Cover Reveal!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of months with releasing Our Love and finishing Love Unbroken. Now, I have the cover for Love Unbroken, which is my first New Adult novel!!! The story is the first book in a four-part series titled Love, Life, & Happiness. I’m very excited about this book and I can’t wait for the release on December 15th!!!

Now, here’s the cover to Love Unbroken:


 A very special thanks to Tara from Fantasia Frog Designs for a beautiful cover! I will be doing another cover reveal for A Chance At Love pretty soon, so stay tuned 🙂


Our Love is Live!!!!!


I’m proud to announce that Our Love is now available on Amazon for $0.99!!!!


Charlie Perry is faced with a huge dilemma. After having an altercation with a classmate, she is given an ultimatum- transfer schools or face criminal charges. When Charlie is left with no choice but to transfer, she steps into Belmont High not knowing what to expect, especially when she crosses paths with Michael Collier.
Michael Collier is the most popular guy at Belmont. He can practically have any girl he wants, but when he sets his brown eyes on Charlie, he is instantly hooked, wanting to know more about the honey-colored beauty.
But when secrets from each other’s pasts begin to surface, will the two be able to find their way to each other, or keep them apart for good.
(This book is considered mature YA/NA and contains mature subject matter, including mild violence, alcohol use, and sexual language/situations).
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Our Love Teaser #3!!!

Hi everyone!! Here is the final teaser for Our Love, which will be live on Amazon soon!!!


3. Michael


“Why do I bother coming to school?” I asked my friend Chris Donavan as I got out of my BMW 528i.


“Because you have to,” he said while hopping out of the passenger seat.


As I started to walk through the crowded parking lot of Belmont High, I looked around at the same faces and wondered if anything would ever change. It’s hard being the most popular guy in school. I am not being cocky about it; it is what people labeled me. As soon as I stepped onto Belmont’s steps, I was considered the guy everyone liked. Every activity Belmont offered, I was in, captain of the football and basketball teams, and student body president. And, I still had time to master a 4.0 GPA. I’m not going to brag, but there is a list going around school claiming I’m the hottest guy at Belmont. So I guess I’m living the good life, huh? I am, but it gets old quick.


As Chris and I walked to the quad, three girls who looked like sophomores came up to us. They looked at me with huge grins on their faces.


“Hi Michael,” they said in unison.


“Hey,” I said.


As I walked away, the girls started breathing erratically because I said hi to them. That is what I have a problem with. It seems like I’m a freaking celebrity around here when I’m just an average seventeen year old senior.


“I don’t get you man. Girls are throwing themselves at you and you don’t even notice,” Chris said.


“I notice. I’m just not interested.”


“Still having issues with Danielle, huh?”


I looked at Chris and rolled my eyes.


Danielle Peterson is my ex-girlfriend. We dated since freshman year and then all of a sudden, this year she broke up with me. Rumor has it that she is dating some guy at our rival school, Bridgewall, but it’s not like I really care. I was going to talk to Danielle anyway about our relationship. It seemed like nothing was the same anymore. Danielle always thought she should be the center of attention. I hate that in a girl. It’s good to be confident in yourself, but when you take that to the extreme, it’s very annoying. I guess that’s why girls have been throwing themselves at me, because the whole school knows about the breakup. Belmont is a big school, but word travels fast.


“No, I’m not still on Danielle. I’m glad things are over between us.”


“Really? You and Danielle were the perfect couple. You two had everyone around here wishing they could be like you two.”


I laughed and sat down on one of the metal benches in the center of the quad.


“For now on, Chris, don’t mention her name to me, okay?”


“Who, Danielle?”


I looked at Chris and sighed.


“Real funny.”


As I looked around at how beautiful the day was, I noticed someone I never seen before walk toward the building. She was gorgeous. She had long dark brown hair that went to the upper part of her back, honey-colored skin, and nice long legs. From the side view, I could tell she had a body on her. As she turned her head, she looked straight at me. I looked at her and gave her a grin so huge, it showed all my teeth. She gave me a sexy smile and walked into the building.


“Who was that?” Chris asked curiously. 


“I don’t know, but I’m about to find out.”


I got up from the bench and ran into the building. I had to find her, whoever she was. I practically ran into five people in the crowded hallway before I saw her turn the corner toward the principal’s office. I caught up with her just before she opened the door.


“Hello,” I said to the beautiful girl in front of me.


“Hey. Were you outside a minute ago?”


“Yeah, I was.”


“My, my, you move fast,” she said in a sexy tone.


“I do when I’m interested in something. Or someone.”


The girl smiled as she moved away from the office door.


“Why have I never seen you here before?”


“I don’t know. Maybe because I blend in well with the student body,” she said smiling.


“No way. I would remember every part of you.”


She looked at me and rolled her eyes.


“If that was supposed to be a pick-up line, you need to try harder.”


“No, it was not. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. I guess it came out wrong.”


Her expression softened a little after I apologized. From the looks of it, I could tell she was feeling me, just like I was feeling her.


“It’s okay. Actually, this is my first day here.”


As she said those words, I realized that I had seen her before, mainly at football games. She was a cheerleader at Parker.


“Now that you said that, I have seen you around. You were a cheerleader at Parker, were you?”


She looked nervously at me when I mentioned Parker. I guess she would since Belmont and Parker hate each other.


“Correct; head cheerleader to be exact.”                                                       


“Michael Collier,” I said as I extended my hand out to her.


“Charlie Perry,” the beautiful girl in front of me said. She took out her soft hand and placed it in mine. The look she was giving me made me want to know more about the mystery girl named Charlie.


“Charlie. Nice.”


“Thanks. Usually people wondered why my parents named me that.”


“It’s different.”




“Well since you’re new here, I could show you around campus if you want.”


“I will keep that in mind.”


The school bell rang and everyone began to go to first period. Fine time for the bell to ring! As I looked at Charlie, she smiled and put her hand on the doorknob.


“I better go so I can get my schedule.”


“See you around, Charlie.”


“I hope so,” she said as she went into the office.


I watched Charlie go into the office with a longing look. I turned around and started to walk to class.


Maybe Charlie was the change I’ve been looking for.

Our Love ARC

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Our Love Teaser #2!!!

This is the second teaser to Our Love. The third and final teaser will be uploaded next week before the official release, which will be next week!!!!

2. Charlie


After Today’s Events, all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and never come out. I could not believe my parents would do something so foul to me. I’m not being spoiled, or throwing a temper tantrum; I understand they were looking out for me, but this is my senior year! This is supposed to be the happiest time in my high school life and now I have to spend it with strangers. After thirty minutes of discussing the transfer and informing the Sherman’s of the new plan, they agreed to drop the charges. While Theresa gets the good end of the stick, I get stuck with the crap end. As I was on my way home, I called Eva to tell her that her best friend is no longer a student at Parker.


