Release Blitz- Cheaters Anonymous by Lacy Silks

Lacy Silks makes a stop on my blog for her Cheaters Anonymous release blitz.


Cheaters Sml

Title: Cheaters Anonymous

Publication Date: April 21, 2015

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Wordcount: Approx. 80,000

Publisher: MyLit Publishing

Format: eBook and Paperback



We’re both addicted to sex, just not with each other.

High school friends – nothing more.
That was our promise to each other, because let’s face it, infidelity spreads like a disease.
Everybody cheats.
And it’s easier to remain friends than hurt the only person you ever cared about – or so we thought.




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USA Today Bestselling Author Lacey Silks writes erotic suspense and contemporary romance. Her stories come from life experiences, dreams and fantasies. She likes a pinkish shade on a woman’s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie, especially when it’s torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a birthday suit.

 When she’s not thinking about writing steamy stories, which is a rare occasion, Lacey enjoys camping and skiing with her family (not at the same time). She’s a happily married wife blessed with two kids who adore going to the library. She’s an early bird by nature, but loves the nightly adventures with her hubby which provide good content for her books.

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Redemption is Now Available!!!

Hi everyone!! I know I mentioned that Redemption will be released on April 30th, but I decided to release it early. It’s now available on Amazon!!!

cute young african american couple kissing in bed






I will post the links for Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and IBooks once they are available! :-)

Blog Tour- Under Covers by Rhonda Bowen

Hi everyone!! Rhonda Bowen stops by my blog today during her Under Covers blog tour!



Under Covers 2015 (sm)


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Naomi Savoy is five days away from marrying Jordan Lennox, the man of her dreams, when she is faced with her worst nightmare. Her sister is missing. When her search for her sister sets her on a path into her past, she is forced to ask for help from the last person on earth she ever wished to see again – Garth Duhaney – a man she has both loved and hated for most of her life and whose power over her she has never been able to break.

Jordan Lennox knows his wife-to-be is hiding things in her past. But his love for her keeps him believing that one day she will come clean. But when the secrets force him on a trip across the ocean only days before their wedding, he begins to question whether love is really enough.

Will love keep them together or will it all fall apart when everything is uncovered?


His voice was rough. It hit Naomi like the bark of a tree against her bare back. When she turned to look at him, she found that he looked just as wild, the uniform and all it represented did nothing to tame him. Dark eyes, the color of coffee, stood out against nutmeg toned skin. Naomi had thought that officers were required to be clean shaven, but with the deep shadow on his square jawline, Naomi saw that Garth still broke the rules. But the scruffiness didn’t take away from him at all. He was still as handsome as she remembered. That never changed.

“Garth, wow, a uniform,” Latoya said dryly. “Never seen you in one of those before. Does it help you remember that you’re a cop?”

“Nice to see you too, Toya.” His tone was dismissive, partly because there was no love lost between the two of them, but mostly because he was too busy staring Naomi down. And as she stared right back without flinching, Naomi suddenly knew exactly why Natasha and Latoya were concerned. Truthfully, they had every right to be.

Waves of hot and cold rushed over her. Her mouth felt dry. Naomi was sure that at any moment she would start shaking.

This was bad.

She remained rooted in place as he slowly strolled over. Garth closed the distance between them until he was so close, she had to look up at him. Naomi could count the tiny hairs on his week old stubble if she had the time and was so inclined.

“I knew you would come back.”


Author Bio:


Rhonda Bowen knew she would be a writer as early as eighth grade when she wrote her first novel with a classmate in a dollar notebook. While waiting for the day to come she completed a degree in Communications and spent a few years working in Public Relations and Event Planning. Throughout this time however, her desire to write stayed alive. She eventually completed her first novel, Man Enough for Me, which was released under Kensington Books’ Dafina imprint in February 2011.

Several years, a stint in Asia and a career change to youth work finds her still writing. She has written four romance novels and her books have been featured in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY and LIBRARY JOURNAL. Her latest novel Under Covers was released March 16, 2015. She writes about the themes of Real Life, Real Love and Real Faith, weaving stories about strong women who must deal with life and love without losing themselves. Sometimes they succeed, other times they make a mess of things while trying.

When not writing or being schooled on what’s current by the youth she works with, she enjoys chilling with her family, trying on shoes she can’t afford, bargain hunting online on Asian clothes websites and enjoying the great outdoors. Visit her online at , or drop her a note at


Social Media Links: 

Twitter: @MsRhondie (FYI: I don’t use this very often – just occasionally)
Pinterest: (FYI: I rarely go here)
Instagram: MsRhondie

Amazon Author Page: Rhonda Bowen: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Redemption Is Coming April 30!!!

Hi everyone!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I have the cover for Redemption, which will be available on all major sites April 30th.


Here it is:

cute young african american couple kissing in bed

I also haven’t done my “Things You Should Know” post in awhile, so I’m bringing it back. Here are 6 spoilers you should know about the story:


1. Time Frame: As you may know, this will pick up where Love Always left off. Since the last scene was done a year later from the previous story, it will be around the year 2017 (this will also be the same for Kevin’s story as well).

