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The Love Interviews- Vanessa & Mark


Hi everyone! This is the last day of The Love Interview series! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know more about your favorite book couples as much as i enjoyed interviewing them.

For the final interview, I have Vanessa & Mark from my latest standalone, Into You.

SB: Vanessa and Mark, it is really great to be sitting down with you two for this interview. First off, how are you?

Vanessa: We’re doing great, Sheena. Thank you for including us for your series. This is pretty cool.

SB: You’re very welcome. I have to say, Into You was a very unique story about finding love in the most unusual place. I know some readers were even surprised that your place of employment was a car wash. How did you both feel about that?

Mark: Actually, I thought the setting was pretty cool. You don’t really find that too often anymore.

SB: You definitely don’t. But you recently became husband and wife. How is married life treating you two?

Vanessa: It’s great. I have no complaints.

Mark: Neither do I. I married my soulmate, so I’m very happy about that.

SB: Even though Vanessa was being very hard on you, Mark?

Vanessa: I wasn’t hard on Mark. Yes, there were some things I probably could had changed, but I think readers understood my position on certain matters.

Mark: Like what? Not telling me about my dad and Simone.

Vanessa: That was because of your temper, Mark.

Mark: But I handled it just fine, didn’t I?

Vanessa: Maybe so. Anyway, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t come to grips with, in particular, with my mom, but Mark made me come to terms with my feelings about her and the impact she had made on my life.

Mark: Which I’m glad you were able to understand.

SB: Vanessa also brought out several things about you too, Mark.

Mark: She did. She showed me how to be in love with someone. That I’ll always be grateful to her for.

Vanessa: Thank you, baby.

Mark: Thank you.

SB: How are Simone and Enrique doing?

Vanessa: They’re doing really well. They’re enjoying married life as well.

SB: What about Suds? How is that coming along, Mark?

Mark: It’s doing very well. I’m enjoying being an owner there as well as with my restaurant, which is also doing great.

SB: That’s great to hear, Mark. How are your siblings doing?

Mark: They’re the same as always. Sebastian just opened up another sporting goods store and Carmen is Carmen.

SB: Several readers have asked whether the twins will get their own stories. I was actually thinking about that lately. Do you think the two would be on board with that?

Mark:  I don’t see why not. Sebastian, you probably have to convince, but Carmen would definitely be on board.

SB: I’m sure. She’s a little firecracker.

Mark: She’s a Fernandez; that’s in our nature to be.

SB: Now, back to you two. Will there be any babies in your future?

Vanessa: Most definitely.

Mark: I would love for us to have kids someday.

Vanessa: It might be sooner than you think.

Mark: What?

Vanessa: You know how I’ve been feeling sick lately.

Mark: Yeah.

Vanessa: I recently went to the doctor and it turns out that I’m pregnant.

Mark: Seriously?

Vanessa: You’re going to be a dad, baby.

SB: Wow! Congratulations!

Mark: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

SB: This is so cool! I really am happy for you two. Congratulations again.

Vanessa: Thank you, Sheena

SB: And you know I have to get an update; not just for me, but for the readers as well.

Vanessa: Of course.

Mark: Definitely, Sheena

SB: While they’re celebrating their great news, I’m sad to say that this is the end of The Love Interviews. Thank you to all of the book couples who participated as they gave great insight into their lives as well as to new projects coming very soon.

I will also be making an announcement regarding an Into You spin-off novella featuring Mark’s sister, Carmen, which will be coming very soon, so keep a lookout for that.

But for now, happy reading! 🙂



The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar

Good morning, everyone! For today’s interview, I have Tamara & Lamar from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two will have their own spin-off story coming later this year.

SB: Thank you both for taking the time out for this interview.

Tamara: It’s our pleasure, Sheena

SB: First, let’s talk about Something Just Ain’t Right. That series was pretty intense, especially with the relationship you had with Hayley and Morgan, Lamar.

Lamar: It was very intense, but at the end of the day, we all became closer, so I guess we had to go through those experiences to realize the importance of family.

SB: Even when Morgan put you in the hospital?

Lamar: Now that I look back on that, I kind of deserved it.

SB: Well, you did record him and your sister having sex.

Lamar: Which I wasn’t trying to do.

