LLH: Book 3 Chapter 16

As soon as Marcus and Cheryl entered his apartment, they immediately headed to the couch, kissing each other. There was so much going through Cheryl’s mind right now. With Devin, she was able to control herself, but with Marcus, she didn’t want to. She didn’t know what type of effect he was having on her, but she didn’t want it to end.

The two lay down, still kissing each other, when Marcus suddenly stopped. He looked at her, realizing what he was doing.

“What’s wrong?” Cheryl asked.

“We can’t do this.” He replied. He sat up and stared at the wall.


“Cheryl, if we did go there, I would be hurting someone else again. I already lost my brother; I can’t lose my friend too.”

Cheryl sat up and looked at him.

“I understand. In fact, this was a mistake. We let things go too far.”

“Yeah, we did.”

Cheryl smiled. “I still want us to hang out though, or will that be a bad idea?”

Marcus touched her shoulder, which led Cheryl to shiver.

“Not at all. You’re great to hang out with, so that wouldn’t change.”

“I’m glad, because these past few days have been really relaxing.”

“I’m glad it has.”

Cheryl stared at him, wanting to kiss him again; but he’s right, they crossed the line.

“Maybe I should go.” She said. She started to get up, but Marcus gently grabbed her hand.

“You can stay if you want. We can watch a movie.”

Cheryl nodded and sat back down. She turned to look at him again, wondering if she was making the right decision.

Chris was at his job working the late shift again, which was starting to become annoying. Although he needed the money, he wanted to at least have one night free.

He glanced at the clock and sighed. He just arrived and he already wanted to go. His mind shifted from his job to what happened between him and Monica earlier. He could still feel her soft lips as he glanced at the door. She walked in, which completely surprised him.

“Hey. What are you doing here?”

She smiled. “You mentioned you were working tonight, so I wanted to stop by and keep you company.”

Chris smiled. “Really?”

“Yeah. So this is all you do? Just look at the building and see if anything strange occurs?”

“That’s what security usually does.”

“But you should be able to study, right?”

“I should, but half of the time, I don’t. “

“You probably should take advantage of the time you have.”

“I should, huh.”

Monica smiled. “Well, this would be a fantastic job for me. I could catch up on studying and my TV shows.”

Chris laughed. “Of course. So, why are you here when you could be spending time with Donnell?”

Monica stared at him. “Because I figured why should I? Donnell and I are done.”

“Shouldn’t you tell him that then?”

“I will, eventually.”

Chris shook his head. “You’re ruthless.”

“How am I ruthless? In life, there are some things you should just let go, and being in a dead-end relationship is one of them. I’m tired of us trying to make things work when we know it’s not.”

“I can understand.”

“No you don’t. Your relationship with Cheryl is solid. Or is it?”

He sighed. “Honestly, I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, Cheryl is great, but maybe we moved too fast.”

“Why do you say that? You two started things slow.”

“Maybe so, but now I’m wondering if things should had cooled down.”

“Are you having second thoughts about being with Cheryl?”

Chris glanced at her and sighed. “Honestly, a little. At first, things were cool, but now, I just want to see what else is out there.”

“Basically, you want to date other people?”

“Is that wrong?”

Monica shook her head. “I could be the wrong person to ask that to, but honestly, no.”

“What if I say I wanted to date you?”


“Lately, you’re all I’ve been thinking about. Especially since that kiss we shared earlier.”

“Which I have to ask what was that for? You just kissed me and walked off.”

“Monica, you know I’m attracted to you; I always had been.”

“But I was with someone then; just like you are now.”

“I know, but what if I don’t want to be with Cheryl anymore. What if I want to be with you?”

Monica glanced at Chris as he pulled her to him.

“We both know we want to see where things can go, so why not just let them be.”

“Because Cheryl is my friend. Our relationship was kind of rocky at first, and now we’re able to talk to each other. I don’t want that to end because I’m attracted to you.”

“I understand, but I can’t get you out of my mind. I think about how pretty your eyes are, the way you smile.” He said. He stared at her lips and smiled.

“And those lips of yours.” He gently brushed them with his finger, which made her trembled.


He grabbed and kissed her, which caught her by surprise. They continued to kiss when he led her towards the back of the booth. Chris knew what he was doing was wrong, but at that point, he didn’t care. He wanted Monica since he first saw her; now he was about to get his chance to.

Cheryl glanced at Marcus, who was busy watching TV. She knew he wasn’t, but was only doing it so he wouldn’t talk about what happened. She sighed, knowing he was right about what happened, but all she wanted to do at that moment was kiss him again.

Her phone rang, which startled her since she thought it was on silent. She looked at it and saw it was Riana.


“Hey. Sorry I’m just now calling you back. What’s up?”

At first, Cheryl forgot why she called her, until she remembered the conversation she had earlier with Marcus.

“Are you with Shawn?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Could you meet me at the diner across from the park? I need to tell you something.”

“Why you just can’t tell me on the phone?”

“Because this is important. It’s about Dominique and Terrance.”

“Dominique and Terrance. Please do not tell me they were involved?”

“You’re sort of right.”

“We’ll be there.” She said.

Marcus looked at her with a curious glance. “What are you up to?”

“It’s time for you to talk to your brother.” She said with a smile.


One thought on “LLH: Book 3 Chapter 16

  1. Marcus & Cheryl started kissing then Marcus stop them but he know it was wrong,Chris want to see where this go with Monica.Cheryl want to get Marcus &Shawn talking again let’s wait and see.

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