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30 Days 30 Authors- Ann Marie Bryan

The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues today with Ann Marie Bryan! Read about her journey in the literary industry as well as sample her latest book, A Place For My Heart.

Now, here’s Ann Marie! 🙂

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Ann Marie Bryan is a dedicated, graceful, multi-talented leader with a passion for excellence. She is the CEO & Founder of Victorious By Design, an organization committed to providing top quality professional writing services, comprehensive personal and professional development programs and exceptional performing arts services to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.

A Christian Fiction author, Ann Marie writes to educate, inspire and empower others. She desires to tell great stories with fascinating characters to show the awesome power of God in the lives of people and places. Shades of the Heart is the first book in her bestselling, Encounters of the Heart series. Book 2 – Mirrored Hearts: Sealed By Fire was released February 2016. Her new release, A Place For My Heart, is the highly anticipated third installment in the series.

Ann Marie’s greatest passion is to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God-given potential. She enjoys writing, reading, dancing, teaching, meeting people and traveling. With all the knowledge and experiences that God has so graciously blessed her with, Ann Marie is determined to make her life a ministry for the Lord.





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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

My creativity fuels my enthusiasm not only for writing but also for training and the performing arts. I enjoy training, because it gives me great pleasure to impart knowledge into the lives of others. With respect to the performing arts, I appreciate all the categories but I have a special love for dance. As a result, I willingly share my time, talent, resources and expertise to the service and glory of God through the ministry of dance.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

I am an author. This is still surreal. Rightly so, because while I have always been an avid reader, writing a book never crossed my mind.

Why did I start writing?

After I got married, several of my friends and relatives wanted to know how I met my husband. So, I had to share my love story, over and over again. Of course, no one wanted to hear the short version of the story.

Six months later, I received a phone call from a friend whom I had not spoken with in a while. She too, wanted to hear my love story. After hanging up from my call, it hit me… write a book!

A long deafening pause ensued!

A book! A book!


Every reason not to write this book came to mind.  Yes, every reason.  But, I knew that I wanted to share my story. Further, I knew that if God called me to write this book, He would equip me and surround me with wonderful godly helpers.

So, like any well-thinking Christian woman, I took the matter to the Lord and felt the peace to proceed with this mission.

Approximately two years later, I published my first Christian Fiction, “Unforgettable, My Love has Come Along”, a love story based on real-life events. Two paths, destined to cross.  Friendship, faith, and love are intertwined in ways neither could have imagined. Can love conquer all things? Find out in the heartwarming and humorous story, “Unforgettable, My Love Has Come Along”.

After the excitement of publishing my first book, my writing journey continued with my bestselling, Encounters of the Heart series, which is based on Proverbs 4:23 (KJV) –“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

What a rush! I was super-excited when “Unforgettable, My Love has Come Along” was published.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am excited about my writing journey, and I am thankful for the opportunity to share with others. Therefore, I’m hoping to have at least five more books available in five years. Further, I believe in working together, the exchanging of ideas, and sharing of resources, so I’m hoping that my writing journey takes me all over the world to share at conferences, seminars and workshops.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Currently, I am writing the fourth book in the “Encounters of the Heart” series. This novel will detail the love story of Tyler and Madison. It will be released in early 2018

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

To move forward, ask yourself this question – Why am I writing?

After you have answered that question, jump into action by creating an outline of your ideas for your book. Of course, you will need to educate yourself about the publishing industry.  Don’t be overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge. Select an individual, group or organization with the knowledge to help you succeed. Do research to obtain information on how you can best leverage your abilities to fulfill your dream of writing.

The entire process will be very exciting and you will learn many things about yourself. Your writing journey will inspire, empower, educate, and challenge you. The amazing thing is that God will continue to multiply what you have surrendered to Him.

Don’t delay. Start writing and watch God take you out of our comfort zone, stretch you, and show you that you can accomplish far more than you think.

Ready! Set! Go with God! Write your story and share it with the world.


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Crushed by heartache and desperate for an escape, he makes a life-changing choice.

When Chandler Peynard staggers into Sabrina Benjamin’s life, he is desperate for an escape route. Battling feelings of isolation, he has erected barriers around his heart, often times leaving a trail of broken dreams behind him.

Sabrina’s happily-ever-after was ripped away months ago, but she hasn’t given up on finding love. Still, she is caught off guard by her feelings for Chandler, a man who could hardly be described as a model man of God. As an unexpected bond develops between them, she wants more—a lot more than Chandler is prepared to give, because falling in love and putting down roots are not a part of his plan.

