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My Birthday Gift To You!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Since it was raining in Houston, I had a chance to write, so my fourth was pretty productive.

Anyway, today is my birthday, which I don’t normally talk about on my blog, but I figure there’s a first for everything. 😊 Not only is it my birthday, but The Love Chronicles was also released two years ago today. To celebrate, I decided to put the first book in the series for FREE! That’s right, The Love Chronicles will be available for free starting today thru Sunday. If you have not read this story, then it’s a must read. I love the story between Andie and Dexter, so this is a great way to get to know the couple, especially since the last book in the series, Love You For Life, will be released later this year.

Make sure to 1-Click your copy but clicking on the link below. Happy reading! 😊

Available Now!! 

It’s finally here!! The Love Chronicles is available only on Amazon. 1-Click for $0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited!! 

Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale. 
When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along.

Paperbacks will also be available soon. 🙂 

Sample Sunday- The Love Chronicles 

Happy Sunday everyone! Here is another excerpt from The Love Chronicles, which will be available this Tuesday, July 5th! Yes, I decided to release the story a week early! I know a lot of you have waited patiently for this book, so I didn’t want to anticipate the wait any longer. If you have pre-ordered, you will recieve it on the new release day. 

And here is the excerpt from both Dexter’s and Andie’s POVs when the two are getting ready to have a typical dinner with their parents. 🙂 



After pulling off my clothes and taking a long shower, I went downstairs and saw that everyone had arrived. I looked at Andie, who was dressed in her infamous over-sized plaid sweater and baggy sweats. As far as I could see, she never cared about her appearance.

“Hey, Aunt Camille, Uncle Trevor.”

“Hey, Dexter. It looks like you’re growing every single day. You’re going to be taller than your dad and me combined,” Uncle Trevor teased.

“I guess I have good genes.”

I glanced over at Andie again, who rolled her eyes. That’s her problem now: She’s always too serious.

“What are we having? “Aunt Camille asked from the couch. My mom pulled her up and led her to the kitchen.

“Come help me cook.”

“Are you serious? I’m tired.”

“If there are two hands in the kitchen, then dinner will be done faster.”

Aunt Camille moaned as my mom pulled her to the kitchen.

“Huh, Trevor, could you help me with something in the garage, please?” my dad asked.

Uncle Trevor raised an eyebrow. “When have you ever asked me for help?”

“Just come on.”

Uncle Trevor looked at us then got up and went with my dad.

Andie and I sat in silence as neither of us had anything to say to each other. At least I knew I didn’t have anything to say.

She turned her head really quickly and looked at me. “Your parents planned this because they know about your grades.”

I looked at her, wondering what she was talking about. “What?”

“They know that your grades are down, Dexter.”

I looked from her to the kitchen, wondering how they knew about that. That was something I’d tried to keep quiet for some time now.

“How did they know about that, Andie?”

“I was talking to my mom, and –”

“That wasn’t your place to say anything!” I interrupted her.

I could tell I startled her since she jumped. I closed my eyes, a little peeved that she would go there, but I only had myself to blame.

“Were you trying to get back at me for what happened years ago?”

“Why would you think that?” she asked.

“Oh, I know what this is. Trust me, I don’t want your valedictorian spot.”

“Dexter, I really thought your parents knew.”

I shook my head, looking towards the kitchen again. Now, I really had to be on guard during dinner, because I didn’t know when either one would pop off.

I looked away from Andie as she tried to tell me what happened. She could save whatever explanation she had. I wasn’t going to listen to her.

“Alright, dinner is ready you two,” my mom announced with a smile.

I slowly got up and started walking to the dining room.


I didn’t even turn around. I just hoped this ended quickly and painlessly.


I sat down at the dining room table, feeling a little guilty that I’d done this to Dexter. At first, I did want revenge; but now, seeing the look on his face, I wished I would have done things differently. We haven’t even started our project yet, and we’re already having problems. This definitely wasn’t the way to start with building a solid relationship.

I glanced at Dexter, who tried to look happy, but I knew he was worried. He didn’t want his parents to know that he was onto them, and he was struggling to keep a straight face.

“Besides learning you two will be married, how was the rest of your day?” my mom asked Dexter and me after she took a sip of Dr. Pepper.

