Happy Anniversary Trust Me!!!


Hi everyone! Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year since Trust Me was released! I still remembered release day and there was a bit of a delay with Amazon and how readers were frantically asking when would it be available. That was when I knew that this book was going to be huge; and it definitely was.

Trust Me is the second book in the Love, Life, & Happiness series and it’s Cheryl and Marcus’ story. When I wrote this story, I knew the readers would love it, but I just didn’t know how much. To this day, Trust Me is still the most talked about book, not only in the LLH series, but for all of my books, period. Everyone automatically fell in love with this couple, especially with Marcus. I have to admit, Marcus is one of my most popular characters, mainly because of how he was represented in the series. He was the womanizer who changed his ways all in part of one woman. He’s likable and so damn sexy (especially with the scene after his and Cheryl’s first date). Not only did Cheryl change him for the better, but he did the same for her, as she was able to let go of her past and let herself fall in love.

Trust Me was my second #1 best-seller on Amazon, as it was the top seller on the African-American Women’s Fiction and African-American Romance lists for two weeks.  Based on readers’ interaction, this was the book that helped gain popularity for the series, as it not only focus on the two main characters, but also with the other characters in the series.

As always, I have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this book. I still get emails and comments from readers regarding this book and how great it is. For that, I will be giving away copies of this book for free today, only on Smashwords. This will give a chance for those who have not read the book to download and see why this story is so great. The code for the free download is: WT53G. 

If you have any favorite scenes from the story, please feel free to put them in the comment section below. :-)

Release Blitz: Frozen Dreams by Cori Williams

Congrats to Cori Williams, whose new book, Frozen Dreams, is now available!

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frozen dreams_smashwords


My life was perfect. I had everything I wanted, including the love of a man that intended to make all of my dreams come true.
“…the night my life as I knew it ended.”

In the blink of an eye, all I’d once known was ripped away. Suffering in limbo, full of fear and regret, I had only memories and dreams to comfort me, urging me to fight.

“…marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled…”

But they stole it all.

Awakened to betrayal and pain, I struggle to find a new beginning. Yet the past seeps in, pulling me under. No matter how hard I try to keep my head above water, it threatens to ruin me.

How can I really live with my hopes for the future still frozen? And if the ice thaws, will I have the courage to build new dreams?


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U01IGG4

Goodreads :  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22757721-frozen-dreams?from_search=true


About the Author:

I’m a stay at home mom to three crazy kiddos all under the age of five. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and I like to think we’re living our own happily ever after. My contemporary romance’s are all about the happy endings but of course there’s lots of twists, turns, and a whole lot of drama added in. That’s the fun part, right?

**Warning**These are NOT your mama’s romance novels.

Social Links:

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/authorcawilliams

Web Page : http://www.authorcoriwilliams.com/

Newsletter :  http://eepurl.com/NfqT1

Music Playlist- Something Just Ain’t Right 2

Hi everyone! Since Something Just Ain’t Right 2 is coming soon, I decided to release the playlist. As you all may know from previous playlists, each song included on the list pertains to certain scenes in the story. You will notice that there are several songs from D’Angelo’s new album (which I had on repeat while writing this story).

Iggy Azalea-Beg For It

B.o.B. – Not For Long (feat. Trey Songz)

Taylor Swift- Style

Dwele- This Love

Ledisi- That Good Good

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

D’Angelo and The Vanguard- The Charade

George Tandy, Jr.- March

Nick Jonas- Chains

D’Angelo and The Vanguard- Betray My Heart

Jazmine Sullivan- Let It Burn

Trey Songz- Slow Motion

Leela James- So Good

Ne-Yo- Take You There

Raheem DeVaughn- Nothing Without You

Ne-Yo- Lazy Love

Keke Wyatt- Nothing In This World

D’Angelo and the Vanguard- Another Life

Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud



If you are a Rdio member, make sure to check out the Something Just Ain’t Right 2 playlist.  Something Just Ain’t Right 2 will be released soon!!!

Book Blitz: More Than Comics by Elizabeth Briggs

Hi everyone! Congrats to Elizabeth Briggs, whose new release, More Than Comics, is now available! This is the second book in the Chasing The Dream series.


