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Music Playlist- Love You For Life

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the day for Love You For Life to be released! To help celebrate the release, here is the music playlist for the story. These songs represent the Andie and Dex’s journey as they prepare for their wedding. Enjoy! 🙂

Black Friday Sale!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying your day with your loved ones and just being thankful for all that you have in your life. I know I am. 🙂

But starting on Black Friday, I will be discounting parts 2 & 3 of both Something Just Ain’t Right and No Other Love, along with my latest release, How Deep Is Your Love, to only $0.99! That’s right, each book will only be $0.99 for the entire Thanksgiving weekend! So if you haven’t purchased any of these books, then this is the time to do it, because each book will be going back to their regular prices on Monday.

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Six Things You Need To Know About The Lost Story


Hi everyone!! Love, Life, & Happiness: The Lost Story, will be available on Kindle and paperback soon! The four-part series is the original version that  was written back in 2004.

Some of you are probably wondering what is the difference between the original version and the recent published version. If some of you were able to read The Lost Story on my blog, then you probably would know some of the differences. But to get you ready for part 1, here are the six things you will need to know about The Lost Story.

1.The Story: When I wrote the original story, I tried to incorporate my college experience into the story as well as the characters. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I used some of the personality traits from some of the people in my life to make up some of the characters.

 2. Riana & Shawn: Everyone knows how much I love this couple and it shows with their storyline. With The Lost Story, some of the storyline is similar to Love Unbroken, but with a bit of a twist.

3. There is no Jayden: With The Lost Story, Ri is an only child, so there is no Jayden. Instead, Chris, who is Shawn’s best friend, is in the story. Also, Nathan and Zack are not in this series.

4. Marcus is a cop: And he doesn’t appear in part one until towards the end of the story. But he does make a huge impact in part 2, which some of you probably won’t like, especially since he will come between Ri and Shawn.

5. Couple Swapping: This series will have a lot of couple swapping. You probably won’t look at the characters the same way after you read parts 1-3.

6. Monica: Monica is the same character in both versions. So much so, that you all will wonder how Donnell puts up with her. You have to read the series in its entirety to find out just how much.

There you have it. Part 1 of The Lost Story will be available tomorrow, so get ready to read the highs and lows of the crew as they get through their sophomore year at Shaw University!






Lucky is Reading Giveaway Hop!! 


Hi everyone!! I’m really excited to be a part of the Lucky Is Reading Giveaway Hop hosted by Stuck in Books. This is my second year and it’s great to be able to share my favorite reads with you all. 

I have three books that I really enjoyed reading. Here they are: 

Bryson is a ladies man by nature. 

And why wouldn’t he be? 

He’s young. 

He’s single. 

He’s sexy. 

And he’s fresh off of a record-breaking second year of professional basketball with his whole career ahead of him. 

So when he meets Kennedy while interviewing for a new stylist, of course he wastes no time going after her. 
Until he finds out she’s engaged. 

And even though he knows how wrong it is to be so damn attracted to a taken woman – has already learned his lesson when it comes to taken women – he can’t help but be drawn in by her captivating persona of innocence mixed with a hint mystery. 

But when Kennedy finds herself in the same predicament, caught completely off-guard by Bryson’s charm and sex appeal, the line between attraction and distraction suddenly becomes a blur. 

Who’s really the distracted one? 

(Note: This book is a standalone, but features secondary characters from the Attractions & Distractions series as well as The PreGame Ritual with tiny spoilers.) 
When 26 year old Reese accepts a position as a grad assistant, she has no idea an unpleasant encounter with a student will lead to the discovery of what she calls “the trifecta”: fine, intellectual, and a little bit rude – three qualities she finds irresistible in a man. She has no intention of doing anything with that discovery – nothing long term, at least. But everybody knows what happens to best laid plans. 

Jason is a grown man. 28 years old, seasoned and scarred by his real-life experience in the world, he’s at Blakewood State University to finish his degree and move on. The last thing he’s interested in is the female population on campus… but sexy, infuriating Reese might be a notable exception. 

This isn’t a story of opposites attract. 

More like counterparts clash. 