“It was okay,” Dexter answered and took a small bite from one of his tacos. I knew he was nervous then because he was barely eating, and tacos were his favorite meal. I don’t know how I still remembered that, though.

“Was it really, Dexter?”

He looked up and glanced at his dad, who was glaring him.

“What’s going on?” my dad asked.

“We know about your grades, Dexter. And don’t try to deny it, because we’ve already spoken with Mr. Ceborn,” Aunt Tia told him with a glare.

“Look, I can explain –”

“Explain what, Dexter!” his dad interrupted. “That you don’t give a damn about your education? This is your senior year; why would you mess up now?”

“I think we’d better go,” my mom said, standing up. Aunt Tia shot her a death glare, and she sat back down.

“If it wasn’t for Andie, we still wouldn’t have known about your grades. Now tell us, what have you been doing with the emails of your report cards?” Aunt Tia asked.

“Mr. Ceborn told us that along with the paper version, electronic copies are also sent. So, were you deleting them from our inboxes?” Uncle Charles asked him.

“And if so, how did you get into our accounts?” Aunt Tia added.

“It wasn’t hard to do,” Dexter answered. “I know your passwords. And as far as the paper versions go, Andrew changed them so it would look like I was passing.”

“Wow! This is unbelievable!” Aunt Tia yelled. “You went through all this trouble to hide the fact that you were failing two classes! Two, Dexter!”

“I know, and I’m sorry. I knew if you all found out, you would be upset.”

“And you don’t think we are now?! Boy, you’re on thin ice right now,” his dad stressed.

“Come on, you two; yes, this is bad, but you were young once. You’ve done this to your parents.” My dad said.

Uncle Charles looked at my dad with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah, I admit, I did some stuff back in the day, but lying about my grades was not one of them. If I had, your grandma would have whupped my ass. You better be glad I’m not going to do that to you.”

“Oh no, we’re going to hit you where it really hurts,” Aunt Tia quipped with a smirk.

Uncle Charles continued, “That party you were talking about, you’re not going. Instead, you’ll be doing your damn homework all weekend. And when you’re finished with your assignments, you’ll still be doing work we provide for you since you don’t like doing school work.”

Dexter looked at his parents like they’d lost their minds. “What?!”

“You heard us. You’re not going to that party,” Uncle Charles replied.

“But this is the biggest party of the year! Everyone in the senior class is going!”

“Well, you won’t be.”

“This is some bullshit,” Dexter mumbled.

“What did you say?!” his dad asked, getting up and going to Dexter.

“Now, now, that won’t be necessary. Dexter, you’re in enough trouble, so you better shut that smart mouth of yours,” Aunt Tia scolded then turned to my parents. “Anyway, that’s why we asked you to come here. We have a favor to ask, Trevor?”

“What is that?” my dad asked.

“We want Dexter to stay with you this weekend. We would be here, but Camille and I are going to Dallas to plan Spencer Hightower’s wedding, and Charles is going to a conference in Austin,” Aunt Tia explained.

 “I have work to do myself. I have a big campaign coming up that I have to work on,” he replied. While my mom is an event planner, my dad had his own advertising consulting firm that he opened a few years ago. He’s done a lot of great advertising for some of the most popular brands on the market. I’m proud of him and what he’s accomplished so far.

“That’s fine, because we want Andie to supervise him. You have to be around each other anyway, so this will be perfect.”

“And just because we’re going out of town, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. We couldn’t get out of our commitments in time to be here ourselves,” Uncle Charles told Dexter.

“But when we come back, you’ll be under lock and key in your room for the next two months. No phone, no TV, no computer or tablet. You’ll be under house arrest, you understand?”

“Loud and clear,” Dexter muttered.

“Since you want to act like a child, we’re going to treat you like one. And Andie, we want you to call us if anything goes wrong. We’ll also be calling you and your dad to see how everything is going,” Aunt Tia said to me.

I nodded, not sure if I wanted to do this. In fact, I hadn’t even agreed to it.

“Uh, Aunt Tia, Uncle Charles, I never said I wanted to do this. I have things I have to do, and babysitting Dexter isn’t one of them.”