Touched by Sabrina’s kindness and faith, Chandler makes a life-changing choice; however, complication is inevitable when the past he’d thought was long buried, pushes him to confront matters he would have given anything to forget. As he struggles to release himself from his past and embrace the future, he offers Sabrina a place in his heart, but she demands all of it.

In a season that has brought so many changes, Chandler longs for peace in his soul and yearns for love. Will he trust God with all of his heart in order to overcome his past? Will he be able to testify that God’s grace wins every time? Will he find the strength to take a chance at life and love with Sabrina?

Standalone books in the Encounters of the Heart series:

Book 1 – Shades of the Heart (The story of Blake & Gabrielle Montgomery)

Book 2 – Mirrored Heart: Sealed by Fire (The story of Larry & Rozene Kanate)

Book 3 – A Place for my Heart (The story of Chandler Peynard)


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An Excerpt from A Place From My Heart – A moment with Chandler & Sabrina 

“Oh, great. Let’s go.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He fell in step beside her, looking curiously at the medium-size bowl she was carrying. “A bowl? The plot thickens,” Chandler said. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see in ten minutes.” She walked towards a four-seater electric cart that was parked on the driveway. “Hop in.”

He stalled, all kinds of emotions running through him. On top of his list—he hadn’t been driven by a woman in forever. He glanced at her and found her piercing him with her gaze.

“I know you’re not deliberating if I can drive this thing,” she argued. “I’ve been driving things like this since my teenage years.”

“Let me drive,” he said.

“Why? Stop being silly and hop in.” She turned on the ignition.

Oh God! This is weird. His feet refused to move.

“Are you coming?”

He dragged himself over to the cart and slid in beside her.

A grin covered her face. “You’re such a control freak.”

“I’m not,” he mumbled, as she drove off.


(Copyrighted. An excerpt – A Place For My Heart by Ann Marie Bryan)


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30 Days 30 Authors- Paulette Harper

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues with Paulette Harper! Paulette was a participate in the previous 31 Days 31 Authors event, but she had been very busy since then, including gearing up for a new release.

Now, here’s Paulette! 🙂

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Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling author and the founder of WNL Coaching and Marketing Services. Along with being an ordained Elder, she is the author of several books and founder of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, a service to help promote authors of the Christian genre and authors of clean books.
As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Elder Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women. Paulette is a mother, grandmother and Bible teacher. Paulette has appeared on numerous radio and Television shows.
Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette’s presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying.
As a writing coach, she is the visionary behind her own writing ministry called “Write Now,” a literary program that specializes in coaching aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development, and publication of Christian books. She provides her listeners with tools, resources, and opportunities to help them succeed in the writing business.
Her books have ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category).
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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Besides writing I enjoy listening to Jazz, serving in my church, speaking and helping others fulfill their purpose.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

As an inspirational and fiction writer, I write to inspire and empower readers. I write because I feel I have message to share with readers not only to entertain readers but to help them grow spiritually. I love to mix real life stories into my fiction. Although each story is unique, we experience some of the same feelings, situations and challenges in life in which the reader can identify. With the ability to craft fiction books, it gives me the opportunity to live through each character.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I had a gamut of emotions: happiness, shock, disbelief, tears. It was an emotional time for me. Those feelings will never go away no matter how many books I write.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully in the next five years, I will be writing full time, traveling and falling in love. 🙂

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Yes. I’m currently working on several books. One is the next installment to book 1 of Secret Places Revealed, a nonfiction book entitled Faith for Every Mountain, which will be released in a few weeks, and a short novella.

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

For anyone who wants to become an author my advice would be to learn the industry, have a budget set aside for the expenses and create a marketing plan. If at all possible, hire a coach.


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Excerpt from That Was Then, This Is Now:

Are You Bitter With God?

In the book of Ruth, chapter 1:20–21, here is what the scriptures read:

And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. I went out full, and the Lord hath brought me home again empty: why then call me Naomi, seeing the Lord hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me? (KJV)

The Message Bible reads like this:

But she said, “Don’t call me Naomi; call me Bitter. The Strong One has dealt me a bitter blow. I left here full of life, and God has brought me back with nothing but the clothes on my back.Why would you call me Naomi? God certainly doesn’t. The Strong One ruined me.”

