring about the transformation that will help them realize their potential.

About The Book
Jeremiah 20:9 (NIV) But if I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,” his word is in my heart like a fire shut up in my bones.
It’s Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones is a compilation of smoldering, heartfelt stories of love, compassion, forgiveness, and amazement inspired and told by members of the Chosen Pen Writers Group. For many of our authors, this is their first published work. Yet, the passion and resolve in bringing to light a story that was burning on their hearts can be found on the printed pages inside.
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Book Blast- Siera London, Tonya Barbee, Donneil Jackson, & Sierra Kay


Write Now Literary is pleased to be coordinating a blog tour for  authors Siera London, Tonya Barbee, Donneil Jackson and Sierra Kay. This book blast tour will run April 20, 2018. Book your own tour here.

                                      Meet Donneil D. Jackson

Donneil D. Jackson is a writer by nature and a Jersey girl by heart. Growing up a sheltered child, she used writing as an escape from her everyday life. She discovered that with writing she could be someone else, do things Donneil would never do and entertain others. Donneil has been writing for as long as she can remember, ever since her mother placed a pencil in her hand. The girl has a niche for painting an elaborate scene while telling a descriptive tale. One day she began writing Chante’s Song marking the beginning of her professional writing career.

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    About the Book

As one of the hottest radio personalities, Kayla, the Gossip Queen, has the fast-paced, glamorous life that many dream of. But one thing eludes her. Love. Growing up in a family where her father was nothing more than a ghost, Kayla sets her sights on finding true love and creating the perfect family of husband, wife, home, and children–even if she has to slip up and make a ton of mistakes along the way.

When she meets Shawn Dewitt at a club, their attraction is immediate. Despite the less than perfect beginnings, such as dealing with Shawn’s deranged ex-girlfriend, Kayla finds herself falling hard and fast. All Kayla sees is Shawn’s charm, great looks and mind-blowing sex. She braces herself for the highs of love and the lows of perpetual infidelity and lies.
After being with a man who constantly makes her question her role in his life and her vision of the perfect family, Kayla has to ask herself, “Am I right to fight for this love, or am I being foolish?”

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

                                                                  Meet Siera London

Siera London, a former naval officer, is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. A native Floridian, her love of coastal towns and bustling cities shines through in her sassy and sexy storytelling. Currently, she resides in southern California with her husband and a color patch tabby named Frie.

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                                                   About the Book

Recently divorced, Sarah Jones no longer looks forward to the cupid and candy holiday. With her shattered heart and designer swimsuit in tow, she plans a little vacation to Adventure Cove Resort and Spa. It’s just the respite she needs from inquiring minds.

Quiet and brooding, Deputy Lance Stevens wants to be left alone with the pain of his past mistakes, but his family has other ideas. This contrived vacation is another family intervention he plans to squash, that is until Sarah zips into his life.
What’s meant to be Sarah’s escape turns into a steamy attraction to a man who’s too young, and too determined to get what he wants-her. Lance is forbidden in more ways than one and Sarah is harboring a secret that could destroy more than their budding romance. What happens when Ms. Jones realizes there’s more than a Valentine’s Day fling going on?

Genre: Contemporary Romance

                              Meet Sierra Kay

Sierra Kay has an M.A. in Writing from DePaul University, won a Nuyorican Poets Cafe Short Story Slam, participated in comedy fests as a member of the writing teams for Spankx and N20 Comedy. She also writes poetry and suspense novels. Obviously, she’ll try anything at least once. Her two novels are available online.

Learn more at:

         About the Book

The Grim Reaper has visited Echo Charles so often he might as well have his mail forwarded to her address.
Echo never quite recovered from the loss of her parents to a tragic accident on her twenty-first birthday. Now fourteen years later, she mourns their death of her career, her social life, and if the reaper has his way, the death of her best friend’s lover. The only ray of light in all this darkness is Dr. Brandon Hall, who has had run-ins with the reaper himself—especially when his ex-wife put a choke hold on his bank account along with his belief in love.

Dr. Daniel Ellington’s touch provided the electricity that pumped Telia Arthur’s heart, and a life without his smile was unthinkable. However, an unfortunate accident spared the lives of their children and left his hanging in the balance. Now Telia must deal with a challenge only a few people know about, in addition to Dan’s mother who has descended on Telia intent on securing control of Daniel’s wealth as well as his heirs, all while her son is fighting for his life. Telia and Echo began a friendship in elementary school that has blossomed into sisterhood. But their emotions are being dragged over concrete. Will love conquer all or become another victim of the reaper?

Genre: Suspense

                                                                   Meet Tonya

Tonya Barbee, Founder of I am Still a Rose, LLC (IASAR), has a passion to help those who want to be helped. It took her awhile to realize that she had to make a change in her life in order to get the change she was looking for. After betrayal, emotional abuse, and other turmoil, she had to self-reflect, learn to forgive, and move beyond her pain. Her commitment is to help inspire and empower those that are ready to start a new chapter and to stop those vicious cycles.

