10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Something Just Ain’t Right Series


Hi everyone! The “10 Things You Didn’t Know” feature continues with the Something Just Ain’t Right series. Since this is my recent series, many of you are probably still familiarizing yourselves with the characters and the plot lines; but since part 3 will be released soon, I decided to give them now since majority of the things are from the first two stories.

With this series, it was a little different from my other ones, mainly since this was the first series through a publisher and because it’s considered an urban series. Honestly, this series is not really urban (in my opinon); it’s mainly an Interracial romance story with a bit of suspense. I pushed the envelope with this series, which I really enjoyed doing. 🙂

Now, going from #10 to #1, here are the things you didn’t know regarding the series:

10. The story was originally going to be strictly romance: Before I signed with my publisher, this was going to be an indie release and it was going to be similar to Our Love, where the main characters dated other people. Since Morgan was considered a man-whore, I was going to have him go through a whole bunch of women and potentially cheated on Hayley too. I’m glad I didn’t go with that concept.

9. Paula was going to be one of Morgan’s “conquests”: Yes, I was going to have Morgan sleep with Paula. Glad I didn’t go through with that either!

8.Thompson University is fictional: Majority of my stories have fictional towns, but I always incorporate Houston in the story (I always will for every story I write). Although I said Thompson is an hour away from Houston, I never indicate exactly where the college is located.

7. Kyle was never going to be included in the story: Kyle was a last-minute decision for me because I never intended for Morgan to have a brother. But in part 3, there will be another change that you all will be shocked over.

6. Hayley and Kyle were going to sleep together: Yep, Hales was going to cheat on Morgan- with his brother. And there were going to be consequences from their actions; but you all don’t have to worry because that won’t happen. Hayley loves Morgan too much.

5. Morgan was going to be the one shot: SPOILER:For those of you who have not read part 2 yet, please skip to #4!!! It wasn’t going to be Hayley that was shot at the end of part 2, it was actually going to be Morgan!

4. Lamar was not going to watch his sister have sex: The video scene was never going to be included in the story, but to add a little shock value, I added it.

3.Hayley was going to have a miscarriage: With this story line, I didn’t want to do it, mainly because I couldn’t write the scene. I felt it would had been unfair to Hayley and Morgan, especially since the two have been through so much. There’s no point in adding more turmoil into their lives.

2. The story was inspired by basketball: To a certain extent. I was watching my favorite team, the Houston Rockets, when the idea came to mind two years ago. If anyone noticed with the dream cast post, I chose Chandler Parsons as my inspiration for Morgan. Now, you know why (he was playing with the Rockets during the time).

1. The title for the series changed: The series was originally titled, Resisting Temptation, but when I submitted the story to my publisher, they thought the title was not catchy enough; so they thought up “Something Just Ain’t Right.” And that was how the series was created.

With the title, I always think about the Keith Sweat song from the 80s. In case you’re not familiar with the song, here it is:

There are the 10 things you didn’t know about SJAR series. The third and final story will be released soon. Once I receive a release date, I will announce it here! 🙂


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