“What! I do not believe this! You know you could sue the school for this.”


“Why? My parents were the ones who suggested the transfer.”


“That is messed up. What school are you going to?”


“Belmont. I’m a Spartan now.”


“Ah girl. I’m sorry for all this. Believe me Theresa is going to get hers.”


“I know.”


“You’re starting tomorrow?”


“Yeah, can’t wait.” I said in a dull tone.


“Don’t stress over it. You never know, you might like it there.”


I laughed. “I sincerely doubt it.”


“Well, all I can say is keep your head up. Besides, it not like you’re moving away. We can hang out on the weekends.”


I smiled. Give it to Eva to make things seem like they’re not so bad. That’s what I love about her. She always sees the positive in every situation.


As I pulled my black Ford Mustang convertible into the driveway of my parents’ two-story home, I looked at my cell phone and smiled.


“Thanks girl for the advice. I’m at home now, so I’ll give you a call later.”

“Talk to you later.”




As I hung up the phone, I got out of my car slowly, took out my black Coach tote bag and matching mini clutch, and dragged my feet to the door. As I put my key into the keyhole, I carefully unlocked the door and walked into the house. As I walked into the living room, I saw my parents sitting on our beige loveseat near the TV. I gave them an icy stare as I walked up the stairs.


“Charlie Marie Perry, bring your ass back here now!” my mother yelled.


I rolled my eyes toward the ceiling and turned around. I walked back into the living room and folded my arms across my chest.


“I do not know why you’re so upset over what happened. We should be upset with you over what you’ve done today!” my mom yelled.


“We were looking out for you by transferring you to Belmont,” my dad added.


“I appreciate that, but you don’t understand. This is my senior year! Everything that I was looking forward to is gone now because I’m not going to be there. I’m not going to go to prom with my friends or even graduate with them.”


“We understand that and we feel bad about it, but if your dad did not suggest you go to Belmont, then you would be facing criminal charges.”


I looked at my mom and sighed. I knew my parents had my best interests at heart, so it’s not like I could have been upset with them.


I gave my mom a tiny smile and she gave me a hug.


My dad came up to us and smiled.


“We know you’re upset baby girl, but this is for the best. Besides, you can still see your friends on the weekends.”


I smiled at my parents and took both their hands.


“I’m sorry about earlier. I know tomorrow will be difficult, but I’ll make it work.”


“That is all we want to hear,” my mom said as she kissed my cheek.


“Besides, you’re a Perry. Perrys never give up on anything,” my dad said. He kissed me on the forehead and smiled.


I gave my parents another smile and headed upstairs. As I went into my room, I closed the door and looked around. Everything in my room reminded me of Parker. From the cheer banner, to my red and white pom-poms I had to return, everything in here made me think of what I was going to miss. As I flopped down on my bed, I looked at the ceiling and sighed. I wanted to cry but my heart would not let me. I said I would do this and I will. Because my dad is right, Perrys are never quitters. Never was and never will be.





The morning arrived and I was getting ready for my debut at Belmont High. I wish this morning did not come so soon, that way I could stay in my nice cozy bed and think that the last two days were a bad dream. As I went downstairs, I noticed my mom was in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee.


“Hey. I thought you left already?”

“I will. I just wanted to see you before I did.”


“Mom, it’s not like I’m five and going off to kindergarten. I do not need you to hold my hand.”


“I know baby, but I just want you to know that your dad and I love you so much.”


I smiled at my mom. It is good to hear when your parents tell you how much they love you. Just like I know when I tell my parents I love them, it makes their day.


“I love you too, Mom.” I said.


My mom looked at her watch and got up from the stool seated near the breakfast bar. She drank the last of her coffee and smiled at me again.


“I’ll see you tonight, okay?”


“Okay Mom. Have a good day at work.”

“I’ll try,” she said as she grabbed her purse and briefcase and headed out the door. I know being a lawyer is stressful, so I did not need to give my mom any added stress. As I grabbed my tote bag and purse, I took a deep breath and went out the door. A new day, and a new beginning was approaching, whether I liked it or not.



As I drove to the New Oaks section of Sugar Land, I never realized how snobbish this area looked. Just the look of the area gave me the impression that Belmont High wasn’t going to be any different. The only thing I knew about Belmont, was that the students were pretty arrogant, but had a very good football team. Even though Parker is considered an uppity area as well, Belmont kids look down on us like we are dog doo on the ground; mainly because of the rivalry of our football teams.  So I guess word of advice for me, don’t tell anyone I’m from Parker. As I made a left turn toward the school, I remembered the phone call I had with Eva and Ashley earlier that morning.


“No matter where you are, you’re always going to be our girl,” Eva said.


“We got your back no matter what,” said Ashley.


I smiled at the nice things my girls said. I wished I was hanging out with them now, but there was no point dwelling on the past. As I pulled into a parking space, I looked around the parking lot and realized it looked like a scene out of a rap video. Every high priced car you could think of was in the lot. Convertibles, SUVs, and expensive two- seaters were all occupying spaces on the elaborate school grounds.  Even though my metallic black Mustang is considered high-quality, it doesn’t hold a candle to my dream car: a BMW 528i. As I saw a black one pull up into a parking space a row near my car, I wonder how a teenager could get that type of car.


“Rich parents,” I said to myself as I got out of the car.


Really, I could consider myself a spoiled kid. Even though we‘re not rich, we’re living comfortably. My mom’s a lawyer while my dad’s an advertising executive at a prestige advertising firm; so my friends always thought we were rich. If they thought I was, they needed to take a look at the scene I was witnessing at Belmont.


The school could be a duplicate for the rich kids you see on teen soaps. There were kids sitting on the lawn, and kids walking around talking on their cell phones. As I started to walk down the long sidewalk to the actual building, I had several eyes focusing on me. I wanted to ask people what they were staring at, but I did not want to be ignorant; so I kept walking.


As I approached the building, I looked over and noticed someone staring at me. This person I did not mind staring. He was too fine. He had one of those faces that would make any girl swoon. He had short blond hair that was spiked up a little. He had a nice body and the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen. I couldn’t tell what color they were, but I could tell they were nice.  As he looked at me, I gave him one of my sexy smiles and walked toward the building. As I was walking, I did not realize how close I was to the door. Good thing I noticed before I busted my face though it. I opened the door and went inside.


 This could work out after all.

Baker 6

Hi everyone! Since I have been busy writing Love Unbroken and finishing Our Love, I have not been uploading new chapters to Baker 6; not to worry, because I will continue to upload new chapters right now 🙂

Here are the next two chapters of Baker 6. Enjoy!!!




“So you have no photos on wife? I know she’s having an affair!”


