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30 Days, 30 Authors- Brynette L. Turner

Hi everyone! The 30 Days, 30 Authors event continues today with Brynette L. Turner. One thing that is very unique about Brynette is that she loves to step out of the box. I love the  Dream Catcher series because it has a bit of everything: Romance, drama, action, with a bit of the supernatural. With the supernatural element, I never read a story with it, until I read Premonitions. I really enjoyed it, and I think you all will too.

Now, here’s Brynette! 😀


author bio

Brynette Turner writes contemporary romances and African American romances, and has also written a paranormal romantic suspense series. All books are available as e-books on Amazon and paperbacks from Brynette’s Book Boutique on her website.

She’s the author of novels Detour, Time for Tenderness, Monica’s Healing, Premonitions, Loving Night, Heart Shadows, and the novelette Agent Lost. With decades of ideas and half-finished novels that were pushed aside while she pursued a different career and raised her children, she’s eager to share her talents with the world. She’s currently working on three projects to be released before the end of 2016. Brynette writes about romance with the occasional steamy sex scene and honestly believes in love at first sight, the perfect match, and happily ever after.

Brynette is the mother of two grown daughters, lives in central Ohio, and is trying desperately not to become the Crazy Cat Lady even though she loves the animals, has two, and can’t resist feeding any strays that wind up on her doorstep. When she’s not busy trying to keep her furry children from lying on the keyboard while she’s typing, she’s volunteering as a political activist. For fun, she likes to sit in the sun with a fishing pole or her Kindle, cook, or visit the local casino.

You can always find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website (, where she shares updates on her work and occasionally posts reviews of other books that she’s read.


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author interview

1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love watching action movies with plenty of car chases and explosions. I also love suspense movies because I love trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Naturally, I love to read and romance is my favorite genre, although I also enjoy mysteries and thrillers. I don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors, but when the weather is not too hot, I enjoy gardening (vegetables) and fishing.


2. What inspired you to become an author?

I’ve always loved to read, and remember reading romantic comic books as a young child that I had to hide from my grandmother because she thought I was too young for such nonsense. Still, my fascination with love stories was never extinguished. I never thought about being a writer, though, until I was 12 years old. My teacher assigned us to write short stories from each week’s vocabulary words. My stories got longer and longer, and my classmates and teacher were eager to grab each page as it was finished. That was the first time I realized that my ability to craft stories could be entertaining.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

As my first attempt at self-publishing, I was relieved to have the project uploaded, excited and nervous about whether people would want to read it, scared because I had no idea whatsoever about promoting, and proud because Detour represented the accomplishment of a long-time dream.


4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

When my first book was released, I put myself on a 10-year plan because it takes time to determine effective promoting strategies and to build a following. Five years from now, I will be more than half-way through that strategy. I hope to have at least 15 books published by that time; to have established my online brand and platforms; to have built strong relationships with other authors, bloggers, and graphic artists; and to have figured out which subgenre my readers enjoy the most. For the second half of my plan, I want to be known well enough that my books sell steadily year long with amazing spikes whenever a new book is released.


5. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

The best advice I can give is to clearly know your genre, subgenre, and audience. Figure out whether you want e-books, print books, or a combination and what types of people you’ll need in order to accomplish your publishing goals. Also, know what you want your online presence to look like. It’s easier to take extra time to create your websites, form relationships with graphic artists, and figure out platforms for selling your e-books.


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From Premonitions

Stephanie wanted to scream but the sound wouldn’t push through her shock.
In her mind’s eye, she could see Chaz’s body pitch sideways as the bullet struck his chest, high but near his heart. Pain exploded in her own. She was having trouble breathing. Where was he? An alley? No, a parking lot. The person who shot him was running away: blue jeans and brown jacket getting into a dark green Ford. Light colored eyes flashed at her, illuminated by the single security light that was perched at the corner of the building. What building?
Chaz was moving. He was alive.
That was when she woke up from the dream.
She took several deep breaths to calm her racing heart. This wasn’t the first time she’d had that dream; it had come to her three nights ago. And while it had scared her then, she’d actually convinced herself that it hadn’t meant anything. The details had been fuzzier and the shock had subsided almost immediately. That wasn’t the case tonight—everything had been frighteningly clear and she had somehow been physically linked. Her chest still hurt as if she were the one who’d gotten shot.
Near-panic crept over her. A couple of weeks had passed since the wedding and he hadn’t contacted her. She chastised herself for not getting his phone number; at least she would be able to call and make sure he was all right.
Another thought hit her and made her shiver. The dream had happened at night. Was it occurring as she was dreaming it? Or, was there still time to warn him?
Stephanie extricated herself from the sheet that had gotten tangled around her legs, climbed out of bed, and went to the kitchen. Lots of ice and a little water. She leaned against the counter while slurping down the liquid before popping a miniature cube into her mouth and chomping down on it. What should she do?

