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30 Days 30 Authors- Paulette Harper

Hi everyone!! The 30 Days 30 Authors event continues with Paulette Harper! Paulette was a participate in the previous 31 Days 31 Authors event, but she had been very busy since then, including gearing up for a new release.

Now, here’s Paulette! 🙂

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Beginning her career in 2008, Paulette is an award-winning, bestselling author and the founder of WNL Coaching and Marketing Services. Along with being an ordained Elder, she is the author of several books and founder of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours, a service to help promote authors of the Christian genre and authors of clean books.
As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Elder Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women. Paulette is a mother, grandmother and Bible teacher. Paulette has appeared on numerous radio and Television shows.
Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette’s presentation as inspiring, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying.
As a writing coach, she is the visionary behind her own writing ministry called “Write Now,” a literary program that specializes in coaching aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development, and publication of Christian books. She provides her listeners with tools, resources, and opportunities to help them succeed in the writing business.
Her books have ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category).
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1. Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

Besides writing I enjoy listening to Jazz, serving in my church, speaking and helping others fulfill their purpose.

2. What inspired you to become an author?

As an inspirational and fiction writer, I write to inspire and empower readers. I write because I feel I have message to share with readers not only to entertain readers but to help them grow spiritually. I love to mix real life stories into my fiction. Although each story is unique, we experience some of the same feelings, situations and challenges in life in which the reader can identify. With the ability to craft fiction books, it gives me the opportunity to live through each character.

3. What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

I had a gamut of emotions: happiness, shock, disbelief, tears. It was an emotional time for me. Those feelings will never go away no matter how many books I write.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Hopefully in the next five years, I will be writing full time, traveling and falling in love. 🙂

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

Yes. I’m currently working on several books. One is the next installment to book 1 of Secret Places Revealed, a nonfiction book entitled Faith for Every Mountain, which will be released in a few weeks, and a short novella.

6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

For anyone who wants to become an author my advice would be to learn the industry, have a budget set aside for the expenses and create a marketing plan. If at all possible, hire a coach.


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Excerpt from That Was Then, This Is Now:

Are You Bitter With God?

In the book of Ruth, chapter 1:20–21, here is what the scriptures read:

And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. I went out full, and the Lord hath brought me home again empty: why then call me Naomi, seeing the Lord hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me? (KJV)

The Message Bible reads like this:

But she said, “Don’t call me Naomi; call me Bitter. The Strong One has dealt me a bitter blow. I left here full of life, and God has brought me back with nothing but the clothes on my back.Why would you call me Naomi? God certainly doesn’t. The Strong One ruined me.”

If you have never read this story, here we have a woman whose life was drastically changed. First, she and her husband, Elimelech, and their two sons left Bethlehem because of a severe famine. Looking for a better life, they journeyed to Moab. While in Moab, Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, dies, and ten years later, her two sons die, leaving her to care for her two daughters–in–law. Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem, but upon returning she has no husband or sons, instead a bitter heart.

Naomi, meaning pleasant, changed her name to Mara, meaning bitter. Her name reflected how she felt toward God. She was angry with God because He allowed her to lose her husband, whom she loved and who was her provider, and her two sons. Naomi went from pleasant to bitter because of her circumstances.

Have you changed your name because of your circumstances? Are you so angry at the way things turned out that you blame God? Although Naomi could not see the big picture, God had a wonderful plan in restoring her and Ruth’s life.


The Bigger Picture

God allowed her husband and both sons to die in order to get her and Ruth back to Bethlehem so Ruth and Boaz could meet. Ruth and Boaz had a son named Obed, who was the father of Jesse, and Jesse was the father of David the King, who was the father of Solomon. After a lineage of forty–two generations, we get to Jacob, who was the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, who birthed Christ. God caused Naomi to lose everything she loved so that He could get her into position of receiving more than she could ever have gotten in Moab.

With some of life’s experiences, you will go through sorrows and times that seem so overwhelming and God will even begin to break you during the most difficult times in your life. He will also allow those close to you, family and friends, to come against you. You must remember God’s plan for your life is to get you to a place of stability in Him.

We may never understand why God allows things to happen the way they do, but sometimes God’s plan may or may not include those you love. Don’t look at where you are, look at where God is trying to take you.

No one knows the battles you are facing, what sorrows or setbacks you have experienced. Maybe you are going through a divorce or have just come out of one. Maybe some relationships have been torn and you feel you have hit rock bottom, or maybe your Cinderella story has come to an end. Whatever you are going through, be encouraged; better days are ahead.

Tell God whatever happens, good or bad, “It is well with my soul.”


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30 Days 30 Authors- Stacy Deanne

Hi everyone!! This is the fifth day of the 30 Days 30 Authors event, and today, Stacy Deanne will be gracing the blog. Not only is this is her second time participating in this event (she was also a featured author last year); but this is also her release day for her brand new book, Stripped!

Now, here’s Stacy! 🙂

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Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is an award-winning author of sensual romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction books. She’s written Amazon Top 100 bestsellers, and her work has been praised and reviewed in USA Today numerously. She loves writing stories that focus on main characters who rarely get the spotlight such as characters with physical disabilities, mental illness, and terminal diseases.