“Listen, Mr. Anderson, I followed your wife for the past week, I have not found anything suspicious on her part. If anything, she’s living a boring life. She just goes to work and home, that’s all.”


“Maybe she knows you’re on to her. Come on Chad, I’m pretty sure Camille knows you’re up to something.” Melissa said.


I looked at Melissa and rolled her eyes.


Since the funeral, I decided to take action into my own hands to find out whether Camille and Trevor are dating. I hired a private investigator to get some proof on whether the two are hooking up, but to my surprise, there is no evidence. I know Camille is cheating, she’s just finding a clever way to do it.


“So you telling me that Camille were at home all night last night? No one came by the house; because from what I heard from my next door neighbor, someone did stop by, and the two left.”


 I knew this private investigator was incompetent, so I decided to dig up some proof of my own. I went by the house to pretend I was getting the rest of my things, when nosy Mrs. Adams didn’t waste any time telling me that Camille and her best friend were kissing on each other and left the house together.


“There was one time last night that she left with a guy around seven and they headed to a couple of places.  I told you I had to cut the job short because my daughter was sick.”


“You telling me that you didn’t get any evidence last night because your daughter was sick!”


“You know what, I quit!”  The guy said as he went to the door.


“Fine, I was going to fire you anyway!” I yelled at him as he closed the door.


“At least you know they were together.” Melissa said.


“Yeah, but I don’t have the evidence to prove it, thanks to the idiot I hired.”


“Chad, I know you’re trying to dig up something about Camille and Trevor; trust me, I’m all for it, but how do you know she’s not finding any dirt on you? You were the one who cheated on her throughout your marriage.”


“She won’t find out about it. When we go through the divorce proceedings, I will have to give her half of my assets. I refuse to do that; I worked too hard for my stuff.”


“This is what the private investigator is for, because you don’t want to pay Camille.”


“Mainly that and other things.”


“Would you like to share with me what the other things are?”


I looked at Melissa as I went to the armchair and sits down.


“I don’t know if I should.”


“If you think I’m going to run off and tell Trevor about your misdeeds, then you don’t know me.”


“Melissa, I really don’t know you.”


“True, but you know I wouldn’t tell Trevor. I can’t stand the sight of him right now.”


“There are some things that no one knows about me. Expect Rachel, and she’s dead.”


“What is it?”


I sighed as I leaned back onto the chair.


“You pretty much know about my affairs while I’m on the road, but there is one that I don’t want anyone to know because not only will it affect me and my job, but also the person I’m having the affair with. This person could lose everything.”


“I’m assuming the person is someone you work with?”


“Yeah, and right now, I don’t know whether I should continue the relationship. I can’t let this come out about us, especially if Camille goes digging for information.”


“What you going to do now?”


“I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place. I’m going to expose Camille for the liar she is.”






The night didn’t end with Trevor and I having sex. To be honest, I was kind of glad my dad stopped us, because I would have broken my rule of having sex while still married. Don’t get me wrong, I want Trevor and me to make love, but I just don’t want the idea of being married hanging over my head.


As I lay in Trevor’s bed, I had to look around to notice anything familiar to his old room. I’m surprised he wanted to take his childhood room instead of the master bedroom. But knowing Trevor, he probably didn’t want to since that was his parents’ room. He probably would have thought about the things they done in there and wouldn’t want to stay there.

I looked down at my sleep shirt, which was one of Trevor’s plaid shirts. I pressed my nose against the collar and smelled his favorite cologne, Gucci Envy.  I took one more look around the room and got up, figuring it was time to face Trevor and what happened earlier.

I slowly traveled down the stairs and noticed Trevor on the couch sleeping. His bare chest was slowly weaving in and out, while he had his hand on the waistband of his pajama pants. I had to smile at the sight before me. Even when he’s sleeping, he still looks sexy.

I went over to him and gave him a tiny kiss on his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed me standing before him.

“Hey. What time is it?”

“A little after nine. I just woke up myself.”

“Sorry I didn’t come upstairs. I decided to sleep on the couch.”

“It’s cool. I know after what happened last night, you wouldn’t want to.”

“It’s not that; it’s just that we went too far last night. You said you wanted to wait for us to make love, and we would have broken that promise if your dad didn’t stop us.”

“I know baby, and I probably would have been pissed about it, but I wouldn’t have regretted it if we did. The timing just wasn’t right last night, that’s all.”

“That’s how you’re looking at it?”

“Yep, and I’m sticking to it. But I kind of wish you came upstairs.”

“I know, but with everything that happened and looking at you now in my shirt, I don’t think I could have handled it.”

“And what would you have done?” I said as I straddled Trevor.

“Well, I would start here.” Trevor said as he kissed my neck. He lowered his lips to my chest. He

unbuttoned two buttons on my shirt to expose my braless breasts. He took his mouth and began

to suck on the left nipple before moving to the right one.

Just the feeling this man is giving me was more than enough for me to break my rule.

“Forget the rule.” I whispered.


“I want you, now.” I whispered as I kiss Trevor.

“You sure?”

I leaned over and began to kiss Trevor from his lips to his chest. As I began to go lower, Trevor pulled me up and I wrapped my body against his. We began to kiss as we headed upstairs.


“Wow.” I said as I looked at Trevor. We stared at each other in total amazement.

“Do you regret what happened?” Trevor asked.

“I shook my head and smiled.

“Not at all,”

“How do you feel?”

“Good. Actually, I feel fantastic.”

“I’m glad you don’t. I’m just glad you’re happy. I miss seeing that pretty smile of yours.”

“You’re the reason for that. I haven’t felt this good in so long, and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Maybe so Cam, but you should give yourself the credit for your happiness. You’re the one who broke away from Chad; I was just there to help you through it.”

Camille smiled as she cuddled close to me.

“I love you.” Trevor said as he kisses my forehead.

“I love you too.”


After making love for a second time, Trevor and I left his house hand in hand. It was time to face my parents and tell them everything from me getting ready to divorce Chad to me and Trevor becoming a couple.

“I guess my parents will be the first to know about us.” I said as I rang the doorbell.

I looked over at Trevor who seemed pretty nervous.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m cool.”

I started to smile while waiting for the door to open. My dad was on the other end looking at the two of us in disbelief again. I wish my dad would have a different look when he sees us.

“Good morning. I see you two finally decided to get out of bed.”


“Listen, I know you’re grown now and don’t need any advice from me, but I just want you to be careful. Just be clear minded and think about what you should and shouldn’t do. Even though you’re separated from Chad, you’re still married, so think about that.”

“Dad, my mind is very clear about Chad and our marriage. If you let us in, I can tell you why Chad and I are separated.”

My dad opened the door wide for Trevor and I can walk in. As we went inside, we went straight to the couch while my dad went towards his favorite chair. That man had that chair since I was born, so imagine how it looks.

