Baker 6 Chapter 5 &6

Here’s chapters 5 & 6. Enjoy!!   5. Gerald As I pulled up into Trevor’s driveway, a wave of nostalgia hit me as I remembered practically every memory I had with not only Trevor but with all my friends in the neighborhood. Being around the area really made me miss the middle and high schoolContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapter 5 &6”


Baker 6 Chapters 3 & 4

Chapters 3 & 4 are posted. Enjoy! 3. Trevor Coming back home has always been a good feeling. Even though I love Dallas, Baker is more tranquil than the city life that Dallas brings. But when I stared into the beautiful face of my best friend, I remembered why I left. Yes, I’m glad toContinue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 3 & 4”

Baker 6 Chapters 1-2

Hi everyone!!! Last week, I mentioned I would start posting chapters from an unreleased story, Baker 6. This is the story that originally created the characters of Camille and Trevor 🙂 The reason why this story was never published and In Love With My Best Friend was created was because I didn’t like the story.Continue reading “Baker 6 Chapters 1-2”