Book Playlist

One thing I love to do while reading is listen to music. No matter what type of book I’m reading, I will imagine the perfect song that will accompany a particular scene or the book in general. When I wrote In Love With My Best Friend, there were several songs that came to mind thatContinue reading “Book Playlist”

The First Secret is Revealed!!

Hi everyone! The next four chapters from Baker 6 are posted, as Camille relives a moment between her and Trevor, Melanie and Derrick goes digging, and one of the friends’ secrets comes to light. 14. Camille After a rocky start, the party turned out to be pretty good. We feasted on Rachel’s favorite foods consistContinue reading “The First Secret is Revealed!!”

All’s Fair in Love and War

The story continues in Baker 6 as Tamara hides a secret and a confrontation occurs between Trevor and Chad. 10. Gerald I started to shake my head while watching Camille run upstairs in a huff. I knew what that was about. She finally admitted her feelings to Trevor. A little too late if you askContinue reading “All’s Fair in Love and War”

The Lost Story Continues

Hi everyone! In my last post, I mentioned I would be uploading chapters every Friday for Baker 6, but I decided to do it a day early! Instead of two chapters, I added on two more for fun. Here’s the next four chapters. Enjoy! 3. Trevor Coming back home has always been a good feeling.Continue reading “The Lost Story Continues”

The Lost Story of Trevor and Camille

In Love With My Best Friend is a romance book that doesn’t hold anything back. Although the novel provides drama, romance, and a little bit of humor, it captures the story of two people trying to find their way within themselves as well as to each other. But In Love With My Best Friend wasContinue reading “The Lost Story of Trevor and Camille”


Welcome! I hope you enjoy the thoughts and writings I have to offer. Although I displayed a little about myself on the About section, I would like to tell everyone a little bit more about myself. I am a new author who is trying to find my way into the world of writing with myContinue reading “Welcome!!!”