Reclaiming What Is Mine


Hi everyone!! Besides working on the No Other Love series, I also finished up a WIP titled Reclaiming What Is Mine. This will be a standalone novel which involves a woman named Asia, who is trying to make a fresh start with her life. During her journey, she meets Bryon, who is not only sweet and charming, but understands her for the person that she is and wants to become. There is one problem: Asia is married.

With this story, a lot of situations will be discussed, but the most important element is romance. For Asia, despite the fact that she was married, she felt that was the one thing that was missing in her life. As for Bryon, he never been in love, so when he meets Asia, the entire concept changes for him, making him a different person.

Here is the prologue to the story, in which Asia is trying to begin her new life, which erupts into a confrontation between Bryon and Asia’s husband, Dwight.

Growing up, my mom always told me that life could be unpredictable. Boy, was she right. Never in my 27 years did I expect my life to become so complicated. I wished my mom was still here so I could talk to her, because I really need her advice right now. She was the voice of reason and gave such great advice.
I picked up my suitcase and looked around at the room that my husband and I shared for the past six months. Although I should feel sad about leaving, a part of me was actually excited. I haven’t been in my own place in years, so I was looking forward to going to it and not having to hear anyone’s nagging. If I did, I’m sure I’ll be getting ready to stab someone soon. And I’m not a violent person, but for the past few months, I definitely was tempted to be.

I was putting a few things into a bag when the front door opened and my husband walked in. He looked happy, but once he saw me with my suitcase, his smile immediately turned into a frown.

“What are you doing, Asia?”

“I thought you were going to be home late.”

“Don’t change the subject. What are you doing with your suitcase? What’s going on?”

“As if you didn’t know. What did you think, Dwight that I was going to come back and everything was going to be okay? I can’t do this anymore. I tried to make things work between us, but just can’t.”

“Can’t what? Asia, I know things has been rough lately and I’m mostly the blame for it, but I promised you before we moved in here that I was going to get us back on track. I was going to get us to where we were before everything happened.”

“Are you? You have caused more issues than trying to fix the ones we had! I’ve been hearing that for the past 10 years and nothing has changed. It’s like a broken record Dwight and I’m tired of it. You have lie and cheated your way for the past few months and I can’t deal it with anymore.”

“So you’re leaving me? Where are you going to go?”

“I have somewhere I can go.” I said. I pushed past my husband and went to the door. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him.

“So you’re going to throw our marriage away because of what happened? I know I cheated and I’m sorry. I regret what I have done. As for our financial problems, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t contributing, Asia.”

“I’ve been doing more in this relationship than you have. I’m not going to continue living this way. I refuse to. That’s why it’s best if we just walked away. ” I said and shrugged myself from his grasp.
I went to the door, praying that my ride was waiting for me somewhere else. I didn’t want him near the house in case Dwight showed up, in which he did. I didn’t need an altercation going down. If one did happened, that would had been another thing Dwight’s aunt would be blaming me for.

I walked to the kitchen as Dwight was yelling my name. I continued, not stopping to acknowledge him. If I did, I probably wouldn’t go through with my plan. Even though Dwight and I are having a rocky marriage, I was still in love with him. We have been together for half of our lives and it hurts to know that things has come to this, but I can’t continue being unhappy. I have gave him so many chances to change, but nothing never happened. To me, the line has drawn and it was time to move on.

I looked down the street and saw Bryon’s car parked. I really didn’t want to go because I know Dwight would follow me; but if I didn’t, Bryon would come to me, so I didn’t have a choice. I went to the car and saw him sitting in the driver’s side. He was smiling but later gave a concerned look when he saw the sad look I had.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Dwight. He knows.”

“Get in.” He said.

I quickly put my suitcase in the backseat and hopped in beside him. Before I could close the door, Dwight was near the car, giving me and Bryon a heated glance.

“I should had known! So you’re leaving me for him?! Are you kidding me?”

“Please Dwight, do not make a scene.”

“I knew something was going on between you two after that night. How long has this been going on?!”

“You’re the one to talk since you were cheating on your wife with your co-worker.” Bryon said.

Before I could say anything else, Bryon got out of the car and went to Dwight.