“We know we’ve put you in a tough position, but we know you’re responsible. We trust you and know that Dexter won’t do anything he isn’t supposed to if he’s around you. Besides, Trevor will be around, so you two can take turns if needed,” Uncle Charles reasoned.

“And we’ll pay you for it. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t, right?” Aunt Tia added and laughed.

Dexter was still looking at his parents like they were crazy, while I sighed. I glanced at my dad, who shrugged.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” I agreed.

“Great. Thank you for doing this.”

I nodded again as my parents stood up. I quickly got up as well then went to the
door. I turned around and saw Dexter giving me the evil eye. I turned and opened the door. This was not how I planned to spend my weekend.

If you haven’t pre-ordered, you still have time to. Here is the link:

Coming July 12th!!!

Presents - High Resolution

The In Love With My Best Friend spin-off, The Love Chronicles, will be available on Kindle and paperback on July 12th!!

Here is the blurb for the story:

Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale.

When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along.

Pre-order will be available soon. Check back for the link, which I will post as soon as it is available.

2015 Swirl Awards Nominations

SB-TW-P1-Amazon (1)


Hi everyone!! Nominations for the 2015 Swirl awards were announced last week and The Wedding Part 1 is nominated in the Contemporary category! I’m really excited and honored to be apart of this award because I’m nominated with such amazing and talented authors.


Here is the complete nomination list for the awards. To get detailed information of the awards, please logged onto The Swirl Awards website at



An Unexpected Love by Stacy-Deanne (Jessica Watkins Presents)

Better by Adrienne Thompson (Pink Cashmere Publishing)

Bollywood and the Beast by Suleikha Snyder (Samhain Publishing)

Dangerous Beauty Part Two: A Mafia Princess by Michelle Hardin (Dewy Moss)

Gift from Carolina by Holley Trent (Holley Trent)

Her Insatiable Scot by Melissa Blue (Confessions of a Romance Author)

Need You Now by Mika Jolie (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Keeping Secrets by Kiru Taye (Kiru Taye)

Law of Moses by Amy Harmon (Amy Harmon )

Life After by Keith Walker (Keith Walker Books)

Loving Words by Olivia Gaines (Davonshire House Publishing)

Making Scandal by Kiru Taye (KT Books)

Maybe Baby by Kim Golden (Echo Books)

No Ordinary Love by Kenya Wright (Swoon Romance)

Obsidian Faith by Bev Elle (Bev Elle)

Outside Woman by Stacy-Deanne (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Remember Me by Michelle N. Onuorah (MNO Media, LLC)

Southern Drawl by Paige Warren (Evernight Publishing)

Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley (Entangled: Lovestruck)

The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone (5 Prince Publishing)

The Scale by Mika Jolie (Secret Cravings Publishing)  

The Scale by Mika Jolie (Secret Cravings Publishing)  

The Wedding Part I by Sheena Binkley (Sheena Binkley)==
Until I Saw Your Smile by J. J. Murray (Kensington Publishing)

Erotic Contemporary

#1 Crush (Loose Ends Book  #1) by Kaia Bennett (Kaia Bennett)

Brick House by Keith Walker (KeithWalkerBooks)

His Marriage Bargain: So Inked 3 by Sidney Bristol (Ellora’s Cave)

Hot Game by Bridget Midway (Xcite Books)

One Last Rodeo by Michel Prince (Michel Prince)

Protecting Portia by Pavarti K. Tyler (Evolved Publishing)

Ruined: Loving an Alpha Male by S K Lessly (Jessica Watson Presents

Scarred (Damaged Souls, Book 1) by Twyla Turner (Twyla Turner)

Scores by Kiru Taye (Evernight Publishing)

Through the Dom’s Lens by Doris O’Connor (Evernight Publishing)

Three Strikes (Den of Sin #16) by Holley Trent (Holley Trent)

Thursdays in Savannah by Olivia Gaines (Davonshire House)


Angel’s Shield by Erin Leaf (Evernight Publishing)

Broken Mirrors: Book One of the Broken Mirrors Duology by A.F. Dery (Ring Drop Press)

Paradox by P.J. Dean( eXtasy Books)

Run by Eve Vaughn (Eve Vaughn Books)


Kindred, An American Love Story by P.J. Dean (Devine Destinies)

Loving the Lawman: Roses of Ridgeway Book 3 by Kianna Alexander (Kianna Alexander)