Neither of them is afraid to do battle, and neither is willing to back down. Love and war, win or lose… somebody’s gonna end up getting schooled. 
It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to seem true. This is a code that Jakari Roberson lives by. He definitely applies this philosophy to his relationship with Qia. He loves her with all of his heart and treats her like a queen. There isn’t anything he won’t do for her. However, Jakari has a big secret that he has managed to keep hidden from Qia for the past 14 years. He has finally made the decision to change, but is it a little too late? 

In Qia’s eyes she has the most loving, attentive, romantic, and faithful husband in the world. But, will the picture of her fairytale life shatter when she finds out what Jakari has really been up to? Will the love for her husband be enough to make her stay? Or, will his betrayal be enough to push her over the edge and into the arms of someone more deserving? 

Take a journey with these high school sweethearts. It is certainly a long difficult one, but it will be well worth it if they can figure out what constitutes a marriage and if their marriage is really worth saving? 

And here is one more: 


Elise Thompson always has been the independent one of the Thompson siblings. She never worried about anything or anyone, expect when it comes down to her ex, Dante Wilson. Although she loves him, she can’t be with him, especially with all the issues the two has together. 
When she meets Jared Crawford, she starts to see life in a different way. While he wants a relationship with her, Elise is holding back, mainly because of her feelings for Dante. But when issues start to arise between her and Jared and with the reappearance of her mother, she soon realizes what’s important and to live life for herself. 
You can win all four of these books by entering into the Rafflecopter giveaway below. A winner will be announced at the end of the hop. Good luck!!

Available NOW!!!


Hi everyone! This is a late post, but I wanted to share that the finale to the One Shot With A Baller series is available now!! You can 1-Click the finale or you can read for free with Kindle Unlimited!


Jayden Robertson is faced with the biggest challenge of his life as he is charged with the brutal beating of Tyree Evans. With everyone turning against him, even his own mother, he doesn’t know who to trust, except for his girl, Britney Lewis. Will she be able to uncover the truth about what happened before it’s too late?

Ever since Zack Hall met Mariah Benson, his life has been spiraling out of control, leading him to make unquestionable choices. When someone from Mariah’s past comes back, he soon discovers the real Mariah, making him wonder if he should continue to trust her.

Dominique Sawyer’s life has been full of drama, including finding out about her lover’s death and her child’s miscarriage. When a wrong decision turns her into working with the enemy, she soon realizes that she must change her life around. However, when she discovers a new plan in the making, will she be able to warn the people she tried to destroy? Or, will the plan lead to even more drama?


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Sample Sunday: The Evolution Of Love



Happy Sunday everyone!! Today, I’ll be sharing another excerpt from my upcoming release, The Evolution Of Love, which will be released on Feburary 24th! This is another Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, and it is Elise’s story.

In this story, Elise will be facing a lot of issues in her life, including where her relationship is heading with her current boyfriend, Jared; her unresolved feelings for her ex, Dante; and the reappearance of her mother, Jackie.

This story will have a lot of surprises as well as previews for future stories, including a spin-off with Carla’s cousin, Mika, and a holiday story with the entire crew.

Here’s an unedited preview from Elise’s POV. Enjoy!

“Are you excited for your big day?”

I smiled at my sister Cheryl while adjusting my veil. I couldn’t believe this day has actually come. My wedding day. This has been a long time coming, but I’m glad it happened the way it did. I took my time to meet the perfect guy and now, I’m happy.

“Is everything in place? You know how I am with being organized.”

“Yes, everything is fine. Just worry about marrying that fine ass man of yours.” My best friend, Kimberly Martin said while touching up my lip gloss. She’s the best make-up artist around who I have known since we were kids. She knew how my life was and has been there for me through it all. She has been my support system, which I always appreciated.

“Which I can’t wait for.” I said and giggled.

“You deserve it, Elise. He’s the perfect man for you.” My cousin, Riana said while handing me my bouquet of white and purple orchards. I took a deep breath and got up from my chair, taking one more look in the mirror.

“Are you nervous? If you are, just think about walking down that aisle and seeing your future husband. That should make all of those fears go away.” Cheryl said.

I smiled. “I’m actually pretty calm. I’m just excited for what’s in store.”

“What are you waiting for then. Go out there and marry your man!” Kimberly exclaimed.

