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Love On The Track by Alithea-Jae Smith is free the entire weekend. If you haven’t read this wonderful romance novel, then now is the time! 

Her next book, Unplanned Love, will be available soon. 

Love On The Track is a story about love, helping to restore faith in the one you love, and fulfilling your desire to accomplish something despite having many hurdles. 
The story takes place in the beautiful island of the Bahamas as Kenyon and Lauryn grew up wanting to win a gold medal and represent The Bahamas at the Olympics games in the sport of track and field. 
When they were in the fourth grade, Kenyon moved to North Carolina with his mother and Lauryn remained in the Bahamas. Their passion didn’t die for the sport as they both became standout athletes during their teens years. However, when Lauryn was fifteen she met and fell in love with Shannon Knowles, the young man who turned her world inside out. He abused her both mentally and physically during their four year relationship to the point where Lauryn quits her job in Texas to return home.
Now more than fifteen years later Kenyon returns to the Bahamas to train with legendary coach Jimmy Thompson, who once trained Lauryn. Kenyon is a man on a mission to win a gold medal and not to fall in love. 
Now that Lauryn has returned home she works for the local paper as a sport writer. She has no intentions of going back to track nor to fall in love; that was until she reconnected with Kenyon. 
Shannon also returns with a plan to win Lauryn back but when he realizes that she’s into Kenyon, he decides to end her happiness at all cost. 
Along the way Kenyon helps Lauryn realize her self-worth and the importance of accomplishing whatever goal she sets for herself.


Available For Pre-Order!!!


Real Love, the latest spin-off from the Love, Life, & Happiness series, is available for pre-order! It will be sent to your Kindles at midnight on April 25th! 🙂

Here is the blurb (subject to change):

Shawn and I have been in love with each other since our first encounter in college six years ago. Despite our share of ups and downs, the two of us have a bond that no one could ever break. No other what, we have supported each other; so when Shawn accepted a position in Atlanta, I wasn’t too happy about moving, but I would do anything for him. With living in a new state, things can become very complicated. I know our love is strong, but is it strong enough to get through the issues we’re currently facing?

I knew the first moment I saw Ri that she was going to be my wife someday. Although we had a few bumps in our relationship, we were able to get through them and is more in love than ever before. When I accepted a huge opportunity in Atlanta, I knew Ri wasn’t on board with leaving Baker, but she did it for me, which I was grateful for. But with new challenges facing us, including issues with my co-worker, I have to wonder was moving worth risking my marriage for?

The Love Interviews- Vanessa & Mark


Hi everyone! This is the last day of The Love Interview series! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know more about your favorite book couples as much as i enjoyed interviewing them.

For the final interview, I have Vanessa & Mark from my latest standalone, Into You.

SB: Vanessa and Mark, it is really great to be sitting down with you two for this interview. First off, how are you?

Vanessa: We’re doing great, Sheena. Thank you for including us for your series. This is pretty cool.

SB: You’re very welcome. I have to say, Into You was a very unique story about finding love in the most unusual place. I know some readers were even surprised that your place of employment was a car wash. How did you both feel about that?

Mark: Actually, I thought the setting was pretty cool. You don’t really find that too often anymore.

SB: You definitely don’t. But you recently became husband and wife. How is married life treating you two?

Vanessa: It’s great. I have no complaints.

Mark: Neither do I. I married my soulmate, so I’m very happy about that.

SB: Even though Vanessa was being very hard on you, Mark?

Vanessa: I wasn’t hard on Mark. Yes, there were some things I probably could had changed, but I think readers understood my position on certain matters.

Mark: Like what? Not telling me about my dad and Simone.

Vanessa: That was because of your temper, Mark.

Mark: But I handled it just fine, didn’t I?

Vanessa: Maybe so. Anyway, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t come to grips with, in particular, with my mom, but Mark made me come to terms with my feelings about her and the impact she had made on my life.

Mark: Which I’m glad you were able to understand.

SB: Vanessa also brought out several things about you too, Mark.

Mark: She did. She showed me how to be in love with someone. That I’ll always be grateful to her for.

Vanessa: Thank you, baby.

Mark: Thank you.

SB: How are Simone and Enrique doing?

Vanessa: They’re doing really well. They’re enjoying married life as well.

SB: What about Suds? How is that coming along, Mark?

Mark: It’s doing very well. I’m enjoying being an owner there as well as with my restaurant, which is also doing great.