SB: At least everything is resolved now.

Lamar: It certainly is.

SB: Let’s talk about your story. I’m sure you’re both excited to have your very own story. Can you share with everyone what to expect with the spin-off?

Lamar: I will be running the family’s computer tech company. My dad gave me ownership after he decided to retire.

SB: I’m sure that was an honor for you to take over the company.

Lamar: I knew it would happen, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. But after everything that has happened, I guess he just wanted to live his life; I can’t blame him for that.

SB: That’s true.

Lamar: Not only that, but Tamara and I will be exploring our relationship further. In SJAR, readers didn’t get a chance to understand our relationship; but now that the spin-off will focus on us, then readers will have a better understanding of how we met.

Tamara: Also what makes us stay together. I love Lamar, but sometimes he can be a bit over the top.

Lamar: Seriously, Tam.

Tamara: Just saying.

SB: I think we all seen that firsthand in SJAR. What about you, Tamara? What will readers see from you in the spin-off?

Tamara: I will be starting my own jewelry company.

SB: Wow, that’s cool.

Tamara: Thank you. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. But that’ll be discussed.

Lamar: Among other things.

SB: Like what?

Lamar: Tamara’s ex is back in the picture.

SB: Ex?

Tamara: From college. I dated him freshman year.

Lamar: Who my dad also hired for the company before he retired. And Tamara knew told me that they dated.

SB: Wow.

Tamara: Because I know how you get, Lamar.

Lamar: I would had found out eventually, Tamara.

SB: So your story will be sort of a love triangle?

Tamara: I don’t have feelings for him. It was a brief relationship, so it wasn’t serious.

SB: Let’s move on, shall we?

Tamara: Thank you.

SB: When will readers expect for this book to drop?

Tamara: Possibly in the summer.

SB: And will Morgan and Hayley make an appearance?

Lamar: Of course they will. They’ll be a focal point in the story just like we were in their series.

SB: Cool. I think the readers will be glad to hear that. But thank you both again. I think everyone is looking forward to this story.

Tamara: We can wait to share it with everyone.

Lamar: Thank you, Sheena.

SB: Lamar & Tamara’s spin-off, If It Isn’t Love, will make its debut on July 25th.

Check back tomorrow as The Love Interview series concludes with Vanessa & Mark from Into You.



The Love Interviews- Hayley & Morgan


Hi everyone! The Love Interview series continues today with the breakout couple of the Something Just Ain’t Right series, Hayley & Morgan! Let’s find out what these two been up to since their series ended two years ago.


SB: Hi Hayley and Morgan! This is truly an honor to be sitting down with you two.

Hayley: We’re glad to be here, Sheena.

SB: When your story first came about, it was sort of a transition period for me as I branched out into the urban genre. I didn’t expect for this book to be such a huge success. Readers were shocked to read some of the things that occurred between you two.

Morgan: Seriously?

SB: Uh, yes! I mean, you two have endured so much. At first, it was just a typical love story, but with you two running from killers and deranged family members, your story was made for a good Lifetime movie.

Hayley: LOL! I wouldn’t go that far.

SB: I said it was. But tell me, if you had to change anything from those moments you two had experienced, what would they be?

Hayley: Probably me getting shot. That’s something I would definitely change.

Morgan: That’s something that I would change, too. I never want to experience that again.

Hayley: The two of us have been through a lot, but it showed a different side to us that I’m glad we were both able to share with each other. That is something that I wouldn’t change.

SB: I really hope you don’t get offended, Hales, but I can see why you fought so hard to be with Morgan. He’s hot!

Hayley: I know.

SB: You’re blushing. That’s so cute!

Hayley: I’m pretty lucky.

Morgan: No, I’m the lucky one. I always had a thing for Hales since we were kids, so I’m extremely blessed that I finally have her.

Hayley: I feel the same way, Morgan.

SB: Speaking of your childhood, let’s talk about Lamar. How is he, by the way?

Morgan: He’s good. Aren’t you interviewing him and Tamara tomorrow?

SB: I am, but I just wanted to see how he’s doing.

Morgan: He’s good.

SB: So things are still good between you two?

Morgan: Yeah; why wouldn’t they be? We resolved all the issues we had with each other and we’re pretty tight now.

