Poll: Who Is Your Book Boyfriend?

Hi everyone!!! So, I recently read Impossibly True by Shane Morgan (which is an excellent book, by the way), and I loved the relationship between Moya and Branden. Branden stopped at nothing to make the relationship he had with Moya perfect, which got me thinking about the male characters in my books. Each character has a quality that makes him unique. With every book, there’s always one character that stands out from the rest; from the romantic gestures he endures for his lady love or his personality, which can spark an interest to any woman’s heart. Now, I know I have done a couple of polls recently, but I’m curious to know, given the choice, who would be your book boyfriend? Would it be Michael from Our Love, or Marcus from Trust Me? There will be several choices to choose from, so pick as many times as you want. I will announce the winner at the end of the month.

I’m also doing a Q&A session with the New Adult Book Club on Goodreads starting March 7th. The session will be for three days. No matter what the question may be, ask away and I will gladly answer it 🙂

And if you’re on Facebook. remember to go to my book group, Sheena Binkley Reading Palace to join. The group will be starting a discussion soon, so make sure to join!



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