“Listen, we don’t want any problems. Just let Asia go so she can figure things out, okay.”

“This is between me and my wife, so I suggest you back the hell up.” Dwight said and shoved him.

“Dwight, please!”

Bryon grabbed Dwight by his shirt and threw him against his car, causing it to shake. The two began hitting each other, which was making me a little anxious. I didn’t want them to start fighting, because with their tempers, someone will possibly end up dead.

“Stop it, you two!” I yelled as I tried to break it up. They definitely didn’t need to fight in the neighborhood because one of these neighbors will be quick to call the police.

Byron sucker-punched Dwight, but Dwight shook it off as he threw Bryon onto the ground. I was trying to push Dwight off of Bryon as he had him pinned on the ground, when his elbow went across my chin, knocking the wind out of me. Before I knew it, my body was heading to the ground, knocking me out cold from the contact.

My life was already a roller coaster before this night, but now, things were even more complicated. I never imagined I would be leaving my husband for another man, but with the way things has been, it was only a matter of time before I walked away…

A release date has not be set for this book, as I’m deciding on whether it will be an indie book or if it will go through my publisher. Regardless, it will be released after No Other Love 3, so it will be soon. Check back here to find out regarding the official release date.

Life Lessons: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about this subject for a while now, but didn’t because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but I feel as if now is the best time to discuss it, so here we go!

Growing up, you all probably have heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” a time or two. You probably still hear it now in your adult years or even telling that to your own kids. Even though people say it, unfortunately, a lot of people still does. This saying also rings true in the literature world where readers take a look at a cover that may be unappealing or “offensive” and automatically dislike the story. That has recently happened to me with my latest books.

During this time last year, I was riding high with the releases of The Wedding Part 1 & 2 and Unconditional Love, but recently, my latest books has not had as much of an impact. When I discussed this with several people, they all mentioned it was due to the fact that I signed with a publisher. Many have wondered why did I sign with one since I was doing so well independently (that point I will get to later). For me, I thought things would stay the same when I made the change; I thought my readers would support me and potentially be interested in reading other books in the genre that my publisher is known for.

Boy, was I wrong.

Case in point, I’ll bring up the Something Just Ain’t Right series. To some, this was probably the least favorite series, but for me, I was proud of it. I left my comfort zone from writing just “romance” novels and turned into something that shocked a lot of readers. I pushed the envelope with this series, which was not only challenging, but a little nerve-whacking, because I didn’t know what readers would had thought of it. Not only that, but this was my first series with a publisher, which many probably thought didn’t fit my image as a romance author. I have heard from plenty of people about it, but it was okay, because throughout my time in this industry, I have heard a lot of things that could had discouraged me from continuing.

But it didn’t.

I remembered talking to a reader via Facebook regarding the first book in the SJAR series. She said she wasn’t even going to read it because she thought the cover was “offensive,” but she took a chance and she enjoyed the story. That is a classic example of judging a book by its cover, because she would not had known how good the story was if she didn’t look beyond the cover and actually read the story.

Yes, I’m with an urban publisher. Yes, I may have lost some readers when I published SJAR, but it’s okay. I knew what I would face when I signed and I knew the backlash that would occur, but at the time, I made the decision that I felt was right for me. Did it help; maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but I learned a lot so far in this genre that will help me a long way in this industry.

As for supporters, I didn’t really receive any when I signed. I received a little beforehand, but that all changed when that series was published. Networking and making connections are extremely important in this industry because they will help you connect with their audience and visa versa. For me, that’s pretty much not the case. It could be because it was an urban series, or it could be because no one likes my stories; regardless, it kind of hurt that I wouldn’t receive the same recognition that others would receive. It shouldn’t bother me, but I am overly sensitive, which I shouldn’t be in this industry (but I’m learning not to be). But on the other hand, my own family and friends doesn’t really support me, so I shouldn’t expect anything more or less from it. I’m the type of person that will support you regardless; therefore, I will continue to do my part even if I don’t receive it in return.

There are a couple of people that will do what they can to support and those I’m really grateful for, particularly with my publishing family. They will go the extra mile for you and that I truly appreciate. We’re all supportive of each other and that’s one of the reasons why I’m glad to be a part of this publisher.

