30 Days 30 Authors- Savannah J.

Hi everyone! I really hope you are enjoying the event so far. There are so many talented authors, so I hope you’re finding some good reads to add to your collection. The next author to be spotlighted is Savannah J. Read about her journey to being an author as well as her inspiration for becomingContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Savannah J.”

30 Days 30 Authors- LaShaunda Hoffman

Hi everyone! It’s the weekend and the 30 Days 30 Authors event is still going strong. Today’s featured author is LaShaunda Hoffman. LaShaunda is not only an author, but she’s the founder of SORMAG.com. She is also creator of the Facebook group, See Ya On The Net Promotion Training Group. LaShaunda has offered various tipsContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- LaShaunda Hoffman”

30 Days 30 Authors- Paulette Harper

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues with Paulette Harper! Paulette was a participate in the previous 31 Days 31 Authors event, but she had been very busy since then, including gearing up for a new release. Now, here’s Paulette! 🙂   Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling authorContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Paulette Harper”

30 Days 30 Authors- Natasha D. Frazier

Welcome back to the 30 Days 30 Authors event! The next featured author to grace this wonderful event is Natasha Frazier! She was also one of the featured authors during the 31 Days 31 Authors event this past December. Let’s catch with Natasha to see how things are going in her literary career since theContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Natasha D. Frazier”

30 Days 30 Authors- Tasha L. Harrison

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues with Tasha L. Harrison! Get to know her as an author as well as check out her book, The Truth of Things, which is available now. Now, here’s Tasha! 🙂   Often accused of navigating life without a filter, Tasha L. Harrison has managed to brandContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Tasha L. Harrison”

30 Days 30 Authors- Stacy Deanne

Hi everyone!! This is the fifth day of the 30 Days 30 Authors event, and today, Stacy Deanne will be gracing the blog. Not only is this is her second time participating in this event (she was also a featured author last year); but this is also her release day for her brand new book,Continue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Stacy Deanne”

30 Days 30 Authors – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Hi everyone! The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues with Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. Such a talented author. I love The Hope Series (which you should definitely check out if you haven’t). Now, here’s Sydney! 🙂   Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader, tattoo lover, and movie fanatic who hails fromContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle”

30 Days 30 Authors- Hadley Raydeen

Hi everyone!! Today’s featured author during the 30 Days 30 Authors event is Hadley Raydeen. Get to know her as she explains about her journey to becoming an author as well as her books. Now, here’s Hadley! 🙂   Hadley has been editing Romance and Erotica for nearly ten years and is working on gettingContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Hadley Raydeen”

30 Days 30 Authors- Shani Greene- Dowdell

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to the second day of the 30 Days 30 Authors event. Today, Shani Greene-Dowdell is gracing the blog as she shares her impressive book collection. Now, here’s Shani! 🙂   Personal assistant to her husband, children and two toddler grandchildren, playwright, novelist, and medical transcriptionist. “I write my way out ofContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- Shani Greene- Dowdell”

30 Days 30 Authors- LaToya Murchison

Hi everyone!! And Happy September! I’m so excited for a new month to begin because it’s the start of the 30 Days 30 Authors event! This year’s event is spotlighting a shrew of talented authors in the literary industry. There also are a few that are returning authors from the previous event last year. YouContinue reading “30 Days 30 Authors- LaToya Murchison”