“Where’s Mom?”

“She’s sleeping Cam.”

“Really, it’s after eleven.”

“Cam, it’s something you should know about your mother…”

“I thought I heard voices.” My mom said as she came from the stairs.

“Hey, Mom.” I said as went to her and gave her a hug. As soon as I did, I could sense something was wrong.

“Is everything okay, Mom?”

“I’m fine sweetie. Hi, Trevor.”

“Hi Claire.”

My mom smiled at Trevor as she went over to the love seat to sit down.

As I noticed my mom, I couldn’t help but to feel a little sad. I could tell from her appearance and the fact that she was sleeping more than she should, could only mean she’s not well.

“So your dad said that you and Chad are separated? I wouldn’t be sad if it’s true.”

“Really Claire.”

“You know I could never stand Chad. I basically tolerated him because of Camille.”

Trevor started to laugh after my mom’s comment.

“Anyway, it’s true. I found out that Chad cheated on me twice with Rachel; once during college and the other before our wedding.”

“Oh, Camille.” My mom said.

“Sorry to hear that Camille; but you have to realize it was before your marriage. Did he cheat on you during the marriage?” asked my dad.

“That’s not the point Dad; we were in a relationship; he had no reason to cheat on me! Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s been having an affair during our marriage; I just don’t have the proof to back it up.”

“So you saying you been completely faithful to Chad, even before your marriage?” my mom asked while she looked at Trevor.

Trevor looked at my mom to me while I gave my mom a don’t-go-there look. I knew where my mom was going, and this was not the time to prove her point.

“Mom, please.”

“Now that your marriage is practically over, you need to admit your feelings to the man sitting beside you. Camille, you’ve been in love with Trevor for years. Hell, it could have been when you were kids; the point is, you need to put your feelings out on the table and figure out what you want for your life. Evidently, Chad is not the one and to be honest, he never was.”

My dad looked at the two of us and sighs. Trevor smiled as he took my hand into his.

“I think you need to tell her Cam.”

I smiled and looked at my mom.

“You are right about one thing, I always had feelings for Trevor, and I recently realized that he always had feelings for me, and we decided to give a romantic relationship a try.”

“Oh baby, I’m so happy for you.” My mom said as she went up to me and gave me a hug. As we broke apart from the hug, she went to Trevor and hugged him too.

“Maybe I wasn’t faithful to Chad too; emotionally faithful. I always had feelings for another man and never faced them, until now. So really, we both done our share of dirt, and now, we just need to end our marriage so we both can move on.”

“Honey, should you at least try to figure some things out before you move into another relationship? Although you know each other, you’re both moving into a different territory.”

“We know that, but we’re willing to take a chance. Mr. Thomas, we love each other and we’re willing to make this work.” Trevor said.

I looked at Trevor as I put my head on his shoulder. My mom smiled at the two of us while my dad looked as if he wanted to explode.

“Well, you know how I feel about you two, so I’m happy. You should be too David.”

“I would be if these two slow down and think about this.”

“Our minds are made up Dad. Now, can we move on from this discussion, please? You were mentioning something earlier…”

“I don’t think we should discuss it now Camille.” My dad quickly said.

I looked at my dad, who then looked at my mom. My mom gave my dad a disapproving look.

“What’s going on? I sensed something was up the minute we walked in. Mom, is something going on with you?”

“Why would you think that, sweetie? Everything is fine.”

“I don’t think it is. You’ve been acting different lately. And just a couple of minutes ago you just woke up.  I find that odd considering that you’re usually the first person up in the morning.”

“Camille, everything is fine. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s not reassuring, Mom.”

“Claire, tell her the truth! She deserves to know.” My dad exclaimed.

“Stop, David.”

“Tell her, or I will.”

I looked at both of my parents wondering what was going on. Trevor started to give my hand a small squeeze.

My mom told a deep breath before walking over to me. She placed a hand on my knee while looking straight in my eyes. Just the look she was giving me made my heart break in two.

“I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Please Mom, whatever it is, we can get through this.” I said in tears.

A sob escalated out of my mom, causing me to cry uncontrollably.

“Baby, I have lung cancer.”

 I tried to speak, but the words just couldn’t come out of my mouth. I’m not sure what to think or feel right now. How could this happen to my mom, the strongest person I’ve ever known. This must be a bad dream and I’ll wake up any minute now, I know it.

When I was finally able to speak, it came out in between sobs.

“How did this happen? I’ve never seen you smoke.”

“I smoked heavily before you were born. Of course I quit when I was pregnant, but after you were born, I did continue to smoke every now and then. Now, I guess it finally caught up with me.”

“How long have you known? Have you started any treatments?”

Tears started to flow from my father’s cheeks, which only meant one thing.

“Baby, I didn’t take care of myself like I should of. I didn’t scheduled regular check- ups and when I started experiencing coughing and wheezing, I just assumed I was having a cold, so I never went to the doctor….”

“Are you trying to say the cancer has spread?” I quietly said.

My mom nodded her head while the tears stared to fall down her pale face.

“There’s nothing your doctor can do. You can’t do radiation or chemo?”

“If I did, my body would reject it. I’m so sorry baby. I’m sorry.”

Trevor let go of my hand as I put my arms around my mother. The tears started to flow between the both of us as we cried together over the news.

“Mom, you have nothing to be sorry for. I just wish you would have told me sooner.”

“I just couldn’t tell you. I didn’t have the heart to.”

“How long you have?”

“Dr. Rivers said it could be days or months, just depending on how my body response day to day. I’m just doing what I can to stay here a little longer. But if it is my time to go today or tomorrow, I wouldn’t be sad; and I wouldn’t want you to be either.”

“Don’t talk like that Mom.”

“Baby, please don’t be sad. I accepted this. I know this will take some time, but I hope you will too.”

I looked at Trevor as he was holding back tears of his own. He put arm around me as I continued to shed tears over what I just learned.

In a matter of minutes, the happiest day of my life has turned into my worse. I never imagine my life without my mother, and now, I might have to.




“Clara, did you confirm with Camille regarding the venue for the Halloween party?” I asked while sitting in my office.

“Yes, she mentioned The Drake Hotel for the venue.”

“Excellent. Now, we need to see the guest list as well as the caterer.”

“Already talked to Camille; everything is taken care of, Tamara.”

“Wow, thanks Clara. I guess I need to work on my other projects then.”

“I can think of one you could work on. Gerald.”

Just the mention of Gerald’s name made my body quiver. Ever since our night of passion, I can’t stop thinking about him. We went out a couple of times after that, but we both realized we wanted to take things slow and see where things were heading before going into a full-fledged relationship.  I suppose to meet up with him today to go over a few prospects I’ve lined up for him, including a radio spot with KBKI 97.8 The Beat. I really want Gerald to succeed with his career and I will do what I can to make that happen.