Now, two books from the No Other Love series have been released and I’m wondering will they have the same reception as SJAR. So far it has been positive, especially since this is the spin-off to the Love, Life, & Happiness series. Hopefully everyone enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them, because they were a lot of fun.

As for my journey, I’m still learning and growing as an author and as a person. There will be a lot of naysayers and nonsupportive people. There will even be some that were supposedly supportive, but turned their backs as soon as a problem arise. Regardless of everything, that’s not going to stop me from pushing forward. Even if I don’t get the recognition or praise like others do, I know in my heart that I am a great author and that is given by the wonderful readers that I do have. It makes me smile when readers message me or post on my timeline on Facebook about how much they enjoyed a story or when I read a review (yes, I do read reviews). You, along with my love for writing, is what motivating me to push forward. So thank you for those who have stuck with me through this journey. I really appreciate it and I will continue to publish great stories for you all for as long as I can. :-)

Available NOW!!!


Part 2 of No Other Love is available now on Amazon!! You can 1-Click for $2.99 or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!!

Kevin Thompson has been through a lot in the past month. Seeing his wife in their bed with another man has him on edge. On top of that, he finds out that he has a daughter and that his son has been in an accident. But when he does the unthinkable with his assistant, will he be able to keep everything together or will it come crashing down around him?

Carla Windsor never imagined that Kevin would forgive her after she revealed the paternity of their daughter. However, when she receives a second chance, she realizes that it may not be too late to get everything she’s hoped for. But when a huge secret is revealed at her daughter’s birthday party, will she fight for the life she always deserved or go back to being on guard with her feelings for the one man she always loved?

Jennifer Thompson’s life has turned into turmoil brought by the actions that she has set upon herself. She has lost everything and has a huge secret hanging over her head regarding her son, Thomas. When she receives conform from an unlikely source, will she accept it and raise even more hell to the family she was once a member of or try to repair the relationship she once had with her husband?

Author Interview With Romance Novels In Color

SB-TW-P1-Amazon (1)



Hi everyone! I recently did an interview with Romance Novels In Color for a giveaway for The Wedding Part 1 on their site. Even though the giveaway is closed, the interview was pretty interesting.

Here are some of the questions that were asked:

What do you do for fun?

Besides writing, I love to read, watch TV, go outdoors (when the mood hits me), go shopping, and just spend time with friends and family.

What type of music do you listen to?
I pretty much listen to any type of music: Pop, R&B and a little hip-hop (depending on the song). I love listening to old school music, especially songs from Earth, Wind & Fire, The Ohio Players, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

What are your favorite movies to watch?
I love romantic movies. Also comedies. Sleepless in Seattle, A Walk to Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Footloose (the remake), and The Hangover are my favorites.

Short Answer Favorites:
Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake
City: Houston (of course!)
Season: Summer
Type of Hero: Alpha
Type of Heroine- Strong-minded
Actor: Bradley Cooper
Actress: Don’t have one
Band/Solo Singer: Maroon 5 & John Legend
Color: Pink
Cuisine: Anything Cajun

What TV show(s) can you absolutely not miss each week?
This show I cannot miss each day, and that is General Hospital. I have to know what happens each day.

How do you relax at the end of a long day?
I get a good drink (can be anything from soda to wine), turn on some music, and crank up my computer to write.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what else did you want to do?
A news reporter. I even have one of my degrees (I have 3) in broadcast journalism. At one point, I hosted a news program at my college, which was pretty exciting; that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. But, as time went, I started to focus more on writing stories and decided to pursue a writing career.

What is your greatest accomplishment as an author so far?
Since I started my writing career two years ago, I have accomplished so much, including having all of my books going on Amazon’s bestselling list (in their categories). Two have even went to #1. Growing up, I never expected to become a writer; now, two years and 13 books later and I don’t see myself slowing down.

How do you celebrate each book release?
I try to treat myself to a gift every time a book is released. One of my obsessions is handbags, so that is usually my item of choice to purchase before or on release day.

