Happy Anniversary A Chance at Love!!!

Happy Sunday!!! One year ago tomorrow, A Chance at Love was released on Amazon! It’s hard to imagine that it has been a year since this book was released. For those of you who do not know, I never intended to make a series out of In Love With My Best Friend; it was meantContinue reading “Happy Anniversary A Chance at Love!!!”


Goodreads Giveaways!!!

Recently, I have launched the In Love With My Best Friend series to paperback through Createspace. To celebrate, I am doing 3 different giveaways on Goodreads! Through each giveaway, I am giving 2 copies of A Chance at Love, The Wedding, Part I and Part II. The giveaway for A Chance at Love is forContinue reading “Goodreads Giveaways!!!”

Trivia Contest!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I mentioned on my Contests and Giveaway page that I will be doing a trivia contest on Facebook. The questions have now been posted on my page. For anyone who is on Facebook and would like to participate, you can be answering the following questions below, but in order to win, you mustContinue reading “Trivia Contest!!!!”

Book Discussion: In Love With My Best Friend Series May 3rd!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! The next book discussion for my Facebook group, Sheena Binkley Reading Palace, will be Saturday, May 3rd!!! We will be discussing the In Love With My Best Friend series. To be a part of the discussion, you must be a member on Facebook and must be a member ofContinue reading “Book Discussion: In Love With My Best Friend Series May 3rd!!!”

Five Things You Should Know About The Wedding, Part II

Hi everyone!!! The Wedding, Parts I & II will be released soon and a lot is happening with Camille and Trevor and Tia and Charles. I already gave five spoilers for part I, so now, it’s time for part II. 1. Charles’ father: In A Chance at Love, Charles mentioned to Tia what happened withContinue reading “Five Things You Should Know About The Wedding, Part II”

Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?

Hi everyone!!! So, I recently read Impossibly True by Shane Morgan (which is an excellent book, by the way), and I loved the relationship between Moya and Branden. Branden stopped at nothing to make the relationship he had with Moya perfect, which got me thinking about the male characters in my books. Each character hasContinue reading “Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?”

How to Make Your Characters Relatable to Readers?

For day 3 of the A Chance at Love book tour, I did a guest post for Blog-A-Licious Authors, in which I discussed the importance in making characters relatable to readers in a story: When I decided to write my first book, the first thought that came to mind was how will I make myContinue reading “How to Make Your Characters Relatable to Readers?”

Book Collection on Kobo!!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning. Kobo readers: for months, I have been trying to include my books onto their website. There were various issues regarding shipping and uploading; but now, I’m glad to announce that all of my books are now on Kobo!! Here are the links to each book: Our Love: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/our-love-2Continue reading “Book Collection on Kobo!!!!”