If you have never read this story, here we have a woman whose life was drastically changed. First, she and her husband, Elimelech, and their two sons left Bethlehem because of a severe famine. Looking for a better life, they journeyed to Moab. While in Moab, Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, dies, and ten years later, her two sons die, leaving her to care for her two daughters–in–law. Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem, but upon returning she has no husband or sons, instead a bitter heart.

Naomi, meaning pleasant, changed her name to Mara, meaning bitter. Her name reflected how she felt toward God. She was angry with God because He allowed her to lose her husband, whom she loved and who was her provider, and her two sons. Naomi went from pleasant to bitter because of her circumstances.

Have you changed your name because of your circumstances? Are you so angry at the way things turned out that you blame God? Although Naomi could not see the big picture, God had a wonderful plan in restoring her and Ruth’s life.


The Bigger Picture

God allowed her husband and both sons to die in order to get her and Ruth back to Bethlehem so Ruth and Boaz could meet. Ruth and Boaz had a son named Obed, who was the father of Jesse, and Jesse was the father of David the King, who was the father of Solomon. After a lineage of forty–two generations, we get to Jacob, who was the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, who birthed Christ. God caused Naomi to lose everything she loved so that He could get her into position of receiving more than she could ever have gotten in Moab.

With some of life’s experiences, you will go through sorrows and times that seem so overwhelming and God will even begin to break you during the most difficult times in your life. He will also allow those close to you, family and friends, to come against you. You must remember God’s plan for your life is to get you to a place of stability in Him.

We may never understand why God allows things to happen the way they do, but sometimes God’s plan may or may not include those you love. Don’t look at where you are, look at where God is trying to take you.

No one knows the battles you are facing, what sorrows or setbacks you have experienced. Maybe you are going through a divorce or have just come out of one. Maybe some relationships have been torn and you feel you have hit rock bottom, or maybe your Cinderella story has come to an end. Whatever you are going through, be encouraged; better days are ahead.

Tell God whatever happens, good or bad, “It is well with my soul.”


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30 Days 30 Authors- Natasha D. Frazier

Welcome back to the 30 Days 30 Authors event! The next featured author to grace this wonderful event is Natasha Frazier! She was also one of the featured authors during the 31 Days 31 Authors event this past December. Let’s catch with Natasha to see how things are going in her literary career since the last event.

Now, here’s Natasha! 🙂



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Natasha accepted the call to write in 2011. Since then, Natasha has authored three devotional books. Her first book is The Life Your Spirit Craves, a 30-Day devotional and journal that encourages readers to seek, accept and pursue their God-given assignment.  Her second book, Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence, encourages readers to make devotion a part of their everyday life by seeking God every day. Not Without You has been nominated for the Henri Award. The Henri Award recognizes excellence in Christian literature. The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommies is a 52 week devotional for mothers that encourages them to see God at work in their lives through their role as a mother. Both devotionals in The Life Your Spirit Craves series won the Readers’ Choice Award presented at the Christian Literary Awards. Natasha is also the author of the Love, Lies & Consequences Christian-fiction series that focuses on real and relevant issues in today’s society, such as pre-marital sex, adultery, blended families and more! Currently, the series contains three published titles:  Love, Lies & Consequences, Through Thick & Thin, and Shattered Vows.

Natasha resides in Missouri City, TX with her husband, Eddie Frazier, Jr. and their three children, Eden, Ethan, and Emilyn. Her greatest joy and commitment is to her family who she hopes to inspire above all else. One of her many mottos in life is: Faith removes limitations. Natasha and her family are members of Higher Dimension Church in Houston, TX. Natasha is also a member of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter of Jackson State University and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Connect with Natasha via or through social media.


Instagram: @author_natashafrazier

Twitter: @author_natashaf

Author Natasha Frazier

  1. Award-winning devotional, “The Life Your Spirit Craves”
  2. Award-nominated devotional, “Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence”

III. Award-nominated “Love, Lies & Consequences”

  1. “Through Thick & Thin: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 2”
  2. The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommies


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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Reading, of course, but I also enjoy cooking/baking. We’ve recently begun this gluten-free journey because our youngest child cannot have wheat products, so I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting, which has been fun and challenging.

2.What inspired you to become an author?