Hayley: Especially since we’re all family now.

Morgan: We were always family, but it’s just official since we’re married.

SB: I must say, married life is definitely working for you two.

Hayley: It is. We’re very happy and more in love than ever.

SB: That’s good to hear. And how’s your son, MJ?

Morgan: Morgan Jr. is doing fine. He just turned one last month.

SB: Any more children in the future?

Hayley: We wouldn’t rule it out, but our lives are so hectic right now with me being a talent coordinator and Morgan’s a cop…

SB: Whoa. Morgan, you’re a cop?

Morgan: Hard to believe, huh?

SB: You can say that.

Morgan: After what happened, I felt I should do something that would make a difference, so after Hayley had MJ, I decided to join the force. Of course she didn’t really like the idea.

Hayley: I figured we were in a good place; I didn’t want anything else to happen to you.

Morgan: It won’t, Hales. Besides, I’m more into the white collar crimes. Nothing will happen to me with those.

Hayley: You never know.

SB: Are you investigating a case now?

Morgan: I am, but I can’t discuss it.

SB: That’s understandable. What about your family? Are they still in prison?

Morgan: Yes, they are. They’ll be locked away for a long time, so that we don’t have to worry about.

SB: And Kyle?

Morgan: He’s doing well. He recently got engaged to Demetria, so they’re planning their wedding now.

SB: Wow, I didn’t think those two were still together. But give him my congrats.

Morgan: Of course.

SB: Is there something that you wanted to share with your readers about an upcoming event for you two.

Hayley: Yes! Morgan and I do have something great to share. You approached us to do a short story which we agreed to do. It would be fun for you all to catch up on where our lives are now.

SB: It definitely will be. Again, Morgan and Hayley, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with me.

Morgan: Anytime, Sheena

Hayley: Of course!

SB: Hayley and Morgan’s short story will be available sometime this summer. It will only be on my blog, so if you are a SJAR fan, you will definitely want to read this! If you haven’t read the series, it is available only on Amazon.

Check back tomorrow as I interview Lamar & Tamara as they discuss the upcoming spin-off to the SJAR series, If It Isn’t Love.



The Love Interviews- Andie & Dexter



Hi everyone and welcome back to The Love Interview series! We’re halfway through the series as I sit down with the wonderful couple from The Love Chronicles series, Andie & Dexter!

SB: How are you two?

Dexter: We’re wonderful, Sheena. Thank you for letting us be a part of your interview series.

Andie: Yes, thank you. It’s truly an honor.

SB: The pleasure is all mine. You two are one of my most popular book couples, so of course I had to include you both on this roster.

Dexter: It’s great to be a part of it.

SB: Did you two ever imagined that your story would be so popular with readers? I have received everything from how cute you two are to how mature you both were in The Love Chronicles. It made readers go back to their teenage years and their first love, which I thought was amazing.

Andie: Honestly, we didn’t think it would reach so many people. We just told our story the way it happened. It was truly a romance story, so I’m happy that it made readers feel happy.

SB: A lot of readers were anxious to read your story because of your parents and the success of their stories in the In Love With My Best Friend series. Did it make you two feel intimidated by the comparisons between your series and theirs?

Dexter: Honestly, I don’t think there is a comparison between the two series. Yes, our parents’ series was really good and it told their stories on how they fell in love, but that were their stories. This series is ours and it’s completely different because we have experienced different situations compared to what our parents experienced.

SB: I have to say, you are a splitting image of your father. I hope I wasn’t out of line when I said that.

Dexter: It’s fine. I always get that, so I’m used to it.

SB: Let’s move on to the series. Since The Love Chronicles was a story of how you two reconnected after being apart for some time, Say That You Love goes into a deeper level as the two of you explore your relationship further. Can you tell your readers how far does your relationship go in the new story?

Andie: Since we’re both in college now, our relationship has become more mature as we start to learn more about each other. We both start to make bigger decisions that we probably never imagined making before. I think readers will like how things have evolved between us as a couple as well as individually.

Dexter: I agree. We both had to make some huge decisions in this story. Of course a lot of people weren’t on board with those decisions, but that’s a part of life. Regardless, I don’t regret anything that I have experienced so far with Andie.

Andie: I feel the same way, Dex.