2. Flashbacks: There will be a lot of flashbacks in this story that will tell Nathan’s version to what happened in the most important scenes in the LLH series. From the first time him and Riana were intimate to the fight he got in with Jayden, he will tell his side to how things really happened. As the saying goes, there’re always two sides to every story.

3. Grandma Hattie: She will play a very important role in Nathan’s story. It will also show a side of his parents that even Nathan didn’t know exist.

4. Rachel: Nathan and Rachel met while attending Texas Tech and were only together because of Shawn and Riana. Now, the two are trying to establish a relationship. With the issues Nathan has with his parents and the guilt he has about Riana, can the two be together or will it tear them apart?

5. Riana: Nathan still feels guilty with everything that has happened to Riana. Does he still have feelings for her even though she’s married?

6. The Walker Men: I missed Shawn and Marcus. You all know the scenes Nathan and Shawn will have based from the excerpt that I previously released on here as well as on my Facebook page. Of course Shawn will have his issues with Nathan, but will actually have a change of heart about him later in the story.

Find out what really happen with Nathan and the rest of the crew when Redemption, the final book in the LLH series is available on April 30th!! I will post the links once they go live! :-)

Love, Life, & Happiness News!!!

Hi everyone!!! It has been a while since I’d posted, but I have been hard at work on three stories, so I took a little break from my blog. But not to worry, because I will be posting a little bit more now that I’m done with not only SJAR 3,  but also Redemption, and the first story in the LLH spin-off.

With SJAR 3, I still do not have an official word on a release date or the book cover, but once I do, I will be sure to share it with you all.

As for Redemption, I do have a release date, which will be April 30th. It will be available on all major sites.  I have a little teaser from the story:



Check back here for the cover reveal, which will be soon.

As for the LLH spin-off, I already completed book 1, but it will probably be released in the next few months since SJAR3 has not been released. I’m so excited to share this book with you all because even though it’s a spin-off from Love, Life, & Happiness, Kevin’s story will be so different from everyone else’s. By the end of the first book, you’re going to be in shock over everything that has happened between him, Jennifer, and Carla.

To get you all ready for this series, I already completed a dream cast of who I believe are the best fit for each of these characters.  All the characters from the LLH series will not be in this series, but will be mention.  Take a look at the collage below:



Kevin Thompson- Charles Michael Davis

Jennifer Thompson- Tiffany Hines

Carla Windsor- Angell Conwell

Chad Winfield (Jennifer’s co-worker)- Brad James

Cheryl Thompson-Walker- Alexandra Shipp

Elise Thompson- Shannon Kaye

Marcus Walker- Jay Ellis

Shawn Walker- Trey Songz

Riana Walker- Keisha Chante

Jayden Robertson- Jessie T. Usher

Patricia Harris (Jennifer’s sister)- Meta Golding

Daphne Harris (Jennifer’s mother)- Valerie Pettiford

Shanice Atkins (Jennifer’s best friend)- Taja V. Simpson

Jared Morris (Kevin’s best friend/Elise’s boyfriend) – Hosea Chanchez

Calvin DuBose (Carla’s ex) – Damien Dante Wayans

Alicia Moore (Kevin’s assistant) – LeToya Luckett

Robert Thompson- James Pickens Jr.

Thomas Thompson- Demarr Calhoun

Kristina Windsor- Shai Jackson


To get a better look of each character, I will be creating a board on Pinterest soon. This story is coming soon, so check back here for the official release date and cover reveal. :-)



Something Just Ain’t Right 3 News & New Series!!!


Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted a new entry, but I have been busy with finishing Something Just Ain’t Right 3 and preparing for Redemption to be released.


 Here are a couple of things that I have been working on:      

Something Just Ain’t Right 3

If you have been keeping up with the Something Just Ain’t Right series, you would know that there have been a couple of OMG moments, but with SJAR3, there will be even more that will have your mouth hanging open!! You will never guess who is the mastermind behind destroying Morgan and Hayley (and trust me, it’s a doozy!). But despite the issues, Hayley and Morgan will have their HEA. They deserve it so much, so you all will love the ending.  A release date has not been set yet, so stay tuned to find out that along with the cover reveal for the final book in the series.


Love, Life, & Happiness 

Are you ready to revisit the LLH crew? Well, it won’t be long before you get updates on everyone with the sixth and final story in the series, Redemption.  As everyone knows, this story was supposed to been released before SJAR began, but things happened, preventing the book from being released. Now that the third book will be released, I can now publish Redemption! I can’t wait for you all to read this book. Since this is Nathan’s story, it will show his POV on many of the situations that were presented throughout the LLH series.  A release date has not been made yet, but it will be available once SJAR3 is released.