Writing has been something I’ve wanted to do since high school, but didn’t pursue until much later when the idea became so heavy on my heart that I could hardly sleep at night and found myself constantly praying about it. Writing is something that God has led me to do.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

Excitement mixed with anxiety. Not knowing how it will be received is a little nerve wracking, but also knowing that I’ve accomplished my goal is immeasurable. I felt like I could do anything at that moment.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I have several more books already in the pipeline, but I hope to start working on a script for a TV sitcom pilot.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Yes! I’m releasing a short book of encouragement next month, “How Long Are You Going to Wait?” I am also editing book 4 in the Love, Lies & Consequences series. Well, actually I don’t know if this one will be part of the series, but there is another book that I’m working on that will for sure be part of the series

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

Write! Just start writing. Many times I hear the statement, “I don’t know where to start or I only have bits and pieces.” Write what you have. I believe it will come together once you start writing. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece when you’re done, in fact, it won’t be. That is what editing is for! 😉 Start marketing as early as possible. It takes a lot of time to get the word out.

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Love, Lies & Consequences kindle version

Love, Lies & Consequences autographed copy



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Excerpt from Love, Lies, & Consequences:


Raegan stood at the entrance to the sanctuary on the arm of her father. The double doors remained closed as they waited to hear the wedding processional, signaling it was time for them to enter. She was so nervous that the bouquet of roses and lilies was starting to slide around in her hands.

She was about to make one of the biggest commitments in her life. Marriage. She believed in till death do us part and had dreamed of this day since high school, but right now she wondered if she was making the right choice by marrying Damian.

All had been well in her mind until her weekend getaway with her girls last month. They traveled to Miami as sort of a last hoorah for Raegan before she tied the knot. The weekend was perfect at first. They entertained themselves with spa appointments, fine dining, sightseeing, shopping, and time on the beaches.

During her last night in town, they dined at Rusty Pelican, one of Miami’s waterfront restaurants that offers a stunning view of the skyline. She must have chosen the perfect seat because she had a great view of everything from the entrance of the restaurant to the people walking along the beach and the gorgeous skyline. Although it was nearing dusk and she had a few sips of wine, she was very clear on who she saw in that moment. Caleb. She could identify him anywhere. He was strolling along the beach with a few friends, people she did not recognize.

She thought her father would be giving her hand to Caleb, but Caleb messed that up some time ago. But there he was again. A slight smile formed on her face when she thought about their time together back in college. That smile quickly turned into a frown when she remembered how and why things ended between them. She didn’t mention seeing him to her friends. He didn’t notice her and neither of her friends noticed him, but her facial expressions changed so quickly that her friends expressed concern. “Oh, it’s just some food that caught between my teeth,” she told them with a wince and a small laugh.

Now here she was, on the arm of her father walking down the aisle to join in holy matrimony with Damian Charles. The wedding processional played and started to sound more blurry by the moment. She could see the goofy smile plastered across Damian’s face as his legs visibly shook. The closer she got to the altar, the more she realized that something wasn’t right.

She took slow, deep breaths, reminding herself that this was just a case of cold feet and that she could do this. This was her moment. She recalled the day he proposed. He took her to the movies. They went at midday on a Saturday afternoon and she thought it strange that they were the only two people in the theater. As the previews began rolling, she gasped. Pictures of the two of them played across the screen until finally the last screen displayed a diamond ring with the words, “Will You Marry Me?”

Without much hesitation, she said yes. There were no butterflies like she thought there would be; her heart was not fluttering with excitement. They had been dating for about a year. He asked and she accepted. To rethink all of this now was bad timing, but the closer she got to the altar, the more she wanted to bolt out of the door.

She caught glimpses of the flashing cameras and smiling faces of family and friends until the next thing she realized the pastor was asking who was giving her away. Her mom stood along with her dad and in unison, they said, “We do.” Her father kissed her forehead and placed her hand inside of Damian’s. He whispered into Damian’s ear, “Take care of my baby girl.”

As she walked hand in hand with Damian toward the pastor, she began to tremble even more. She turned and placed the bouquet in her maid of honor’s hand. She stepped closer to Damian and placed both hands in his. As the ceremony continued around her, she stared blindly into her husband-to-be’s eyes. She couldn’t see him, though. All she could see were thoughts of Caleb and what-ifs. This probably wouldn’t have happened had she not seen him last month. However, it was happening, and she knew that it wouldn’t be fair to Damian to spend the rest of her life with him wondering how things would have turned out with another man.

She thought of how things started and the current state of their relationship. They were moving too fast. Pre-marital sex and living together; it was as if they were already married. The relationship is already doomed, she thought. We can’t do this, she reasoned with herself. Her heart was beating double time now.

“Raegan, do you take Damian to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Pastor asked. He must have asked more than once because she felt Damian’s gentle tug on her hand, bringing her back into the present.

