Learning Process

Almost a month ago, my first novel was released to the public. I was a little nervous because this would be the first time sharing my work to anyone besides my best friend (who always loved my work, even when I personally didn’t). Once I saw my book on various websites, I realized that this was the official start of my writing career.

As the weeks progressed, the reviews started to come in, which again made me nervous, considering the reviews were from people I didn’t know. While some were positive, there were others that made me question my ability as a writer. Although I love to write, I usually kept my writings private because of the fact that hearing criticism is not one of my strong suits.

But as I was reading a comment, I had to realize that in this business, you have to roll with the punches. Sure, I can be upset or even sad because of a negative review, but I can also use the “advice” given and put it to something positive, whether it’s in a new story or blog.

Being an author can be challenging, especially with a particular audience. In the short time my story been published, I had to come to terms that I’m not going to please everyone, whether it may be the characters, dialogue, or the book itself. I have to know that it’s okay to take the comments into consideration, but not discourage me or question myself as a writer. This entire experience is a learning process which I will continue to embrace for as long as I can.

E-book Contest


Although I’m doing a giveaway on Goodreads, I would like to start a contest on my page for copies of In Love With My Best Friend! As part of my blog launch, I’m giving away digital copies (either epub or pdf) to two bloggers/readers at random. The winner does not have to write a review, but is greatly encouraged to on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.

To enter, just leave a reply telling me you’re interested in reading the book. This giveaway is open to anyone on the site. Contest begins Tuesday at midnight and ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck!!


Welcome! I hope you enjoy the thoughts and writings I have to offer. Although I displayed a little about myself on the About section, I would like to tell everyone a little bit more about myself. I am a new author who is trying to find my way into the world of writing with my romance novel, In Love With My Best Friend. In the novel, two friends who have known each other since they were thirteen, discover they have feelings that goes beyond friendship.

Here is the synopsis that is available online:

Camille Anderson always lived life on the straight and narrow- she never took a chance in life, especially with her best friend, Trevor Williams. The two were next door neighbors and experienced almost everything together. Although the two told each other everything, there was one thing Camille never admitted to Trevor and that was her feelings for him.

After being out of state for a job position, Trevor returns to Houston with a new fiancรฉ. He always looked at Camille as just his best friend, but at his engagement party, he starts to look at her in a different light, making him wonder if he is marrying the right woman.

With a string of events involving the pair, as well as loyal friends dishing out romance advice, the two realize that being more than friends may not be such a bad idea. In fact, it could be what they needed all along.

Although I have written several young adult and new adult novels, I decided to go the romance route with my first novel because I’m a sucker for romance ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a happy ending, and I feel that with In Love With My Best Friend, it not only shows two people who may not know they have feelings for each other, but they are finding new things that they didn’t know about themselves.

The book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback ($12.80) and e-book ($0.99).

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog. If you like what you see so far, feel free to follow me. You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚ Until next time, happy reading!

My Love For Writing

Growing up, I never fully realized what I wanted to do. I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to be a ballerina or a lawyer. It was when my third grade teacher decided to have the class do a writing project that let us talk about anything that was on our minds was the turning point for me.

At the time, I couldn’t think of anything, until I decided to use my imagination and describe a time that involved my friends and I being locked inside Disneyworld and couldn’t decide on what we wanted to do first (I still have that story to this day). That was when I discovered my love for writing.

Reading and writing were the two elements of my life growing up. I was known as the bookworm in my family because I would rather read instead of going outside and playing with my friends. It didn’t bother me because I was able to let my imagination go to places that I never thought possible. It also let me think of ideas that I would want to create as a writer.

As years passed, I decided to create stories based on books I previously read. At the time, Sweet Valley High was my ultimate favorite, so I decided to write serials, where I developed various characters and created a series of stories that involved just those characters. I loved to write and let others read them just to get their reactions (and to possibly see if they thought they were one of those characters). Those moments made me realize that writing is what I wanted to do as a career; mainly because I want to entertain readers, just like various writers have done for me throughout the years.

Now that my love for writing has become a career, the journey has been sort of a challenge, mainly due to finding my way into the literary world. No matter where my career takes me, I know that my love for writing will never change and will always be a part of me for years to come.