I took another deep breath and went to the door. I walked down the long corridor, looking back to see if my bridesmaids were behind me, but no one was. I turned around, taking in all of the beautiful scenery of white lilies. I looked down at my wedding dress, which was a sleeveless gown decorated with a shrew of beaded pearls. The train was a little heavy for me, but I wanted this day to be perfect, so if I have to be uncomfortable, so be it.

I went to the end of the hall and saw my dad standing by the door to the chapel. He stared at me, giving me one of those proud father looks, as he held out his arm for me. My dad and I had a complicated relationship throughout the years, but I can say now that he has been there for me. I think that outweighed the issues we had in the past.

“You ready, E?”

I smiled. “Definitely.”

“Before we go in there, I just want to say how proud I am. You have become an exceptional woman and I’m proud to be your father.”

I was trying not to become emotional, but what my dad just said really touched me.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

I put my arm around his and he opened the door to the chapel. My wedding coordinator, Denise, was near the back, signaling me to wait before walking down the red rose petaled aisle. I guess she found a mistake and wanted to make sure it was fixed. Once she gave me the okay, my dad and I started to walk. I looked at the guests, not believing they were all here to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I was becoming nervous all over again, which I was trying to control. My groom was facing the reverend, which was weird to me considering he should be watching me walk down the aisle. Once I approached the altar, he turned around, giving me a sexy smile.

“You look gorgeous, Elise.”

I stared at him, taking in how good he looked in his tux. I looked over at his groomsmen, including my brother Kevin and smiled. Kevin gave me a displeased look and glanced towards the door.

“Thank you, Dante.”

“I can’t wait for you to be my wife.”

I blushed, realizing I can’t wait for him to be my husband. But there was something wrong with this picture. Why was I marrying Dante when I was with Jared?

I looked to the guests and saw Jared Crawford sitting in the front row with the actress, Bridgette Morris. My mind started to become scrambled, wondering what was going on.

“E, baby, what’s wrong?” Dante asked.

Before I could say anything, I slowly collapsed onto the aisle, realizing that maybe this was all a dream…

I quickly woke up, looking around me wondering where I was. I calmed myself realizing I was in my bed in my house. I looked to my side, forgetting that Jared was staying late at the tattoo shop and would come by later. He had his own key, so he could let himself in. I leaned back onto the pillow, still in shock over what I just dreamt. Why would I have a dream about Dante? I haven’t seen him in years. Not only that, but I’m with Jared now. I’m completely in love with him, so why would I be thinking about another man?

I lay back down, taking a deep breath, hoping that what I was dreaming was just that. It doesn’t mean anything, so I have nothing to worry about.

Or do I?

Coming Sunday, October 25th!! 

Hi everyone!! It has been announced that the new spinoff from the Love, Life, & Happiness series, One Shot With A Baller, will be released on Sunday, October 25th!! This is Jayden and Zack’s spinoff in which the two have a lot to deal with when they become captains for the new NBA team, the Baker Trojans. 

Here is the cover as well as a preview of the story : 

Jayden Robertson and Zack Hall are two of the hottest players in the NBA and with them being the captains of the new team in Baker, they are unstoppable. Although their game is on point on the court, their personal lives are far from it.
Jayden and his girl Britney Lewis have always been loyal to each other. They would do anything for each other; but with the pressure of the league always in their faces as well as Britney’s desires of starting a family, Jayden is not sure what to do. When a incident involving Britney comes to light, Jay soon realizes he has to do what is necessary to protect his girl, even if it means destroying everything that he have worked so hard for.
While Jayden is committed to Britney, Zack is not only committed to his girl, Dominique Sawyer, but every other woman that gives him some play. He let the fame and notoriety go to his head, leading him to make questionable choices that could have him banned from the league. But when he meets an old friend in an unlikely place, he begins to see what is most important to him. But when he finally realizes it, it might be too late, which could lead to him almost losing his life.
Jayden and Zack has always been focus on their games, but can they clean up the mess that is occurring in their lives? Find out in part 1 of One Shot With A Baller.

