Release Blitz- Scarred Asphalt



Release Blitz
Title: Scarred Asphalt
Series: Asphalt Outlaw Series
Author: Blue Remy
Release Date: February 9, 2o16



Seven months after the death of SixGun Outlaw member Alan “Stone” James, the motorcycle club is trying to rebuild their lives and learn how to go on without their president, friend, and family member.
But moving on isn’t as easy for Espina “Thorne” Lopez after having lost her sister. Content to spend her days alone, beating up a punching bag and wallowing in her grief, no one has seen Thorne since. Until she’s called in for a favor involving her partner’s brother.
Dalton “Apollo” Kilpatrick is arrested for something he didn’t do, but no one believes him. So the judge puts him on a three month house arrest in the home of the last person who wants him. Will they get along, or will she be a Thorne in his side?
Apollo is a handsome man that women can’t deny – some would go as far as to call him beautiful. Thorne considers herself a monster – a beast for not being able to stop what happened to her sister.
So … “Why not put the beauty with the beast” and see what happens?
Can Dalton repair the crack in her heart before the last petal falls?


Passion on the sand

Young sexy couple on beach with sun rising in background





Having survived a tragedy, best selling author and California native, Blue Remy, who now resides in the hub of the South, brings an authenticity to her novels that can only come from personal experiences and the heartbreak of being a man’s property and ol’ lady with intimate knowledge of what women have to struggle with in everyday club life.

Remy writes books that cross over genres and grip male and female fans with their combination of gritty MC realism and romance. She secretly indulges addictions of coffee, cupcakes, collection of boots, and anything Wonder Woman. Blue is an active supporter of the WWP, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Find Remy here:





Read Twisted Asphalt, Book One now!


Coming Valentine’s Day!!!


Hi everyone!! This Valentine’s Day, do something different by 1-clicking the new anthology, Married to the Hustle,  A Thug Luv Anthology. This will feature myself along with other best-selling authors that will give previews of our new standalones that will be released in either March or April.

For my story, titled I’m The Only One You Need, it will be Mika’s story. You probably remember Mika as Carla’s cousin from the No Other Love series. With her story, she will have a lot of issues to resolve when her ex, Devin, returns from his stint in prison and wants to be with her. There is one problem, though: Mika has moved on with her new man, Anthony. There will be a lot of unresolved feelings with Mika as she struggles to decide who should she be with: Her one true love, or the man that has been there for her.

While the first half of the story will be in the anthology, the full standalone should be available soon. I’ll make that announcement once I recieve news from my publisher.

Here is the line-up with everyone that will be included in the anthology:

Tierra Hopkins- Am I Not Good Enough
BriAnn Danae – She Used to be the Sweetest Girl
Kellz Kimberly – Gunz & Laci: Black Rose Mafia
Yoshi – Saucin’ On You… An Unforgettable Love Story
Bridgette I’esha – Hustled by Love: Cezelia & Prosper, An Urban Love Story
Ionna – Saint & Cyn, Every Saint Has A Past, Every Cyn Has A Future
Kiara Neufville – Beautifully Damaged, Love Still Lives
Niqua Nakelle- Rhythm & Hood: A Dopeyboy’s Heartbeat
Bri Shante – Love TKO: Down For The Count
Nako – All My Life: A Love I Never Knew
Sheena Binkley – I’m The Only One You Need
A.Ward – Bad For You: A Gangsta’s Mantra
Elle Welch- My Highschool Sweetheart
Na-Asia Davis – A Brooklyn Bish Mentality


Make sure you 1-click this hot book coming on Valentine’s Day! You won’t be disappointed!





Sample Sunday: Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil



Hi everyone! Since I haven’t been on my blog recently, I’m giving you all two Sample Sunday posts! This one is from Love &   Drama: The Root Of All Evil, which is avaiable now!

This excerpt is when the main characters, Damon and Zuri, unexpectedly see each other again in an unlikely place after their one-night stand together. This is also from Zuri’s POV.

I can’t believe I did that! I’m still in shock that I slept with a complete stranger. I’m not going to lie, it was good. Damn, it was good, but just because it was doesn’t excuse the fact that I fucked someone that I just met not too long ago. That was tacky and nasty and those two things are not me.

Once I got over the initial shock of my actions, I tried to leave Damon’s place, but while I was in the middle of putting my dress on, he picked me up, put me on the top of his dresser and ate me out until I was too weak to move. This guy was perfect. He’s sexy, funny, and can make my pussy cum more in one night compared to my entire life; but regardless of all that, I couldn’t be with him; that’s why after we had sex for the third time, I grabbed my clothes and snuck out while he was asleep. Now it was the next day and I was walking into my Principles of Economics class exhausted but a little happy all because with the night I had, it was well worth it.

