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The finale of Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, is available now! Make sure to get your copy and find out what happens with the crew as they prepare to graduate from Shaw.

The Lost Story: The Finale

With the aftermath of Shawn’s shooting and Riana’s health scare, the two are faced with hard decisions that could change their lives forever. Will the two be able to pick up the pieces to start a new life together? 

Cheryl and Marcus are slowly building their relationship together, but when an old flame come back to haunt the two, will they be able to go full steam ahead or will it put a halt on their new-found relationship? 

Britney thought she was doing the right thing with ending her relationship with Nick, but the feelings she has for him are hard to ignore. Will she be able to have it all or will everything she had worked hard for come crashing down? 

Monica is head over heels in love with Chris, but after learning a hurtful secret about him, will she be able to keep her relationship together, or will she be left out in the cold? 

The crew may have their college careers down, but they have a lot to decide in their personal lives. Will everyone be able to get it together and life the lives they’re destined to have? Find out this and more in the fourth and final installment in LLH: The Lost Story. 

If you have not read parts 1-3, please do so before reading the finale (there are a lot of plot twists from the previous stories leading to the finale).

In honor of the finale being released, parts 1-3 are reduced to only $0.99 each! So make sure catch up on the series. 😊

The Lost Story: Parts 1-3

Coming Soon!!!

How Deep Is Your Love, the third book in The Love Chronicles series, is coming October 25th! This installment takes place four years later after Andie and Dexter move to Connecticut. Are things still the same between the two, or have they drifted apart? I guess you have to read the story to find out.

This book will not go on pre-order, but it will be available either before or on October 25th. I’ll keep you all posted when the title is ready for release.

In the meantime, here is the synopsis as well as the cover for the book:

you go.jpg


Andie and Dexter experienced a lot during their first semester at Smith. From making life-changing decisions for their relationship and their futures, it seems like everything is finally falling into place for the two.


Or is it?


In the next book of The Love Chronicles series, How Deep Is Your Love, there will be a huge time jump as the two graduate college and are living their dreams in their prospective professions. Their relationship has also changed, leading them onto different paths in their lives. When they return to Houston for a surprise wedding, they have to find their way back to each other and become the couple they once were. But with old wounds and unresolved issues, will the two be able to rekindle their relationship?


It’ll be a roller coaster ride for Andie and Dexter as they revisit old memories and create new ones in the continuation of The Love Chronicles series.


If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 of the series, they are both available on Amazon. They’re also free with Kindle Unlimited.

The Love Chronicles series

The Love Chronicles:

Say That You Love Me:

Release Day Blitz- I Used To Cry by EN Hardy

Vaneka’s VIP Literary Services is pleased to announce the Release Day Blitz of I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence by E. N. Hardy.

Genre African American Fiction, Urban Fiction, Coming of Age
Publisher Hard Pen Publications
Publication Date July 1, 2017
ISBN Hardcover 9780998775418
ISBN Paperback 9780998775401
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Based on true events, I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence, is an epic coming of age novel that captivates the reader from beginning to end. An emotional tale chronicling the life of Essence, a young girl from the streets of Inkster, Michigan. She had it all. A good home, loving family and friends, beauty, and brains. When a traumatic turn of events changes her life forever, Essence is left emotionally crippled with a jaded perception of self, life, and love. For years her life is in shambles. She finds herself on a path of destruction fueled by pain, struggling to pick up the pieces. All she wants is to be loved, and accepted for who she is, but not even she knows the true answer to that question. Will she ever find what she’s looking for? Take this journey with Essence as she discovers the true essence of herself.
Author E. N. Hardy
Author E. N. Hardy was born and raised in Inkster, Michigan. Writing became a passion for her at a very young age, as an outlet, and as a means to deal with trying circumstances. She loves to write poetry, erotica, and in her own words “emotional fiction.” The only thing that matters to her is the way you “feel” after reading her work. She enjoys a career in healthcare education, and does lots of reading in her spare time. Her all-time favorite author is V. C. Andrews, with Frank McCourt being a very close second. In 2012 she began working on her debut novel, I Used To Cry: The Essence of Essence. She currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and four children.
Stalk E. N. Hardy
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Love Unbroken is FREE 12/9-12/13

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Starting Monday, December 9th through Friday, December 13th, Love Unbroken will be available for FREE on Amazon!!! Make sure to grab a copy, because this will be the only time Love Unbroken will be available for free.

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Ending to Our Love


Hi everyone!! Since the release of Our Love, I’ve received quite a few comments regarding the ending. Yes, the ending was very unexpected, and yes, it probably wasn’t want everyone wanted; but now, even I’m thinking the same thing and feel pretty bad about it.

When I was writing the story, I wrote two endings- an HEA and the ending that’s in the current story. I was very conflicted on which direction I wanted to take the couple. I wanted Charlie and Michael to be happy, especially after everything the two been through individually and as a couple. I think the reason I chose the current ending is because I felt that in life not everyone is going to have a happy ending, no matter how much you want it to be. But I also realized after the story was published that I wanted the two to have the happy ending they deserved.

With that being said, an updated version of Our Love will be released very soon. The updated version will include the ending that should have been in the current story (which personally I think is pretty sweet 🙂 ). For anyone who has purchased the story between the release date and now will automatically receive the updated version. Keep checking back on my blog to find out when the updated version will officially be available.

As always, I appreciate the feedback and comments I’ve received by readers who purchased both In Love With My Best Friend and Our Love.

And trust me, Love Unbroken will definitely have an HEA 🙂

Happy reading everyone!!

Cover Reveal!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of months with releasing Our Love and finishing Love Unbroken. Now, I have the cover for Love Unbroken, which is my first New Adult novel!!! The story is the first book in a four-part series titled Love, Life, & Happiness. I’m very excited about this book and I can’t wait for the release on December 15th!!!

Now, here’s the cover to Love Unbroken:


 A very special thanks to Tara from Fantasia Frog Designs for a beautiful cover! I will be doing another cover reveal for A Chance At Love pretty soon, so stay tuned 🙂

Our Love is Live!!!!!


I’m proud to announce that Our Love is now available on Amazon for $0.99!!!!


Charlie Perry is faced with a huge dilemma. After having an altercation with a classmate, she is given an ultimatum- transfer schools or face criminal charges. When Charlie is left with no choice but to transfer, she steps into Belmont High not knowing what to expect, especially when she crosses paths with Michael Collier.
Michael Collier is the most popular guy at Belmont. He can practically have any girl he wants, but when he sets his brown eyes on Charlie, he is instantly hooked, wanting to know more about the honey-colored beauty.
But when secrets from each other’s pasts begin to surface, will the two be able to find their way to each other, or keep them apart for good.
(This book is considered mature YA/NA and contains mature subject matter, including mild violence, alcohol use, and sexual language/situations).
Also, if you are a member of Goodreads, make sure to add it to your “To-Read” list  🙂