Here is the  blurb and an excerpt from The Wedding Part 1:


Camille Anderson has been dreaming about her wedding with Trevor Williams since she first laid eyes on him in her driveway 18 years ago. Now that her dream is coming true, she doesn’t want anything to interfere with her special day. But when issues surrounding her parents, an office scandal and Trevor’s nosy cousin come into play, Camille wonders if her dream day will go up in smoke.

Trevor Williams doesn’t want anything to go wrong with his wedding with Camille. He wants to do everything perfectly; but when he is faced with an important decision, he soon realizes that not everything in life will be the way he wants it.

With the issues that are surrounding them, they soon have to re-evaluate the love they have for each other and most importantly, the friendship they deeply cherish.


After wrapping up the walk-through, my workday was complete. Hopefully, everything went as planned later tonight with the designers and tomorrow with the caterers and DJ. But for now, work was not a factor as I drove home. Before leaving Hotel Icon, Trevor texted me and told me to dress casually for our date. I still didn’t know what he had planned and that made me even more excited.

I pulled into the garage and saw that his BMW wasn’t parked there. I wondered where he could be since we were going out in an hour. As soon as I walked into the house, I went to our bedroom and got ready. Since he said to dress casually, I chose a pair of black skinny jeans and a cream colored shirt that flowed to my waist. I looked at myself in the mirror as I put on a pair of flats. I started to think maybe I was too causal and should put on a dress. Then, I glanced at the clock and realized an hour had already passed, and there was still no sign of Trevor.

Where could he be?

I was wondering if he got held up at work when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I asked, going downstairs.

When I opened the door, I had to catch my breath at the sight before me. Trevor always looked good, but tonight, he looked extra hot in a deep purple long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. His wavy black hair was cut even shorter than usual and was starting to look a little curly, which I adored.

I finally got over the initial lust I had for him when I realized he was the one who rang the doorbell.

“You could have just come through the garage.”

“I know, but I wanted to do everything right for tonight, starting by picking you up at the front door. And also, to give you these,” he replied as he handed me a dozen pink roses, my absolute favorite.

“They’re beautiful; thank you, baby.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said, bending down to kiss me.

I smiled as he caressed my cheek.

“Are you ready to walk down memory lane?”

“Definitely, but first, let me put these in some water,” I said.

Trevor smiled and walked into the foyer. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a vase from the cupboard and filled it with water. Before I knew it, he was behind me, gently kissing my neck, which felt so good.

“Keep doing that, and we won’t make it out the door.”

“Would that be so bad?” he asked.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around him as I kissed his lips. He pulled me up on the counter, and I wrapped my legs around him. The date was becoming a distant memory as I started to run my fingers through Trevor’s hair. He placed his hand under my shirt touching my abs, then moving up to my breasts. While I wanted so much for us to continue, I knew we shouldn’t. We looked at each other and smiled.

“I promised you a date, so we should go,” Trevor whispered.

“Yeah, we should. Am I going to get any hints about where we’re going?”

“You will; once we get there,” Trevor quipped with a wicked grin. He grabbed my waist and helped me down from the counter. I smiled and took his hand and my clutch. I already knew this evening would be one I would never forget.


To read more of the interview, please check out Romance Novels In Color by clicking on the link below:

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Coming July 21st!!!

Hi everyone!! It was just revealed from my publisher that No Other Love 2 will be available next Tuesday, July 21st!! If you have not read part 1 yet, please do so now, because you would want to be caught up to find out what happens to Kevin, Carla, and Jennifer.

Here is the cover for Part 2:



And here’s the link to part 1:



New Release- Just One Night by Té Russ

Hi everyone!! Congrats to Té Russ on her new release, Just One Night! This is the fifth book in the McAllister Family series! :-)


Just One Night Cover Art


About the book:

 Just one night. That’s all it was supposed to be for Anthony McAllister and Denise Monroe. But then one night turned into one weekend. And one weekend turned into one test that would change both of their lives forever.

Now all Denise wants is for things to go back to the way they used to be, but Anthony soon discovers that he wants more and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her that just one night can lead to just one beautiful lifetime…together…


They stayed until the place closed down for the night. Denise had no idea how many drinks they’d had, but she couldn’t remember the last time she’d enjoyed herself so much. She didn’t think she’d ever laughed so much. Her cheeks were actually sore.

