Coming In April- 30 Days, 30 Authors Event!! 

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful evening. I’m so excited to announce a new event that I’m planning on my blog. This is a project that I wanted to organize for some time now, but due to my schedule, I never could find the time to do it. Now, my project is coming to life as the 30 Days, 30 Authors event will be heading your way all next month! 

This will be a great event that will spotlight a new author each day throughout the month of April. The spotlight will include author’s bios, books published, excerpts,  links, and an interview. This is a great way for you all to become reacquainted with some of the hottest authors out right now as well as meet some new ones. This is also a great way to add a few new reads to your collection. 
In conjunction with the event, I will be doing a giveaway with books from each author as well as doing a huge celebration on Facebook that will feature majority of the authors mentioned. The celebration will also be in part of my author’s anniversary, which will be in May. I will announce the official date soon.

For now, here is the flyer that features all 30 authors. The dates of each author that will be spotlighted will also be below: 
Authors spotlighted and dates: 

1. BriAnn Danae

2. Jessica Wren

3. Sharnel Williams

4. LaToya Murchison

5. Latitta Waggoner

6. Chelsea Jackson

7. Trinity DeKane

8. Yasmine Davis

9. Tameka S. Brumsey

10. Tierra Hopkins 

11. Sheena Binkley

12. Genesis Woods 

 13. Brynette Briskey Turner 

 14. Toye Lawson- Brown

 15.Colby Taylor

 16. Victoria D. Johnson

 17. Xyla Turner

 18. Alexandra Warren

 19. Olivia Williams Ball

 20. JL Campbell

 21. Kiara Neufville

 22. Lolah Lace

 23.W. Parks Bingham

 24. Liz Doss

 25. Sam’Quinta Nyeshia

 26. Te’ Russ

 27.Laurencia Smith

 28.Hope Destiny

 29. Elle Welch

 30. Sherene Holly Cain

I will be planning another event similar to this one in June. I’ll keep you all posted on the details for that one as well. But in the meantime, I hope you all are ready, because the month of April will be a hot one!! 


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