“I…I…I do…I do not. I’m so sorry Damian; I can’t do this,” Raegan said as she slipped her fingers out of his, grabbed her dress so that she wouldn’t trip, and ran back down the aisle. She rushed inside the bride’s holding room, locked the door, and quickly peeled off her dress in tears and relief, thinking that she may have avoided one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Seconds after she stepped out of the wedding gown, Damian’s mother and sister were banging on the door.

“Raegan! What are you thinking? You better get your behind back down that aisle and marry my brother!” his sister screamed through the door.

“Hush girl!” Raegan heard Damian’s mother say. “What is going on with you Raegan? Your parents and I spent a great deal of money making this wedding happen for y’all. Come out of there, now!” she demanded.

“Please, just let me be,” she stated faintly, leaning against the door.

Raegan felt the knob jiggling in her back. She stepped away when she realized that a key was being inserted. Her heart sank to the floor. She didn’t think of others having the key when she locked the door. To Raegan’s relief, her mother entered the room, pushing Damian’s mom and sister out of the way. “Let me talk to my baby,” she said. She gently closed the door behind her, drowning out some of the sound of Damian’s mother spewing much angrier words than before.

“What happened out there, dear?” her mother asked in a quiet, non-judgmental tone.

Raegan didn’t answer. She just stared back at her mother in silence. She wasn’t quite sure why she allowed things to get this far, but she was certain it shouldn’t go any further and this was the right thing to do.

Glancing at the dress on the floor, her mother said, “I take it you’re not planning to go back out there?”

“I can’t Momma. I feel like a terrible person for leading Damian on this way. I should have said no to his proposal.” She paused, giving her mother a moment to speak, but when her mother said nothing Raegan continued. “This just feels wrong. It’s almost as if we’re married now because we’re living as if we’re married. I want a better relationship with the man I’m going to marry. I need sparks and lights in my eyes. Besides, I want a marriage that is blessed by God. I want to do things right. No shacking and no sex until marriage,” Raegan said.

“It’s your life, Raegan, and I can’t tell you what to do. However, you can’t leave Damian like this. You’re going to have to be a woman and tell him that you’re not going to marry him. If you want a right relationship with God and the man you are to marry, make sure you settle this now,” her mother advised.

“But how am I supposed to go back out there? I don’t even know what to say.” Raegan chewed on her bottom lip as she paced the floor. “How can I even face him right now? Especially with his mother and sister outside of that door probably wanting to kill me.”

“Raegan,” her mother said in a tone that caused her to stop pacing, “I did not raise you to act like this. You’re going to have to get it together. Is there something you’re not telling me?” Her mother walked over and lifted Raegan’s chin so that she could see Raegan’s eyes when she answered.

“What do you mean Momma?” Raegan whined a little. “The truth is that this isn’t going to work. Not now, not ever. I don’t love him the way he loves me and I think I deserve to be truly happy,” Raegan said, thinking of the only person she had been truly happy with before things went wrong.

Raegan spoke without blinking. Her mother knew that there was something Raegan wasn’t telling her but she would find out soon enough. She advised Raegan again to talk with Damian. Now his voice was the only voice outside of the door calling her name, asking for answers. She could tell he was hurting by the sound of his voice.

The door banging and screams from his mother and sister had ceased. After she felt confident enough, she opened the door to allow Damian to enter. He had taken his jacket off, loosened his tie and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. Her heart broke for him but she cared enough for him not to spend the rest of her life lying to him and wishing he was someone else. He walked past her and stood silently waiting for answers. Her eyes pleaded with her mother for help but instead, her mother shot her a look that said you’re on your own. She left them alone to talk and sent the guests to the reception to enjoy the food.

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30 Days 30 Authors- LaToya Murchison

Hi everyone!! And Happy September! I’m so excited for a new month to begin because it’s the start of the 30 Days 30 Authors event! This year’s event is spotlighting a shrew of talented authors in the literary industry. There also are a few that are returning authors from the previous event last year.

You might not know their names now, but once this event is over, you will definitely want to purchase a few of their books!

The first author to kick off the event is LaToya Murchison! She is a returning author from last year’s event, so let’s find out what she has been up to since the 31 Days 31 Authors event ended.

Now, here’s LaToya! 🙂


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When LaToya isn’t working for a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family and working with the youth in her church. LaToya Murchison is passionate about encouraging, helping and building up others. She gave her life over to Christ ten years ago, and it’s the best decision she’s ever made. LaToya loves to spread the word of God everywhere she goes.

