30 Days, 30 Authors- Sheena Binkley

  Hi everyone! How is everyone enjoying the event so far? For me, I couldn’t host the event without getting in on the fun too, lol. Although a lot of you know me since this is my blog, there are quite a few readers who still doesn’t know who I am, so with that being said, letContinue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- Sheena Binkley”

30 Days, 30 Authors- T.S. Brumsey

Hi everyone!! Today is day nine of the 30 Days, 30 Authors event and joining in on the fun is T.S. Brumsey! She may be new to the writing scene, but she has an impressive New Adult series available, titled Capable of Anything. Not only does she have a series under her writing resume, butContinue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- T.S. Brumsey”

30 Days, 30 Authors- Chelsea Jackson

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days, 30 Authors event continues as Chelsea Jackson is the next to be spotlighted. She is a newcomer to the Urban genre, signing with Tiece Mickens Presents, but she came out the gate swinging with her debut release, Hood Love On The Run. She has a lot more releases coming, includingContinue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- Chelsea Jackson”

30 Days, 30 Authors- Latitta Waggoner

Hi everyone!! It’s a new day and another new author that is gracing the blog for the 30 Days, 30 Authors event. Latitta Waggoner is an author on the rise with a wonderful series, Can’t Stand The Rain and a hot standalone coming soon. This is an author that you don’t and shouldn’t forget becauseContinue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- Latitta Waggoner”

30 Days, 30 Authors- LaToya Murchison

Hi everyone and welcome back to the 30 Days, 30 Authors event! Today, I have the pleasure of having LaToya Murchison on my blog today. I have interacted with LaToya on various events on social media and not only is she a wonderful author, but she also does poetry that is not only inspirational, but powerful.Continue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- LaToya Murchison”

30 Days, 30 Authors- Sharnel Williams

Happy Sunday!! Next up on the 30 Days, 30 Authors schedule is Sharnel Williams. Not only is Sharnel’s a talented author, but she also hosts her own blog talk radio show. Here she is as she talks about her books, her new publishing company, and her inspiration as an author. Now, here’s Sharnel! 🙂  Continue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- Sharnel Williams”

30 Days, 30 Authors-Jessica Wren

Next author up  on the 30 Days, 30 Authors event is Jessica Wren. One thing I love about Jessica is that she loves to take risks and she has certainly done that by writing her series, The Worst Thots Ever: A 512 Scandal. Now, she flying solo by publishing independently and she hasn’t looked back.Continue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors-Jessica Wren”

30 Days, 30 Authors- BriAnn Danae

Hi everyone!! I’m so excited to kick off the 30 Days, 30 Authors event! Every day this month, you will be introduced to a very talented author, ranging from every genre imaginable: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Interracial, and Urban. Along with meeting a new author, I will be doing a huge Rafflecopter giveaway that will haveContinue reading “30 Days, 30 Authors- BriAnn Danae”

Coming In April- 30 Days, 30 Authors Event!! 

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful evening. I’m so excited to announce a new event that I’m planning on my blog. This is a project that I wanted to organize for some time now, but due to my schedule, I never could find the time to do it. Now, my projectContinue reading “Coming In April- 30 Days, 30 Authors Event!! “

Author Spotlight: Olivia Williams Ball

Hi everyone! I’m excited to do an author spotlight on Olivia Williams Ball! Her series, Lydia & Jerome, is a sweet and touching series of two individuals finding love again and keeping that love alive. Make sure to 1-Click these great reads and enjoy the start of a wonderful romance between Lydia and Jerome! 🙂 Book 1:Continue reading “Author Spotlight: Olivia Williams Ball”