I sat down in a seat besides Nicole as she gave me a smirk. “Nice to see you this morning. I didn’t think you were going to make it to class since you were out all night.”

“I did come back to the apartment. I guess you had a good night too.”

“It was good. Chandler took me back home, kissed me and left. He was the perfect gentleman. I can only imagine what you were up to, you little hoe.”

“Does it look like I did anything? Damon and I just talked the entire night.”

“Sure, so I guess you didn’t see all those hickeys on the left side of your neck. I guess he was already branding his territory.”

I quickly pulled out my compact and opened to the mirror. Sure enough, there were a bunch of marks on my neck that I didn’t even realize were there.

“Damn it.”

“Shit, he must had put it on you good. But I’m surprised at you. You never get down on the first encounter.”

I sighed. “I know; it just happened.”

“It’s those eyes. Trust me, you did the right thing. Too bad you won’t see him again.”

I glanced at her and she shrugged. She’s probably right. Even if there was a chance of us seeing each other again, I kind of ruin us getting together since I left his place in the middle of the night.

I was about to pull out my iPad when the doors swung open and someone walked in. Someone that I was not expecting at all.

“Good morning, class, how is everyone today.” He said as he put down his briefcase and looked at us. He looked into the crowd and automatically spotted me sitting in the second row. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me as he mumbled shit. Several students turned to see what he was staring at. I quickly looked into my backpack, pretending I was looking for something.

Damon cleared his throat before going to the projector. “My name is Damon Baxter and I’ll be filling in for Professor Thomas for the remainder of the semester.”

Nicole giggled. “Damn, you fucked the professor.”

I punched her shoulder as several people turned to stare at me. Damon looked at me again before going to the projector to start class. I was already feeling guilty over what I’d done, but to know I slept with an instructor really made me feel like a slut. I lowered myself in my seat, praying that class will be over soon.

I also created a trailer for the story. You can see it clicking on the link below. 😀

Love & Drama Book Trailer 





Sample Sunday: The Evolution Of Love



Happy Sunday everyone!! Today, I’ll be sharing another excerpt from my upcoming release, The Evolution Of Love, which will be released on Feburary 24th! This is another Love, Life, & Happiness spin-off, and it is Elise’s story.

In this story, Elise will be facing a lot of issues in her life, including where her relationship is heading with her current boyfriend, Jared; her unresolved feelings for her ex, Dante; and the reappearance of her mother, Jackie.

This story will have a lot of surprises as well as previews for future stories, including a spin-off with Carla’s cousin, Mika, and a holiday story with the entire crew.

Here’s an unedited preview from Elise’s POV. Enjoy!

“Are you excited for your big day?”

I smiled at my sister Cheryl while adjusting my veil. I couldn’t believe this day has actually come. My wedding day. This has been a long time coming, but I’m glad it happened the way it did. I took my time to meet the perfect guy and now, I’m happy.

“Is everything in place? You know how I am with being organized.”

“Yes, everything is fine. Just worry about marrying that fine ass man of yours.” My best friend, Kimberly Martin said while touching up my lip gloss. She’s the best make-up artist around who I have known since we were kids. She knew how my life was and has been there for me through it all. She has been my support system, which I always appreciated.

“Which I can’t wait for.” I said and giggled.

“You deserve it, Elise. He’s the perfect man for you.” My cousin, Riana said while handing me my bouquet of white and purple orchards. I took a deep breath and got up from my chair, taking one more look in the mirror.

“Are you nervous? If you are, just think about walking down that aisle and seeing your future husband. That should make all of those fears go away.” Cheryl said.

I smiled. “I’m actually pretty calm. I’m just excited for what’s in store.”

“What are you waiting for then. Go out there and marry your man!” Kimberly exclaimed.

I took another deep breath and went to the door. I walked down the long corridor, looking back to see if my bridesmaids were behind me, but no one was. I turned around, taking in all of the beautiful scenery of white lilies. I looked down at my wedding dress, which was a sleeveless gown decorated with a shrew of beaded pearls. The train was a little heavy for me, but I wanted this day to be perfect, so if I have to be uncomfortable, so be it.

I went to the end of the hall and saw my dad standing by the door to the chapel. He stared at me, giving me one of those proud father looks, as he held out his arm for me. My dad and I had a complicated relationship throughout the years, but I can say now that he has been there for me. I think that outweighed the issues we had in the past.