Here is the an excerpt from the story from Jayden’s POV:

Growing up, my life’s dream was to play basketball. Whether it was for the NBA or overseas, I was going to make my mark as one of the greatest players alive. I wanted to be the next Michael Jordan or even LeBron James. But now, I’m making a name for myself and people want to be like me, which I still couldn’t believe. Who knew, Jayden Robertson, would become a high profile star, especially with the way my life was before.

I lay beside my girl, Britney, touching her bare skin and smiled. That’s another thing I still couldn’t believe. After years of denying my feelings for her, we finally got together and we’re still happy. There are still days when I can’t believe she wants to be with me. With the lifestyle I’m living, I’m surprised she hasn’t up and left me, but I’m glad she stuck with me. I probably wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for her.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. “Hey baby.”

“Hey. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She smiled. “It’s okay. Is something bothering you?”

I pulled my body down so I could face her. She looked into my eyes while touching my shoulder.

“Just thinking about the team’s first practice. I don’t know why, but I’m scared as hell.”

“Babe, you’ve been in the league for almost two years now. Everything is going to be cool.”

“I would be if it wasn’t a new team. Training camp is always grueling, but when it’s a new team, you have a lot more to prove, especially with teammates and the league. They’re already not taking us seriously because we’re in Baker and named the Trojans.”

 “Are you kidding? The Baker Trojans have two of the best players on the team, you and Zack. No one can touch you two.”

“That is so true.”

Britney smiled. “Please don’t let that go to your head.”

“Trust me, it won’t. Now, if Zack ever hears that…”

“I know. He’s so into himself,” Britney teased.

Jayden laughed. “But he’s my boy, though. He always has my back, just like I do with him.”

“You two have always been that way. Just know that I’ll be cheering you on from courtside.”

“Of course, baby. That’s why I love you. You have been there for me since I started.”

“That’s how it’ll stay,” she said and got on top of me. I smiled, knowing where this was heading.

“You know, I probably should be getting some sleep since tomorrow is the first team practice.”

“You should, but not right now.”

She leaned down and I gently grabbed her hair. I still can’t believe she is mine. Although we’ve had our share of ups and downs, we were able to get through them. With all the temptation within the league, I knew if we could overcome those things, then we could survive anything.

Or so I hoped…


After only getting two hours of sleep, I had to rush to Harvey Arena for my first day at training camp. The nerves I had the other night were coming back to me as I opened the double doors to the practice facility. I walked through the practice court and went to the stadium where the Baker Trojans were going to play. I turned around, taking in the space, the seats, and the scoreboard and smiled. Even though I have played in Orlando and in Houston, playing for the inaugural team in Baker felt like home. Baker has been my home while I was attending my Alma Mater, Shaw University, and even after I graduated. Not only that, but my entire family lives here, so of course they were happy when a team was chosen to be in the college town and that myself and Zack were going to be the star players. As an added bonus, our college coach, Marc, was our head coach. Hopefully I won’t get any shit from the other players, because they all know that Marc is also my stepdad. I have something planned for them if they do.

I went to the locker room and saw Zack already in his practice gear. He looked at me and smiled.

“You ready to do this?”

“Of course, man,” I said while giving him dap.

“Can you believe that the two of us are basically headlining an up and coming team? I sure can’t.”

“Me either. I just wanted to play and now, we’re captains.”

“It’s surreal, but I’m up for the challenge. Are you?”

“Hell yeah. We’re going to put this damn team on the map.”

“You know it,” Zack said.

I threw on my jersey when two of our teammates, Jacob Harrington and Adrian Baxter, walked in. I stared at them while Adrian had a smirk on his face. Jacob continued to stare at me while going to his locker.

“You got a problem?” I asked.

“No, just wondering what’s the big hype about you? I mean, I have to wonder how the hell you already became captain when this is the first day of training camp. Oh, I forgot, because your stepdaddy is the coach.”

“My family ties don’t have anything to do with me being captain. I earned it by working my ass off during pre-training. That’s not my problem you didn’t play hard enough.”

“It’ll be your problem when I take that spot from you. Best believe I will.”

“Man, instead of running your damn mouth, get your ass together for practice,” Zack said.

Jacob looked at me again before going to his locker. I stared at mine, becoming agitated with Jacob’s words. Before training camp started, the team went through two weeks of interacting with each other through pre-training. That’s when Marc decided who would be captains of the team. Even though myself and Zack were chosen, many wondered how we were picked since not only were we Marc’s players when we won the division champs at Shaw in 2014, but also because our personal status with him.