In 2012 LaToya created a Facebook group named D.O.V.E, Daughters of Virtue, with a mission to unite women who strive to encourage and empower other women and members of their community. She created D.O.V.E. to promote unconditional love, peace, unity and the importance of understanding and respecting women’s individual rights to choose a spiritual path.

LaToya serves as Media Director, Vacation Bible School Director, YPCL (Young People Christian League) Director and Children’s Ministry Assistant at Love Grove Free Will Baptist Church.

She has published four books: A Praying Heart, Poetic Expressions, Anika’s Story (Novelette), and Moments of Reflections..

Connect with LaToya







Amazon Author Page:
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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love to motivate and inspire others to reach for greatness. I am an avid reader and I try to read at least 5 books a week. I am currently on book 54 of 100 for my reading goal challenge. In the beginning of the year I began offering paid services to authors. Some of those services include: blog tours, virtual events, interview and facebook release parties.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

Writing has always been a for a therapy for me. Writing allow me to get all of my thoughts down without having to explain or defend what I am thinking because words do not talk back. As an author it gives me a platform to be able to share some of the things that I have experience and gives me an opportunity to inspire others.
 3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I had so many different feelings. I was glad to finally have the finished product. I felt blessed because I was finally leaving my dream of sharing the gift that I received from God with others.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Having an established publishing company (Creative Expressions Literary Services) so that I can help other publish their messages to different readers. Operating my non-profit organization to help grieving and abused individuals. I will have at least 30 published books. Established platform as a motivational speaker.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

I have a few book ideas that I am playing around with. I am looking at finishing the books in the Seasons of Change Series and I have a caregiver book that I am working on.

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

To all the aspiring authors I would say never stop writing and never give up on your dreams. It’s important to write from the heart and not just about what you feel others expect. A great writer also knows their audience. Connect with other writers who can help guide you and that will share their experiences with you.

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Excerpt from Moments of Reflections:

Unconditional Love

It’s hard to have pure love when you put limits on it.

Life is way too short for us to be walking

around angry with people. You’re not

hurting that person, you’re just hurting

yourself by giving them that power over you.

If you love someone, let them know.

Reach out to them and let them know

they are loved unconditionally. Stop going

to bed with harsh feelings. Love others as

God loves you every day. No matter how

they treat you. If they talk about you,

laugh and smile at them.

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Blog Tour- Put It In Ink by Dayelle Scroggins

Hello! I’m excited. This is one of my stops during the two week tour for Put It In Ink by Danyelle Scroggins. This virtual book tour is organized by Write Now Literary Book Tours. This tour runs August 7-18, 2017. 

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Author: Danyelle Scroggins

Genre: Inspirational Fiction


ISBN-10: 0996003878

ISBN-13: 978-0996003872

Nikiya Barnett aka Nikki, is still secretly suffering in silence concerning losing the love of her life, Raja Abrams. She desires total healing from God, but somehow seems to be stuck in her heart and mind. She alongside her two best friends who happens to be her coworkers, are trying to make Salon Select the new ‘it’ spot but this does not happen until they invite God in, by way of Sappora Ink.

Sappora Ink is the new blog talk show host with a show entitled, RFRT~Real Folks, Real Truths. Sister Ink is a straight to the point, raw, doctrinaire Christian girl trying to help her friends in this sinful world. She is changing the world one show at a time, and taking Shreveport by storm with the help of Nikiya Barnett, the owner of Salon Select, who has opened her salon as a hosting spot. Little does Nikki know, Sappora is closer to Raja than she thinks?

Raja is stuck in a world wind of adversity that he seems to have created for himself. Through R.A.B.~ Raja Abrams Broadcasting, he is trying to secretly make Nikki aware that their time together was not a waste, but will his method be the same method used to change his life forever?

Things happen when we choose to let God in. Whether we appreciate His ways or not, we must remember, His ways are not our ways. Will life change for the better for Nikiya and Raja, or is the plan that has been laid before them all a part of God’s plan?

Pastor/ Author Danyelle is the Senior Pastor of New Vessels Ministries North in Shreveport, Louisiana. She studied Theology at Louisiana Baptist University, has a Psychology Degree from the University of Phoenix, an Interdisciplinary Degree in Psychology /Biblical Studies from Liberty University, and is presently working on a Master’s in Religious Education from the Liberty University. Pastor Danyelle owns Divinely Sown Publishing LLC and is the author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction books. She is the wife of Pastor Reynard Scroggins Sr., the mother of three by birth and two additional by marriage.