SB: Gosh, you two are so cute! How is college life treating you two? Is it everything you both imagine it would be?

Andie: It’s very interesting.

SB: What about you, Dex?

Dexter: A lot has happened so far with our first semester at Smith.

SB: Care to share what happened?

Dexter: You know I can’t do that, Sheena.

SB: I know, I know. But how are Mashawn and Andrew?

Andie: They’re great.

SB: What about Regina, Dex? I know she’s living at home now; so how is that going?

Dexter: It’s going fine for the most part. I know she misses being at her art school, but Mom and Dad felt it was better for her to stay at home and go to Williamson, so she had no choice.

SB: But she will be going off to college in another year, so was taking her out of art school sort of a waste since she’ll be leaving home again soon?

Dexter: I think our parents felt she kind of lost her way a bit there and felt it was best for her to be at home right now.

SB: That’s understandable. Well, I know you two can’t give a lot away from Say That You Love Me, because the book is available today, but can you give a little insight on what readers should expect from the story?

Andie: Just be prepared for some of the scenes in the story.

Dexter: It’ll be a roller coaster ride, for sure.

SB: There you have it. I want to thank both Andie and Dexter for taking the time out of their schedules to talk with me. Their new story, Say That You Love Me, is available now only on Amazon. If you haven’t read their first story from the series, then that is available as well. Trust me, these two books are truly wonderful.


The Love Interview series continue tomorrow as I catch up with Hayley & Morgan from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two have a surprise announcement to make, so you definitely don’t want to miss that! 🙂


The Love Interviews- Asia & Bryon



Welcome back to The Love Interview series, where today I’ll be chatting with Asia and Bryon from Reclaiming What Is Mine! This was actually a standalone novel, but decided to do another story regarding the couple’s nuptials, titled, Reclaiming What Is Ours. Of course, there are other elements in the story that readers will definitely be intrigued with.

Now, let’s start the interview:

SB: Before we start the interview, I have to thank you both for agreeing to do one. I know you both have hectic schedules with Bryon running the agency and Asia with your writing.

Bryon: Of course, we had to take some time out for you, Sheena.

Asia: Yes! We’re so excited that you wanted to talk with us. It’s truly an honor.

SB: Thank you. I have to admit, Reclaiming What Is Mine really hit home for me with the situation that you were in, Asia. Tell me, what was going through your mind when you decided to move in with Dwight’s aunt, Jordan? I know that was difficult for you.

Asia: It was truly an adjustment that I had to face. Thank God I’m no longer there, lol.

SB: Lol, I can imagine. But moving on, how are things between you two? When readers read the ending, you two were going to Vegas to elope, but in your new story, you’re having a wedding. So, are you two married or decided to wait to have a lavish wedding?

Asia: We decided to wait. We figured we wanted to do things right.

Bryon: When Asia told me that she didn’t really have a wedding the first time, I figured it was only right to give her want she deserves, so we decided to just go to Vegas as a celebration of our engagement.

SB: That’s sweet, but Bryon, you always have been a sweetheart and a man who knows what he wants. I love that in a man.

Bryon: Thank you, Sheena. I appreciate that.

SB: No problem. But how is the agency going?

Bryon: It’s going fine. Jason and I actually locked three new clients this past week.

SB: Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations.

Bryon: Thank you.

SB: So Jason is still working at the agency?

Bryon: He is, part time; but he’s more focused with being a detective. He tried to lighten his work load once Delia came along, but he couldn’t handle it. He loves what he do.

SB: And Maxine doesn’t have a problem with it?

Bryon: Not at all.

SB: Do you miss working on the force?

Asia: Yeah, Bryon, do you?

SB: I can tell by your facial expression that you two have discussed this before.

Bryon: We have, and I have went back to the force.

SB: Really?

Bryon: There was a case I had to be a part of.

Asia: Ask him who his partner is?

SB: Judging from Bryon’s expression, I don’t think I should.

Asia: Try him.

Bryon: You know this is not funny, Asia.

Asia: Am I laughing?

Bryon: You’re smirking, so it’s the same thing.

SB: Is it Dwight?

Bryon: Unfortunately.

SB: How did that come about?

Bryon: He switched divisions; since I left the force, Jason got another partner, which left me with Dwight.