It was well after two in the morning by the time they made it back to the hotel.

“I need to get to sleep,” she said, giggling on the elevator. “I have to be up in a few hours if I’m going to catch my flight on time.”

“You do,” Anthony said, smiling widely at her, showing off a perfect set of teeth.

She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes, letting out a content breath. “I had so much fun with you tonight, Tony.”

“Me too, Dee. You’re great to hang out with.”

The elevator dinged and Denise looked up.

“This is my floor,” she said quietly.

He nodded. “I’ll walk you to your door.”

No one could say he wasn’t a gentleman, she thought to herself.

As the doors slid open, Anthony placed his palm on the small of her back and guided her out of the elevator.

They walked in silence down the hall to her suite. When they were in front of her door, she pulled out her keycard and turned to him smiling.

“Thanks again for tonight, Tony,” she said, “I enjoyed myself.”

“So did I,” he said, leaning against the wall next to her. “Maybe we could find some time to do it again back home.”

“Maybe,” she said, turning to unlock the door. “If you could squeeze me in between saving lives.”

“I’d certainly make time for you, Dee,” he said in a low voice, as he reached out and skimmed a finger down her bare back.

She let out a heated breath and turned back toward him.

“Well… I guess this is goodnight.”

She moved toward him and placed her hand on his chest, then lifted her head to kiss his cheek.

He shifted his face ever so slightly and the corners of their lips met.

The connection was minuscule, but the spark that came from it was monumental.

Denise took a step back in shock, bumping up against the door that was still cracked open.

Anthony looked down at her, his eyes darkening with desire.

The look she saw in his eyes mirrored the feelings stirring inside of her.

They moved toward each other, almost through no control of their own.

Their mouths collided in a fusion of passion so strong, the kiss alone nearly felt orgasmic.

Denise took a step back, pulling Anthony by the lapels of his tuxedo coat into her room.

“This is crazy,” she breathed.

“I know,” he said, agreeing with her.

“We should stop…”

“Probably,” he said, moving from her lips to kiss her right underneath her ear.

“But it feels so right….”

“Definitely,” he growled, kissing her neck.

Once they were completely in her room, he kicked the door closed with the heel of his foot.

He tore his mouth away from her body and stared into her eyes for a long time.

Finally he spoke.

“There’s one thing I’ve been curious about all night.”

She took a deep breath, but it wasn’t nearly enough to steady herself.

“What’s that?” she managed to ask.

She felt his fingers dig into her thigh with the garter she was still wearing and with a grin, that always seem to make her weak in the knees, he asked, “Exactly how many years of happy marriage did we get for the newlyweds?”

11402968_1600084786946115_677610567210310361_n (1)

About the Author:


Growing up an introvert, Té Russ found solace in literary arts at an early age. She found reading to be a vehicle to broader horizons and writing a form of self-expression. She began writing love stories in her adolescent years as a way to expel her youthful thoughts of love into words. Since then she has gone from writing stories and thoughts of love in journals to attending college for journalism and falling in love, which has allowed those youthful words of love to blossom into a series of stories in her romance novels. Though she has an immense appreciation for the sheer smell that books collectively exert, she also has found balance to her introverted nature with adrenaline inducing activities. So if she does not have her nose pressed deeply into a book or her pen ticking through a pad, you may also find this mother of three jumping out of airplanes, cheering her husband on at the top of her lungs at MMA fights, buzzing down the interstate on the back of motorcycles, or kayaking. (Page) &


New Online Store


Hi everyone!! I just created an online store where you can purchase signed paperback copies of several of my books! Each book will be priced at $9.99 (shipping is separate and will be through the US postal service).

Here are the books that I have so far in the store:

  • A Chance at Love
  • The Wedding Part 1
  • The Wedding Part 2
  • Love Unbroken
  • Trust Me
  • Unconditional Love

Method of payment is PayPal only. 

Please check out my online store, which is available on my blog under the “Shop” page, my Facebook author page, or you can click on the link below:


Thanks in advance! :-)


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