 More Than Comic (Chasing The Dream, #2)
Release Date: February 23, 2015

They’re friends online – but can they be more in real life?

Writer Tara McFadden has been friends with artist and drummer Hector Fernandez for years, long before his band became famous on reality TV – yet they’ve never met in person. They finally have a chance to connect offline when they’re both sent to Comic-Con to promote the graphic novel they collaborated on.

Hector’s secretly been in love with Tara for as long as he can remember, and once they meet, she sees him in a new light. All the years of longing lead to an incredible night of passion after one of his concerts, but neither is sure if their online relationship can translate into a real life romance – or if this will ruin their friendship forever.

Over four crazy days at Comic-Con, Hector and Tara must decide if they want a future together. But when their story seems to be over, it’s up to Hector’s entire band to make sure he and Tara get their happy ending.

Buy links:


Excerpt (Tara):

The lights dimmed and the entire crowd seemed to jump to its feet at once, including me. Fog crept across the stage and a red glow slowly illuminated the darkness. The stadium was silent except for the buzz of excitement, the anticipation for the band about to come out. My chest was tight, my breathing difficult, my heart a speeding train that threatened to derail at any moment.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of it, the room burst into sound with the opening of “Uprising” by Muse. The lights brightened, gradually revealing the band already on stage. Maddie on the right, her fingers flying across her guitar, the fake wind blowing her hair like in a music video. Kyle on the left, rocking out behind his keyboard, his black hair hanging in his eyes. And Jared in the middle, playing bass.

A spotlight flashed on him when he started singing. In person he was even more drop dead gorgeous than on screen, with his tattooed arms, sinful blue eyes, and naughty smile. His voice had a way of creeping into your very soul, and he had this crazy magnetism that made it nearly impossible to take your eyes off him. Especially when he wasn’t playing and could grip the microphone like a lover and croon into it. No wonder so many ladies threw themselves at him.

But while everyone drooled over Jared, my eyes sought out Hector, who had gone shirtless tonight. It was harder to see him in the back, but I could still glimpse his muscular arms and shoulders while his drumsticks danced through the air. He was an animal, pounding against the drums like he was possessed by something, yet somehow never completely losing control.

The big screens beside the stage flashed between the different band members and showed Hector from behind, giving a shot of his smooth back, all those coiled muscles flexing and rippling while he played. Sweat slicked his arms as he poured himself into the music, his drumsticks moving fast yet never missing a beat. He was glorious. Strong. Powerful. And ridiculously sexy.

I wanted to lick the sweat off him, which was sort of gross, but I didn’t care. I’d do it to taste him, to explore that hard, muscular body with my tongue. And my hands. And every other part of me.

I couldn’t deny it any longer. Meeting Hector in person had awakened something in me. I’d always found him hot, of course. And sure, I’d fantasized about him a few times, but I’d never seriously thought of him as anything more than a friend. He’d always been too far away, too off limits, too impossible to even consider. But now he was more than a daydream I tried desperately to ignore—he was a very tempting reality.

Once we’d come face to face a flick had been switched, and I felt something…more.

And seeing him play tonight? That made me want him.





Check out the music playlist, which is available on Spotify:


To celebrate the release of More Than Comics, the first book in the series, More Than Music, will be on sale for $0.99 for a limited time:

Author bio:
Elizabeth Briggs is a full-time geek who writes books for teens and adults. She plays the guitar, mentors at-risk teens, and volunteers with a dog rescue group. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a pack of small, fluffy dogs.



Book Blitz: Surf & Surrender by Riley Edgewood

Hi everyone! Congrats to Riley Edgewood, whose new release, Surf & Surrender is available today! This is the second book in the Summer Love series.


SS Amazon

Surf & Surrender (Summer Love Series, #2)
Riley Edgewood
Publication date: February 23, 2015
Genres: NA, contemporary romance
She wants to forget he ever existed. He’d never give up her memory. 

Quinn Westwood is completely over Sawyer Carson. He broke her heart years ago and disappeared from her life without a word. So yeah. She’s over him. Never even thinks of him. In fact, she’s spending her college summer break surfing and lifeguarding in the Outer Banks, while nursing a bruised heart from a different relationship gone wrong. She doesn’t have room in her mind or heart for Sawyer–until she runs into him at a beach bonfire and the sparks that fly between them are way hotter than the flames heating the sand.