IASAR will offer events, conferences, plays, and inspirational products that empower women to get past their circumstances to get to their triumphs. Tonya is an inspirational speaker who uses her experiences to uplift women who have had similar circumstances and are ready for resolution. She’s spiritual, energized, funny, and eager to help encourage others to never, ever give up.

Tonya never dreamed of writing books but she’s always enjoyed telling stories and sharing profound testimonies. Her listeners inspired her to write and the rest is history. The Little Girl Inside is her first project, followed by a short story, a collaborative project with ten amazing authors who bared their souls through heart wrenching testimonies. Tonya’s short story is titled, Prayer Works, in Sharing Our Prayers, which is followed by her latest (soon to be released), I Am Still A Rose, a sequel to the Little Girl Inside. She’s working on several other exciting projects so stay tuned.

Tonya resides in Maryland and enjoys spending time with her incredible four children and seven grandchildren that have stolen her heart.

Learn more at:

                                                     About the Book

It’s love (or the misconception of such). It’s betrayal. It’s triumph! It is all three wrapped into one self reflecting book written by an author whose relationship struggles helped shape and define her as the self sufficient woman she is today.

If you have endured the difficult dynamics of a relationship and often wondered why the cycle kept repeating then this book is the perfect guide to help you evaluate yourself internally before giving your heart externally. You will find the much desired answers to your “who’s,” “what’s,” “when’s” why’s,” and “how’s” of your past relationship issues.

Aren’t you exhausted from the same ole same ole? It is time to STOP, reflect and make changes that will help you get it right!
As you read this book, you will experience the author’s journey as she continuously seeks the fairy tale relationship only to discover the fairy tale relationship never comes. Her pain will become yours as you begin to relate with the various bad relationships documented. However, her victory will become yours as you will learn how to effectively build upon and maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. You will quickly become empowered and inspired to start afresh and live your life to the very fullest.

Genre: Nonfiction, Inspirational


30 Days 30 Authors- Carla D. Youngblood

Hi everyone!! It’s the weekend, but the 30 Days 30 Authors event is still going strong! Today, Carla D. Youngblood is the next author to be featured. Let’s take a journey with her as she talks about her writing career.

Now, here’s Carla! 🙂

Carla website[9582]


farmto table(6)

Carla D. Youngblood is a life strategist, speaker, and author. She is an expert at teaching women how to bring order and structure to their lives and build a life in preparation to meet life’s challenges. As a life strategist she coaches, mentors and teaches women leaders in business and ministry. Her goal is to help women take care of themselves so they can care for others. Carla believes that when women are able to care themselves they are better able to care of others. Her clients are mostly business owners who need to focus on making sure they live a balanced life spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a strategy for success!


For more information you can connect with Carla at


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Women Leaders page: table(5)


1.Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I am a life strategist/coach and speaker. I love spending time with family, going to the beach and traveling the world.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I believe there is an author in all of us. It was a way to process some of my emotions after my divorce.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I couldn’t believe I actually did it!!
4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Traveling the world speaking writing more books and enjoying time with family.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Creating other products to go along with my books, adding more coaching clients, and speaking opportunities.

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Do it NOW! There is a book in all of us, Your story matters and should be shared. Build a team of supporters.

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Emotions COVER[9584].jpg

Releasing Relationship baggage[9585]


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Excerpt from Emotions Of The Mind:

“When women get ‘caught up’ in the emotions of their minds, it is almost impossible to walk in the reality of life.”

Carla D. Youngblood
This statement has caused me to wonder why God created us as emotional creatures. I was sure that when God created us, he knew the necessity and purpose of the state of our emotions. I have even wondered if our emotional state was the result of our humanity.


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31 Days, 31 Authors- Paulette Harper

Merry Christmas eve, everyone! Today, joining the 31 Days, 31 Authors event is Paulette Harper! Paulette is a best selling author, and has penned various inspirational stories, including Living Separate Lives, Completely Whole, and Secret Places Revealed. Her work has been featured on CBN as well as Real Faith Magazine. It’s truly an honor to have her joining the event.

Now, here’s Paulette! 🙂




Making her home in Northern California, award winning author of Completely Whole, Paulette is also an inspirational speaker as well as a writing workshop instructor. Her literary works have been spotlighted in a growing number of publications, including CBN, Real Life Real Faith Magazine, The Sacramento Observer and Black Pearls Magazine.



1.Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I’m a lover of sports. Basketball, football and when the weather is perfect, hiking.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

The inspiration behind my writing came from going through a major transition in my life. I started writing about that particular journey I was on which lasted a few years. Now, as an inspirational and fiction writer, I write to inspire and empower readers. I write because I feel I have message to share with readers not only to entertain readers but to help them grow spiritually. I love to mix real life stories into my fiction. Although each story is unique, we experience some of the same feelings, situations and challenges in life in which the reader can identify.

