Baker 6 Chapters 33-34

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying Love Always. As always, thank you for downloading. I truly appreciate it! Now, here’s the next two chapters of Baker 6, as story will be coming to a close soon. Enjoy! 33. Gerald Since the news regarding my birth mother coming to light, I have not beenContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 33-34”

Baker 6 Chapters 30-32

30. Trevor Once Tamara and I noticed Gerald rushing out of the Thomas’ home and into his Tahoe, we automatically knew what happened. I called Camille to see if she was okay, but told me she’ll talk to me at the party later. As Tamara was leaving, she informed me that she’ll let me knowContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 30-32”

Baker 6 Chapters 28 & 29

28. Camille   A day later: And it was the day of the Halloween Bash.   So many emotions were going through me as I arrived to The Drake Hotel. I decided to visit my mother before heading to work, only to find myself in an argument with my dad regarding my relationship with Trevor. IContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 28 & 29”

Baker 6 Chapters 26 & 27

Chapters 26 & 27 are now posted. 🙂 26. Tamara “Clara, did you confirm with Camille regarding the venue for the Halloween party?” I asked while sitting in my office. “Yes, she mentioned The Drake Hotel for the venue.” “Excellent. Now, we need to see the guest list as well as the caterer.” “Already talkedContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 26 & 27”

Baker 6 Chapters 23-25

Hope everyone is having a great morning! The next three chapters are now posted. If you have read The Wedding Part I, chapter 24 will be very familiar, as Camille and Trevor go on their first date (I loved that scene, that’s why I used it for the published version). Enjoy! 23. Camille This seemsContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 23-25”

Baker 6 Chapters 21-22

Hi everyone! The next two chapters of Baker 6 are up as Rachel’s funeral begins, Ms. Addison flirts with Trevor, an unlikely alliance is formed and another secret is exposed. 21. Tamara The day has finally come. The day I have dreaded the most, laying my best friend to rest. As I looked around theContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 21-22”

Baker 6 Chapters 10-13

The story continues… 10. Gerald I started to shake my head while watching Camille run upstairs in a huff. I knew what that was about. She finally admitted her feelings to Trevor. A little too late if you ask me. Especially since she’s married and Trevor’s engaged. As I began to flip through a magazineContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 10-13”

Baker 6 Chapters 3 & 4

Chapters 3 & 4 are posted. Enjoy! 3. Trevor Coming back home has always been a good feeling. Even though I love Dallas, Baker is more tranquil than the city life that Dallas brings. But when I stared into the beautiful face of my best friend, I remembered why I left. Yes, I’m glad toContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 3 & 4”

Baker 6 Chapters 1-2

Hi everyone!!! Last week, I mentioned I would start posting chapters from an unreleased story, Baker 6. This is the story that originally created the characters of Camille and Trevor 🙂 The reason why this story was never published and In Love With My Best Friend was created was because I didn’t like the story.Continue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 1-2”