Describe yourself in three words.

Humble, Kind, and Generous.

What is a typical day like for you?

I normally start my day off with prayer then it is off to work. I normally try to make sure my day is productive and that I am strategic about everything that I pushed my hands to do. After a full day of working, I come home and transition from Author/Pastor to Wife/Mother.

What do you want to do different in 2017 that you didn’t do in 2016?

This year I want to publish the first book from my children’s book series, The Gat Pack. Another thing that I am doing this year that I did not do last year is move strategically. I was so busy last year and when I looked back, my money, nor progress equaled my exhaustion.

What television show best describes your life and why?

There is really not a television show that describes my life but there are programs that describe my life on TBN. My life is filled with ministry and the assignments associated with being who I am.

What’s your favorite quote & why?

1 Corinthians 2:9 King James Version (KJV)

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”  ~Paul

What character in your new book could you most relate to?

Nikiya is a lot like me because I experienced the same type of heartbreak with someone whom I just knew I would marry. Like her, I poured all of my energy into something greater and I expected God to move. I wanted to be sure that when God did move, I would know that it so I prayed for discernment.

Tell readers about your latest release.

Put It In Ink is about a young lady named Nikiya Barnett who thought she was going to be the wife of the love of her life, Raja Abrams. All of her dreams and visions shattered when she found Raja in a compromising position with the lady who is now his wife, Monica Abrams. Nikiya (Nikki) moves forward trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart by pouring all of her time and energy into building a chain of Salon Selects.

Raja, is trying to adapt to his new wife and his new life and soon to be status of a father. He finds that his happiness is compromised because his wife can not let his past with Nikiya go. In search of finding deeper meaning, he hires a talk show host for his blog talk radio station named Sappora Ink. Sis. Ink, not only changes Raja life, but she touches Nikiya, her co-workers, and her patrons.


What’s next for you?

I am getting ready to release a title featured in an anthology entitled Enduring Love this year, and I am also working on my first Christmas release. So, I guess you can say, “More writing, more preaching, and more living.”

What song would you use as the soundtrack of your life and why?

I would definitely use Way Maker by Sinach Joseph as the soundtrack of my life.

Sometimes I have to remind myself who HE truly is and that regardless to what it feels like, Jesus is a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and a light in the darkness.

Nikiya “Nikki” Barnett
Nikiya Barnett, known to shop patrons and friends as Nikki, was eager to tune in to RFRT with Sister Sappora Ink. The blog talk show previewed for the first time the past week, rating high and considered a hit by reviewers. As far as Nikki was concerned, the world needed someone who would tell the truth, live the truth, and share the truth, even if it were a blog talk show host.

As explained, Sister Ink answered questions about relationships, and although honest, she was raw. Against her will, Nikki listened to blog talk shows often blaming the desire to be a good best friend for this phenomenon. A couple of them were worth listening to, but some were uninformative and a useless waste of time. The hosts were inexperienced or too pretentious to explain life’s circumstances with realness and clarity. They failed to solve problems or share foundational truths from the Gospels, as Chelle declared Sister Ink did.
For the first time, Nikki’s curiosity about a show’s review ignited interest and Nikki refused to miss it. Intent on judging for herself perhaps sparked the motivation. It may also have been the desire to understand how she lost the love or her life or the need for spiritual advice. Either way, Nikki would be in the front of the computer, with an open mind centered on Sis. Ink.

The only dilemma was making it home on time. Nikki’s solution may not have been perfect but it was plausible. She drove 85 in and 70 mph zone, praying the angels would blind the police. The inability to afford another speeding ticket should have detoured Nikki from breaking the law, not to mention how dumb it would be to get a ticket resulting from rushing to hear a talk show, but it didn’t. With long hair weave blowing, as the wind whipped through the windows of the car, Nikki uncaring and unconcerned bobbed and sang along with the music. We are conquerors, conquerors.

Driving fast, the “zooming” of the other passing vehicles warranted a rear view mirror check. Dang Nikki! The thought was not a result of a police approaching, but the reality of looking at a calescent mess. Nikki snickered, but noticed the children in the car to the left laughing and pointing their fingers. Nikki licked at the children and then sped past them.

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Book Tour- Who Killed My Husband? by Michelle Stimpson

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Who Killed My Husband? By Michelle Stimpson
Virtual Book Tour. July 17-28, 2017.  

