Reclaiming What Is Mine- Excerpt 3


I wasn’t going to do this, but I decided to share one last unedited excerpt before Reclaiming What Is Mine is released. This is one of the many sexy scenes between Asia and Bryon, which I love so much! Also, I should be receiving the cover soon. Once I do, I will be revealing it to you all.

But in the mean time, check out the excerpt and tell me what you think. 🙂

Before heading to our destination, Bryon needed to stop by his place to change. I really didn’t want to, but I figured it was for a quick minute.

I already knew he was rolling in dough from the car he was driving, which was a Lexus RC F, but I definitely knew he was when we approached the outside of his condo.

Once we walked inside, I immediately became in awe over the beautiful earth tones on the walls, exquisite paintings hanging throughout the huge square footage, and comfortable furniture in the living room and even the bedrooms. He was a man of great taste.

I looked over to the kitchen and saw him sitting on the barstool staring at me.

“I can see you took a liking to my place.”

“Why wouldn’t I? It’s amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“Did you design everything yourself?”

“Yeah, but I did have a little help from my mom.”

“I can see there was a woman’s touch with some of the colors. Regardless, it’s beautiful.”

“I’m about to change, but make yourself comfortable. There’s food and drinks in the fridge and you can watch anything on the TV.”

“Great. Thanks.”

He smiled again and went to his bedroom. I went to the couch and took the remote off the ottoman to turn on the TV. I began flipping the channels and stopped on MTV to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I turned to grab my phone when my eyes stopped at Bryon’s room. His door was partly opened as he was taking off his dress shirt. I saw the tattoo of a dragon on his back as he turned. I started to breath heavily at well his chest looked. That running definitely paid off as his body was well defined and beautiful. My eyes lowered to his pants which he was taking off. I bit my lip, as that spark in me came back between my legs. I was acting like a damn perv staring at him getting dressed, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was sexy, which was giving me all types of sexual feelings that I haven’t had in months.

He was putting on a pair of shorts when he finally looked up and our eyes locked. He gave the most alluring smile that had my pussy going wild. Damn, I needed to find a way to release myself.

I quickly looked away and crossed my legs together. I heard footsteps as he returned into the living room.

“Did you like the presentation I was delivering?”

My face became flushed as he smiled. “You did that on purpose?”

“Not like I was trying to, but I figured you were going to sneak a peek. Hell, I definitely would had if the situation was reversed.”

I couldn’t speak when he walked over to me.

“You are so damn cute. Let me rephrase that, you are fucking sexy, especially when you look so innocent.”

My heart began to skip as his eyes went to my body. He touched a strand of hair that was near my cheek before lingering to my shoulder.

“I don’t know if I should be saying this to you, but I was thinking about you last night. How beautiful you looked when I first saw you.”

“Why when you just met me?”

“You’re the type of woman that no man shouldn’t ever forget about.”

His hand went to my thighs while his breath was on my neck. My body shuddered from how close he was to me. He leaned over and his lips were tickling my skin.

“We better go.” He whispered, which made me disappointed.

He stared into my eyes again before getting up and going to the counter to get his keys. I continued to sit as I felt too weak to move. I took several deep breaths and slowly stood up. My panties were soak from my own wetness from his touch. I couldn’t believe I was acting this way. That I was attracted to another man that wasn’t my husband.

I believed if Bryon wanted me right then and there, I would had let him. That was the part that scared me the most.

Reclaiming What Is Mine- Excerpt #2



Hope you all are enjoying your morning so far!! Here is another excerpt from Reclaiming What Is Mine, which will be released independently after No Other Love 3. It should be available towards the end of next month or early September.  I’m really excited about this book because it’s sort of going back to my roots as a romance author, which I absolutely love.

This scene is when Asia and Bryon meet for the first time. This excerpt is unedited (the story will be going to my editor soon). Enjoy! 🙂


After deciding on where to go, I ended up at the local coffeehouse near the mall. I went in and order a latte before searching for a seat that was near an outlet. Once I got my drink, I found an empty table at the back when I almost bump into someone. My latte almost spilled on him, but he caught the cup just in time. I pulled up the strap to my laptop bag and stared at him. He was gorgeous. His pecan-colored skin gave a healthy glow, which was uncommon for a man. I stared into his light brown eyes, which looked warm and inviting. His lips gave a sexy smile as he handed back my latte.