SB: I’m sure it’s awkward.

Bryon: You don’t say.

Asia: Now, this is awkward to discuss.

SB: I agree, so we should move on. How is your writing coming along, Asia? What about your company? Have you signed any other new authors?

Asia: I do have another book coming out and I’m working with one of my new authors with her book. As it just so happens, she’s dating Dwight.

SB: Wow, so he’s not with Tonya?

Asia: Nope.

SB: And as I can see from Bryon’s expression again that we should completely stop talking about Dwight.

Bryon: Please.

SB: Okay, what about your wedding? Can you share any ideas on the theme?

Asia: We settled on an outdoor wedding, possibly the beach. Since it will be in the summer, then it’ll be a possibility.

SB: A beach wedding. I love those. You should talk to Hayley and Morgan, since they had a beach wedding.

Asia: Maybe we should so we can get some pointers.

Bryon: Cool.

SB: There is something I wanted to point out. With the first story, a lot of readers were displeased with the basis of the story since it did tackle the issue of infidelity. How do you two feel about the issue?

Asia: Of course I felt guilty throughout the time that Bryon and I developed a relationship. We both knew it was wrong, but as the saying goes, you can’t help who you love. No matter how much I’d tried to deny my feelings for Bryon, they were there; with the issues I was having with Dwight, it made things with Bryon even more complicated; but I knew where my heart was, and it was with Bryon.

Bryon: I don’t think a lot of people want to be in a situation where they cheat. Honestly, if someone is not happy in a relationship, they should either try to fix what’s broke or just move on. Honestly, I think that what happened with Asia and Dwight. I admit, the situation should had been handled better, but at the end, everyone did realize the part they played and moved on from the situation.

SB: So, you both encourage infidelity?

Asia: Of course not, but as adults, we have to own up to our mistakes, and I think we all did that.

Bryon: I agree.

SB: At the end of the day, you two were able to find the love that you both longed for as well as Dwight, even though it didn’t last for him.

Asia: He did find love as well with his son, Omari, so there was a silver lining with that situation.

SB: What should readers expect from your new story?

Asia: Reclaiming What Is Ours takes place a year after the proposal as Bryon and I get ready for our wedding, while dealing with other events in our lives.

Bryon: There will be some issues along the way, but no matter what, we work through them. I can’t imagine not having A in my life, so whatever the issues may be, we’ll find a way to overcome them, right A?

Asia: Of course.

SB: I love you two as a couple. Despite what you two have went through, you found a way to make things work. But I want to thank you two for a very insightful interview.

Asia: The pleasure was ours, Sheena.

Bryon: Thank you.


SB: Reclaiming What Is Ours will be available on September 8th! Their first story, Reclaiming What Is Mine, is available now on all major outlets in eBook as well as paperback. If you haven’t read this story, then you definitely should. It’s a must read!

Check back tomorrow as I interview Andie & Dexter from The Love Chronicles series as they discuss their new story, Say That You Love Me.

The Love Interview Series- Cheryl & Marcus



It’s the second day of The Love Interview series, and I have gracing the blog today, Cheryl and Marcus, who you all know very well from the Love, Life, & Happiness series. Let’s find out what the two have been up to as well as the huge announcement they have for everyone.


SB: First off, I would like to say thank you for agreeing to do an interview with me.

Cheryl: Thank you for wanting to do one with us. We’re flattered.

Marcus: We really are. Our lives are boring, so I don’t know why you would want to interview us.

SB: Lol! Please Marcus, your lives are far from boring. Honestly, I have to say, out of everyone from the series, you two have a pretty interesting life.

Cheryl: Seriously? Especially when there’s Ri & Shawn…

Marcus: Brit & Jay…

SB: Yes, their lives are interesting too, but Cher, you’re in med school becoming a surgeon while Marcus is an entrepreneur who just opened your third club in four years. How do you two juggle all of that, be parents to two kids, and still find time for each other? I mean, we all need to know that.

Cheryl: Simple: we just find the time to balance everything.

Marcus: After our trip at the cabin, we realized that we have to find time because our marriage was suffering. We needed to get back to how we fell in love and continue to build on that. As for being parents, we need to be there for our kids and be the best parents that we can be. Sometimes, it can be really hard, but I think we’re managing.

