Happy Anniversary Love Unbroken!!!

SB-LUnbroken-Full-Print (1)

Hi everyone! Can you believe that one year ago today Love Unbroken was released, starting the published version of the Love, Life & Happiness series. This was the third book I’d released in a year and I was so nervous because it showed an entirely different style with my writing. Now, through all the mixed reviews and opinions, the book spanned into a popular series, releasing four other books and a spin-off (which will be happening next year).

Riana and Shawn hold a huge place in my heart; that’s why I did a second story with the couple, Love Always. This couple is one of my most popular couples and I couldn’t agree more with the chemistry the two shared in all of the books.

Now that the series has come to a close, that doesn’t mean this couple will be long gone. They will appear in Kevin’s and Elise’s stories coming next year, so you will be getting an update on them as well as little Elis.

As for Love Unbroken, thank you all so much for supporting this book. Thank you for the kind words about the story and the couple.

There were several favorite moments for me with this story; one in particular was the poem Shawn wrote to Riana in the epilogue, titled Love:

When I hold my arms open

You’re the one I’ve chosen

When I close my eyes to sleep

The thought of you makes me complete

When I’m feeling down

I carry your picture around

The sweetest touch

Makes me miss you so much

When I have a lot on my mind

I think how you help me shine

When I’m stressed

You help me be my best

I can’t imagine being without you

My special friend

You’re the one I want to hold

And to keep away from the cold

What I’m speaking of

Is love.


If you have a favorite moment from the book, feel free to share it on the comment section below. 🙂



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