“I think this is yours.” He said.

“Yes, thank you. That was a close one.”

“I should had been paying attention. I was trying to get the seat before you did.”

“Oh, if you want it you can have it.”

“No, it’s cool. I can find somewhere else to sit.”

I smiled. “There’s four chairs; since it’s crowded, why don’t you sit with me.”

The guy nodded and smiled. “Cool.”

We both sat down and I took out my computer. I found the outlet and quickly plugged in my computer before it turned off. That’s one of the issues I have with my laptop. It could be fully charged but I still need the charger plugged in for it to work. It’s raggedy, but it gets the job done.

I glanced up and saw him looking at me. I gave a shy smile and looked at my computer.

“I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Bryon.” He said while extending his hand.

“Asia.” I replied and accepted his handshake.

“So, looks like you’re working. What do you do?”

“I’m an author.”

“Really? And you don’t have another job?”

“No, not at the moment, anyway.”

“Evidentially, you must be doing well for yourself if you don’t. I heard authors don’t make that much.”

“Some do, but not all.”

“I heard you can have a bit of inspiration at coffeehouses.” He said.

I smiled. “What do you do?”

“I own an advertising company. I help promote a lot of local businesses, including this place.”

I gave a shocked smile. “Really?”

“Yeah. They give me free coffee every time I come here.”

“They should if you’re bringing in crowds like this.”

“I can’t take all of the credit. They serve some really good coffee. What you working on?”

I looked up from my computer and smiled. “It’s kind of top secret, but hopefully my publisher likes it. I kind of need to redeem myself from my last story I submitted to them.”

“It was that bad?”

“Not to me, but for them, I think they were looking for something grittier.”

Bryon nodded. “I think this is the best place to get some inspiration.”

“Believe me, I rather be at my own place, but I can’t do that right now.”

“Why not?”

I definitely wasn’t going into details about my personal life. That one I would have to keep under wraps.

“It’s complicated right now.”

“Oh, you don’t want to talk about it.”

“I just met you a minute ago, so no.”

“No problem; I understand.”

I began working on where I left off with my story. After a minute of typing, I looked up and saw Bryon staring at me.

“Is there a problem?”

He smiled. “No, not at all.”

I looked back at my computer, feeling a little shy at the moment. I don’t know why, but he was making me feel something that I haven’t felt in a long time.


Reclaiming What Is Mine


Hi everyone!! Besides working on the No Other Love series, I also finished up a WIP titled Reclaiming What Is Mine. This will be a standalone novel which involves a woman named Asia, who is trying to make a fresh start with her life. During her journey, she meets Bryon, who is not only sweet and charming, but understands her for the person that she is and wants to become. There is one problem: Asia is married.

With this story, a lot of situations will be discussed, but the most important element is romance. For Asia, despite the fact that she was married, she felt that was the one thing that was missing in her life. As for Bryon, he never been in love, so when he meets Asia, the entire concept changes for him, making him a different person.

Here is the prologue to the story, in which Asia is trying to begin her new life, which erupts into a confrontation between Bryon and Asia’s husband, Dwight.

Growing up, my mom always told me that life could be unpredictable. Boy, was she right. Never in my 27 years did I expect my life to become so complicated. I wished my mom was still here so I could talk to her, because I really need her advice right now. She was the voice of reason and gave such great advice.
I picked up my suitcase and looked around at the room that my husband and I shared for the past six months. Although I should feel sad about leaving, a part of me was actually excited. I haven’t been in my own place in years, so I was looking forward to going to it and not having to hear anyone’s nagging. If I did, I’m sure I’ll be getting ready to stab someone soon. And I’m not a violent person, but for the past few months, I definitely was tempted to be.

I was putting a few things into a bag when the front door opened and my husband walked in. He looked happy, but once he saw me with my suitcase, his smile immediately turned into a frown.

“What are you doing, Asia?”

“I thought you were going to be home late.”

“Don’t change the subject. What are you doing with your suitcase? What’s going on?”

“As if you didn’t know. What did you think, Dwight that I was going to come back and everything was going to be okay? I can’t do this anymore. I tried to make things work between us, but just can’t.”

“Can’t what? Asia, I know things has been rough lately and I’m mostly the blame for it, but I promised you before we moved in here that I was going to get us back on track. I was going to get us to where we were before everything happened.”