SB: That’s great to hear, Mark. How are your siblings doing?

Mark: They’re the same as always. Sebastian just opened up another sporting goods store and Carmen is Carmen.

SB: Several readers have asked whether the twins will get their own stories. I was actually thinking about that lately. Do you think the two would be on board with that?

Mark:  I don’t see why not. Sebastian, you probably have to convince, but Carmen would definitely be on board.

SB: I’m sure. She’s a little firecracker.

Mark: She’s a Fernandez; that’s in our nature to be.

SB: Now, back to you two. Will there be any babies in your future?

Vanessa: Most definitely.

Mark: I would love for us to have kids someday.

Vanessa: It might be sooner than you think.

Mark: What?

Vanessa: You know how I’ve been feeling sick lately.

Mark: Yeah.

Vanessa: I recently went to the doctor and it turns out that I’m pregnant.

Mark: Seriously?

Vanessa: You’re going to be a dad, baby.

SB: Wow! Congratulations!

Mark: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

SB: This is so cool! I really am happy for you two. Congratulations again.

Vanessa: Thank you, Sheena

SB: And you know I have to get an update; not just for me, but for the readers as well.

Vanessa: Of course.

Mark: Definitely, Sheena

SB: While they’re celebrating their great news, I’m sad to say that this is the end of The Love Interviews. Thank you to all of the book couples who participated as they gave great insight into their lives as well as to new projects coming very soon.

I will also be making an announcement regarding an Into You spin-off novella featuring Mark’s sister, Carmen, which will be coming very soon, so keep a lookout for that.

But for now, happy reading! 🙂



The Love Interviews- Tamara & Lamar

Good morning, everyone! For today’s interview, I have Tamara & Lamar from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two will have their own spin-off story coming later this year.

SB: Thank you both for taking the time out for this interview.

Tamara: It’s our pleasure, Sheena

SB: First, let’s talk about Something Just Ain’t Right. That series was pretty intense, especially with the relationship you had with Hayley and Morgan, Lamar.

Lamar: It was very intense, but at the end of the day, we all became closer, so I guess we had to go through those experiences to realize the importance of family.

SB: Even when Morgan put you in the hospital?

Lamar: Now that I look back on that, I kind of deserved it.

SB: Well, you did record him and your sister having sex.

Lamar: Which I wasn’t trying to do.

SB: At least everything is resolved now.

Lamar: It certainly is.

SB: Let’s talk about your story. I’m sure you’re both excited to have your very own story. Can you share with everyone what to expect with the spin-off?

Lamar: I will be running the family’s computer tech company. My dad gave me ownership after he decided to retire.

SB: I’m sure that was an honor for you to take over the company.

Lamar: I knew it would happen, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. But after everything that has happened, I guess he just wanted to live his life; I can’t blame him for that.

SB: That’s true.

Lamar: Not only that, but Tamara and I will be exploring our relationship further. In SJAR, readers didn’t get a chance to understand our relationship; but now that the spin-off will focus on us, then readers will have a better understanding of how we met.

Tamara: Also what makes us stay together. I love Lamar, but sometimes he can be a bit over the top.

Lamar: Seriously, Tam.

Tamara: Just saying.

SB: I think we all seen that firsthand in SJAR. What about you, Tamara? What will readers see from you in the spin-off?

Tamara: I will be starting my own jewelry company.

SB: Wow, that’s cool.

Tamara: Thank you. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. But that’ll be discussed.

Lamar: Among other things.

SB: Like what?

Lamar: Tamara’s ex is back in the picture.

SB: Ex?

Tamara: From college. I dated him freshman year.

Lamar: Who my dad also hired for the company before he retired. And Tamara knew told me that they dated.

SB: Wow.

Tamara: Because I know how you get, Lamar.

Lamar: I would had found out eventually, Tamara.

SB: So your story will be sort of a love triangle?

Tamara: I don’t have feelings for him. It was a brief relationship, so it wasn’t serious.

SB: Let’s move on, shall we?

Tamara: Thank you.

SB: When will readers expect for this book to drop?

Tamara: Possibly in the summer.

SB: And will Morgan and Hayley make an appearance?

Lamar: Of course they will. They’ll be a focal point in the story just like we were in their series.

SB: Cool. I think the readers will be glad to hear that. But thank you both again. I think everyone is looking forward to this story.