“You ready, E?”

I smiled. “Definitely.”

“Before we go in there, I just want to say how proud I am. You have become an exceptional woman and I’m proud to be your father.”

I was trying not to become emotional, but what my dad just said really touched me.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

I put my arm around his and he opened the door to the chapel. My wedding coordinator, Denise, was near the back, signaling me to wait before walking down the red rose petaled aisle. I guess she found a mistake and wanted to make sure it was fixed. Once she gave me the okay, my dad and I started to walk. I looked at the guests, not believing they were all here to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I was becoming nervous all over again, which I was trying to control. My groom was facing the reverend, which was weird to me considering he should be watching me walk down the aisle. Once I approached the altar, he turned around, giving me a sexy smile.

“You look gorgeous, Elise.”

I stared at him, taking in how good he looked in his tux. I looked over at his groomsmen, including my brother Kevin and smiled. Kevin gave me a displeased look and glanced towards the door.

“Thank you, Dante.”

“I can’t wait for you to be my wife.”

I blushed, realizing I can’t wait for him to be my husband. But there was something wrong with this picture. Why was I marrying Dante when I was with Jared?

I looked to the guests and saw Jared Crawford sitting in the front row with the actress, Bridgette Morris. My mind started to become scrambled, wondering what was going on.

“E, baby, what’s wrong?” Dante asked.

Before I could say anything, I slowly collapsed onto the aisle, realizing that maybe this was all a dream…

I quickly woke up, looking around me wondering where I was. I calmed myself realizing I was in my bed in my house. I looked to my side, forgetting that Jared was staying late at the tattoo shop and would come by later. He had his own key, so he could let himself in. I leaned back onto the pillow, still in shock over what I just dreamt. Why would I have a dream about Dante? I haven’t seen him in years. Not only that, but I’m with Jared now. I’m completely in love with him, so why would I be thinking about another man?

I lay back down, taking a deep breath, hoping that what I was dreaming was just that. It doesn’t mean anything, so I have nothing to worry about.

Or do I?

Available NOW!!!


Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil, is available now on Amazon!! This is an interracial standalone that I am so proud of. If you haven’t download your copy yet, you should because you’re definitely missing out on a great story.

1-Click now or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

He’s a hitman that’s trying to change his ways. 
She’s the good girl that loves to do bad things. 
When they are together, anything is possible. 

Zuri Caldwell meets Damon Baxter at a club five years prior. After having a one-night stand together, she doesn’t think that their paths will cross again, until she sets foot in his classroom. They try to stay away from the attraction that they share. However, they can’t deny the chemistry in the air, which leads them into having a discreet relationship. Things end when Zuri moves to California for an executive position. 

Five years later, Zuri is back in Houston. Unfortunately, she is down on her luck since she was fired from her job. She encounters Damon again, which sparks up old memories. Even though Damon wants her back, Zuri doesn’t since she’s getting over engagement, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t sample a little of what he’s offering. 

The two fall back into a sexual relationship that could prove dangerous since Damon has been living a double life. He tries to leave his old life as a hitman behind, but his past keeps catching up with him. This forces him into doing one last hit. He doesn’t want to do it, but there’s a reason he has to. There’s this one catch though. Zuri has to be involved as well, mainly because her ex-fiance is the target. 

The two will have to find a way to get the job done without tipping off anyone, including their friends, Zuri’s parents, and most of all, her ex. But, can the two do it without having their feelings get in the way? Find out in Love & Drama, A Stand Alone Novel.

Release Blitz- Just Ride by Xyla Turner


Good morning!! Congrats to Xyla Turner!! Today is release day for her brand new book, Just Ride, which is book one in The Legion Series.

Title: Just Ride

Series: The Legion Series

Author: Xyla Turner

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: January 19, 2016



“I don’t f*** bikers.” Was Kylie’s parting words to the sexy biker who happened to be the Guardian’s MC President. She just moved back to the town she grew up and her first confrontation with Razor, a biker. He was hot and had the potential of completely invading her life.

She attempts to pump the brakes on his roller coaster, but after her stalker scares some sense into her, she runs to the arms of the Legion of Guardian motorcycle club. Razor tries to steer clear of the young vixen, but he can’t help his pull towards her.

How can he keep his creed with his brothers, the town and get his woman?

Quick Clip:

“Razor!” I exclaimed. “We need to come to a truce. We can’t keep doing this.”

“Then put me out of my misery.”