“Are you? You have caused more issues than trying to fix the ones we had! I’ve been hearing that for the past 10 years and nothing has changed. It’s like a broken record Dwight and I’m tired of it. You have lie and cheated your way for the past few months and I can’t deal it with anymore.”

“So you’re leaving me? Where are you going to go?”

“I have somewhere I can go.” I said. I pushed past my husband and went to the door. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him.

“So you’re going to throw our marriage away because of what happened? I know I cheated and I’m sorry. I regret what I have done. As for our financial problems, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t contributing, Asia.”

“I’ve been doing more in this relationship than you have. I’m not going to continue living this way. I refuse to. That’s why it’s best if we just walked away. ” I said and shrugged myself from his grasp.
I went to the door, praying that my ride was waiting for me somewhere else. I didn’t want him near the house in case Dwight showed up, in which he did. I didn’t need an altercation going down. If one did happened, that would had been another thing Dwight’s aunt would be blaming me for.

I walked to the kitchen as Dwight was yelling my name. I continued, not stopping to acknowledge him. If I did, I probably wouldn’t go through with my plan. Even though Dwight and I are having a rocky marriage, I was still in love with him. We have been together for half of our lives and it hurts to know that things has come to this, but I can’t continue being unhappy. I have gave him so many chances to change, but nothing never happened. To me, the line has drawn and it was time to move on.

I looked down the street and saw Bryon’s car parked. I really didn’t want to go because I know Dwight would follow me; but if I didn’t, Bryon would come to me, so I didn’t have a choice. I went to the car and saw him sitting in the driver’s side. He was smiling but later gave a concerned look when he saw the sad look I had.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Dwight. He knows.”

“Get in.” He said.

I quickly put my suitcase in the backseat and hopped in beside him. Before I could close the door, Dwight was near the car, giving me and Bryon a heated glance.

“I should had known! So you’re leaving me for him?! Are you kidding me?”

“Please Dwight, do not make a scene.”

“I knew something was going on between you two after that night. How long has this been going on?!”

“You’re the one to talk since you were cheating on your wife with your co-worker.” Bryon said.

Before I could say anything else, Bryon got out of the car and went to Dwight.

“Listen, we don’t want any problems. Just let Asia go so she can figure things out, okay.”

“This is between me and my wife, so I suggest you back the hell up.” Dwight said and shoved him.

“Dwight, please!”

Bryon grabbed Dwight by his shirt and threw him against his car, causing it to shake. The two began hitting each other, which was making me a little anxious. I didn’t want them to start fighting, because with their tempers, someone will possibly end up dead.

“Stop it, you two!” I yelled as I tried to break it up. They definitely didn’t need to fight in the neighborhood because one of these neighbors will be quick to call the police.

Byron sucker-punched Dwight, but Dwight shook it off as he threw Bryon onto the ground. I was trying to push Dwight off of Bryon as he had him pinned on the ground, when his elbow went across my chin, knocking the wind out of me. Before I knew it, my body was heading to the ground, knocking me out cold from the contact.

My life was already a roller coaster before this night, but now, things were even more complicated. I never imagined I would be leaving my husband for another man, but with the way things has been, it was only a matter of time before I walked away…

A release date has not be set for this book, as I’m deciding on whether it will be an indie book or if it will go through my publisher. Regardless, it will be released after No Other Love 3, so it will be soon. Check back here to find out regarding the official release date.

It’s LIVE!!!!!



No Other Love is LIVE on Amazon!!! You can 1-Click for $0.99 or can read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

As mentioned in previous posts, this is the spin-off to the Love, Life, & Happiness series and will center around Cheryl’s brother Kevin. Find out how he handles his marriage to Jennifer and the return of his college best friend Carla in the first part of this hot new series.

Kevin Thompson always lived life straight by the book. He got a great job, married his college sweetheart, Jennifer and together they’re raising a wonderful son.
Even though Kevin is living the picture perfect life, he’s starting to feel that something is missing. His marriage is slowly falling apart leaving him in a compromising position. To make matters even more complicated, he unexpectedly runs into an old college friend, Carla Windsor. Carla just happens to also be friends with Jennifer.

When secrets are exposed between the three, will it destroy everything Kevin has worked hard for? Or, will he see this as his way out of the life that he once cherished?