Stacy is known for bringing versatile stories to her readers. With her you never know what you’re gonna get, which separates Stacy’s work from the pack. Stacy’s books are full of passion, thrills, intriguing characters and so much emotion you can’t get enough! If you want something different and unpredictable then definitely check out her work.

With Stacy every book is an adventure.

Website: http://authorstacy-deanne.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stacy.deanne.5
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stacydeanne ;


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1. What inspired you to become an author?

Writing comes from my soul. I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t a writer. I really believe it’s my calling and fate. I write the genres I write in because I enjoy them and the interest comes from the heart. I write BWWM books because I strongly support interracial relationships. This is a personal lifestyle choice so of course I wanna write something that I’m interested in and that reflects me. That’s why my books come from the heart concerning that aspect. I wanted to write stories that showcase couples in BWWM relationships for readers interested in them.

2.  What was your first reaction when your debut novel was published?

My debut novel was published by Simon and Schuster so I was elated. I couldn’t believe it had finally happened because I’d worked so hard for years trying to get someone to notice my work. Unfortunately, my mother passed away around the time the book was released so emotionally I wasn’t there. I was still proud but because of the difficult loss, I became detached from what I’d accomplished and though it was my first novel published, it will always link to a very difficult part of my life.

3. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I don’t like to answer these types of questions. LOL! I’ve been in the writing business 20 years now, and I’ve learned that you can’t plan on anything careerwise or in life. We can hope things turn out as planned but life always throw curveballs so I just go with the flow and execute my goals to the best of my ability from day-to-day.

4. Since you participated in the 31 Days 31 Authors event last year, has anything changed with your career since then? 

Not really, I am still grinding and releasing books and doing my best to keep work going.

5. Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on?

I have completed three installments of the Stripped Series. I am looking for the entire series to be around 4-5 books. Captured (Book 2) is available now and will release October 17th. You can pre-order it at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0751HZN4M/ref=series_rw_dp_sw

I have also completed a Christmas story I will be releasing in Dec. and am getting ready to work on a standalone.
6. What advice can you give to anyone who wants to become an author?

The best advice I would say is to make sure you are writing from the heart and if you aren’t then you won’t last in this business because it’s tough. Also, everyone should research the craft and business side of writing. Be prepared to continue learning and growing because that’s the key to being a good writer.

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Excerpt from Stripped:
(Winston confronts Jonathan)


Jonathan walked in wearing a black, crew-neck T-shirt and slim-fitting black slacks. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No.” Shauna jumped, rushing to him. “How are you, darling?” She kissed his cheek. “This is Detective Winston Lewis.”

“We finally meet.” Jonathan’s silver-gray eyes danced. “I’m Jonathan Wild. Welcome to my home.”

“Thanks.” Winston kept a stiff tone. “Stay away from Dee.”

Jonathan grinned, glancing at Shauna. “He’s forward like me. I like that, Winston.”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” He squinted. “Stay away.”

Jonathan patted Shauna’s cheek. “Give us a moment.”

Shauna smiled at Winston, his gaze following her out the room.

“You like what you see?” Jonathan stood next to Winston. “Shauna I mean?”

Winston broke his stare from the door.

“Don’t feel guilty. She’s a beautiful woman. She had me speechless the first time I met her.”

“I have no interest in anyone here. What you’re doing to Dee, it’s not happening, Jonathan. I’m not standing by while you manipulate her.”

“Are we talking about the same woman?” His brows met his forehead. “Because the Deidra Quarter I know wouldn’t let anyone manipulate her.”
“You don’t know a damn thing about her.”

“Did Tran offer you any refreshments—”

“I’m not playing with you.” Winston stood chest-to-chest with him. “Dee’s my woman, and I’m not letting any man take her away from me.”

“Does she realize you think of her as property?” Jonathan sauntered across the stone floor. “I’m flattered to see I threaten you.”

“Kiss my ass. I’m not threatened but you will be if you don’t leave Dee alone.”

“What am I doing to her?” Jonathan stood by the chimney with his arm propped on the mantel. “She’s the one who keeps coming by even when it has nothing to do with the case. You should have this conversation with her.”

“I’m having it with you.” Winston lifted his chin. “You don’t wanna go there with me. I will do whatever I have to, to protect my relationship.”
“Well.” Jonathan made a fist, mocking. “Deidra brings out the animal in you, huh? She’s a grown woman who makes her own decisions. If she wants to see me, then she’ll see me and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Why am I getting so worked up?” Winston chuckled. “It’s obvious you’re the killer and doing this to throw Dee off her case.”

“Oh, no.” Jonathan rubbed his buzz cut. “I’m a lover, not a killer. My interest in Deidra has nothing to do with the investigation.”

“I’m warning you.” Winston rushed toward him. “Stay the hell out of our lives.”

“Does Deidra love you?”

Winston gaped, wondering what his angle was for the question. “Of course.”

“Then why so upset?”

“Because you can make her believe anything. That’s what you do with women isn’t it, Jonathan? You got self-esteem issues or something? Think a woman won’t want you unless you manipulate her and lock her in your compound?”

He lowered his head, smirking. “These women beg for my attention.”

“Yeah, because they’re brainwashed and can’t tell if they’re coming or going.”

Jonathan passed a dirty look. “Most times they’re coming.”


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