Tamara: We can wait to share it with everyone.

Lamar: Thank you, Sheena.

SB: Lamar & Tamara’s spin-off, If It Isn’t Love, will make its debut on July 25th.

Check back tomorrow as The Love Interview series concludes with Vanessa & Mark from Into You.



The Love Interviews- Hayley & Morgan


Hi everyone! The Love Interview series continues today with the breakout couple of the Something Just Ain’t Right series, Hayley & Morgan! Let’s find out what these two been up to since their series ended two years ago.


SB: Hi Hayley and Morgan! This is truly an honor to be sitting down with you two.

Hayley: We’re glad to be here, Sheena.

SB: When your story first came about, it was sort of a transition period for me as I branched out into the urban genre. I didn’t expect for this book to be such a huge success. Readers were shocked to read some of the things that occurred between you two.

Morgan: Seriously?

SB: Uh, yes! I mean, you two have endured so much. At first, it was just a typical love story, but with you two running from killers and deranged family members, your story was made for a good Lifetime movie.

Hayley: LOL! I wouldn’t go that far.

SB: I said it was. But tell me, if you had to change anything from those moments you two had experienced, what would they be?

Hayley: Probably me getting shot. That’s something I would definitely change.

Morgan: That’s something that I would change, too. I never want to experience that again.

Hayley: The two of us have been through a lot, but it showed a different side to us that I’m glad we were both able to share with each other. That is something that I wouldn’t change.

SB: I really hope you don’t get offended, Hales, but I can see why you fought so hard to be with Morgan. He’s hot!

Hayley: I know.

SB: You’re blushing. That’s so cute!

Hayley: I’m pretty lucky.

Morgan: No, I’m the lucky one. I always had a thing for Hales since we were kids, so I’m extremely blessed that I finally have her.

Hayley: I feel the same way, Morgan.

SB: Speaking of your childhood, let’s talk about Lamar. How is he, by the way?

Morgan: He’s good. Aren’t you interviewing him and Tamara tomorrow?

SB: I am, but I just wanted to see how he’s doing.

Morgan: He’s good.

SB: So things are still good between you two?

Morgan: Yeah; why wouldn’t they be? We resolved all the issues we had with each other and we’re pretty tight now.

Hayley: Especially since we’re all family now.

Morgan: We were always family, but it’s just official since we’re married.

SB: I must say, married life is definitely working for you two.

Hayley: It is. We’re very happy and more in love than ever.

SB: That’s good to hear. And how’s your son, MJ?

Morgan: Morgan Jr. is doing fine. He just turned one last month.

SB: Any more children in the future?

Hayley: We wouldn’t rule it out, but our lives are so hectic right now with me being a talent coordinator and Morgan’s a cop…

SB: Whoa. Morgan, you’re a cop?

Morgan: Hard to believe, huh?

SB: You can say that.

Morgan: After what happened, I felt I should do something that would make a difference, so after Hayley had MJ, I decided to join the force. Of course she didn’t really like the idea.

Hayley: I figured we were in a good place; I didn’t want anything else to happen to you.

Morgan: It won’t, Hales. Besides, I’m more into the white collar crimes. Nothing will happen to me with those.

Hayley: You never know.

SB: Are you investigating a case now?

Morgan: I am, but I can’t discuss it.

SB: That’s understandable. What about your family? Are they still in prison?

Morgan: Yes, they are. They’ll be locked away for a long time, so that we don’t have to worry about.

SB: And Kyle?

Morgan: He’s doing well. He recently got engaged to Demetria, so they’re planning their wedding now.

SB: Wow, I didn’t think those two were still together. But give him my congrats.

Morgan: Of course.

SB: Is there something that you wanted to share with your readers about an upcoming event for you two.

Hayley: Yes! Morgan and I do have something great to share. You approached us to do a short story which we agreed to do. It would be fun for you all to catch up on where our lives are now.

SB: It definitely will be. Again, Morgan and Hayley, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with me.

Morgan: Anytime, Sheena

Hayley: Of course!

SB: Hayley and Morgan’s short story will be available sometime this summer. It will only be on my blog, so if you are a SJAR fan, you will definitely want to read this! If you haven’t read the series, it is available only on Amazon.

Check back tomorrow as I interview Lamar & Tamara as they discuss the upcoming spin-off to the SJAR series, If It Isn’t Love.



Available Now!! 