Sweet Jazz by Ursula Renée (The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Vintage)

The Mayor’s Mission by Piper Huguley (Liliaceae Publishers)

The Preacher’s Promise by Piper Huguley (Liliaceae Publishers)

New Adult

An Arrangement of Love by Kenya Wright (K. Wright Press)

Canning the Center by Tara Lain (Dreamspinner Press)

Dangerous Beauty Part One: Destiny by Michelle Hardin (Dewy Moss)

The Calum by Xio Axelrod (BookBaby)


Ileeria: The Chosen One by Latoya Wilson (Latoya Wilson)

A Demon Bewitched (Sons of Gulielmus #3)  by Holley Trent (Crimson Romance)

SinfullyEver After by Kenya Carlton (Parker Publishing)

Sword of Mercy (La Patron’s Sword Book 2) by Sydney Addae (Sitting Bull Publishing)

Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath by Mia Mitns (Mia Mitns)

Romantic Suspense

Billy  by H.M. Mann (Kinfolk Books)

Duty Bound: Bayou Bound 2 by Sidney Bristol (Inked Press)

Drug of Desire: Committed by Sidney Bristol (Random House)

Hard to Hold On To by Laura Kaye (Avon Impulse)

Heart of the Matter: Queens of Kings: Book 1 by LaQuette (Hot Ink Press)

Short Novel

Debauching the Virgin by Melissa Blue (Confessions of a Romance Author)

Maybe Tonight by Kim Golden (Echo Books)

Opening Act by Suleikha Snyder (Entangled Publishing: Edge)

Queen of Dust by Ankhesen Mié (Middle Child Press)

Redemption by Reana Malori (Reana Malori Books)

Santa’s BigHelper By Olivia Gaines (Davonshire House)

Superstar by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb (Roslyn Hardy Holcomb)

Worth the Risk by Stacy-Deanne (Sweet Cravings Publishing)

– See more at:


Author Interview With Romance Novels In Color

SB-TW-P1-Amazon (1)



Hi everyone! I recently did an interview with Romance Novels In Color for a giveaway for The Wedding Part 1 on their site. Even though the giveaway is closed, the interview was pretty interesting.

Here are some of the questions that were asked:

What do you do for fun?

Besides writing, I love to read, watch TV, go outdoors (when the mood hits me), go shopping, and just spend time with friends and family.

What type of music do you listen to?
I pretty much listen to any type of music: Pop, R&B and a little hip-hop (depending on the song). I love listening to old school music, especially songs from Earth, Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

What are your favorite movies to watch?
I love romantic movies. Also comedies. Sleepless in Seattle, A Walk to Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Footloose (the remake), and The Hangover are my favorites.

Short Answer Favorites:
Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake
City: Houston (of course!)
Season: Summer
Type of Hero: Alpha
Type of Heroine- Strong-minded
Actor: Bradley Cooper
Actress: Don’t have one
Band/Solo Singer: Maroon 5 & John Legend
Color: Pink
Cuisine: Anything Cajun

What TV show(s) can you absolutely not miss each week?
This show I cannot miss each day, and that is General Hospital. I have to know what happens each day.

How do you relax at the end of a long day?
I get a good drink (can be anything from soda to wine), turn on some music, and crank up my computer to write.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what else did you want to do?
A news reporter. I even have one of my degrees (I have 3) in broadcast journalism. At one point, I hosted a news program at my college, which was pretty exciting; that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. But, as time went, I started to focus more on writing stories and decided to pursue a writing career.

What is your greatest accomplishment as an author so far?
Since I started my writing career two years ago, I have accomplished so much, including having all of my books going on Amazon’s bestselling list (in their categories). Two have even went to #1. Growing up, I never expected to become a writer; now, two years and 13 books later and I don’t see myself slowing down.

How do you celebrate each book release?
I try to treat myself to a gift every time a book is released. One of my obsessions is handbags, so that is usually my item of choice to purchase before or on release day.

Here is the  blurb and an excerpt from The Wedding Part 1:


Camille Anderson has been dreaming about her wedding with Trevor Williams since she first laid eyes on him in her driveway 18 years ago. Now that her dream is coming true, she doesn’t want anything to interfere with her special day. But when issues surrounding her parents, an office scandal and Trevor’s nosy cousin come into play, Camille wonders if her dream day will go up in smoke.