She’d find the pool hall, tell him to be careful, explain about her gift—and hope he wouldn’t laugh in her face. If he did, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d been doubted.

Her most recent ex-boyfriend, Justin, had scoffed when she’d told him that his sixteen-year-old sister was pregnant and planning to run away with the baby’s twenty-year-old father. But he wasn’t laughing after he’d gotten off the phone with the teenager; he’d spent nearly an hour convincing her that he would help tell their parents and bring her to stay with him until she could sort everything out. When he’d ended the call he’d been upset about his sister, but confused and afraid about Stephanie’s unusual ability.

“Only con artists claim to see the future,” he’d accused.

“And prophets,” she’d corrected. “I’m neither, but I do have the same gift.

“Gift? Is that what you call it?” More angry words had come from him. Frightened thoughts jumbled together until he was thoroughly convinced he didn’t want to be around her.
It was okay. They’d only been dating for a few months and weren’t really attached. Besides, this scene had played out in Stephanie’s dreams a couple of weeks earlier. She’d been prepared for everything he’d done and said.

Chaz’s situation was different. Not only had the dream caught her off guard with its intensity and its urgency, she’d felt indistinguishable from him. She didn’t understand how she was so attached that she’d felt what he was experiencing. Stephanie replayed every detail of the dream: his distractedness, the instant he became aware that he wasn’t alone, a strange power the moment he thought to react, the flash of the gun being fired and physical impact of the bullet, the shock and fear, the gasp when his body hit the ground, and the relief when he realized he was still alive. She was used to recalling details, but hadn’t been prepared for knowing every emotion—or feeling them.

But her confusion didn’t matter. She still had to find him and tell him.
She crunched another piece of ice and tried to imagine what the scene would be like. Her mind wouldn’t let her. It could only see his body spinning around from the impact of a bullet.




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 Hi everyone!! I’m very excited to be apart of this giveaway hop through Stuck In Books! With this hop, I will give a few books that I was not able to put down and are perfect beach reads.

The first book is Loving Night by Brynette L. Turner. If you love paranormal with a bit of romance, then this book is for you. Even though this book is part of a series titled Dream Catcher, it is a standalone novel. I loved the relationship between the main characters and the storyline was engaging.  This is a must read!

The second book is Can’t Stand The Rain by Latitta Waggoner. This is the author’s debut novel, but you wouldn’t know it from the awesome storyline. This may be a different read for some readers, but it has all the elements to a great read, from drama to romance to lies and deceit. Who doesn’t love that?

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Book Blitz & Review: Loving Night by Brynette L. Turner

Loving Night Book Cover

Hi everyone!! Today, I’m very excited to share with you all Brynette L. Turner’s latest release, Loving Night! This is the second book in the Dream Catcher series, but you can read this story as a standalone (like I did). This book has everything an avid reader will enjoy: Romance, suspense, intrigue, and HOT chemistry among the main characters. It’s a story that will grab your attention with every page until the end of the story.



Chaz took a desk job at the FBI to protect the woman he loves from the psychic connection that pulls her into the middle of his dangerous investigations. Yet, when he is forced to lead another undercover assignment, she must be the one to keep him safe.

They think they understand how Stephanie’s predictive dreams work; but neither of them anticipates the way her gift is evolving. Nighttime dreams turn into daytime visions. Knowledge of what is happening with Chaz turns into an acute awareness of what other people are feeling. It’s new. It’s unpredictable. Neither of them understands these changes until an old enemy that she fears appears in new dreams.

Paul Watkins still wants Chaz dead. As Chaz and Stephanie work more closely on this new dangerous mission, it’s clear that there is no room for failure. They must bring this man to justice.

With danger moving closer to home, the threat becomes greater than ever. It only makes Stephanie and Chaz more determined. No one will destroy the life they are building. No one will weaken their bond. Every night they spend in each other’s arms only makes them stronger. But will they be strong enough to survive Paul Watkins and the evil that always surrounds him?

It is not necessary to read Premonitions: Dream Catcher Series – Book 1 in order to enjoy this novel. However, it does provide insight into the characters and reveals the foundation of their love and respect for each other.




Stephanie woke up and stared at her husband. His face was inches from hers, his warm breath slid across her cheek, and his arm rested protectively around her waist. But her heart was pounding, thanks to the images that had floated through her mind while she slept.


The strangest thing about her dream was that it was clear, even though this was the first time she’d had it. Usually, the dreams were vague and she would have them more than once before all of the details were decipherable.