Cheryl: We definitely are.

SB: I interviewed Ri & Shawn yesterday and I could tell they are really happy. Have you spoken to them recently?

Cheryl: We have. We recently visited them a few weeks ago to get ready for the Phoenix ATL opening.

SB: Can you share with us anything that has happened with their move to the ATL? Also, I’m trying to figure out who Shawn’s co-worker was, because he nor Ri would tell me.

Marcus: You know we can’t say anything about that.

Cheryl: They would chew us out on that, Sheena.

SB: I’m just curious.

Cheryl: Everyone have to check out their story to find out who it is. I can say this, though, readers will know this person very well.

Marcus: Very well.

SB: Okay, I will not discuss that any further. Cheryl, how are you holding up with Jackie’s passing? Did you still go to Niagara Falls with Kevin and Elise?

Cheryl: Yes, I did. It was quite the experience, especially with Dante there, but all in all, it was good.

SB: But how are you really holding up?

Cheryl: I’m fine.

SB: Okay. How are Kevin and Elise?

Cheryl: They’re good. Elise is taking her pregnancy in stride while Kevin is still working under Marcus and was a big part of the ATL opening.

Marcus: Yeah, he was actually in Atlanta around the same time as us with the club opening. We were even able to help out Shawn during the network’s celebration gala.

SB: Oh yeah; Ri mentioned that. So your group played for the event?

Marcus: We did. It was fun.

SB: Any other events you all have planned?

Marcus: Not at the moment, but maybe in the future.

SB: That’s good to hear. Looking back on the beginning of your relationship, are you both content on how things ended up, or do you wish you could have a do-over?

Cheryl: I’m pretty happy with how things progressed between us. We had some bumpy moments, but we managed to work through them.

Marcus: That’s true. There were some trust issues, but what couple doesn’t have that, especially in the beginning of a new relationship.

Cheryl: We both have grown from the start of our relationship, I believe with the events that occurred between us, it made us stronger, both individually and as a couple.

SB: I think in a relationship, both individuals realize a part of themselves that they didn’t know exist; so I think with the right person, it could bring out the other person’s full potential in themselves, which I think is a wonderful thing.

Cheryl: It certainly is.

Marcus: I still think about how we met at that party. If it wasn’t for that night, we probably wouldn’t have met.

Cheryl: We still would have.

SB: I really do love you two as a couple. I just have one more thing to ask.

Marcus: Ask away.

SB: What is next for you two? I know readers would love to have another story about you two. Ri & Shawn have three, so why you two can’t have another one.

Cheryl: Do readers really want another story from us? I mean, our lives are pretty average.

SB: Didn’t we just have this discussion earlier? There’s still a lot that the two of you can share. If you’re willing to.

Marcus: Well, I’m down for it. What about you, Cher?

Cheryl: I think it would be great. Sure, why not.

SB: Great! I’m really glad to hear that. Thank you both again so much for taking the time out to do this interview.

Cheryl: It was our pleasure, Sheena.


SB: And there you have it! There will be another Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off with Cheryl & Marcus coming in November. This story will tackle a lot, including the two juggling married life, kids, and their careers. This is a standalone you do not want to miss! An official release date will be announced soon.

Check back tomorrow when I interview Asia & Bryon from Reclaiming What Is Mine as they talk about their upcoming book, Reclaiming What Is Ours.


The Love Interview Series!!

Hi everyone! Today, I was doing my regular routine of writing and promoting and a great idea popped into my head. I wanted to do something that goes further into the minds of my favorite couples, so I figured what better way of doing that than with an interview series!

That’s right, starting February 20th, a new event will be coming on the blog showcasing interviews from your favorite book couples, including:

Riana & Shawn (Love, Life, & Happiness series)

Cheryl & Marcus (Love, Life, & Happiness series)

Andie & Dexter (The Love Chronicles series)

Hayley & Morgan (Something Just Ain’t Right series)

Tamara & Lamar (Something Just Ain’t Right series)

Asia & Bryon (Reclaiming What Is Mine series)

Vanessa & Mark (Into You series)

Catch up on what your favorite couples are doing as they dish on their favorite events as well as future events. There will also be previews on new books and their release dates.

Check back on the blog for more info as well as the dates for each couple interview.