Release Day Events!!!

The release for The Wedding, Part II is almost here and to celebrate the wonderful occasion on Friday, I will be doing a variety of events on my Facebook page as well as on Goodreads!! For my Facebook page, I will be doing various giveaways, including: * Two $5 Amazon gift cards * A $10Continue reading “Release Day Events!!!”


Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, Part 3

The next chapters are up for the lost story…. Ten There was only a month left until the end of the semester and for winter break to arrive. Monica looked at her notes for her Government class in a daze. It has been a month since she found out she was pregnant and now sheContinue reading “Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, Part 3”

Epilogue: In Love With My Best Friend

Hi everyone!! Since the release of In Love With My Best Friend, I was debating on whether I should include an epilogue to the current story, since the ending was kind of short. Although Camille and Trevor had their HEA, it was still something missing and felt another part should be added to show theContinue reading “Epilogue: In Love With My Best Friend”

Our Love is Live!!!!!

I’m proud to announce that Our Love is now available on Amazon for $0.99!!!!   Charlie Perry is faced with a huge dilemma. After having an altercation with a classmate, she is given an ultimatum- transfer schools or face criminal charges. When Charlie is left with no choice but to transfer, she steps intoContinue reading “Our Love is Live!!!!!”