Sawyer never got over Quinn. The only thing stronger than the way he feels for her is the secret keeping them apart, but sharing it would destroy more than just his life–it’d ruin hers, as well. Still, he can’t seem to keep away from her, can’t seem to keep his hands off of her soft, tempting skin. Especially since she has even less self-control when it comes to reigniting the physical side of what made them perfect together.

But secrets have a way of slipping out, and when Sawyer’s is revealed, it threatens to shatter everyone involved. He’ll have to face walking away a second time, and Quinn will have to decide if fighting for him is worth it when the fallout could affect more than just her heart, but also those of the people she loves most.

Surf & Surrender is the second book in Riley Edgewood’s Summer Love series, but can be read as a standalone! 

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo


Excerpt from Surf & Surrender by Riley Edgewood




Lay off me.” My brother fights my grip, but I’ve got two inches and thirty pounds on him. Plus, I’m sober. And pissed.

I push his face closer to the stuff that’s already permeating through my entire car. “What did I tell you about throwing up in here?”

He’s really grappling against me now. And I’m really not budging.

“Let me go and I’ll tell you about Quinn.”

This—the shock jolting my system—loosens my grip more than anything else could. “What?”

He turns his face sideways to look up at me. I give him that much leeway. Because I’m still not sure I heard him right. Then he says, “I saw Quinn.”

Fragments of memories barrel through my mind so fast I almost lose my breath.

Long, slender fingers tracing hearts against my callused palms. A white daisy tucked into hair that’s brown like autumn and windblown and trailing down her back for miles.

The somehow both sweet and rough scents of salt water and sand. Laughter like sea glass wind chimes spinning in the breeze.

I want to ask where? How? When?

I want to crack his skull open and climb into his memory to see her again.

I rub my face with my free hand to wipe it all away. “Goddamn it, Jess. She’s the one person I told you we couldn’t see if we came back.”

“Two,” he slurs, squirming on his knees. “Two people.”

It’s true. But she’s the only one who matters. The only one who ever has.


Jesus. Just her name in my brain is enough to make my gut jump.

So I let go of Jess’s neck.

He face-plants into his own puke and comes up spitting, swearing. I shrug and try not to laugh at the horror in his expression. It’s hard. Which means I’m out of the grip of the past. “You wanted me to let you go, so I did.”

“You’re such a dick.”

I can’t deny it. Instead, I grab a beach towel from the backseat and let him use it to wipe off his face—and then my car. He gags the entire time, and nothing could bring me more pleasure.

“How’d she look?” I ask a few minutes and miles later. I don’t expect an answer. The kid’s eyes are closed so hard they look swollen.

“Skinny,” he slurs. “Stupid.”

“You sure you weren’t just looking in a mirror?”

He mumbles something I’m pretty sure is, “Fuck you,” but I let it slide because I’m remembering in more than just splinters of snapshots. More than a hand or a laugh. Quinn.

Skinny? Maybe. She’s always been slight.

Stupid? Not a chance in hell.

One of us would’ve run into her sooner or later. The Outer Banks is a big area, but the spots locals prefer are few. I’m surprised it’s taken the two months it has.

Thing is, though, if it happened to Jess, then statistically my chances seem smaller now. “Goddamn it, Jess.”

But he’s snoring. And I shouldn’t be asking about her anyhow.

I spend the rest of the ride trying to figure out how to get the smell out of my car—and quick, because I have a fucking date tonight.

S&S Teaser 2 final with release date
guy kiss his girlfriend on the beach
Check out the book playlist on Spotify:
To celebrate the release, Riley, along with Elizabeth Briggs, will be hosting a Facebook party on the night of the Riley’s release. Guests and participants will be eligible to win a kindle! PLUS there will be a bunch of other awesome authors showing up to hang out, with games and other giveaways throughout the night!
release day party graphic final
Here is the link to the party:  https://www.facebook.com/events/899373923426891
About the Author:
Riley_Edgewood_Headshot_FinalSize blog
Riley lives in the DC area and spends most of her time with her characters, playing with her toddler and husband, and pretending she knows how to be an adult. Former dancer. Current writer. Lifelong lover of accessories, books, and the beach. And cats. Can’t forget the kitties. Of which she has two.

