Excerpt- Something Just Ain’t Right 2

Hi everyone!! Here is an excerpt from SJAR2, which is the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy!   Prologue: Morgan   I raced to the guest house to make sure Hayley was there. After what happened, I had to know if she was safe. I was trying not to panic, but a part of meContinue reading “Excerpt- Something Just Ain’t Right 2”

Sample Sunday: Our Love

  Hi everyone! Here is another excerpt from Our Love, which will be re-released soon! This is from Michael’s POV. Being around Charlie was so relaxing. I loved just hearing her talk, seeing her smile, and looking into her mesmerizing eyes. When I called to ask if she wanted to see me, I didn’t know ifContinue reading “Sample Sunday: Our Love”

Our Love

Happy Sunday everyone!!! As some of you may know, Our Love was the second book I released almost two years ago. Due to mixed reviews and several changes, I decided to take the book off of major sites. Now, the story might be re-released (once I receive the OK from my publisher). I have beenContinue reading “Our Love”

Preview- The Way We Were

Hi everyone!! Here is the preview of the prologue from The Way We Were. The book will be released next Friday, September 26th, but is now available for pre-order on Amazon!! August, 2012 “I can’t believe you dragged me out tonight.” “Why not? This is the last night before our classes start, so of courseContinue reading “Preview- The Way We Were”

Preview: Unconditional Love

To get everyone ready for the release of Unconditional Love next week, here is a sneak peek from Jayden’s POV. Enjoy 🙂 After only getting two hours of sleep, I went back into my suite, showered, changed and headed to Mason’s, a restaurant on campus, to meet up with the fam before going to myContinue reading “Preview: Unconditional Love”

The Wedding, Part II Excerpt

Here’s a sneak peek to The Wedding, Part II, available on all major sites June 20th!! Love. For some, it can be a pleasurable experience; while for others it can leave a lifetime of hurt and pain. At first, I believed that love was for fools and could leave you with scars that would stayContinue reading “The Wedding, Part II Excerpt”