10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Love, Life, & Happiness Series



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Hi everyone! One of the things I love to do is give background on my stories. I want readers to know what was going through my mind while writing a particular story as well as the ideas that were created. That’s why I share particular things that you all would not had known when a story is released. And that is how my “10 Things You Didn’t Know About” feature was created. 🙂

I had already done one for the In Love With My Best Friend series, but I never created one from the Love, Life, & Happiness series nor for Something Just Ain’t Right.  For the ILWMBF series, you can find on my blog through the link below:

With the Love, Life, & Happiness series, there were so many things that I loved about each book. It not only provided romance, but also friendship and a sense of family. It was a series that gave a breath of fresh air to the books that we are currently reading nowadays. To me, it wasn’t your typical New Adult series, which I truly loved (and still love), and I think you all did too. 🙂

Now, starting from #10 to #1, here are the reasons you may not know about the books or what led me to write the series:

10. Shaw University is a fictional college: Just like Baker is a fictional town. When I first wrote this series almost 11 years ago, I was going to use the college I attended, University of Houston, as the backdrop for the “crew,” but I decided to make everything fictional and thought up Shaw. I still consider UH the inspiration, though.

9. The Tunnel was an actual club in Houston: I remember going to The Tunnel during my college years, which was sort of a huge club back in the day. I used that as another inspiration for the crew to hang out at.

8. The “Crew” are actually my friends: Well, sort of. When I wrote the original story, I actually used my friends as inspiration to some of the characters. Although the stories were strictly fictional, the personalities of some of the characters were depicted from my actual friends (and even some family members). *shrugs*

7. Some of the scenes from Love Always were taken from real life events: I revealed during a book discussion that some of the scenes in Love Always were taken from real life events. I found out I was pregnant during my last year of college and I did have those awkward moments going into class (especially trying to fit into one of those desks). Although I did not go into labor in class (I was actually about to start my last semester when I had my son), the labor and delivery scenes were REAL! And yes, my husband was too nervous to cut the umbilical cord, but that was to be expected.

6. Issac’ s character was based off of an ex: This goes back to the original story. If you read the original, you all know that Riana was with Issac before she met Shawn. Back in 2004, I couldn’t find anyone that could fit the description of Isaac, especially being someone that was a jerk, so I thought of my ex. I continued to use him in the current series as well. By the way, both scenarios from the original and current versions were strictly fiction.

5. My mom was the inspiration for Melanie: When I wrote the scenes between Riana and Melanie, I thought about the talks I had with my mom and the bond that she and I had when I was growing up. Those scenes were a little hard to write because during the time I wrote Love Unbroken in 2011, my mom passed away from breast cancer. There were times when I didn’t even think I was going to continue, but I did, and I’m proud of the finished outcome.

4. The Way We Were was supposed to been the final book in the series: There were only going to be four books in the LLH series, but when I done a poll on my blog about which book readers wanted to read next,  an overwhelming response wanted Love Unbroken part 2.I decided to change the name to Love Always and it showed not only Riana and Shawn maturing into young adults, but it changed everyone in the entire series.

3. The poems written in Love Unbroken were actually real: One of the things readers loved about Love Unbroken were the poems; those poems were actual poems that my husband wrote to me when we first started dating. At first, I wasn’t going to share them, but since the book was sort of inspired by my relationship with my husband, I decided to (with his permission, of course).

2. The Walkers: Since my husband is the inspiration for Shawn, that probably had some of you wondering who is the inspiration for Marcus. Now, my husband does have a brother, who is four years older than him, but he is not Marcus. In fact, there’s a little of my husband in Marcus as well (of course not the womanizer part). Besides Shawn and Issac, the other male characters  are not modeled by anyone I know; they are just characters that I created.

1. Love Unbroken is actually a true story- Sort of : The first story in the series provided a lot of mixed reviews, mainly because some readers felt the story was not realistic. To a certain extent, the story was made up: From the prom scene to the “winter wonderland,” those scenes were based off of my imagination; but the Open Mics at The Tunnel, those were actually real. During several interviews, I mentioned that this story was based off of how my husband and I met almost 14 years ago. I was in college and met him through a mutual friend  (sounds familiar). He is a poet and I have watched him perform during Open Mic nights throughout the city, which were always fun. He can also sing, and he has sung for me during several occasions, which made me include those scenes in the story as well. He never sung for me outside the Galleria, though, lol. There are other scenes in the story that are real, but I’ll let you all figure out those for yourself. 🙂

So, since my husband is Shawn, does that make me Riana? Maybe so. 🙂 And no, I can’t sing. I was in my elementary school choir, but that doesn’t count, lol.