“Yes, in fact, I have a couple of things lined up for him this afternoon.”

“I’m not talking about his career Tamara; I’m talking about a relationship. I know the two of you been seeing each other.”

“Aren’t you a little nosy Clara?”

“Oh please, it’s written all over your face that there’s something more going on between you two, especially after the funeral.”

I smiled at the thought of Gerald and me making love. It was better than I imagined. That man can do something to my body that no one, even Colton, has done.

My mind suddenly left daydream mode when the door to the office open. I was hoping it was Gerald, but to my surprise, it was none other than Colton Brown walking into the suite with a smug look on his face.

My smile quickly turned into a frown at the sight of Colton through my glass partition. Although I could not stand the sight of him, I had to admit, he did look pretty good right now. His chocolate skin looked smooth and was actually glowing when he approached me. His close chopped fade had tiny waves and he had a short goatee, which made him look older, but sexy. He was dressed in a blue button down dress shirt and dark denim jeans with a pair of black loafers .He gave me a flashy smile, which showed all his pearly white teeth.


I sighed as Colton walked right past Clara and to my office. I was going to slam my door, but I didn’t want Clara to feel the wrath of this man, so I walked out of my office with a scowl on my face.

“What you doing here Colton?”

“I can’t visit my oldest and dearest friend Tam Tam? Well, I really can’t say friend, because we were much more than that.”

“I’m really busy Colton, so I don’t have time for your visit or anything else.”

“Why you been avoiding my calls Tamara? I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks. I just wanted to offer my condolences regarding Rachel.”

“Thank you. You told me, so now you can go.”

“I don’t think so. There’s more to talk about between us.”

Clara looked at me and mouthed the word “security.”

I shook my head, knowing that I could easily get rid of Colton before Gerald arrived.

“How is everything? Seems like you doing good for yourself. You’re running a high profile company; you have the best clients at your beck and call. I remember not too long ago how much you were in need of money and needed my help for it.”

“Don’t go there Colton. As much as I appreciate your help on some things, you know damn well I was the one who got to where I am now.”

“Oh, really. Now that you’re Ms. High and Mighty, you think you were the one who got you this business? Don’t bite the hand that fed you, Tamara.”

“It’s time for you to go Colton.”

“Or what?”

As soon as he said that, Gerald walked into the office. He looked at me and Colton wondering what was going on.

“Is everything okay?”

I looked at Colton who glanced over at Gerald.

“Everything’s cool.”  He said as he walked past Gerald, who intently bumped him before heading to the door. Gerald gave him an awkward stare as Colton turned to look at me.

“Remember Tam Tam, I know your secrets.  Mess with me, and they will surely come to light.” He said before going to the door.

I started to feel uneasy as Colton said those words to me. I know he can expose my past life if he wanted to.

Gerald turns to look at me.

“Who was that?”

I gave Gerald a tiny smile as I tried to act convincing to him and to myself.

“A former client; he’s upset I dropped him.”

Gerald nodded his head as if he understood. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I’ve dodged a bullet. But as I looked at Clara, she gave a look that read what is going on?

I wish I could tell someone about my past life, but if I do, my career and my life would be completely over.




Before heading to my meeting with Tamara, I had to stop by my mom’s house to ask her a minor favor. I wanted to cook a special meal for Tamara to show her my appreciation for helping me with my career, along with just being a great and beautiful woman. Since my mom is a master in the kitchen, I wanted to get a couple of her wonderful recipes as well as some advice on my growing relationship with Tamara.

After the night Tamara and I shared, I didn’t know what to expect with our friendship and whether things would be awkward between us. I suggested that we go on a date to really get to know each other, which Tamara thought was funny considering we’ve been friends for years. But as we went out our first date, we did find out things about each other that we never knew, which was good because it showed that we were able to open up to each other more as a couple and not as friends. Just the thought of Tamara and I being in a relationship made me smile because I would have never guessed that we would even be more than friends.

Before reaching my mom’s house, she mentioned she had to run an errand, so I could let myself in to get the recipe box from the kitchen. As I took out the key to my childhood home, I turned the lock and walked inside. I quickly went to the keypad for the alarm and typed in the code before my mom received a call from the alarm company indicating there was an intruder. I went into the kitchen and started to search for the recipe box. My mom always moves things to different places, so I never know where everything is at. After a few minutes, I started to give up, before I noticed a large gold box near the microwave. I went to it and opened it to reveal a couple of documents. I started to study the contents more carefully as I noticed some personal documents from my mom and dad.

After my dad passed away two years ago from cancer, my mom kept some of his personal papers throughout the house; so this was not a surprise that she kept a box in the kitchen. As I continue to snoop, there was one document that caught my eye. I put down the other papers I had in my hand and look at the document before me. It was a birth certificate from St. Luke Hospital that had my name on it, but the name under the line for “mother” was not my mother’s name. My father’s name was correct, but my mother’s name had Claire Waters. My mother’s name was Ebony Smalls, so why is another woman on my birth certificate? I quickly put the certificate into my pocket, trying to figure out if this certificate is real. If it is real, then what did my mom give me to keep in my possession?

I shook my head at the thought that was triggering into my mind. There’s no way my mom would lie about anything concerning my birth. My mom is Ebony Smalls. She’s been my mom for thirty-one years. She raised me to the man I am today. So this is a definitely a fake.

As I thought about the name Claire Waters, I had to wonder why that name sounded familiar. I believe Camille’s mom name is Claire, but I’m not sure what her maiden name was considering I’ve known her only as Thomas.

I know my dad was always a drifter, but I don’t think he would have cheated on my mom. And I don’t think it would have been with Camille’s mom? If Mrs. Thomas did have another child, why wouldn’t Camille have known?

Why would that even cross my mind? This is crazy! I thought as I forgot all about the recipes and left my mom’s house. Although I tried to push the thought out of my head, I couldn’t help but to think maybe my theory could be true. What if my mom is not my mom, but actually Claire Thomas? What if Camille is my sister?

To prove whether my theory is just a theory; I have to get some facts about Claire Waters. And I think I know who to talk to get the evidence I need.


Once I got to Tamara’s office, a confrontation was going on between Tamara and some dude. I actually seen him before when we were going to Shaw and even after that, but don’t really know his name. As he walk pass me, he purposely bumped into me. I gave him an angry stare while he looked at me and laughed.


Tamara looked as if she wanted to cry.

“Who was that?”

“A former client; he’s upset I dropped him.”

Even though I nodded my head to drop the conversation, I knew it was more than that. I’ll try to find out the real story later; now, I have other matters to tend to. 

“So, ready for your meeting?” Tamara asked as she started to walk into her office.