“Don’t let that asshole get to you. He wants to push people’s buttons to see how pissed off they will get. Besides, you can mop the floor with those raggedy ass dreads of his and he knows it.”

“If he wants the captain position, then he can have it. I don’t care about that. I just want to play ball, that’s all.”

“Don’t you want to be the best at what you do? You’re not going to do that by just playing ball. You have to take the initiative and be the boss, especially to these dickheads. Marc fairly chose us, so don’t worry about what they have to say. Just prove yourself out on that court because their words don’t matter.”

“Their words do matter since we’re teammates. If we’re a team, we have to work as one.”

Zack shrugged. “You’re right, but if one of our ‘teammates’ come at me wrong, then I’ll have something for them,” he said and threw his shirt in his locker.

“Like you did with old dude after he was checking out Dom?”

“Damn right. I bet he won’t use a beer bottle anymore since it reminds him of me beating his ass with it.”

I shook my head. “Just don’t let that be your way of resolving your issues, Zack. You know what happened to me when I used violence for everything.”

“I get that, but the guy actually grabbed Dom’s ass in front of me. Of course I was going to go off on him.”

“She is a sports reporter now, so she’ll be in the public eye more, especially since she’s with you.”

“As long as no one disrespects her, then I’ll be cool.”

“Look at us. A couple of years ago, you would have been the one telling me not to lose my shit.”

“I know, look how times have changed.”

“Come on co-captain. Let’s see how we’re going to get this team together.”

“No doubt,” Zack replied and we walked out of the locker room. We went out onto the practice court and saw everyone gathered around Marc, who gave us an impatient stare.

“You two know practice already started, don’t you?”

“We were only a minute late,” I said.

 “I don’t care if it’s a minute or ten, you’re still late. You two are captains so you need to set an example for the rest of the team.”

“I guess you won’t be getting special treatment now, will you?” Jacob asked while smiling.

I wanted to rip that smile off his damn face. Asshole.

“If this happens again you two will be doing sprints for the entire practice. But now, we have other things to discuss. As you know, this is the first day of training camp, so there will be a lot of things happening, from seeing who is the strongest and who will be picked as my starters. Of course, the captains will be in their respective positions, but we have to pick our core three. With that, we will be doing several drills to get everyone prepared, not only for that position but for our first game with Toronto. Since we’re a new team, we have to prove ourselves ten times as hard as anyone else, so we need the best to do that.”

“No doubt, Coach,” Jacob agreed.

I rolled my eyes. I already knew this jerk was going to be a kiss ass.

“Now that that’s out of the way, we have a special announcement to make. Many of you have not heard the news yet, but we have officially signed a new player to our team. He is a powerhouse on the boards and we will definitely need that for some of the big teams we’ll be facing in the season. Many of you may have known him during your college years. He had a brief stint overseas before coming back and he wanted to play for this team. So let’s all welcome Paul Franklin to the team.”

Everyone was surprised to see Paul walking up to us, giving that conceited ass smile that he always gives. I think I was the most surprised as he looked at me and laughed.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Jayden Robertson. I never expected to be your damn teammate.”  

I looked at him, ready to beat his ass when Zack pulled me back. The last time I saw him was during the division championship, which I beat him at his own game, but a couple of nights before, I was choking his ass after he tried to talk to Britney. Teammate or not, I’ll do it again since I can’t stand his ass.

“Whoa, don’t even do it, Jay.”

“Now, I know there’re some issues with some of you, but let’s get one thing straight, whatever happened in the past needs to stay there. We’re part of a team, which means you all need to work together. If not, myself, the GM, and the owner will find players who will work together. You hear me?” Marc said while staring at me.

 I sighed. “Loud and clear, Coach.”

“Alright, let’s get this practice started. Warm-ups, now!”

I glanced at Paul who started laughing before going to the other guys to get ready for suicides. Zack looked at me, giving me an “I got your back” look while going to the line. I knew he did and would probably prevent me from knocking the shit out of Paul if he comes at me wrong; but if he tries to talk to Britney again; even Zack won’t be able to keep me from killing him.