“You know how.”

“Not really.”

“Let me show you.”






Check out the Trailer for Just Ride!!



Xyla Turner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a teenager, Xyla wrote short stories and essays that have won numerous awards in local to nationwide competitions. She is an avid reader, but a sucker for romance. Specifically, sassy females and dominant males. Xyla is a dedicated educator and a life coach. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel. She writes different genres, but her favorite is romance.

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Coming This Monday!!! 

Hello everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! For several weeks, the reason why I have been away from my blog is because I have been extremely busy with writing various books for the new year. One in particular is a standalone that will be released this Monday!!! This one I am so excited for because not only is it a standalone, but also an interracial romance novel. But of course, it has several twists and turns to keep you all entertained.

This new novel, Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil, has everything: Romance, sex (lots of sex), suspense, and adventure. It’s sort of like Something Just Ain’t Right, but a bit more edgier. 

Here is the cover as well as the blurb from the story: 


Love & Drama: The Root of All Evil (BWWM)

He’s a hitman who’s trying to change his ways.
She’s the good girl that loves to do bad things.

When these two are together, anything is possible.

When Zuri Caldwell meets Damon Baxter at a club five years ago, she never expected for her life to be turned upside down. After having a one-night stand together, she never realized she would be seeing him again, until she sets foot in his classroom.

While they try to stay away, the attraction is still there that the two cannot deny, leading them to have a discreet relationship. That is, until Zuri moves to California for an executive position.  

Five years later and she is back in Houston, lost on her luck since she was fired from her job over an event that went extremely wrong. She encounters Damon again, which sparks up old memories. Even though Damon wants her back, Zuri doesn’t since she just got over an engagement. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t sample a little of what he’s offering.  

The two fall back into a sexual relationship that could prove dangerous since Damon has been living a double life. He tried to leave his old life as a hitman behind, but his past keeps catching up with him, forcing him into doing one last hit. He never wanted to do it, but there’s a reason he has to, Zuri. There’s one catch though, she has to be involved as well. Mainly because her ex-fiancé is the target.  

The two have to find a way to get what the men need without tipping off anyone, including their friends, Zuri’s parents, and most of all, her ex. But can the two do it without having their feelings get involved? 

And here is a an excerpt from Zuri’s POV. Enjoy ! :-) 
“Are you ready?”

I glanced at Damon, feeling completely terrified to what we were about to do. He held my hand, squeezing it while his blue eyes stared into mine. I looked behind me, wondering if we were still being chased. Luckily, Damon found a way to get them off of our trail.  

He flashed that smile of his that made my pussy wet. This is not the time to be thinking about that, especially when they’re people trying to kill us.  

“You know I got you, right?”  

I nervously nodded. “I know. I trust you.”  

We heard gunshots as I looked behind me. Damon pulled me to the edge, yelling we have to go. I gave a silent prayer, asking God to keep us safe as I closed my eyes, not wanting to look where I was heading.  

“Zuri, let’s go!”  

I quickly opened them as we jumped off the edge of the cliff, heading towards the rushing waters, hoping we don’t die.  

From the time I’ve known Damon, he turned my life upside down. But in the two months that we have reconnected, never did I imagine it would be this crazy. That’s why I didn’t let him back into my life. Now, I have to wonder did I make the right decision in getting back with him. 

I guess I would never know the outcome. Or, will I? 
Five Years Earlier… 

“Girl, I told you we should have left early. Now, we have to pay.”  

I looked at my friend, Nicole Easley, and sighed. Leave it to her to worry about being at the club on time. Even though Bases is the new club in the city, I could care less since I didn’t even want to go out. She dragged me out since she broke up with her boyfriend, Malik, for the hundredth time, and wanted to celebrate. I’m pretty sure she’ll be back with him by the end of the night. They always do.  

I looked behind me, wishing I could leave, when someone caught my attention. He was talking with a group of guys when he looked over and stared at me. Our eyes locked as he gave a sexy smile.  

“Damn, he’s fine,” Nicole said.  

“I know right,” I agreed. I continued to stare as he turned to his friends. He stepped out of line and came over to me, which caught me by surprise. With his porcelain skin, sky blue eyes, and short wavy black hair, he was even sexier up close as his eyes roamed my body.  


“Hey. You know you can’t just skip the line. People might start a riot.”  

“I hardly doubt that. If so, it’ll be worth it.”  

I smiled and he stepped closer to me. “What’s your name?”  

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” 

“I asked you first.”  


“Sexy name, which fits you perfectly.”  