Bonus Tidbit: Redemption was a random story: I was going to end the series once I was finished with Love Always, but after having a great conversation with a reader, the concept of Nathan having his own story was brought up. She picked up throughout the series how Nathan’s personality was and felt there was something more with his story and the things he has done to Riana. She felt that Nathan should have his own story so he could tell his side to everything that has occurred with Ri, Shawn, and with his parents; and that was how Redemption was born.

So, there you have it, the 10 things you never knew about the LLH series. I really hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Although the series is over, get ready for the spin-off with Kevin, Carla, and Jennifer, because their story will be a juicy read. Not only that, but you get to revisit all of the couples in the LLH series! I can’t let go of these characters, so I’m glad that I’m able to continue writing about them and for you all to continue to read about them. 🙂

Release Day – A Spring Affair by Té Russ

Happy Release Day to Té Russ! Her new release,  A Spring Affair, is now available!!

By the way, I’m in love with this cover! Simply beautiful. 🙂



Though they’ve yet to meet face to face, Maya has had a secret crush on Xavier, the man who owns a wine café that the winery she works for distributes to. But being that Xavier is involved, she’d never reveal her feelings.

 Xavier’s previous relationship has left him wrung out emotionally. Needing to get away for awhile, he decides to drive to Napa and visit the winery that produces one of the best selling wines at his café. And finally get the opportunity to meet the woman with the sweet little voice.

 One email and four little words stands to flip their love lives on its head and when Maya and Xavier meet for the first time, both are blindsided by the attraction they feel for one another.

 Springtime and wine make a beautiful backdrop for two people on a romantic journey to love…


Maya stood there in the wine cave staring at Xavier.

“‘We’,” she said. “As in…you and me?”

She watched at the corner of his mouth quirked up slightly, before he released a deep chuckle.

“Yeah,” he said. “That’s the idea, unless there is some rule that says you can’t drink right now?”

“My boss doesn’t mind if we taste the wines along with our tourist, as long as we use the spittoon. But it is after hours and everyone has left for the day.”

“So what do you say?” he asked with a smile. “All these years we’ve talked on the phone and emailed each other, it would be nice to sit down and finally get to know more about you.”

She wanted to get to know him better as well.

Then why are you hesitating? her mind screamed.

She looked over her shoulder at the exit, then back at the table.

“I’m sorry,” he said when she still didn’t answer. He looked at his watch. “I suppose now I’m being presumptuous. Here I am asking you to sit down and share this wine and food with me and technically you’re suppose to be off the clock already. I didn’t think that maybe you already had plans with your husband.”

Maya grinned at Xavier’s inquisitive tone.

It was more than a little obvious that he was fishing for her relationship status. Grinning, she held up her hand to reveal her bare ring finger. “I’m not married.”

“Boyfriend?” he corrected.

She shook her head, and she felt her grin widen. “I’m single.”

“Then I’m not stealing you from anyone important.”

“It doesn’t appear that way.” Finally Maya smiled and said, “Sure I would love to sit with you.”

They moved over to the table and Xavier held a chair out for Maya. As he pushed her chair in after she sat, she felt his finger inadvertently brush against her shoulder. It amazed her that even the lightest touch from this man made her body come alive.

She expected him to go around and sit on the other side of the table, but was surprised when he pulled out the chair right next to hers and sat down.

“So, what do we have here?” Xavier asked, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Trying to ignore their knees touching under the table, Maya pointed to a white wine.

“This is a chardonnay, much like the one you tasted from the barrel. Of course this one is ready for consumption,” she said with a smile.

They both reached for the bottle at the same time and she stopped as Xavier’s large hand grabbed it first.

“Do you mind?” he asked.

“By all means.” She held up her glass so he could pour some, then he filled his own glass.

“I assume we’re pairing this with the brie cheese over there?” he guessed as he sat the bottle back down.

“You’re absolutely right. It’s actually from a local cheesemonger not too far from here.” She cut them both a small slice of cheese. “You know your pairings.”

“I would hope so, otherwise business would be terrible at my café.”