Genre: Short Story/Mystery

ASIN: B071743ZLP

Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994. She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002. She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults. In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking. Her works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), and Falling Into Grace. She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company, Right Track Academic Support Services, at Michelle serves in women’s ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, in Dallas, TX. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs and other positive organizations, and she has taught writing classes at the University of Texas at Arlington. Michelle lives near Dallas with her husband, their two teenage children, and one crazy dog.

Ashley Crandall finally convinced her husband, Allan, to attend the Christian men’s retreat…but he ends up dead there. What happened to him on the campgrounds? Who would want to kill Allan? And why are the detectives pointing fingers at Ashley? In her quest to solve the mystery and clear her name, Ashley will learn something about her husband that she didn’t want to know and something about her Christian faith that shifts her life. 

This short work by national bestselling, multi-published author Michelle Stimpson is packed with emotion, suspense, and a her signature way of weaving hope into a story – always a hit with readers who enjoy faith-based reads.
In Conversation with

Michelle Stimpson

Q: This is a different kind of book for you. What made you venture a little with this title?

A: After writing 40+ books, an author can get kinds stagnant. I have recently started reading clean mysteries, and I found that I actually enjoy them. They keep me up late at night because I truly want to find out whodunit and why. I’m hoping my readers will enjoy a different pace, too. I think they’ll be glad to know it’s possible to change things up and still keep the message of the book strong.
Q: What is the message of the book?
A: The main character, Ashley, is struggling to make sense of things as they relate to her. She has suffered much loss in her life already. But she’s going to have to understand that God doesn’t make His plans around Her. She may be the apple of His eye, but she is not the center of the universe.  His promise to be there always will have to sufficient for some of us until we reach the other side.
Q: Wow! That title really caught me. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

A: You know what, I wish I could remember. Thankfully, I have not experience much death around me, but I know that the longer I live, the more loved ones will pass away. Death is a part of life.  I don’t kill off a lot of characters in my books, but there was just something about this couple that struck my imagination and I knew they needed a book. Quickly!
Q: How quick?

A: About 10 days from outline to finished first draft.
Q: Seriously?

A: Yes, but keep in mind: This is a shorter work of fiction.
Q: Why did you choose to write a shorter piece?

A: I actually got my start with fiction as a short-story writer. I love shorter reads because I can finish them quickly. My schedule is often irregular, so it’s hard for me to get into longer books during hectic weeks. When I sit down for a few hours with a short read, I already know I’m going to have the satisfaction of finishing it. I usually save longer reads for holidays/vacations.
Q: What else is going on with you outside of the writing world?

A: Glad you asked! I am now the grandmother of a wonderful baby girl. Bless God! I am spending a ridiculous amount of time just staring at her and nibbling on her juicy cheeks.
Q: What’s your next release?

A: I’ve got a non-fiction book coming out entitled Change Your Mind, Transform Your Life: 21 Truths to Renew Your Mind in Christ. I am always sooo excited about edifying believers. Non-fiction is not my first genre, but it is definitely one of the most fulfilling to me.
Q: Do you have advice for aspiring authors?

A: I have more than advice—I have help! They can visit to take classes and learn more about publishing, marketing, etc.
Q: How Can Readers Connect with You?
A: The best way to keep in touch is through my email list. I send out notice of new books and keep people posted on all kinds of things from events to what’s happening with their favorite characters to upcoming releases. 

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Renewal To Passion:


If looks and talent alone is all he needs, TV design host, Gavin McCoy, has nothing to worry about. But it is much more to the list. He is in need of an image makeover. Gavin has family drama that is now wreaking havoc in his professional life. And the woman who broke his heart four years ago is the one hired to coach him!

Corliss Adams has come back into town and professionally ready to take Gavin on as her newest client. Not only will she be growing her client list, she is hoping for forgiveness and a chance to earn Gavin’s trust and love in the process.


Our Love:


Charlie Perry is faced with a huge dilemma. After having an altercation with a classmate, she is given an ultimatum- transfer schools or face criminal charges. When Charlie is left with no choice but to transfer, she steps into Belmont High not knowing what to expect, especially when she crosses paths with Michael Collier.

Michael Collier is the most popular guy at Belmont. He can practically have any girl he wants, but when he sets his brown eyes on Charlie, he is instantly hooked, wanting to know more about the honey-colored beauty.

But when secrets from each other’s pasts begin to surface, will the two be able to find their way to each other, or keep them apart for good.

(This book is considered mature YA/NA and contains mature subject matter, including mild violence, alcohol use, and sexual language/situations).