Character Interview: Britney Lewis


For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, you probably already read the interview with Britney for Unconditional Love, but I had to post it on here as well.

Warning: This interview does contain spoilers, so be prepared!

Hi Britney! First, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.
Britney: It’s my pleasure. I’ve never done an interview before, so this is pretty exciting.

I have to say, you and Jayden are so cute together. How did you two meet?
Britney: Through his sister, Riana. From the first moment I saw him, I was instantly smitten. He was with me too, but of course being a guy he tried to deny it.

Typical guy!
Britney: Definitely!

I’ll get back to you and Jayden in a second; but I have to ask this: How is living with your two friends Riana and Cheryl, especially since their boyfriends are always around?
Britney: I have to say, I love my besties, but living with them can be a bit of challenge, lol. With Shawn being there everyday, I feel as if he has moved in too. I even encountered some awkward moments that hopefully won’t ever happen again.

Do you mind sharing?
Britney: Let’s just say I saw more than what I should had of him.

And you didn’t sneak a peek?
Britney: Of course not! That’s my friend’s boyfriend!

Just asking. I mean, Shawn is sexy.
Britney: No. I only have eyes for one man in my life.

Aww, you’re blushing. Going back to Jayden, I know his schedule is pretty busy with school and basketball. How do you two find the time to spend together?
Britney: We try to squeeze in some time together. At first, it was a little difficult to do, but now, we can’t go a day without seeing each other.

Ah, young love. What about Jayden’s friends. We haven’t heard anything about them until now. What should the readers expect with them?
Britney: Oh, Damien and Zack. They’re pretty nice. Jayden has known them since they played basketball at Dawson. They’re like brothers to him, so they’re very close.

I’m sure they had something to do with him finally admitting his feelings to you.
Britney: One of them had a little part in it, but it was all Jayden. He finally realized that life is too short and that you should enjoy every moment as if it’s your last.

Is he still struggling with some of his past with his father?
Britney: I think he’s realizing that what happened was not his fault and he should think about the moments he shared with him instead of feeling guilty for what happened.

That’s good to hear. What about Monica? Have you spoken to her after what happened between her and Marcus?
Britney: Only around campus.

Do you think you two will become friends again?
Britney: Honestly, I want to, only because we had such a special bond. We were like sisters, so it’s hard not to be able to talk to her or just hang out with her.

Are you doing this because of Cheryl and Riana?
Britney: A part of me is. Cheryl is my friend and what Monica did was disrespectful. Sometimes I wonder will she try to pursue Jayden; so in order for me not to wonder, I just keep my distance from her.

Wow, that’s really tough.
Britney: Yes, it is.

I heard some rumors that she’s dating one of Jayden’s friends. Do you know anything about that?
Britney: I don’t know for sure. If she is, they’re keeping it under wraps.

What about her and Donnell?
Britney: From what I know, they haven’t talked in weeks, so it could be true that she’s dating someone else.

What do you want readers to expect with reading Unconditional Love?
Britney: I really think everyone will enjoy this story. I think everyone will think about their experiences with their first love, whether it’s their first dance together or kiss. It’s just really sweet and I can wait to share our story with everyone.

I know everyone can’t wait to read it. Anything else you would like to say to the fans?
Britney: Yes. I would like to say thank you to everyone for supporting the entire series and for the ones who are anticipating our story. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much Britney. And tell Jayden I said hi.
Britney: I definitely will.

Unconditional Love will be released soon, so check back here for the link 🙂


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