“Yes, but I have to do one thing first.” I said as I grabbed her by the waist and planted a longing kiss on her soft lips. As we pulled away, Tamara had to catch her breath as she looked over at Clara. I turned to see Clara fanning herself with a piece of paper.

“I think we better go into my office.” Tamara said as she took my hand and we headed through the door.

As soon as she closed the dark brown door, she went over to me and kissed me. I began to kiss her neck while she took off my sweater. As she was about to unbutton my shirt, I put my hand on hers and smiled.

“You do know these walls are see-through?”

“I know; but no one is here.”

“Clara is.”

“She has an office.” Tamara said as she began to lightly bite my ear.

“Why don’t we save this for later? I want to invite you over my place to cook you dinner.”

“Oh, wow. So I guess this will be our dessert?”

“Definitely,” I said as I kiss her lips.

“Okay, I guess I could wait. But can we at least preview tonight’s activities?”

“No; in fact, I came here for a meeting, so let’s get started.” I said as I take a seat in a mahogany armchair.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, now, let’s get started.”

“Fine; I guess business now and pleasure later?”

“Yes. But first, I need to ask a question.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Did Camille ever mention her mother’s maiden name before?”

“I think so. In fact, she did mention it one time before. I believe her name is Waters. Why you want to know?”

As soon as Tamara said the name Waters, my heart literally stopped. My face turned pale as I looked at Tamara, wondering if I should inform her of what I just discovered.

“This can’t be happening.”

“What? What’s wrong Gerald?”

“I think Camille’s mother is my mom.” I quickly uttered.

As Tamara looks at me in disbelief, I put my head in my hands and started to cry.


Our Love Teaser!!!

Hi everyone! Here is the first teaser from Our Love, available in October!!! I will be posting two more before the release, so stay tuned!!


1. Charlie



“I can’t believe this is happening!” I said to the principal of Parker High School.


 Mr. McCue looked at me with a stony expression on his face. He walked over to his desk and sat down in the chair behind it. I looked at him, and then to my parents who were sitting beside me.


 Right now, all I wanted was to disappear from Mr. McCue’s office and from the face of the earth. I can’t believe I’m in the principal’s office, of all places, explaining myself to the most difficult man in the history of Parker High. To be honest, I don’t even know why I’m in the principal’s office. Theresa started it! Okay, I guess you’re wondering what’s happening with me and why I’m in the principal’s office. Well, let me back track to earlier this morning. In fact, let me go all the way back to seventeen years ago when I was born Charlie Perry.


I was born from two loving people that would give me the world if they could. But from the look on their faces now, it seemed like they wanted to kick my butt for dragging them from work to hear my latest public disturbance at school.


 Growing up, I always wanted to be the center of attention; from being in every elementary school program, to being in the marching band. I was always involved in something. So when I went to high school, the drive to be center of attention landed me as one of the most popular girls at school. Not only did I become head cheerleader, but I was also the editor of the school’s newspaper, The Eagle Gazette, and an active member of the Honor League. I was also well liked by my peers, or so I thought until today. Hopefully this wouldn’t affect my chances of becoming senior prom queen.


 Now since I gave you a mini autobiography of myself, let’s go back to what happened this morning. I don’t know how it started; all I know is that girl Theresa is straight out crazy…


“Hey, everyone,” I said to my cheerleading girls. Since homecoming is coming up in a few weeks, we have to practice like crazy to get our routine done for the big day. So I decided to hold a morning practice to get prepared. As I look at my squad, I know something is going to go wrong today. Before I came to school this morning, I overslept thirty minutes, dropped all my cereal on the floor, and couldn’t find my favorite sweater to save my life. Now I was in the gym catching my breath because I sped all the way from my house to get here on time. I couldn’t be late since I am captain. How would that look?


“Hey, girl. You look like hell,” said Eva Coleman, who was my best friend in the whole world. She’s my girl and would do anything for me, just like I would do anything for her.


We, along with Ashley Douglas, became instant friends when we first met in our preschool class thirteen years ago. I still remember the time when Eva dared me to eat a mud pie she created one day during recess in second grade. Of course I didn’t back out of the challenge, but instantly regretted it when I threw up on my crush, Spencer Donavan. She still never let me forgot that.


“Thanks,” I said. “Sorry I had to do this to everyone, but we have to practice like crazy since the homecoming game is coming up. I’ve scheduled practice in the mornings and afternoons until the game arrives.”


“Well Char, if we want something done right, we have to practice. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to go out there and make an ass of myself,” Ashley said as she was stretching her legs.


“I second that motion; so let’s get started,” I said as I went over to my tote bag.


Jessica Willis, another cheerleader, stopped stretching and looked over at me with a grim look on her face.


“We can’t practice. We’re missing a cheerleader.”


I glanced around and noticed she was right. The diva of all divas, Theresa Sherman, has not made her grand entrance yet. That girl is such a nuisance; even the principal can’t stand her. Theresa and I always butt heads on anything and everything. It’s a wonder we have not had a fist fight yet. Even if we did, I could win that with my eyes closed.


 As I looked around at the patient girls in front of me, I was thinking we could start practice.  We had four new cheers to learn, but then realized that I couldn’t start now and later teach her the cheers.  I just didn’t have the time.


“I guess we have to wait until she arrives,” I said.


Just as soon as I mouthed those words, the diva walked in with a huge grin on her face. She thinks she is all that, but the girl is a mess. And today was no different. She was dressed in an outfit not suitable for practice and had heavily caked makeup on her honey colored face. I swear she looked like she was coming from a slutty night out instead of school.


“Nice for you to show up, Theresa. You knew we had a morning practice today.”


“Sorry, okay. I had to take care of something. It not like I’m late anyway. I saw you in the parking lot not too long ago.”


“That’s not the point; if you saw me we could have walked in together. Anyway, let’s get to work. Now I have the new cheers for the game, so we have to get moving. We don’t want to look like fools on the field during homecoming.”


“Too late for that,” Theresa said under her breath.


“What you say?” I asked as I went up to my archenemy.


“Nothing, let’s practice,” she said.


I looked at her and went over to the other girls before me.


After thirty minutes of practicing, it seemed like we were on the right track. We learned two of the four cheers and several of the routines. While we were all doing the new routine to our “Fire Up” cheer, Theresa sat down on the gym floor and looked at us like we were on drugs or something.


I went over to her and looked right in her face.


“Why are you not practicing like the rest of us? We are not taking a break, so you need to get up.”


“Sorry sweetie, but I decided to take a break. I’m tired and this cheer is weak.”


“Excuse me,” Eva said. She was about to go over to Theresa, but Jessica held her back.


“I know she is not saying something about my cheer. I spent over two hours choreographing it.”


“Two hours. Seemed like two seconds.”