Say That You Love Me, the Second book in The Love Chronicles series, is available now! 😊

Since they declared their love for each other during graduation, Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have been inseparable. They are now starting their first semester at Smith University and are excited for their new college journey, complete with dorm living , late-night studying, going to a party or two, and of course, no parents telling them what to do!

The two are having the time of their young lives until a huge opportunity comes along for Andie. It’s what she’s been working for since the start of her high school career, but with her newfound romance with Dexter, the opportunity could lead them to making decisions they never thought they’d have to make as a couple.

With new challenges and dilemmas, Andie and Dexter never imagined their first semester of college would be this intense, leading to changes in their personal lives and in their relationship.

Find out how far they are willing to go in the second book in The Love Chronicles series, Say That You Love Me.

The Love Interviews- Andie & Dexter



Hi everyone and welcome back to The Love Interview series! We’re halfway through the series as I sit down with the wonderful couple from The Love Chronicles series, Andie & Dexter!

SB: How are you two?

Dexter: We’re wonderful, Sheena. Thank you for letting us be a part of your interview series.

Andie: Yes, thank you. It’s truly an honor.

SB: The pleasure is all mine. You two are one of my most popular book couples, so of course I had to include you both on this roster.

Dexter: It’s great to be a part of it.

SB: Did you two ever imagined that your story would be so popular with readers? I have received everything from how cute you two are to how mature you both were in The Love Chronicles. It made readers go back to their teenage years and their first love, which I thought was amazing.

Andie: Honestly, we didn’t think it would reach so many people. We just told our story the way it happened. It was truly a romance story, so I’m happy that it made readers feel happy.

SB: A lot of readers were anxious to read your story because of your parents and the success of their stories in the In Love With My Best Friend series. Did it make you two feel intimidated by the comparisons between your series and theirs?

Dexter: Honestly, I don’t think there is a comparison between the two series. Yes, our parents’ series was really good and it told their stories on how they fell in love, but that were their stories. This series is ours and it’s completely different because we have experienced different situations compared to what our parents experienced.

SB: I have to say, you are a splitting image of your father. I hope I wasn’t out of line when I said that.

Dexter: It’s fine. I always get that, so I’m used to it.

SB: Let’s move on to the series. Since The Love Chronicles was a story of how you two reconnected after being apart for some time, Say That You Love goes into a deeper level as the two of you explore your relationship further. Can you tell your readers how far does your relationship go in the new story?

Andie: Since we’re both in college now, our relationship has become more mature as we start to learn more about each other. We both start to make bigger decisions that we probably never imagined making before. I think readers will like how things have evolved between us as a couple as well as individually.

Dexter: I agree. We both had to make some huge decisions in this story. Of course a lot of people weren’t on board with those decisions, but that’s a part of life. Regardless, I don’t regret anything that I have experienced so far with Andie.

Andie: I feel the same way, Dex.

SB: Gosh, you two are so cute! How is college life treating you two? Is it everything you both imagine it would be?

Andie: It’s very interesting.

SB: What about you, Dex?

Dexter: A lot has happened so far with our first semester at Smith.

SB: Care to share what happened?

Dexter: You know I can’t do that, Sheena.

SB: I know, I know. But how are Mashawn and Andrew?

Andie: They’re great.

SB: What about Regina, Dex? I know she’s living at home now; so how is that going?

Dexter: It’s going fine for the most part. I know she misses being at her art school, but Mom and Dad felt it was better for her to stay at home and go to Williamson, so she had no choice.

SB: But she will be going off to college in another year, so was taking her out of art school sort of a waste since she’ll be leaving home again soon?

Dexter: I think our parents felt she kind of lost her way a bit there and felt it was best for her to be at home right now.

SB: That’s understandable. Well, I know you two can’t give a lot away from Say That You Love Me, because the book is available today, but can you give a little insight on what readers should expect from the story?

Andie: Just be prepared for some of the scenes in the story.

Dexter: It’ll be a roller coaster ride, for sure.

SB: There you have it. I want to thank both Andie and Dexter for taking the time out of their schedules to talk with me. Their new story, Say That You Love Me, is available now only on Amazon. If you haven’t read their first story from the series, then that is available as well. Trust me, these two books are truly wonderful.


The Love Interview series continue tomorrow as I catch up with Hayley & Morgan from the Something Just Ain’t Right series. The two have a surprise announcement to make, so you definitely don’t want to miss that! 🙂