Trevor Williams doesn’t want anything to go wrong with his wedding with Camille. He wants to do everything perfectly; but when he is faced with an important decision, he soon realizes that not everything in life will be the way he wants it.

With the issues that are surrounding them, they soon have to re-evaluate the love they have for each other and most importantly, the friendship they deeply cherish.


After wrapping up the walk-through, my workday was complete. Hopefully, everything went as planned later tonight with the designers and tomorrow with the caterers and DJ. But for now, work was not a factor as I drove home. Before leaving Hotel Icon, Trevor texted me and told me to dress casually for our date. I still didn’t know what he had planned and that made me even more excited.

I pulled into the garage and saw that his BMW wasn’t parked there. I wondered where he could be since we were going out in an hour. As soon as I walked into the house, I went to our bedroom and got ready. Since he said to dress casually, I chose a pair of black skinny jeans and a cream colored shirt that flowed to my waist. I looked at myself in the mirror as I put on a pair of flats. I started to think maybe I was too causal and should put on a dress. Then, I glanced at the clock and realized an hour had already passed, and there was still no sign of Trevor.

Where could he be?

I was wondering if he got held up at work when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I asked, going downstairs.

When I opened the door, I had to catch my breath at the sight before me. Trevor always looked good, but tonight, he looked extra hot in a deep purple long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. His wavy black hair was cut even shorter than usual and was starting to look a little curly, which I adored.

I finally got over the initial lust I had for him when I realized he was the one who rang the doorbell.

“You could have just come through the garage.”

“I know, but I wanted to do everything right for tonight, starting by picking you up at the front door. And also, to give you these,” he replied as he handed me a dozen pink roses, my absolute favorite.

“They’re beautiful; thank you, baby.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said, bending down to kiss me.

I smiled as he caressed my cheek.

“Are you ready to walk down memory lane?”

“Definitely, but first, let me put these in some water,” I said.

Trevor smiled and walked into the foyer. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a vase from the cupboard and filled it with water. Before I knew it, he was behind me, gently kissing my neck, which felt so good.

“Keep doing that, and we won’t make it out the door.”

“Would that be so bad?” he asked.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around him as I kissed his lips. He pulled me up on the counter, and I wrapped my legs around him. The date was becoming a distant memory as I started to run my fingers through Trevor’s hair. He placed his hand under my shirt touching my abs, then moving up to my breasts. While I wanted so much for us to continue, I knew we shouldn’t. We looked at each other and smiled.

“I promised you a date, so we should go,” Trevor whispered.

“Yeah, we should. Am I going to get any hints about where we’re going?”

“You will; once we get there,” Trevor quipped with a wicked grin. He grabbed my waist and helped me down from the counter. I smiled and took his hand and my clutch. I already knew this evening would be one I would never forget.


To read more of the interview, please check out Romance Novels In Color by clicking on the link below:

– See more at:


In Love With My Best Friend News


Hi everyone! A lot of you have asked about the spin-off series from In Love With My Best Friend, titled The Love Chronicles. I mentioned the first book was going to be released sometime this year, but when I signed with my publisher, many of my upcoming books were pushed back.

Not with this one.

The Love Chronicles will still be released this year, possibly during the end of this summer. This will be an indie release; therefore, the first book will be available on all major sites after the LLH spin-off is finished. If there will be more books, that I haven’t decided on, but the first book with Andie and Dexter will definitely be released soon.

Here is the blurb to the series:

Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have known each other since they were in diapers. While their parents are the best of friends, the two are barely even acquaintances. While Dexter is the most popular guy at Williamson High School and only cares about which girl he will sleep with next, Andrea is focused on getting into her dream college, Yale.

When they are placed together for an unlikely project, the two have to come together not only to pass their class, but also graduate. With a series of events surrounding them, they both realize that their first experience at love could be with the person who was right in front of them all along.

I’m very excited to start on the first book and to revisit Camille, Tia, Trevor, and Charles. I’m also looking forward to writing Andie and Dexter. I already know the two will have vibrant personalities (especially Dexter) and getting to know the two characters.

So, stay tuned regarding more news about The Love Chronicles. 🙂