Sample Sunday: Our Love



Hi everyone! Here is another excerpt from Our Love, which will be re-released soon! This is from Michael’s POV.

Being around Charlie was so relaxing. I loved just hearing her talk, seeing her smile, and looking into her mesmerizing eyes. When I called to ask if she wanted to see me, I didn’t know if she would agree, but to my surprise, she did.  As I watched her climb down the ladder, it seemed like she knew the routine all too well. I wondered if she had done the sneaking out thing with her other boyfriends.

It was way after-hours, but I knew a secluded spot we could go to so we wouldn’t get caught. White Park was the place for couples to come to be alone, make out, and do other things.  Tonight, all I wanted to do was be around Charlie and get to know her better.  When we arrived, I pulled my car into a secluded area behind some trees, put the car in park, and turned the engine off. I changed the radio station and kept it on so we could hear some music. I got out of the car and went out into the mid-October night, taking in the cool breeze of fall.  I went around to the passenger’s side, opened the door, and took Charlie’s hand as she got out of the car. She closed the door, and we went over to look at the beautiful lake in front of us. The sky was kind of dark, but we noticed a few stars trying to peek out under the dim night sky. I looked at Charlie and noticed she was shivering.

“Are you cold?” I asked her.

“A little,”

I smiled and took off my jacket. I draped it over her shoulders, and she smiled.

“This is so beautiful. How did you find this place? I’ve been in Houston all my life and never knew about this.”

“I always came here growing up. Usually, this is the place couples come to be alone, but  this is my thinking place. I always come here before a big game, or if I’m thinking about something.”

“You’ve never brought Danielle here?”

“No. You’re the only person.”

Charlie grinned as she looked at the sky.

“What are you thinking about right now?”

“You. Wondering how I got so lucky to be with a beautiful girl right now.”

“Stop it. You’re making me blush,” Charlie said, looking down  at the ground.

“Well, it’s true. You are so beautiful.”

She looked at me, then moved closer.  We stared at each other, and I heard 104.1 KRBE was playing Rebecca Ferguson’s “Nothing’s Real but Love.” I took Charlie’s hand and looked into her brown eyes.

“You like to dance?”

She smiled and came in closer to me. It felt good to hold Charlie in my arms; it seemed like we made a perfect match. As she moved closer, I could smell the peach scent on her skin. We looked at each other with an expression that meant we really liked each other. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know if it was too soon.

After staring at each other a little longer, I noticed something was dripping on my shoulder. I looked up and saw that it had started to rain. Even though it was, neither Charlie or I cared; we just kept dancing to the music. And then it happened. I figured now was the perfect opportunity to kiss Charlie. So I did. I licked my lips a little,  put my hand in her hair,  and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. The kiss was everything I expected it to be. Charlie was a little surprised by it, but she quickly gave in and grabbed the back of my neck. We were standing in the pouring rain, kissing each other like it was going to be our last one. Even though we’d  probably be sick in the morning, we didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that things had changed between us. And it felt pretty good.

When we finally pulled ourselves from each other, we got back in my car so I could take Charlie home. It was 12:30, so I knew I had to get back home since I had an early football meeting in the morning. The team planned to go over some plays for the big game. While I was driving, Charlie looked over at me, took my free hand and put it in hers. I gave her a hearty smile as I turned onto her street. When I parked my car on the curb, I quickly turned off the  lights and radio. I suddenly became shy as I gazed at  her. Even though our relationship had changed, it still felt like we were  just friends. I guess because we’d only known each other for two days now.

Charlie  must have been thinking the same thing, because she looked at me with a perplexed  expression on her pretty face. “What does this mean?”

“I don’t know, but whatever it is, I like it.”

Charlie smiled and kissed the back of my hand. I was suddenly turned on by her lips being on my hand. I wanted to kiss her again, but I knew it was late and we both had busy mornings ahead of us.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.

“Definitely,” Charlie  agreed.


Writing Process Global Blog Hop

Hi everyone! Two weeks ago, Lynn Lovegreen hosted me on her blog for the Writing Process Global Blog Hop. Today, I will be giving my take on what inspired me to write as well as host three authors. :-)

What am I working on?

