Coming Valentine’s Day!!!


Hi everyone!! This Valentine’s Day, do something different by 1-clicking the new anthology, Married to the Hustle,  A Thug Luv Anthology. This will feature myself along with other best-selling authors that will give previews of our new standalones that will be released in either March or April.

For my story, titled I’m The Only One You Need, it will be Mika’s story. You probably remember Mika as Carla’s cousin from the No Other Love series. With her story, she will have a lot of issues to resolve when her ex, Devin, returns from his stint in prison and wants to be with her. There is one problem, though: Mika has moved on with her new man, Anthony. There will be a lot of unresolved feelings with Mika as she struggles to decide who should she be with: Her one true love, or the man that has been there for her.

While the first half of the story will be in the anthology, the full standalone should be available soon. I’ll make that announcement once I recieve news from my publisher.

Here is the line-up with everyone that will be included in the anthology:

Tierra Hopkins- Am I Not Good Enough
BriAnn Danae – She Used to be the Sweetest Girl
Kellz Kimberly – Gunz & Laci: Black Rose Mafia
Yoshi – Saucin’ On You… An Unforgettable Love Story
Bridgette I’esha – Hustled by Love: Cezelia & Prosper, An Urban Love Story
Ionna – Saint & Cyn, Every Saint Has A Past, Every Cyn Has A Future
Kiara Neufville – Beautifully Damaged, Love Still Lives
Niqua Nakelle- Rhythm & Hood: A Dopeyboy’s Heartbeat
Bri Shante – Love TKO: Down For The Count
Nako – All My Life: A Love I Never Knew
Sheena Binkley – I’m The Only One You Need
A.Ward – Bad For You: A Gangsta’s Mantra
Elle Welch- My Highschool Sweetheart
Na-Asia Davis – A Brooklyn Bish Mentality


Make sure you 1-click this hot book coming on Valentine’s Day! You won’t be disappointed!






3 thoughts on “Coming Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. I would like to know if Na’asia Davis will be finishing up her book A Brooklyn Bish Mentality? I have been looking for it. Am very disappointed that this book is not published.

    1. Hi Angela. I have no idea if it’s finished or if it has been released. If you follow her on any social media site, then I’m sure she has announced if it’s available.

      1. Thank you for your response. She hasn’t finished or released it. At from what I’ve seen. Thank you again!

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