“What is your problem? Why do you have to be so mean to everyone?” I asked.


“I’m not being mean, I’m speaking the truth. Someone has to. Half the cheers we’ve done this year are crap, and I’m not going to do them,” she said as she got up and went to the bench.


“You know what? I’m sick and tired of you and your attitude. You have no respect for anyone. Whatever your problem is, it going to stop right now.”


Theresa looked at me and started laughing.


“Oh please, and what are you going to do about it?” she asked.


Ughh, why did she have to go and say that! As I looked at my friends, they knew that Theresa had finally pushed me over the edge. I went over to the bench and got in her face.


“You want to know what I’m going to do. Get up and I’ll show you.”


“Whatever, heifer.”


“Oh I know she didn’t,” I said as I balled my hands into two fists.


I looked at her and gave her a swift punch across her jaw. The impact was so quick; I didn’t even know I hit her. Theresa looked at me with a shocked look on her face, while my friends looked at me with an ‘I’m- glad- she- did-that’ look.


Theresa got up and shoved me, causing me to lose my balance. I quickly regained my posture and shoved her toward the blenchers. We looked at each other and we knew it was on. Minutes later, we were on the gym floor grabbing each other’s hair and hitting each other so hard I felt like I was fighting in a wrestling match.


Eva looked at us with a panicky expression.


“You two need to stop! Mrs. Williams might walk in!” she yelled.


But we kept fighting. I suddenly noticed Theresa stopped hitting me. I thought she gave up because I was kicking her butt. As soon as I threw her against the wall, I noticed the cheerleading sponsor, Mrs. Williams, run into the gym.


“Stop it you two! What’s going on?” she asked while pulling Theresa away from me. Eva grabbed a hold of me and held my arms behind my back.


“She started it! She practically just manhandled me like some animal!” Theresa yelled.


I looked at Theresa as if she had lost her mind.


“Is that true, Charlie?” Mrs. Williams asked.


“No. She started it with her attitude! She called me a heifer.”


“I did not. You heard wrong,” Theresa said.


Then to make matters worse, she clutched her arm and started wailing in pain.


“Oh God! I think my arm is broken.”


“I do not believe this,” Eva said silently.


“She broke my arm!” Theresa yelled.


“Okay, calm down Theresa. I’ll send you to the nurse. As for you Charlie, I suggest you get your act together. You’re supposed to set an example for the rest of the cheerleaders, and going around hitting people is not one of them.”


“But Mrs. Williams, it was not my fault.” Why all of a sudden was Theresa claiming her arm is injured?


“I want to press charges,” Theresa said in tears.


I know she didn’t say what I thought she said. She couldn’t press charges! What have I done for her to press charges?


“Oh come on, Theresa. You cannot do that!” Eva yelled.


“She broke my arm. That’s assault.”


“Okay everybody, calm down. Now think about this, Theresa. You sure you want to press charges?” Mrs. Williams asked.


“I do not have to think about it. Charlie Perry should be placed in juvie for her reckless behavior. She always has been a menace ever since she’s been at Parker. Someone needs to put an end to it.”


I looked at Theresa and rolled my eyes. She’s such a drama queen.


“If that’s what you want, but I think you need to think about it.”


“I don’t have to. Besides, if I don’t, my parents definitely will.”


I sighed and turned my head to Eva.



“You can let me go now. I’m not going to do anything.”


“You’re sure?”




Eva looked at me and then took her hands away.


I looked at Theresa with a mean look on my face and started to walk out of the gym.


At that point, I did not care if Theresa filed charges on me. She deserved to get her butt kicked, and I would do it again if I had the opportunity…


So that was the entire incident. That is why I’m in Mr. McCue’s office, and why my parents are sitting beside me, ready to kill me.


The girls all tried to give convincing statements to Mr. McCue on what happened, but of course, Mr. McCue did not buy it. He wants to, but he has to believe everything Theresa says. There have been rumors around school that her parents give the school thousands of dollars to keep the campus afloat. So why would he get rid of the school’s trust fund?


And after the school police came into the office and talked to Mr. McCue, I found out that Theresa was still going to file charges on me.




“This is ridiculous! Why would you believe anything she says? There were six witnesses in the gym that saw Theresa start it; so why am I on trial?”


“Because Miss Sherman has a broken arm while you barely have scratches.”


“It’s not my problem she can’t fight,” I said under my breath.


My mom heard what I mumbled, so she nudged my arm with hers.


“Charlie, all year you’ve been causing trouble; from back talking to your teachers, to this incident with Theresa.  This is all making me wonder about you.”


“What is that supposed to mean, Mr. McCue?” my dad asked while getting into Mr. McCue’s face. From the looks of it, there was going to be another fight.


“Calm down, Mr. Perry. Now I see where Charlie gets her rage from.”


“Okay Mr. McCue, you’re getting out of hand now. Tell me why you have concerns over Charlie?” my dad asked angrily.


“The reason I said that is because Charlie is a great girl. She’s an excellent student. Since she’s achieving such great progress academically, she’s able to maintain her extra-curricular activities. But her recent incidents with Theresa only make me think that maybe this time other discipline should be taken.”


“So you’d rather let a girl, who is excellent in school, have a criminal record? As I recall, charges cannot be filed on a teenager for a physical altercation,” said my mom.


I started to smile at how my parents were acting towards the principal from hell. Someone had to tell Mr. McCue off, so I was glad it was my parents.


“Will you calm down Mrs. Perry?  As far as the charges go, I have nothing to do with that. Theresa and her parents have made it clear that they want to file charges. Besides, Miss Sherman was physically attacked; therefore, the charges stick.”


“Is there any way we can talk to Theresa and her parents about this? Charlie is only seventeen,” my dad said.


“You can try, but they refused to be in the same room with you or Charlie. Their minds are made up. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to call the police so they can come,” Mr. McCue said. As he picked up his desk phone, my father went to Mr. McCue’s desk and disconnected the phone line.


What are you doing, Mr. Perry?”


“Before you make that call, please hear me out.”


Mr. McCue sat down in his leather desk chair and gave my dad an annoyed look.


“I’m listening.”


“I think what I’m about to say would help everyone involved. I believe instead of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman pressing charges on Charlie, maybe Charlie should transfer schools. That way Charlie won’t have a criminal record, and she and Theresa would not be around each other.”


I completely froze when my dad said that I should change schools. I can’t believe he would suggest I transfer during the middle of my senior year!  What about my friends? And homecoming? And prom?


“I’m not transferring, Dad. I rather have charges filed against me than go to another school.”


“I understand you don’t want to transfer, but I think it would be a good idea,” my dad said.


“Mom, please tell me you don’t agree to this? This is my senior year. I can’t leave Parker during my senior year!”