Currently, I’m getting ready to write the third book in the Something Just Ain’t Right series. I’m also working on re-releasing one of my previous stories, Our Love, as well as gearing up for a new series that is a spin-off from the Love, Life, & Happiness series.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is different from others of its genre because it provide diversity with the main characters.  I love New Adult fiction, so when I began writing, I wanted to focus on characters that were not only strong minded, but also diverse.  That was the concept I had in mind when I wrote the Love, Life, & Happiness series. Although there are starting to be more NA books that feature African-Americans characters, it’s very rare that you would encounter a book, let alone a series, in this genre that have predominately African-American characters.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I love to write in certain genres, especially romance and women’s fiction. I also like to step outside of the box, and that was what I did with my current series, Something Just Ain’t Right. I never thought about doing romantic suspense, but I didn’t want readers to see me only as a romance author. I want to be known for other areas of writing as well. That’s what make being a writer so great, because for me, I have the ability to explore many areas and to develop various characters.

How does my writing/creating process work?

Since I have an 8-year-old son, I usually do all of my writing late at night, when it’s just me and my computer. Music is very important with my writing process because it help create various scenes for my stories. I also create playlists for my stories, which describe my thoughts through a particular scene. There may be times when I would have to revise a scene or two and even go through several rounds of editing, but it’s all worth it once I receive the final result.


Please allow me to introduce you all to three new authors that will be continuing the blog hop. These authors are very talented and have wonderful stories available. Please check out their blogs or pages to learn more about them and their work. :-)


Té  Russ- Author of Love After War (Available now)


Growing up an introvert, Té Russ found solace in literary arts at an early age. She found reading to be a vehicle to broader horizons and writing a form of self-expression. She began writing love stories in her adolescent years as a way to expel her youthful thoughts of love into words. Since then she has gone from writing stories and thoughts of love in journals to attending college for journalism and falling in love, which has allowed those youthful words of love to blossom into a series of stories in her romance novels. Though she has an immense appreciation for the sheer smell that books collectively exert, she also has found balance to her introverted nature with adrenaline inducing activities. So if she does not have her nose pressed deeply into a book or her pen ticking through a pad, you may also find this mother of three jumping out of airplanes, cheering her husband on at the top of her lungs at MMA fights, buzzing down the interstate on the back of motorcycles, or kayaking.

To keep up with her writings and other things going on check out her pages:

Twitter: @TeRussNovels


Her Global Blog Hop Date: Wednesday, February 25th on her blog



Alexandra Warren: Author of Attractions & Distractions (Available Now) 

Alexandra Warren


Alexandra Warren is a twenty-something new author from the middle of the map, Nebraska. She enjoys writing young adult contemporary romance novels. With one book under her belt and another on the way, she is looking forward to what the rest of 2015 will bring. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time teaching preschool, traveling, blogging, reading, watching sports, and hanging out with family.

Twitter: @mspiedoubleu

Instagram: @mspiedoubleu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoralexandraw

Blog: http://www.thebookwormlodge.com/alexandras-author-page

Email: thebookwormlodge@gmail.com

Purchase link: Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year


Her Global Blog Hop Date: Saturday, March 7th on her blog



Alithea Elizabeth- Author of Love On The Track (Coming Soon) 


“A diva is someone who is a perfectionist who does her best in her craft.”-Pattie LaBelle

Those are the words of the legendary Miss. Pattie LaBelle. She sees herself as a Diva in the music world; just like I see myself, Miss. Alithea Elizabeth, as an upcoming Diva in the literary world.

I was born and still do live in the beautiful island of The Bahamas, where I’m currently a student at The College of the Bahamas studying Secondary Education, specializing in History and Geography. I’m actively involved in my community as an Advisor with the Junior Achievement Bahamas. I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, shopping and spending time with my family and friends.

I was in love with writing from an early age, writing all over my mother’s walls.  However, after being put in timeout a few times, my mother gave me a notebook and a pen. From that time, I have always been putting my pen to paper, writing short story about my family and friends or even about my family vacation. It wasn’t until 2012 when I decided to write my debut novel, Love On The Track.  After a few setbacks I got discouraged, but thanks to  supportive family and friends, I’m currently working on publishing my first book in the near future.

Writing is my passion…..


Her Global Blog Hop will be in May.  


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