“What made you decide to open a wine café?” Maya asked. She had always been curious. “Why not just open a wine shop?”

“Because there is a wine shop every few blocks. Not to mention you can get wine from just about any store. With the wine café, people can also experience the joy of learning about wines as well as different foods that pair well with them.”

 She loved his answer. And it was obvious that he was a true wine lover. As they went through their flight of wines, tasting several varieties, she watched as he described each one in great detail, as well as how each item of food was enhanced by the wines.

As they finished up their tasting, Xavier wiped his mouth and sat his napkin down on the plate in front of him.

“That was amazing. I can’t thank you enough again for doing all of this.”

“Even though it was meant for you and someone else?” she asked sheepishly.

Xavier turned and looked Maya directly in the eyes. “If it was meant for me to be here with someone else, I would have been here with someone else,” he said with a self-assured tone.

There was something in his voice and the look in his eyes that made Maya’s heart race.

She broke their eye contact and stood, gathering up the dishes. “I still feel terrible. Setting up this whole romantic scene must have brought up some strange feelings considering–”

“Maya.” Xavier stood, gently grabbing her arm, to stop her from her task of cleaning. “The only thing I’ve felt tonight is joy at spending time with you. In fact…” he removed his hand from her arm and hooked his thumbs into the loops of his jeans. “…I was wondering since the winery is closed tomorrow, do you have any plans tomorrow?”

“Uh, no. I don’t have any plans tomorrow. You’re not going to visit anymore wineries?”

“I visited all of the ones on my list yesterday and today. This was the final stop for me. I wanted to save the best for last,” he said, and she felt like he was referring to more than just the winery.

“I know this may seem fast, and forward. And I’m kind of out of practice with all of this, but…I’ve enjoyed our time together today and I want to see you again. So I was wondering if you would have lunch with me tomorrow, before I have to head back to Sacramento.”

Oh. My. God.

After years of fantasizing about this man she’d never before met, he was better than anything she could have imagined. And for all of those years, there was a road block in her dreams by the name of Darby. Now Darby was out of the picture and Xavier was showing interest in her. It was the stuff romance novels were made of.

She remembered what her sister had said about jumping at the opportunity if it presented itself with Xavier. Well…she’d been a little more cruder, but still…her overall advice was on point. And Maya wasn’t going to let a chance she’d secretly been wishing for, for several years now, pass her by.

“Lunch with you tomorrow would be great.”




Growing up an introvert, Té Russ found solace in literary arts at an early age. She found reading to be a vehicle to broader horizons and writing a form of self-expression. She began writing love stories in her adolescent years as a way to expel her youthful thoughts of love into words. Since then she has gone from writing stories and thoughts of love in journals to attending college for journalism and falling in love, which has allowed those youthful words of love to blossom into a series of stories in her romance novels. Though she has an immense appreciation for the sheer smell that books collectively exert, she also has found balance to her introverted nature with adrenaline inducing activities. So if she does not have her nose pressed deeply into a book or her pen ticking through a pad, you may also find this mother of three baking some tasty treats, jumping out of airplanes, cheering her husband on at the top of her lungs at MMA fights, buzzing down the interstate on the back of motorcycles, or kayaking.

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Release Blitz: Frozen Dreams by Cori Williams

Congrats to Cori Williams, whose new book, Frozen Dreams, is now available!

Cori Williams Frozen Dreams Blog Tour Button


frozen dreams_smashwords


My life was perfect. I had everything I wanted, including the love of a man that intended to make all of my dreams come true.
“…the night my life as I knew it ended.”

In the blink of an eye, all I’d once known was ripped away. Suffering in limbo, full of fear and regret, I had only memories and dreams to comfort me, urging me to fight.

“…marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled…”

But they stole it all.

Awakened to betrayal and pain, I struggle to find a new beginning. Yet the past seeps in, pulling me under. No matter how hard I try to keep my head above water, it threatens to ruin me.

How can I really live with my hopes for the future still frozen? And if the ice thaws, will I have the courage to build new dreams?



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I’m a stay at home mom to three crazy kiddos all under the age of five. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and I like to think we’re living our own happily ever after. My contemporary romance’s are all about the happy endings but of course there’s lots of twists, turns, and a whole lot of drama added in. That’s the fun part, right?

**Warning**These are NOT your mama’s romance novels.

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