There was no ambiguity this time. History taught her that either the event had happened or it was going to happen within the next day or two. Instinct told her that it would happen that day. She choked back a whisper of panic. Hadn’t she promised to be tough? Hadn’t she made a conscious decision that she would support Chaz in whatever he wanted to do with his career? Everyone thought he was happier as an undercover agent, and now the day had come when she would have to prove her fortitude.


She glanced at the bedside clock. The alarm would ring in half an hour. Carefully removing Chaz’s arm, she slipped from beneath the covers and quietly made her way to the walk-in closet. She closed the door behind her before turning on the light. It only took a few minutes to decide what she would wear to work and set the outfit aside. During that time, she decided that she’d tell her husband about the dream over breakfast. They had agreed to handle her dreams that way—no delaying anything that involved him or his job. She nodded as if agreeing with herself, took a deep breath, forced down her anxiety, and went downstairs.


Cooking would relax her. They’d have a big breakfast today.


Chaz wanted to laugh when he walked into the kitchen an hour later and took a look at the counter. Bacon, sausage patties, potato pancakes, biscuits, fruit salad, and juice. The scent of coffee mingled with everything else and made his mouth water. Stephanie, who was standing in front of the stove with her back to him, was vigorously whisking eggs.


“Good morning, honey,” she said a little too brightly. “How did you sleep?”


Chaz didn’t answer right away. Instead, he poured himself a cup of coffee, leaned against the counter while he sipped it, and studied his wife until she turned to him with a puzzled expression on her face.


“You always cook when you’re upset,” he explained after kissing her forehead. “Do you want to tell me now or after we eat?”


“Eggs will be ready in a couple of minutes.” She gave him a weak smile before turning her attention back to the stove. “I forgot to buy jelly, so there’s only honey for the biscuits.”


A few minutes later, she dumped half of the eggs onto each plate and joined Chaz at the table where he was already munching on a slice of bacon. She could feel him staring at her as he chewed and she took her time spreading butter on the fluffy bread. How she phrased her next words would be very important.


“I dreamed about your job. Steve is in town, even though you didn’t expect to see him yet. He’s a great guy, Chaz. I’m glad he’ll be the person helping with your transition. You’ll make a wonderful team leader.” She looked directly into his eyes now. “I don’t know how your going undercover again will affect our marriage, so I’m a little concerned. But, it’s our destiny to be together, Chaz, so we’ll be all right.” She paused briefly and let out a sigh. “You should take the job.”

He nodded and took a sip of juice. His eyes never left hers.


“What if I don’t want the job? Your dream told you what’s going to be discussed, but did it tell you how I feel?”


“Conflicted,” she answered.


“That’s right. This might be a good decision for my career, but honestly, I don’t want to be away from you,” he admitted. “I also don’t want to miss celebrating one single special moment with our child. I want to be on the floor teaching her to roll a ball and holding her hands while she’s learning to balance and taking her first steps. She’ll need to hear my voice reading goodnight stories from the moment she comes home from the hospital and feel my hands cuddling her when she’s grouchy from teething. She needs to know how much love is in my heart just for her. She deserves that; I deserve it.” He reached across the table and linked his fingers with his wife’s. “Besides, I don’t want you being a single parent for months at a time—and that’s what it might be. We’re building this life together, Stephanie. Together.” He stood and pulled her into his arms.


“When you were in Pennsylvania and I was here without you, part of my soul was missing, sweetheart. We were both miserable.” He kissed her very lightly. “I don’t want us to go through that again.” Another kiss. “And I don’t want you to be afraid, or lonely, or overwhelmed. I’ll figure out my career; there has to be another way. Leaving you isn’t worth it.”


Stephanie tightened her arms around him. What he said sounded wonderful. But she knew what she had seen, and her gift was rarely wrong. She returned his kisses and kept quiet.


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Loving Night was the first book I have read from Brynette Turner, which I truly enjoyed. This was such a wonderful book that displayed all of the elements of a great story: Romance, excitement, suspense, and intrigue.

I loved the relationship between Stephanie and Chaz.  I loved the fact that Chaz was so in love with his wife and would sacrifice everything for her. The chemistry between the two were amazing and it showed that love really does conquer all.

The best thing about this story is that the two worked together as a team as they faced several obstacles in their relationship. No matter what issues they were facing, they never lost sight of the love they had for each other, which was the most important message in the story.

Although this was the second story in the Dream Catcher series, this is a standalone novel, but I will read Premonitions to see how the relationship between Stephanie and Chaz started. Now that I read Loving Night, I can’t wait to read Heart Shadows, which is the third book in the series.

Great job Ms. Turner!

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