With the ability to craft fiction books, it gives me the opportunity to live through each character. I’ve been blessed to write in several different genres: Christian fiction, nonfiction and children. Although each genre is unique, I enjoy each one. Developing a craft for writing is an ongoing process. I’ve been able to gleam from so many others. I read books which help me learn the craft as well.

When I pen a non-fiction book, I can go deep into my soul and the soul of the reader. My non-fiction books come from my own personal life experiences, research and biblical studies. I try to connect with readers in a place where the words in the book can leap off the pages and bring about a spiritual change as well as spiritual growth.  Everyone needs to be inspired, empowered and strengthen in every area of their lives and this is where my books are able to touch the readers.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

My first reaction when my book was published, I held it in my hand, laughed and said…”Lord you did this.”

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I will have published a few more books, facilitated more writing workshops and graduated from college.

5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

My advice would be to do your research and learn the industry before you publish your book.  I have heard so many stories of writers rushing to become published authors that they don’t learn that books are a business. Take the time to learn, get council from other authors, find the right people to help assist you and make sure you have a marketing budget.




From Secret Places Revealed

Aaron racked up the pool balls for the third time. He lined the pool tip with the cue ball and smashed it forward. Aaron tried unsuccessfully to force every thought of Simone away. His thoughts always led back to her. The tears in her eyes eroded the tablet of his heart.

“I don’t even have to ask what’s wrong with you,” Shaun said.

“There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m letting out a little tension.”

Shaun took his turn. “I wonder why.”

Aaron gave his brother an icy stare. “Go ahead and say what you want to say, even though I told you to stay out of my business.”

Shaun dismissed his brother’s request. “Okay. I’ll say what I want to say. Man, you wrong about Simone. She has to be innocent. Didn’t you once say everything is fixable?”

Aaron gave Shaun a stern look. “Yeah, but there is always something that can’t be fixed, and this is it.” He took a deep breath. “We lost a big contract because of her.”

Shaun took a swig of his drink. “Brother, you lost more than that. You lost a great woman that cared about you, adored you. I’m sure she was falling in love with you. I know you feel the same about her.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “A woman who played me.”

“I reject that statement. That’s where you’re wrong, counselor. You made assumptions about a situation that you have absolutely no facts to support.”

Aaron took a sip of his drink. He studied his next play on the pool table and took his turn. “Don’t need any facts. The handwriting was on the wall.”

“The only handwriting I see on the wall are the words ‘Aaron messed up… big time. Aaron pushed a good woman out of his life. Aaron’s a complete fool. Aaron’s―’”

“Watch it, brother,” he cautioned.

“You said yourself you didn’t give her a chance to explain. Maybe she does have―”

“A good explanation?” Aaron completed Shaun’s sentence.

Shaun nodded. “Yeah. You should have heard her out. This is one case you have definitely lost, and I will not defend you.”

Aaron’s nostrils flared. “Are you done?”

“No. I’m not done. So, you do admit you were falling in love with her?”

Aaron positioned himself across the pool table, aimed at one of the balls and took another turn. He took a moment before answering the question. “Nah. I wasn’t.”

Shaun laughed hysterically and shot him a look. “Yes, you were. Let me correct myself. You’re in love with her. That’s why this is bothering you so much. If you didn’t love her, you wouldn’t be acting like this. Maybe it’s your guilt kicking in.”

“I told you I’m letting out a little tension. Will you take your turn, please?”

“Hmmm. Call it tension if you want. You acting like a junkie needing a fix. Let me drop this on you and then I’ll be finished. You gave Lamont full access to her again.”

Aaron cringed. “When did you become an expert love therapist? Let’s enjoy the game and not talk about my complicated love life. And, please. Don’t mention Lamont’s name.”

Shaun lifted up his hands in defense. “The last time I checked, you don’t have one and I rest my case.”

Aaron scowled. “Good. Now, can we finish our game of pool?”

But Shaun was right. So what? Yeah, he loved her. More than he cared to admit. Trying to get Simone out of his mind was like trying to get the white out of milk. It was simply impossible. He wished even more that he could dismiss what Shaun had said, but he couldn’t do that either. You were wrong, his conscience accused him. Maybe his guilt was kicking in. He had hurt her and scolded her in a matter of a few seconds.

Aaron mulled over the last words she’d said to him before she walked out of her office. “And after you realize your mistake, don’t even think about calling me. You won’t find me trying to get you back.” No problem. Fine, Lady Simone. I know I’m right. How did she do it? Why pretend to care about him? How could something that felt so perfect turn out this way? He’d let his guard down. Once again, Aaron vowed not to allow another woman to soften his heart.

How could he be wrong? Nah. I’m not.

But, what if I am?

She would never forgive him, especially for how he’d treated her. It was too late for him to be second-guessing himself now. So why was his stomach in knots and his head throbbing?

Exasperated, Aaron slammed his pool stick down on the table.

“You okay?”

He took a deep breath. “Nah, Shaun. I’m not okay.” He walked out of the game room and headed to the nearest medicine cabinet to take two aspirins.




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