My mom looked at me with a sad expression on her face. From the look she was giving me, I already knew her answer.


“No Mom. Do not agree to this.”


“I’m sorry, baby, but I think this is a good idea too.”


Mr. McCue looked at me, and then my parents.


“What you say Mr. McCue?” asked my dad.


“I think that could be arranged. If Charlie did have charges pressed against her, she could have been expelled from Parker. So this could work out for everyone.”


“Figured you would say that. You’d rather me go, instead of the Bank of Sherman. If you disciplined Theresa, all the funds for the school would be cut off.”


“Charlie!” my mom said in a surprised tone.


“Well, is it true?”


“That’s not true Charlie and you know it,” Mr. McCue said.


I looked at Mr. McCue and then my parents with a disgusted look.


As the three were discussing transfer procedures for me to go to the nearest school in the area, I slumped in my seat even lower.


Life as I knew it, is over.

Love Unbroken (Love, Life,& Happiness series)

Hi everyone! I have been extremely busy putting the finishing touches to Our Love, but also writing my next story, Love Unbroken. I just finished the last chapter last night, and I have to say, I’m very proud of this story. I can’t wait for you all to read it!

I do have the blurb available for Love Unbroken, which is book one of a four-part New Adult series titled Love, Life, & Happiness. Each story will be centered on a couple (which everyone will be introduced in Love Unbroken), and will each go through their own journey to their happily ever after.

The first book (available in December) tells the story of Riana and Shawn and their journey to love. The second book, Trust Me (Cheryl and Marcus’ story), will be released in February 2014!


I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone when I arrived at Shaw University. After my last stint at love, the only thing I wanted to focus on is getting through my first semester of college without any drama. That was my intentions, until I met Shawn Walker. At first I didn’t like him. He was arrogant and cocky; someone that I could easily despised, if he wasn’t so damn sexy. But one night changed my thoughts about him. I was able to let down my guard and be myself. Now, I have a second chance at love. Will I let myself love again, or will I continue to live in the past?


After my last girlfriend cheated on me, love was not on my agenda. I tried to escape it at all costs, until I met Riana Robertson. After thinking she was like every other girl, I easily avoided being around her, but that night, when I saw what happened to her, I had to help her. I had to protect her. That night changed the way I felt about her and I realized I could fall hard for her. But will our relationship survive once she finds out the truth about me. Or will I lose her forever…

This story is intended for readers 17+ (adult content/language, sexual content/language).

10 Things You Didn’t Know About In Love With My Best Friend

Day 4 of the In Love With My Best Friend book tour! I did a guest post on Blog-A-Licious Authors in which I gave 10 reasons readers didn’t know about the book.

I enjoyed writing In Love With My Best Friend, which tells a tale of two friends finding love unexpectedly. But there are some things you may not know about the book or what led me to writing this book.

Here are ten things you may not know about the book:

10. In Love With My Best Friend is a fictional story: I have received various comments on whether the book is in fact fiction. Although I do write stories that display various personalities from people I know (friends, family, etc.), the book does not depict anyone from my life.

9. The versions on Amazon and Barnes & Noble are different: When the book was first published, I was only going to publish the book on Barnes & Noble only, but I decided to expand the publication by putting it on Amazon. At first, the versions were the same, but after I completed the conversion process on Amazon, the story had minor differences (since as a certain location), but the story is still the same.

8. Some of the places in the story are real: Since I grew up in Houston, there are a lot of places I know and grew to love. The setting and places in the Barnes and Noble’s version of In Love With My Best Friend are in fact real (Maggino’s, The Corinthian, Aquarium, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill), while in the Amazon’s version, the some of the places are fictional (Angelica’s).

7. A soap opera was my inspiration for In Love With My Best Friend: Before I wrote the story, I had to think up the basis of the story and which direction I wanted it go. One day, I was watching General Hospital (which is my favorite soap by the way), and I started to think about the idea of best friends being in love with each other. Although there wasn’t a plot on the soap that had this scenario, I instantly wanted to write about the subject, but have a soapy edge to it. Hopefully the story didn’t provide too much of a soap opera storyline, but I just wanted to have the right amount for an enjoyable read.

6. The Ending: I know several readers have commented about the ending, and even I had to admit the ending was a bit short. I was going to include an epilogue at the end explaining Trevor and Camille’s HEA, but since another story will be coming soon, I figure readers will have a chance to read how Trevor and Camille’s relationship progressed since they finally proclaimed their love for each other.

5. Chelsea Was Not Going To Be Camille’s Roommate: At first, I was intending to have Chelsea be a coworker of Trevor’s and the two would have fell in love at work; but I figured why not throw in the fact that Camille knew Chelsea and they were college roommates.

4. The Wedding Scene Was Different: The wedding scene was quite hilarious in the book, but I had a different scenario in mind. When writing, I was not going to have anyone know about Trevor and Camille until the wedding, when Camille confessed her love for him. In other words, Camille would have been present and in a bridesmaid dress when she broke the news. Since I decided to write the story as a novella, I changed several scenes and have everyone figure it out before the wedding.

3. There Was a Sex Scene: Trevor and Camille had a bit of sexual tension in the story, but they didn’t go further than kissing and touching. I did write a sex scene between the two, but decided to scrap it, because I felt it would have been out of character for the two (especially Camille).

2. A Series Was Never Intended: Usually with series, I like them, but on the other hand I don’t. I usually like to keep things simple and give the characters a happy ending. Since the book’s release, I have received comments from readers asking whether there will be another story explaining Tia and her relationship with Charles and Eric. I started to think about that as well, especially since there is so much potential between Tia and Charles and the comment Camille made regarding the tension between the two since high school. So yes, there will be another story coming that will feature Tia and whether her relationship with Eric has progressed and the issue she has with Charles (and trust me, it’s a doozy!).

1. In Love With My Best Friend Was Not The Original Story To Be Released: In Love With My Best Friend was not the first story I wanted to publish. In fact, I had an entire different story to tell; but I felt the story was too drama -filled to publish (Yep, I felt it was too much drama)! Instead, I wanted to produce a romantic story, because I’m a sucker for romance The story that was set to publish was Baker Six, which tells a tale of close-knit friends reuniting when one of their own dies in a tragic car accident; but was it an accident? With many secrets surrounding the friends, they soon realize they may not have known each other as well as they thought. The book was going to be a 3-part series, which detailed each friend, their secret, the reveal and the aftermath. With this story, two of the characters may be quite familiar. I decided instead of publishing this story, I would use two characters, Trevor and Camille, to create In Love With My Best Friend. Baker Six provided their back story (which may be a little altered) as well as a few twists that prevented their relationship to progress. Twenty chapters of the Baker 6 are available on my blog at as well as my blog on Goodreads. More chapters will be uploaded soon.

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