Kevin’s Story 

This week, I started working on my next series, which is the spin-off to Love, Life, & Happiness. Kevin’s story will be very different from the LLH series. Yes, it will still have the romance that the series is known for, but there will be several situations going on- from Kevin’s issues with his marriage to Jennifer, to the issues he will soon have with his college’s best friend Carla.

In case you have forgotten about the blurb for the series, here it is:

Kevin Thompson always lived life straight by the book. He got a great job, married his college sweetheart, and has a wonderful son. But lately, Kevin’s life hasn’t been a page out of a fairy tale. He feels as if he’s stuck in a rut and his marriage to Jennifer is slowly falling apart. To make matters even more complicated, he unexpectedly runs into his college best friend, Carla Windsor, who was also friends with Jennifer. When a huge secret is exposed between the two, will it destroy everything Kevin has worked hard for or will he see this as his way out of the life he once cherished? 

 The original title for Kevin’s story is Love & War, but since this series may be going through my publisher, the title may be changed.  And trust me, this series will not be changed. It will still have every character from the LLH series. :-)  I’m so excited to be writing this series because not only do I get to revisit the LLH crew, but I have a lot of great ideas to write, so stay tuned! 

Also, congrats to Janie McGaugh, who was the winner of the Lucky is Reading Blog Hop Giveaway! I really hope you’re enjoying your book! :-)      

Blog Tour- Maybe Baby & Maybe Tonight by Kim Golden

Hi everyone! Kim Golden is visiting today during her blog tour for her books, Maybe Baby & Maybe Tonight. 


Maybe Baby_Kim Golden

Maybe Baby

 ISBN: 978-9198174625

Publisher: Echo Books

Pages: 310

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Interracial


Plot Summary:

Imagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love…

Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he had a vasectomy before they met and isn’t interested in reversing it. Why should he? They’ve got his kids from his first marriage and an enviable life in Stockholm.

What if you fell in love in the most unexpected way…?

But Laney wants more. So when a friend suggests she look into an alternative sperm bank in Copenhagen to find a potential father for her baby, things don’t go exactly as planned. Especially when Laney meets Mads and finds herself falling in love.


I shouldn’t have stayed.

Ida let me use one of the more comfortable rooms, where there was a touchscreen monitor set up for virtual viewing of donors and the staff impression reports of them. I probably spent an hour browsing and seeing no one who clicked for me, and then I stopped. The man in the cafe was donor DK-101 52 7315, Mads Rasmussen. Mads. His video revealed that he lived in Copenhagen, and worked as a carpenter and furniture maker. He was single. And his voice was delicious.

I couldn’t understand everything he said—my Danish wasn’t very good—but he was sexy in that hipster way I’d always thought I hated. He had the most interesting face; not quite symmetrical, with gorgeous, sensual lips and a slow sexy smile. If this were a dating site, I would have sent him an email immediately and requested a date. But I wasn’t single. I had Niklas. And I wasn’t here for a new partner. I was here looking for someone to be the father of my children. And, if I was honest, I wanted Mads to be that man.

I watched his video three more times, then made myself stop. I was behaving like a love-struck teenager. No, no, no. I stood up a little too quickly, and nearly knocked over my chair. I needed to walk out of here. Staying didn’t really feel like an option anymore. I’d screened his video four times. I’d let myself imagine him being the father of my children without even having Niklas anywhere in the picture.


I looked out the window, expecting to see outside but it overlooked the mezzanine and, below, the area set up for the mingle. A few people had already arrived and were being handed drinks by the wait staff. The icy receptionist was there, too. Was she also a Client Services Specialist? I stepped away from the window and tried to figure out what to do. Stay or go?

Staying meant opening myself to something more than I’d bargained for. Or was I jumping the gun? I’d only seen the man’s picture and watched his video. There was no guarantee he would even show up tonight, and maybe I would feel the opposite of attraction once I spoke to him. I didn’t need to feel attracted to him to think he could be a good donor for me. All that mattered was that he was healthy and his sperm quality was good. According to the reports in his file, he was stellar material. That was all I needed to think about. I was not going into this like I was approaching a long-term relationship. I mean, even the website said the only time donors met the recipients was at the mingle, and possibly one or two more occasions in between to sign paperwork.

I was safe. Niklas and I were safe. I just had to make sure it stayed that way.

MaybeTonight_Kim Golden

Plot Summary

Mads Rasmussen has had enough: of being a sperm donor, of feeling disconnected, of being alone.
Then someone walks into his life in a most unexpected way…

Maybe Tonight is a novella that gives a glimpse of Mads’s life just before and after he meets Laney in Maybe Baby. It’s a novella about love and what happens when it takes you by surprise.

Maybe Tonight Valentine (1)

Book Links

Amazon: Purchase Link

Goodreads: Connect about it on Goodreads!

Author Information



 Kim Golden was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1995, she left the US and moved to Sweden for love with a capital L. When she isn’t writing fiction, she writes copy about perfume for a Swedish cosmetics firm.

      She writes stories for people who know that love comes in every color.

Author Links


Twitter: @KimiGM

Facebook Page:

Goodreads: Kim Golden Profile

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