I looked over at Nicole who was fanning herself. He was still giving that smile, which quickly had me clutching my thighs. He keeps doing that and I might have to do something about it, in other words, do him.  

“Let me see if your name fits you.”  

“Okay. Damon.”  

I smiled. “It definitely does.”  

“You think we could talk some more, that is, if your friend doesn’t mind.”  

“Hell no! Go do your thing, girl. I have my eyes on your blonde friend anyway,” Nicole said while waving at him.  

“That’s Chandler, and yes, he’s single.”  

“My kind of man. Excuse me,” she said and went over to him.  

I smiled. “That’s typical of her.”  

“So, do you do this often? Pick up random guys at clubs?” Damon asked.  

I laughed. “I think it’s the other way around. You came over and talked to me.”  

“I couldn’t resist. You’re sexy as hell.” 

“You’re not so bad yourself.”  

“I think I’m more than that, especially with how you’re looking at me.”  

He came over to me. The scent of him and his Gucci cologne overcame me, making me even more wet. I didn’t think that was possible.  

“You want to fuck me right now, don’t you?”  

I glanced at him. I couldn’t believe he just said that.  

“Aren’t you bold?”  

“I’m just telling the truth.”  

“I’m not that type of girl.”  

“No one is ever quite what they seem.”  

I glanced at him as I didn’t realize we were near the entrance. The bouncer asked for our IDs, but Damon shook his head. He took my hand as we went out of the line.  

“What are you doing?”  

“Let’s get to know each other.”  

“But my friend…”  

“She said she’ll be fine.”  

“Yeah, but if we were in the same place. I’m not going anywhere with you.”  

“You don’t want to get to know me?”  

“You could be a damn killer.” 

“Do I look like I could be?”  

“A lot of fine looking men were killers.”  

“We won’t go far. In fact, we can go to the diner next door.”  

I stared at him, wondering if I should. I’d never done this before. I was usually the responsible one. I looked at Nicole, who was encouraging me to go. I put up the peace sign, which was her code to tell me to call if I didn’t hear from her within two hours. I didn’t think I would be using it for myself. 

Damon nodded and we walked to the diner. He looked at me and smiled.  

“So, I’m assuming you never done this before.”  

“Does it look like I have? What are you trying to say?”  

“I’m not saying anything. I just assumed because you look nervous. You don’t have to be. I’m harmless. Besides, if you didn’t want to, you could have said so.”  

“Yes, I could have, but as you can see, I didn’t.”  

“That’s because you want to fuck me.”  

“Wow, you’re cocky.”  

“I just call it how I see it. Believe me, if you do, then the feelings are mutual.”  

I blushed as we walked inside. We found the closest booth to sit down and I started to play with my menu. Damon looked ahead as something caught his attention. I looked over and saw three men staring at him. I quickly turned around, wondering what the hell was going on.  

“Is everything okay?”  

He nodded. “Yeah, everything is cool. You can order something if you want.”  

“I’m good. Thanks.”  

We sat in silence for a few minutes before Damon started to ask questions. The two of us got into a conversation about everything from our favorite food, music, even our childhood. After four hours of talking, I didn’t even realize that Nicole had called twice.  

Damon checked his watch and smiled. “I didn’t realize how late it was.”  

“Me either. It was nice to actually have a decent conversation with someone.”  

“I’m not sure what guys you’ve been talking to, but I like my women to be sexy and stimulating, which you definitely are. There is one other question I want to ask.”  

“What’s that?”  

“Have you been with anyone outside your race?”  

“Honestly, no.”  

“Have you thought about it?” 

“I have.”  

“If you’re wondering, I’ve been pretty diverse. I think all women are beautiful, so I don’t have a preference.”  

I nodded. “I really think I should go. I’m pretty sure Nicole is looking for me. We have classes tomorrow and we shouldn’t be out so late.”  

“I do too, but I’m not leaving. In fact, I don’t want the night to end.”  

“It’s going to have to.”  

“No, it doesn’t. Come home with me.”  

“Whoa, what? If you think that I’ll…”  

“I’m not thinking that. I just want to get to know you better.”  

“Which you have and can another day.”  

I got up when he gently grabbed my hand. I stared into those blue eyes of his, being completely hypnotized by them.  

“What do you say?” 

I slowly nodded, not knowing what the hell I was doing. He got up and put his hand on my waist as we walked out. I hope I don’t regret this.  

Remember, Love & Drama: The Root Of All Evil will be available only on Amazon on Monday, January 18th! :-) 


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